Top 12 Wrestlers Who Returned From Injury Sooner Than Expected

When we talk about the wounds or injuries that sounds as distressed, as any power has lost its stamina and being stuck by their vulnerable surrounding. That’s exactly the same case in wrestling where the wrestlers entered, without fearing about their lives. Wrestlers know the risks when they enter a ring. Before the business became more educated regarding the long-term effects of injuries, the motto was for wrestlers to return as soon as possible. As much as effort they put to become a professional wrestler , the risk of injuries has always been with them whether it’s their beginning of the training days or in the ring where they challenge the opposite powerful wrestler to fight with them while putting their lives on risk.

Talking about WWE the biggest platform for wrestlers, the history from 1950s till present is the evidence that how many brutal injuries has a single wrestler suffered, from breaking the nose to the break of a spinal cord has been a harsh reality of the wrestlers. It takes a real guts to surmount these injuries while keeping their selves conscious in the ring and finish the whole match. There are wrestlers who actually excels in this and come over their injuries and continue fighting while some sits back at home and says farewell to their wrestling career for a whole life.

The list of wrestlers below is dedicated to those, who went through a brutal injuries but somehow manage to work through it, while barely missing any time in the ring at all.

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12 Triple H

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The painful injury from which a Triple H went through was the torn of his leg quads muscles, which happened in 2001 in a tag match featuring Triple H and Steve Austin as one team against Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. The injury occurred when Austin was stuck in the Walls of Jericho and Hunter came to help him. That is where he plonked his leg and all four quadriceps muscles were completely torn. The injury wasn't helped when Jericho trapped him in the Walls after his leg was injured but Triple H managed to finish the match .

Triple H took almost seven- eight months of recovery and then came back to the ring.

11 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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The brutal injury which Austin got in SummerSlam 1997 against Owen has its record in the history of WWE that caused Austin to lost its neck as it got squashed by Owen when he held him for pile driver that dropped Austin head viciously to the mat that made him paralyzed for a few minutes but he got the strength to rolled up Owen and win over him.

But this injury caused a lot of pain to Austin. He was able to return to the ring in a few months, but his neck was never the same. He adjusted his style to prolong his career, but neck problems would plague him, causing him to retire in 2003.

10 Joey Mercury

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Mercury along with Johnny Nitro was competing in a four way ladder match against The Hardy Boyz, Kendrick and London and Taylor and Regal . The spot where Mercury got his nose injured when two of the ladders were set up by the Jeff Hardy in a way from where he could jump off from the top rope, and force ladders on the faces of Nitro and Mercury. Mercury could not protect his face by bringing his hands up that brought the ladders direct over his face. He immediately started bleeding and was taken away from the match to the hospital.

Mercury was lucky enough that only his nose was broken and all of his face was saved. The injury lasted only for few weeks and mercury recovered again.

9 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels' spine disc was busted in a casket match against The Undertaker back at the 1997 Royal Rumble. The injury occurred when Undertaker attempted to drop Michaels out of the ring. HBK's back went off the sharp edge of the casket on the outside.

That is where his spinal region was badly affected that leads Michael to take a four year break from wrestling but he could only give eight more years to the wrestling. Before retiring in 1998 though, Michaels had to drop his title, which he did to Stone Cold at WrestleMania XIV. Michaels often says how disappointed he was in that match, but he can't be blamed, considering the pain he was in.

8 Randy Orton

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Back in 2008, Randy Orton’s collarbone was broken at the One Night Stand PPV in 2008,  when Orton was trying to RKO Triple H but Hunter countered and threw Orton over the top rope. The Viper landed hard on the floor, causing Orton to break his collarbone.

Orton was able to quickly recover and was back again in 2009, where he won against Triple H at the Royal Rumble and.

7 Kurt Angle

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At SummerSlam 2000, a triple match was going between Triple H, Kurt Angle and The Rock for the WWE Championship. Triple H took Kurt Angle to the table, where he hit Kurt Angle with his powerful Pedigree that pushed Angle's face forcefully downwards to the table and Angle suffered a concussion.

Kurt Angle was taken away while The Rock and Triple H. Angle finished the match and took a month off before getting back to the ring again. Two months later, Angle won his first WWE Championship from The Rock.

6 Jesse Sorensen

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Sorensen learnt a huge lesson from his match in TNA against Ion, that caused him to broke him spinal cord and vertebrae. Ion hit Sorensen's neck off a springboard move to the outside. Sorensen was left paralyzed from the neck down and was expected to never return to the ring again. Against all odds, Sorensen made a full recovery and came back after one year. Shamefully TNA released Sorensen while he was recovering despite promising his job wouldn't be in danger.

5 The Undertaker

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Undertaker has battled many fights in his long time career. In his career where he bows down to many he suffered from many injuries also. His cheekbone was broken by Mabel but simply put on a protective mask. He also dealt with an injury over his hip bone and back ,but luckily he got recovered from all of these injuries within a few course of time but the last injury which gave him a lifetime chunk was by Rey Mysterio, where his orbital bone was broken and took him out of action. Still, Undertaker rarely ever let injuries keep him out long in his prime.

4 John Cena

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John Cena has long built a reputation of being able to recover from devastating injuries far sooner than anybody could have predicted. His longest WWE Championship reign was cut short thanks to a torn pectoral muscle in late 2007. He was expected to miss WrestleMania XXIV, but he was shockingly back by the 2008 Royal Rumble.

Cena also has made quick returns from torn triceps and just recently, returned sooner than expected from a torn rotator cuff.

3 Sabu

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Sabu suffered from a scariest neck broken by Chris Benoit. Sabu took an awkward landing off a suplex by Benoit but was able to return after a few months. Sabu broke his neck a second time after going through a table headfirst in a match with Tazz. Again, Sabu was able to recover. ECW was known for having the toughest wrestlers around and the fact that Sabu was able to return from a broken neck not once, but twice, is a testament to that.

2 Chavo Guerrero

In 2004, the match was going between Guerrero and Billy Kidman , when Kidman botched his Shooting Star Press by falling right on the head of Guerrero. The impact hurt his neck and head very badly, and he was taken out of the ring from the stretcher. Fortunately he made his come back again after a few months of rest. Still, fans were horrified at this sight, and it's amazing that Chavo was even able to return to the ring, much less after a few months.

1 Mick Foley

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Mick Foley is among the most toughest wrestler in the history of WWE, who put himself in danger many times. One of the devastating injury of him occurred at the 1998 King of the Rings when facing The Undertaker where he broke his jaw, his arms got dislocated and a kidney got bruised after being pushed by the Undertaker from the cell but Mick Foley somehow managed to end the match. Not only did Foley finish this match, but he didn't skip a beat in storylines, headlining the next PPV as if nothing had ever happened.

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