Top 12 TNA Wrestlers The WWE Should Sign

TNA Impact Wrestling seems to be on its last legs. Sure they still have a few good wrestlers, but some have already left TNA to join WWE. For instance, AJ Styles, Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von who were p

TNA Impact Wrestling seems to be on its last legs. Sure they still have a few good wrestlers, but some have already left TNA to join WWE. For instance, AJ Styles, Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von who were part of TNA for quite a while joined WWE, so only time will tell if other TNA wrestlers will do the same. Some TNA wrestlers even began their wrestling career in the WWE like Mr. Anderson, Lashley, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Gail Kim and others. Those are just a few names that came from the WWE and the thought of them returning and ending their career in the WWE seems somewhat plausible.

Right now WWE is adding more new faces, so it’s possible more wrestlers from TNA may decide to leave that company. Some names WWE could take a long glance at include Drew Galloway, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy and Eric Young. These are big names in TNA and can quickly become big ones in WWE. An example of an unknown group of individuals that became a threat to others in the WWE is the Wyatt Family, consisting of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. If these individuals decided to go solo they’d still be dominant. It’s like AJ Styles right now. He got the chance to fight a big name of Chris Jericho and now he has the opportunity to face the current WWE champion Roman Reigns for the title.

WWE could use anyone especially this time since their star wrestlers are recovering from injuries like Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and John Cena. WWE fans would surely get a treat if Beer Money tag teamed in the WWE. Gail Kim would also be a tremendous addition to the newly christened women's division. If WWE wants to bring another monster into WWE, that would definitely be Bobby Lashley. Then there’s Eric Young and if people think Dean Ambrose belongs in an asylum, they haven’t seen anything yet from Eric Young. WWE has plenty of stars to target from TNA if any of them want to go to the empire of WWE.

While the wrestlers on this list are all under contract, they are people WWE should be calling when their contracts come up.

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12 Eddie Edwards


Eddie Edwards was viewed as one of the greatest independent wrestlers on the planet. What's ironic is he actually did participate in a tryout with WWE and was reported to be a standout at the WWE Performance Center. For whatever reason, Edwards and WWE did not reach an agreement and Edwards made his way to TNA as one half of The Wolves with the next entrant on our list. With TNA's future in doubt, Edwards may have to look for a new employer and NXT is a place he could thrive.

11 Davey Richards


Richards was another top name on the indies and along with Edwards, he received a WWE tryout in 2013. He and Edwards performed in NXT as The American Pitbulls, but lost a tag match to The Ascension. They were soon in TNA, competing as The Wolves, where they have now won the tag titles five times. With the tag team division improving in WWE, bringing The Wolves in would add tremendous depth and secure the tag division's future.

10 Gail Kim


As of now, Charlotte is currently dominating the women's division in the WWE, even winning the biggest stage of them all; WrestleMania. If Gail Kim came back to the WWE, it could change Charlotte’s future plans by introducing a veteran who can wrestle. Kim was signed back in the era when most of the talent were bikini models turned wrestlers, so her skills were never really showcased. Given Stephanie McMahon's insistence on a dominant division for women, it only makes sense to start making blockbuster acquisitions of women.

9 Abyss


Of course the WWE has plenty of big guys like Ryback, Mark Henry, Big E, Braun Strowman, and so on, but it doesn’t hurt to have a proven monster like Abyss. Abyss is basically another Big Show mixed with Mick Foley, that can easily pick his opponent up and toss them around. If Abyss was signed by the WWE he could be part of the Wyatt Family, or better yet be used to annihilate them. Abyss has shown various sides to his character, and could easily assimilate into the WWE.

8 EC3


Here is the ironic thing about Ethan Carter III; the guy literally became famous in WWE as a competitor on NXT. In fact, most fans were upset when EC3 (then going as Derrick Bateman) lost the NXT Competition to Johnny Curtis (now Fandango). Most fans agree that the WWE dropped the ball by releasing Bateman, who later found fame on TNA programming. Like most competitors, EC3 has gotten better with age, and a re-signing of the young star by WWE could be seen as an olive branch to the online community.

7 Velvet Sky


If the WWE's newly named "Women's Division" needs someone that can compete against the younger talent at a high level, Velvet Sky may very well be that person. Velvet Sky has the looks and skills to compete at the highest level, and on the biggest stage. For example, Velvet Sky was once member of the dominant female group known as the Beautiful People, and the WWE could use a dominant female stable to solidify the division.

6 Bram


Bram is a wrestler WWE should consider as one of their first choices from TNA, if they ever need another villain. Bram is the type of wrestler that is relentless and will want to punish his opponent in a Brock Lesnar sort of way. While a match against Dean Ambrose seems ideal, he could also work programs against Miz, Y2J, or Dolph Ziggler. In TNA, he was portrayed as a nutty guy like Eric Young, but crazy strong, and equally as big, so he could pop right into the Intercontinental Championship scene in WWE.

5 Drew Galloway


Drew Galloway was previously a WWE Superstar, and was proclaimed as the chosen one, but things didn’t work out. Maybe in the near future the current TNA Heavyweight Champion can return back to the WWE to show off his improved skill set. Galloway is getting his push in TNA right now, so maybe WWE can capture his momentum and pluck him away from the rival promotion. Stealing away the current champion from the struggling company could be the final dagger that WWE needs to bury TNA once and for all.

4 James Storm


James Storm is no Stone Cold Steve Austin, but he sure loves his beer and loves to fight. Storm can no doubt entertain a crowd, and the perfect example of that was his run with Bobby Roode in Beer Money. Beer Money dominated the tag team division, putting on wildly entertaining matches for the TNA audience. It seemed as though Storm was on his way to WWE late last year after a tryout with NXT, but he opted to re-sign with TNA. It's always something WWE could revisit in the future.

3 Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley was in the WWE before, and although his run was short, fans know how unstoppable he can be. The obvious money here, is matching up current MMA fighter Lashley, with former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar. These two men both have amateur backgrounds in wrestling, and have a better understanding of the business than they did as rookies. If WWE were to snatch up Lashley, it could add some diversity to their very stretched main event roster, along with bringing some excitement to fans.

2 Tigre Uno


The WWE only has two wrestlers who can wrestle the Lucha Libre style; Kalisto, and Sin Cara. While Kalisto and Sin Cara are both able to wrestle a more Mexican style, they are partners, and rarely are able to showcase their skills to the fullest extent. By plucking Tigre Uno away from TNA, WWE could effectively feature Lucha Libre on WWE programming to attract a Latino audience, and more importantly to combat Lucha Underground.

Additionally Tigre Uno could compete in the Crusierweight Tournament that is set to start in a few months on the WWE Network, giving him added value when he debuts on the main roster.

1 Jeff Hardy


Imagine how crazy WWE fans would get watching the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy make his return back with the WWE. It would only make sense that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, would finish his career in the WWE where he made his name.

The benefit of signing a guy like Hardy is that no character development is needed for fans. Most WWE fans will remember Hardy's run in the WWE as either a Tag Team Champion, or as the top guy, except this time WWE has the added benefit of Hardy being sober. A sober Jeff Hardy is something that WWE fans deserve to see, and something WWE would be foolish to not capitalize on.

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Top 12 TNA Wrestlers The WWE Should Sign