Top 12 Unbreakable Records in WWE History

Many times throughout history, people have separated the concept of being ordinary and being extraordinary. However in the world of WWE, these extraordinary wrestlers have heightened the bar one step further, completely obliterating the line between being successful and being down right unstoppable.

WWE  is highly defined by records that have rather made or broken wrestling stars and, whether it be from media and fan-based popularity or sheer greatness, has created some truly impressive records. Any true wrestling fan understands that these records aren’t just another trophy for the wall or another foot to stand on. These records are the defining ranks in any wrestler’s career; and can easily mark their ever-lasting status of being an average professional wrestler or an unconditional hero to fans around the entire world.

Forged by some of the greatest (and some of the less fortunate) wrestling legends the WWE has founded, these statistics, streaks and demonstrations of pure incredibility have become immense influences on the already memorable history of WWE.

Without further ado, here are your top 12 unbreakable records in WWE history.

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12 Kane: Most Matches in WWE History

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Kane has the ability to sustain his health and excel with his athleticism and intelligence and because of these amazing efforts, he has become a significant force in the world of pro wrestling. Kane has been a workhorse for the WWE throughout his career, which has driven him to hold the record for competing in the most matches in the WWE history. Kane has wrestled his way through endless competitors and ruthless story lines, with an impressive and (probably) unbreakable record of 1418 matches wrestled in  WWE (excluding NXT or SMW), according to profightdb.

11 Triple H: Shortest Title Reign

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It may be an unbreakable record because of the mere fact that Triple H is extremely unlucky or perhaps because no sane wrestler would risk defining their career by holding the record of the shortest title reign in wrestling history, although the record was due to a slight technicality. Nonetheless, this title became a reality for the unfortunate Triple H at No Mercy 2002. At the time, Triple H was the current World Heavyweight Champion and after defeating Kane (the Intercontinental Champion), he unified the championship belts. He held the Intercontinental title for less than a minute and it wasn’t until months passed that the Intercontinental Championship would be returned into the fold.

10 Ric Flair: Total World Championships

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The Nature Boy grew to become the beloved face of pro wrestling throughout his long, extremely successful career as a professional wrestler. Ric Flair has moved mountains throughout his wrestling career and accomplished endless achievements, including being the record holder for the most total world championships. Combining his title wins in WWE, WCW and NWA, the legendary wrestling superstar has held world championship titles an impressive 16 times; although he claims that his record stands at 23.

9 Bruno Sammartino: Most Days As Champion

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Reminiscing back to the early days of WWE, Bruno Sammartino set a record that the wrestling world will never forget. Sammartino’s record is particularly impressive because of how often Championship belts change belts today. His record began in 1963, after winning the WWE Championship from Buddy Rogers for the first time. From there, the unstoppable former wore the belt for a further 4,040 days through his WWE career over two reigns. Given how large and competitive WWE has become today, it would be almost impossible for any wrestler, despite their sheer determination and skills, to accumulate Sammartino’s efforts.

8 Honky Tonk Man: Longest Intercontinental Championship Reign

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The significance of the Intercontinental Championship has faded immensely since The Honky Tonk Man set the record of the longest Intercontinental Reign. However, that does not make this achievement any less impressive. Despite endless challenges from other wrestlers, he wore the belt around his waist for an impressive 454 days before losing to The Ultimate Warrior. Again, considering how quickly the belt changes hands nowadays, he will likely hold this record until the end of WWE days.

7 Kane: Most Royal Rumble Eliminations of All Time

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Kane returns to the list once again with another impressive and unbreakable record, involving his time inside the ring at Royal Rumble. Although he's still never won the event,, he's taken out the most men, eliminating 42 men while in the WWE. It's likely that Kane’s performance is one that will never be matched and that he'll be able to add to his tally in the coming years, as WWE loves inputting huge wrestlers like Kane into the Royal Rumble. There's only one current wrestler who has a chance to claim his spot, as Roman Reigns already has 18 eliminations to his name.

6 Andre the Giant: Longest Undefeated Streak

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Andre the Giant, the first person to ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, has a record that will likely never be broken. While the WWE has  their wins and losses based on scripts and pre-determinations, Andre the Giant’s streak was still simply glorious. Through every wrestling match, main event and story line, Andre the Giant set the record for the longest undefeated streak with a whopping 15 years; a streak so vast that it would be almost impossible to beat. At WrestleMania III, the streak finally ended when Hulk Hogan overcame the odds and defended his belt against the wrestling legend.

5 Tazz//Mideon/Jericho/Lawler: Shortest Match in WWE History

This record, which is both an extremely impressive and extensively embarrassing moment in WWE history for Tazz, is one that is hotly debated by the WWE Universe. Many claim The Rock vs. Big Show match was the shortest at four seconds, but we believe that not to be the case. During the match between Chris Jericho/Jerry "The King" Lawler and Tazz/Naked Mideon, we estimate that it ended within 2-3 seconds. As the bell was ringing, Lawler surprised Tazz and rolled up him for the win. It's literally impossible for a match to end quicker than this one, so it will likely always hold a share of the record.

4 The Undertaker: Wrestlemania Winning Streak

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The most famous winning streak in wrestling history belongs to The Undertaker. This record is one that defined the stars entire career and will certainly be one to go down in history. The Undertaker was unstoppable during WrestleMania events for more than two decades, as he racked up impressive wins against stars like Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Kane. The streak finally ended when Brock Lesnar returned to WWE and became the 1 in 21-1.

3 Santino Marella: Shortest Time in a Royal Rumble Match

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Unfortunately for professional wrestler Santino Marella, this record that no other wrestler would like to break. In 2009, the world of WWE experienced a very humorous moment that went down in Royal Rumble history. It began with the charging Marella making his way down the ramp, sprinting to the ring and leaping through the ropes. It would have been an exhilarating entrance, if the wrestler wasn’t immediately thrown back out of the ring. Marella insisted that he wasn’t ready, but the refs did not budge. Marella set the record for the shortest Royal Rumble match time with an embarrassing, yet impressive time of one second.

2 The Dudley Boyz: Most Tag Team Championships

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Starting off as ECW favorites, The Dudley Boyz became a mainstream hit when they went over to the WWE, where the team won a record-breaking eight World Tag Team Championships. Their TLC matches were two of the greatest tag team matches in history and with that success Edge and Christian were also recognized by PWI as Tag Team of the Year on two occasions.. Considering how quickly teams break up in the WWE today, this record seems like it'll be safe for a while (the closest active team is the The Uso's, with two title reigns).

1 The Fabulous Moolah: Women’s Championship Reign

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The only female to make the list is The Famous Moolah, who became the first recognized Women’s Champion in 1956 and held that title up until 1984. This record may be the most incredible in wrestling history, as the reign lasted 28 years, making it absolutely certain that it will never be broken. The renowned wrestler faced endless challenges through the 50s up until the 80s, making her incomparable record even more satisfying.

The WWE will never see a reign, of any title, as vast as The Famous Moolah’s. With an astonishing 28-year title hold, this record may be the best unbreakable record in the history of professional wrestling.

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