Top 12 Wrestlers Who Cheated on their Spouses With Other Wrestlers

Yes, pro wrestling matches are predetermined and the dialogue between characters is scripted. However, the events that take place behind the scenes are very real.

There are a number of stories about backstage arguments and brawls. Aside from physically violent encounters between wrestlers, emotional battles often take place behind the scenes as well. Male and female Superstars must work together to create the best possible product for the WWE. Unfortunately, love triangles tend to develop, and it's not long until someone's feelings get hurt.

Like other jobs, it's not uncommon for WWE wrestlers to fall in love with their co-workers. In fact, it happens all the time. There are many WWE relationships that are successful. Just take a look at CM Punk and AJ Lee, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, or John Cena and Nicki Bella for proof. While there are several happy couples that met in the WWE, there are a number of relationships which ended horribly as well.

Most pro wrestlers are in a serious relationship with someone outside of the business, and unfortunately, many of them end up cheating on their spouses. However, what's different about pro wrestling is the fact that the superstars are gone for weeks at a time. Even the richest professional wrestlers do not take their spouses on the road.

We all know that adults have needs from time to time. While that's no excuse for cheating, it must be hard to abstain from physical contact for months at a time. Now, add in the fact that you are a top superstar surrounded by some of the most physically fit athletes in the world. Sadly, wrestlers cheat more often than not, and this list of wrestlers who cheated on their spouses with other wrestlers serves as proof.

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12 Karen Jarrett

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Most people don't know who Karen Jarrett is, and that's probably a good thing. Before her last name was changed to Jarret, Karen was married to Kurt Angle. Karen and Kurt were married for nearly a decade before they broke up in 2008. To say that Karen and Kurt had a bad breakup would be putting it lightly.

While he was working in TNA, Kurt Angle became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Karen took part in the festivities as well. It wasn't long until both of their lives spiraled completely out of control.

On an episode of the 'Howard Stern' show in 2009, Kurt revealed that he knew his wife had cheated on him with another TNA wrestler. That wrestler turned out to be "Double J" Jeff Jarrett. Karen's affair with Jeff Jarrett eventually turned into a TNA storyline. The whole thing was bizarre, and we would all just like to forget about it.

11 Terri Runnels

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For some reason, Terri Runnels is one of the least talked about WWE Divas. It's quite puzzling to me because she was smoking hot. In the mid 1990s, Terri would accompany Goldust to the ring. She would often smoke large cigars and cheer her man on.

Goldust, whose real name is Dustin Runnels, was married to Terri for many years before their relationship turned sour. Like many pro wrestlers, Dustin began using drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Terri eventually strayed away from him and had an affair with a wrestler named Shawn Stasiak. The affair crushed Dustin Runnels, but he eventually recovered.

Today, Goldust is still one of the best workers on the WWE roster, but Terri Runnels is nowhere to be found.

10 Nancy Benoit

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Nancy Benoit had her life taken away from her by her husband Chris Benoit in 2007. We have all heard the terrible story, and we all wish that it never happened. The WWE has done everything in their power to distance themselves away from the situation all together.

Before Nancy married Chris Benoit, she was married to a wrestler named Kevin Sullivan. Nancy and Kevin seemed to be deeply in love. However, everything changed for the couple when Nancy fell in love with Chris Benoit.

Nancy left Kevin for Chris, and that created heat between Sullivan and Benoit for many years to come. Some fans/conspiracy theorists even believe that the Benoit murders were actually carried out by Kevin Sullivan. Of course, most people believe that Chris Benoit went insane and carried out the vicious acts all on his own.

9 Chris Jericho

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Y2J is one of the best wrestlers of the past 20 years. He has been involved in a number of huge matches, and he was even the first undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion. With that being said, Chris Jericho isn't perfect.

Jericho is married to Jessica Lockhart. While the couple is still together, it is widely rumored that Y2J has cheated on her in the past. To make matters worse, many people believe that Chris Jericho cheated on his wife with former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. A picture of Jericho and Kelly Kelly kissing found its way onto the internet many years ago.

The fact that Y2J and his wife are still married is rather surprising. I mean, it's not like the evidence of his affair is hard to find.

8 Sunny

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Sunny was the first WWE Diva. She debuted in the early 1990s, and she didn't mind showing off her body. Sunny's carefree attitude made her quite popular with the boys. The "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels grew particularly fond of her, and it wasn't long until the two WWE Superstars began fooling around behind the scenes together.

While HBK and Sunny were just having some fun, Sunny was actually in a serious relationship with Chris Candido at the time. Rumors were started in the locker room about Sunny's affair, but Chris Candido refused to believe them.

Sunny not only had an affair with HBK, but she has also slept with Davey Boy Smith and Raven. There are also rumors of her having slept with Ahmed Johnson and Sabu.

Sunny has admitted to cheating on Chris Candido in multiple shoot interviews.

7 Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins is one of the best professional wrestlers in recent memory. It's truly a shame that he missed this year's WrestleMania. Instead of watching Rollins perform in the main event like he should have, we were all forced to watch Roman Reigns take on Triple H in one of the worst matches in WrestleMania history. Hopefully, it isn't long until Seth Rollins returns and reclaims the title from Reigns.

While Seth is a fan favorite, he has done some infamous things in his personal life. A little over a year ago, a nude picture of Seth Rollins was posted onto social media sites. However, the picture wasn't sent out by Seth. Instead, it was shared to the world by his ex-fiancé Leighla Schultz in an act of revenge.

NXT Diva Zahara Screiber and Rollins seemed to be having an affair during the time of this incident. Before Leighla Schultz blasted out Seth's nude pics, nude pictures of Zahara were posted on Seth's Twitter account.

Most people believe that Seth Rollins was cheating on his ex-fiancée with Zahara Screiber. The incident was extremely embarrassing for Rollins and the WWE.

6 Lita

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Lita and Matt Hardy were together for many years. In fact, they were one of the most popular on-screen couples in WWE history. Matt Hardy thought that he was going to spend the rest of his life with Lita and even have children together. Unfortunately for Matt, Lita ended up cheating on him with Edge.

Matt Hardy and Lita had a terrible breakup, and it wasn't long until the real life story ended up on WWE television. Being the evil genius that he is, Vince McMahon placed Matt Hardy and Edge in one of the most heated storylines of all time. The two men battled in a number of matches, and many of them were extremely violent.

To add insult to injury, Lita and Edge performed in a live sex scene on WWE television. While the segment was shot in poor taste, it was the perfect moment for Edge and Lita to showcase their passionate love for each other.

5 Edge

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While Lita cheated on her boyfriend Matt with Edge, at the time of the affair, Edge was also married, to his second wife Lisa Ortiz. Edge and Ortiz married in October of 2004 but were divorced by the end of 2005, months after news of the affair between Edge and Lita had come to light.

Ortiz posted a message on Matt Hardy's forum at the time of Hardy's release from WWE in 2005:

"Amy and Adam have had many many opportunities to tell Matt and I both the truth. A chance to say hey... Sorry I hurt you but I fell in love with someone else. But they have both repeatedly continued to lie, lie, lie, lie!"

Edge and Lita have both since moved on to other relationships, with Edge now expecting his second child with Beth Phoenix.

4 Triple H

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This is one of the more documented affairs in wrestling history, because it also led to the marriage of the most powerful couple in wrestling today. Triple H had been in a relationship with Joanie Laurer (Chyna) for several years. When the WWE placed Triple H in a storyline that involved him marrying the boss's daughter, it wasn't long before reality imitated art.

Chyna claims that when she confronted Triple H and Vince McMahon about the affair, she was given her release from WWE. While we don't know for sure if that's why Chyna was let go, it definitely is plausible that Hunter was seeing Stephanie behind Chyna's back.

3 Batista and Melina

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Batista burst onto the WWE scene in the early 2000s. He was rather green in his early years, but he still managed to ascend the ranks and become the WWE Champion. Batista's quick rise to the top of the company didn't go unnoticed by his peers.

One particular person that couldn't help but notice Batista was former WWE Diva Melina. However, Batista was married at the time, but that didn't stop the Animal from hooking up with Melina, who was dating fellow WWE Superstar John Morrison at the time. This spicy affair ended up destroying Batista's marriage, while Melina also broke up with Morrison.

2 CM Punk

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This one is particularly strange, given that Lita was AJ Lee's idol. There is a video dated back to 2001 where a young AJ is tearing up meeting her hero. Twelve years later, CM Punk was dating Lita, even bringing her as his date to the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2013. Just over a year later, he was married to AJ. Rumors have abounded that there was some overlap in the two relationships.

A Reddit user, MetsFan4Ever, a verified WWE insider, claimed CM Punk was courting AJ while still dating Lita.

“Lita would be off somewhere else in the building and Punk would be talking to AJ,” he said. “I thought it was kind of odd at the time.” He added that this was while Lita and Punk were dating.

He continued, “I think a lot went on when Lita would be sitting by herself and he was chatting with AJ. A lot went down at the arena.”

1 John Cena and Mickie James

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John Cena is unquestionably the biggest star of the new millennium. However, not many people know that John Cena was actually a proud womanizer back in the day.

Although we all view John Cena as a hero to children around the world, his personal lifestyle might lead you to believe otherwise. Anyone who watches Total Divas knows just how much John Cena hates the idea of marriage. No matter how much Nikki Bella wants to get married, it seems that Cena will most likely never budge on the issue.

So, why is John Cena so adamant about never getting married? Well, it could be due to the fact that he cheated on his ex-wife with former WWE Diva Mickie James, who was engaged to a lesser known wrestler. John Cena may be the face of the company, but he's definitely no saint.

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