Top 12 Ways Stephanie McMahon Is Becoming Like Her Father

The Billion Dollar Princess and product of Vince McMahon's...well...his marriage has definitely become one of the biggest figures in professional wrestling today. After starting as a part-time wrestler, valet, manager, general manager, and all the other roles she has had in WWE, she has become minority owner and Chief Brand Officer of the WWE. She has become one of the leading figures in not only the sports entertainment industry, but a leading figure in a lot aspects of the world. Her name is commonplace and thus she's garnered a huge respect (and envy/jealousy) for what she has done with WWE and her outside work apart from it. She's just a chip off the old block. In fact, it's sort of uncanny and a little creepy how closely their careers as sports entertainers/promoters/business owners have paralleled one another. That's what this world needs: a female version of Vince McMahon (I actually shuddered a bit thinking of Vince McMahon in a wig and a dress).

Since her father's prowess has rubbed off on her, there are a ton of defining characteristics, events, and mannerisms (among alot of other things) that the youngest McMahon has used that the eldest McMahon made famous during his more active onscreen presence and his very active behind the scenes presence that Stephanie has incorporated into herself. From the very beginning of Stephanie's roots with the company to where she is now, she has definitely gotten herself a very McMahon-esque aura of her history to the present. Pay no attention to me, I'm not crying as I type this or anything....

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12 Both Followed a Similar Path to Wrestling 

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Vince started following around Vince Sr. at the tender age of 12, accompanying his father to many wrestling events. Little Vince was initially interested in becoming a wrestler, but his father would not allow his son to be part of the wrestling world for different reasons. Vince then chose to go to college and graduated with a degree in business and decided, after a small stint as a traveling salesman, to finally dive into the wrestling business as a behind the scenes kind of guy. Like Daddy dearest, Stephanie embarked on that same kind of career path. After briefly doing some modeling gigs for WWE at the young age of 13, she went to school, attended college and got a degree in communications. After her graduation, she began working full time with the WWE, starting off as an Account executive for her father's company.

11 They Both Started Out as a Babyface 

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In the very beginning of Stephanie's pro wrestling career, she was the sweet innocent babyface daughter of Vince that was being stalked by The Undertaker when Vince and the Ministry of Darkness were feuding. Her convincing girl-next-door performance brought a lot of eyes to the WWE product during the beginning of the Attitude Era....much like how Vince started out as the babyface on the announce team for every broadcast. Vince's persona, before adopting the "Boss" persona, was that of the perfectly square, All-American, loving-every-single-good-guy tone.

10 They Both Became Champions With Outside Interference 

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HOLY CREATIVE WRITING SHTICKS BATMAN. Seems like their kayfabe lives have the same taste in storylines as well. Back in 1999, Vince and Stephanie were feuding with one another over Triple H being Stephanie's onscreen husband. Things got a little crazy that year, as Triple H lost the WWE Championship to...Vince with some help from Stone Cold (because he's a believable wrestling champion. Cue the very first stunner he took from Stone Cold please). What makes this storyline even sillier is that the creative writers decided that after Vince vacated the title due to being too injured from Armageddon, Steph would win the Women's Championship within the next year. This was also accomplished by with a little help in the form of Tori and D-Generation X. Seems like making illegitimate champions is a father-daughter affair. What makes this whole thing wonky, besides the whole illegitimacy of them winning the titles, was that Vince has control over the creative of the show. The fact that Stephanie was made director of Creative Television and also a Senior VP of Creative Writing might make one suspicious that Stephanie was as much of an integral part of her being champion, much like her father was during his win...

9 Stolen Finishers 

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Vince and Stephanie were never really known for their wrestling chops when they became full-time entertainers. As mentioned before, their championship wins came from egregious amounts of outside interference. So when it comes to their finishing maneuvers during any one of those pro wrestling matches they were a part of, it wasn't a surprise they didn't come up with their own. Vince, to spite his greatest kayfabe rival, stole the Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin and Stephanie adopted the Pedigree from Triple H. That's not really a surprise either. Two of the most famous finishers from two of the greatest professional wrestlers were given to the Boss and the Boss' daughter.

8 Two of the Greatest Talkers in History 

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In any conversation on the best wrestlers on the microphone, both McMahons need to be discussed. Both of them were extremely capable of using their words, facial expressions, and actions to make an audience do whatever they wanted them to do. Both Vince and Steph have the innate ability to make any crowd like, dislike, cheer or boo them. Of course, both of them were usually on the more evil side of the spectrum whenever they would talk, but their abilities to give their product a villain fans would utterly despise was one of their biggest fortes.

7 Muscle and Fitness 

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As if it wasn't enough that the McMahons are one of the most powerful families in the world, they have to be fit as hell too. As most wrestling fans know, Vince has graced the cover of Muscle and Fitness multiple times, most recently in March of this year. The Genetic Jackhammer is literally a freak of nature, being 70 years old and looking as if he's capable of entering a Mr. Universe pageant. And just like Daddy, Stephanie has also been on the cover of Health and Fitness, relaying all of her fitness secrets after having three kids. If I didn't see Vince and Stephanie in the same room, sometimes I'd think it's just Vince walking around in a dress, wig, and the world's most expensive make up.

6 Leaders of Corporate Factions 

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During different points in WWE history, the boss of the company has decided to create their own faction based off of fear of the boss and the wrestlers within that faction. Now when I reference id that, which faction would you say? Newer fans would say The Authority. Older ones would say The Corporation (Corporate Ministry, blah blah blah). And some others would even say the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. What do they all have in common? McMahons. Stephanie is the co-leader of The Authority, was the co-leader of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction and Vince was the leader of The Corporation. Their creative writing is pretty centralized around the bosses being the biggest antagonist in almost every major story line. Twinsies indeed.

5 The Open Secret Stories 

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An open secret is a secret in a television show that is widely known by the audience, but willfully ignored by the actors of the television show. For the longest time, it was never fully acknowledged by the wrestlers in WWE that the babyface announcer in Vince McMahon was the owner/CEO of WWE. Everyone and their grandmother knew this, but it was never fully realized until Vince started entering the ring and using his "Boss" persona, igniting The Attitude Era. That sounds vaguely familiar....OF COURSE. When Triple H and Stephanie got married, it was never fully acknowledged by the wrestlers on live TV. Sure the McMahon-Helmsley Faction was formed, but there were several instances (most notably by Shawn Michaels or Triple H himself) which only vaguely hinted at the idea that Triple H and Stephanie were married in real life. It was finally completely acknowledged that Triple H and Stephanie were married after the McMahons went up against Randy Orton and The Legacy faction, as Orton attacked Stephanie and Triple H came out for the rescue.

4 They Have Adopted the Same Catchphrase 

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Most people in authoritative roles have to deal with the difficult process of letting an employee go at one point or another. However, Vinnie Mac always took extreme pleasure in "firing" someone on air, going so far as to yell with the fervor and deep guttural voice of a demon on steroids: "YEEERRRRRRRR FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEEED." It seemed like the Boss was the only person ever allowed to utter these words in such a public way. Mike Adamle, John Laurinaitis, Vickie Guerrero, the Anonymous Raw General Manager, and a slew of all other sorts of people in power within the WWE never were given the go ahead to utter the famous phrase....until Stephanie McMahon came along. She fully realized her father's catchphrase when she became the co-leader of The Authority Faction and fired multiple people. The aforementioned Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, etc. etc. It seems that though there are many people in power, only the McMahons are allowed to scream those famous two words.

3 Feuds of the Year 

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated is a wrestling publication that is widely recognized as the best in the world. As such, they award accolades every single year in a varying amount of categories to recognize promoters, bookers, and wrestlers for their hard work within their respective promotions. One award that Vince has won on multiple occasions is Feud of the Year. Four times he has won the distinction of having the best storyline within that year of wrestling. And, as you might have guessed it by now, Stephanie has also won that award multiple times. Though she has only won the award twice, she'll have many more opportunities to win it in the coming years.

2 They Were at the Front of Two Major Points in Wrestling History 

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Vince finally pulled the curtain to reveal the true wizard of Oz when he decided to make the open secret about him being the owner of the company an important part of the show. He jump started The Attitude Era when he embraced the vicious boss character that everyone hates, but can't do anything about. He announced it with a cannon shot and everything went boom from there. Everyone was on notice that the boss was there and if you crossed him, there'd be hell to pay. Stephanie more recently had her moment. She decided to be the figure head of the Divas Revolution. In one of the most highly touted segments in WWE history, Stephanie introduced three of the Four Horsewomen from NXT, beginning the push of legitimizing women wrestling in the most public wrestling promotion in the world. Though it's slowed down a bit as of late, it was definitely one of the most important moments in wrestling.

1 They're Control Freaks 

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As we have come to expect about the McMahons and their empire, their firm control of the business is unprecedented, from every single idea a talent can come up with, down to the very words the commentators are allowed to use during a broadcast. Back in 2008, a memo was released with blacklisted words and phrases that were never to be uttered by anyone who had a microphone in their face. Though Vince was the main scribe on that memo, Stephanie was also in the memo as well, giving her input as to what trigger phrases and words should not be uttered during a show. Both Vince and Stephanie are firm believers that certain words will turn people away from the product and that is their prerogative.

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