Top 12 Wrestlers Who Should Quit WWE

While WWE may be seen as the promised land for pro wrestling (or sports entertainment, if you want to play by their rules), it is far from the ideal place to be. The schedule is punishing, your career

While WWE may be seen as the promised land for pro wrestling (or sports entertainment, if you want to play by their rules), it is far from the ideal place to be. The schedule is punishing, your career is often at the mercy of writers who never stepped foot in a squared circle and the company is literally ruled by a man with a cartoonishly big character.

For some guys, such as Brock Lesnar, it would be foolish for them to quit. They're still making tons of money, they're still over with the fans and the company treats them well. However, there are some wrestlers in the WWE who just shouldn't be there for one reason or another.

There's some people who may look at being a big fish in a small pond as a bad thing but that's not necessarily a bad deal. Wrestlers like Drew Galloway and Low Ki seemed to be doing better off and look happier on the independent scene than they did in WWE.

Some other guys should leave the company because they've been treated like crap by the company who is supposed to make them look like stars. Either through poor booking or just general boneheadedness, plenty of guys who have been robbed of all their potential star power should leave the company to gain back any credibility with fans.

And finally, some guys just flat out peaked. Some veterans on the roster have been there for 10-plus YEARS and are long past their expiry date and should be walking away from the squared circle by now. To be clear, I understand these guys have absolutely no obligation to walk away from good money but looking as a fan from the outside, they really outta go.

And here it is, FINALLY, the top 12 wrestlers who should quit WWE.

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12 Cameron


How many people were extremely happy to see Cameron get pulled from Total Divas a couple seasons back? Yup, just like I thought: everybody.

I'm pretty sure that most fans who don't watch NXT probably thought that Cameron had actually left the company but nope, she's still hanging around in NXT being over-shadowed by much better women like Asuka and Bayley.

If Cameron really wants to make an impact and gain some respect with the fanbase, I think the best course of action would be to get out on the road and get some experience away from the public eye. Sticking around in the WWE won't remove her reputation as the woman who said Melina vs. Alicia Fox was her favorite match of all time on Tough Enough.

The only reason she's lower on the list is because there's another woman on the roster who's in a worse spot than her. And we'll get to her later...

11 Zack Ryder


Hey, remember this guy? Man he was THE guy to watch out for in 2011-2012. Going out of his way to get himself over and present himself as a person who can draw money in the WWE. Then creative noticed him, and then it went bad.

Shortly after beating Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship at TLC 2011 to a big pop, Ryder was dismantled by a terrible storyline with Eve, Kane and John Cena which destroyed his character and turned him into a bufoon.

Ryder has gone from potential long term midcard champion into being in a tag team with Mojo Rawley as the Hype Bros. Somehow despite all this bungling he still gets a decent reaction whenever he gets Raw time, and that's why I think he would do fine on the independent scene.

Quit the system that broke you Zack, for your own good.

10 Brie Bella


In a business where it seems so hard to pull any positive emotion out of fans anymore, Brie Bella is now in a position where she has potential to be hugely sympathetic babyface... for a few months.

With her sister Nikki looking to be on the shelf for a long time and her husband Daniel Bryan retiring due to concussions, Brie is bound to get some reactions some fans if booked properly for a few months. Once that good mojo is gone, she should go too.

Brie has made it no secret that she wishes to be a mother and wife more than she wants to be an in-ring performer and that's totally cool.

Best case scenario, Brie goes on a quest to get the WWE Divas Championship and if she doesn't win at a PPV in the near future (let's say Extreme Rules), she will retire. She loses in a galliant effort and then retires to be home with her husband. Perfect ending to a pretty solid career.

9 Damien Sandow


In an effort to outdo themselves with the burial of Zack Ryder, WWE seemed to think that they could sink their vampiric teeth into Damien Sandow and drain him of all his momentum. Mission accomplished.

Becoming the first man to outright fail at winning a world title courtesy of Money In The Bank (Cena won his match at Raw 1000 technically), Sandow moved from a losing streak to eventually becoming the best part of the company because of his gimmick as the Miz's stunt double. How did that feud end? With Sandow losing to Miz on Raw in April and being swept to the side afterwards.

If the company sees him as only a comedic force shame on them, Sandow should find another company who sees him as the star he is.

8 Fandango


I'm quite certain Fandango can be seen on any milk carton with a "Have you seen this man?" label slapped on him. That's how much of an unknown Fandango is right now.

Think about this for a second: Fandango defeated Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29. This... this is a big freaking deal. He then lost a rematch to Jericho at Extreme Rules and since then it's been pretty much downhill for him. In the past year he's been relegated to Main Event and Superstars essentially as a jobber.

Unable to recapture that lighting in a bottle back from 2013, Johnny Curtis is most likely better off by quitting the company and plying his trade on the independent scene. He won't be able to dance his way out of jobber status if he sticks around.

7 Mark Henry


The world's strongest man should be commended for having an amazing run with the World Heavyweight Championship back in 2011. He revitalized his career and for the first time looked like a real threat to the entire roster. But that was about five years ago, that resurrection spell has lost its power by now.

Aside from a brief 2013 feud with John Cena, Henry has largely done nothing for the past few years and is always on the cusp of retirement. Just get it over with Mark, you had a good run.

6 Dolph Ziggler


Unlike some guys on this list, Ziggler doesn't necessarily need the wrestling business. Ziggler is already showing that he has the ability to make money outside of the WWE as a comedian and actor.

That's a good thing, because he outta quit the WWE. Despite being one of the most consistent and over wrestlers on the roster, Ziggler hasn't been able to break through the glass ceiling for any meaningful amount of time. If Dwayne Johnson has proved anything, that it's becoming a bigger star outside the WWE only makes them want you more later on.

5 Natalya


Wrestling since the start of the millennium, Natalya is one of the most experienced wrestlers in the entire company and has the Hart legacy behind her. So why the hell does the company keep her down?

Managing only ONE Divas' Championship of two months in her eight years in the WWE, it's clear that the company doesn't see Natalya as anything more than a helping hand.

I'm 100% confident that if Natalya were to leave WWE, either TNA, ROH or even New Japan would snatch her up in a second. She can be the champion she deserves to be in a place that appreciates her. And doesn't give her a farting gimmick.

4 Kane


Kane has a reputation for being the smartest wrestler in the WWE locker room. That's probably why he's making money with the company even if he should have quit long ago.

Much like others in the company who have been around for 10+ years, Kane was at one point one of the hottest stars in the company. However, constant face/heel turns and maskings and unmaskings have utterly crippled any drawing power of the Big Red Machine.

As long as the money rolls in, reports say Kane will wrestle until he can't anymore. Still come on, he really should.

3 Eva Marie


Look no further than Eva Marie for a person which WWE has mishandled from the very start. Completely new to the wrestling business when she was hired in 2013, the company put her on the main roster rather than placing her in NXT. You can imagine how well that went.

The vitrol and hatred directed at Eva really isn't all her fault, but she didn't do herself any favors with her persona on Total Divas of being a lazy ditz. The company may be trying to groom her for the main roster now, but the only way to show she really wants to be a great wrestler is to quit the company and improve herself away from the WWE.

It would be a long shot for her to be accepted by fans at large, but she can't do it in the WWE.

2 Titus O'Neil


Up until a few days ago Titus O'Neil would not have been on this list, let alone so high on the list. But a lot can happen in a few days.

After grabbing Vince McMahon's arm to allow Stephanie McMahon to exit stage first on Raw (ladies first), Titus O'Neil was handed a 90-day, then reduced to 60-day, suspension and according some sources a fine as well.

So to recap: Titus O'Neil, celebrity dad of the year, company man and all-around cool guy, just got punished for something that wouldn't even have been acknowledged a few years ago. He was suspended for the same amount of time as somebody who violates the Wellness Policy TWICE. Titus should not have to stand for this BS.

And Titus don't take it from me, even your bud Batista said you should quit. Listen to him, not me.

1 Big Show


Have you heard the crowds in the past couple of months? They've been chanting for the Big Show! Isn't it amazing that a 17 year old veteran of the WWE can still generate a reaction from fans? Oh wait the chant was "PLEASE RETIRE!!"? Take it back.

It's amazing just how bungled Big Show's career has been. Show has spun from so often from babyface to heel (over 20 times by my count) that Crash Bandicoot is getting jealous.

It is now literally impossible to care about anything Big Show does anymore. He is a legend, but the more he sticks around, the more he hurts his legacy. The way he was easily eliminated at the Royal Rumble this year should be a sign of how far Show has fallen.

Big Show should quit WWE, but I ain't going to tell him that. I do enjoy living you know.

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