Top 12 Ways That Shane McMahon Is Best For Business

The return of Shane McMahon on Raw last week gave plenty of fans goose bumps. The exchange he had with Stephanie and Vince may have been a bit long winded, but he definitely got the message across. What's the message you asked? Well clearly that he's here to shake things up again!

Now if you're a weekly viewer like myself, I bet you too have notice the significant drop off Raw has had in the last couple of months. Everything feels predictable, there's a lack of substance in storylines and there are too many filler matches with wrestlers who still have a lot to give but have no direction. Shane made great points when talking about the rating drops and constantly speaking on the sentiments of the Internet. WE WANT CHANGE! I don't know about you, but when I watch Raw it feels like everyone is just going through the motions with no real direction. Do I blame the wrestlers for this? Hell no. Do I blame the writers? Yes, in some sort of fashion. So, who's left? Vince McMahon.

Vince has created some great ideas in the past (some more outrageous then most...), but he seems to be out of touch. It's understandable though because if you look at it, Vince is a lot closer to 80 years of age than he is to 50. So you can't expect a man of his age to relate to the current viewers. However, Shane might be that savior we're all dying for. Here's why Shane McMahon is best for business!

12 Shane is Respected Backstage

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Up until 2008, Shane had been a part of the company for the better part of a decade. He's played significant roles in what the audience would associate with the product today. For a guy who isn't a real wrestler, he sure was respected and treated as such backstage. With that kind of allure, we're pretty sure former wrestlers would have no issue coming back and working with Shane. The respect factor goes a long way and Shane has it.

11 The McMahon Name Lives On 

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Before Shane's return, we had no knowledge as to whether or not the company would still be run under the McMahon name in the future. Guys like George Barrios and Kevin Dunn were mentioned to be the potential heirs to the company. This was a surprise to most, since many expected Vince to want to keep it in the family, with either Shane or Stephanie/Triple H. Before Shane left, many assumed Vince would hand him the reigns after it was all said and done, though that was put in doubt when he left. Shane's promo last Monday shined a light on that situation, as he alluded to the fact that he has three sons who are ready to live on the McMahon name, though Steph does also have three daughters...

10 He Relates to the Talent 

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Shane McMahon wasn't technically a wrestler, but he was able to experience what most of us could only dream of doing. Shane was able to live out a childhood dream by getting into the square circle and getting his hands dirty with the big boys. He was a hell of a performer, as well as a better seller than his father, whose theatrics tend to be a bit over the top (Anyone remember how Vince would sell a

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Stone Cold stunner?). Shane was great not only because of his performance, but because he was doing what we all wish we could've done. From his money dance on the stage to death defining stunts that you only dared yourself to do in a bedroom, Shane was reliving our childhood dreams from the jump and the fans respond to that.

9 The Product is Stale/Predictable 

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When Shane returned last week, a lot of fans marked out. In my case, and maybe in the case of others, it was really surprising because his theme wasn't instantly recognizable. Once I figured it out, i realized how big a moment this way. However, think back to the previous week, or even beyond The Royal Rumble. WWE as a product hasn't been must-see TV. In fact, viewers (including myself) tend to just DVR the product to skim through the filler. With Shane coming back, WWE proved once again that they can unpredictable storylines.

8 Shane Coming Back Benefits NXT 

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Think about it, if Shane was to gain "company control" again, even just within storylines, this would allow Triple H to focus solely on NXT. Triple H is routinely bouncing back and forth from Connecticut to Full Sail. At the moment, he's the current WWE Champion and member of The Authority, but if Shane came back and took over Raw from an on-screen perspective, and if Triple H loses to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, Triple H could lend more of his on-air time to NXT.

7 Kayfabe is Alive 

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If you've followed the product for the last couple years, we've had spurts of shoots between certain wrestlers. A perfect example would be CM Punk and Triple H, Daniel Bryan and John Cena and so on. Many suspected Shane to be the inheritor of the company once Vince passed, but that quickly changed once he left to pursue his own business endeavors. Once he came back, WWE immediately took advantage of the fact that the WWE Universe assumed there was tension between Vince and his two children. Being an old school guy, Shane has stated many times that the element of surprise in television is important, especially in wrestling. The lines between what os real and fake in the WWE are blurred and Shane McMahon being back can expose those lines.

6 Another Invasion Angle? 

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The invasion angle was one of WWE's best (and most obvious) ideas, even though it was poorly booked.. Although the ending may have been lackluster, the angle shined a light on a lot of talent, including Shane O'Mac. Is it possible we could get an invasion angle between NXT and the main roster or a Brand Split between Raw and SmackDown? For the WWE vs. NXT idea, instead of the father/son rivalry we're currently enjoying, this would focus more on the in-laws, Triple H and Shane. So if Shane beats The Undertaker at WrestleMania, why not have Triple H send his NXT Stars, or better yet The Bullet Club, to make a statement?

5 Shane Brings Back Old Viewers 

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You heard Shane mention how bad ratings have been for WWE. Monday Night Raw used to bring in over seven million viewers on any given week. Am I saying Shane can get the product back to seven million? Of course not, as it's literally impossible in today's climate. However, he can bring back some of the old viewers from The Attitude Era or The Ruthless Aggression Era that might be fed up of the current product.

4 The Authority Will Finally be Off Television 

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There's no denying that a huge chunk of the WWE Univere is fed up of seeing The Authority. That type of storyline has run its course. It was a great idea when they were running up against Daniel Bryan, but at this point, why continue with the angle? We've literally seen it a hundred times since Mr. McMahon vs. Stone Cold. With Shane coming back, he can finally send both Triple H and Stephanie packing from Raw and allow for a different type of direction for the show where the boss isn't the villain.

3 What's in the Box, Vince? 

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We heard Vince mention to Shane that he wants everything in the lock box. What if it's documents that demonstrate how Vince runs a shady business or how Stephanie isn't his real daughter? If Shane wins at WrestleMania, they can use this lock box concept in a variety of storylines, which could help lead them all the way to SummerSlam. If Shane is back for the long haul, this could pay off in the long run.

2 Shane is an Edgier Performer 

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When you think about Shane O'Mac in the ring, the first thought that likely pops up is the "coast to coast" move he used to impale his opponents in the ring. We've seen Rob Van Dam do the "Vandaminator" with the chair during his last stint in the WWE and that's always cool, but when Shane whips out a garbage can and comes flying off the apron, watch out. Not only is he great with words, but he's also a great performer.

1 Shane McMahon vs. Triple H 

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Can you imagine how this could work out? We already think of Triple H as an ego-eating monster, so why not have Shane put him in his place. This could work out to be a summer feud, as well with Triple H trying to overthrow Shane. We already discussed a WWE vs. NXT concept, but this is a seperate idea that could see two brothers-ln-law go at it.

On Raw this week, when Dean Ambrose asked Triple H if he's fine that Shane is back on Raw, Triple H didn't even bothered to answer. Why not work a jealousy angle between the two?

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