Top 12 Wrestlers You Didn't Realize Were Grandfathers

Sit back for just a minute and imagine that your grandfather was walking into a ring in front of a ton of screaming fans, ready to get physical and mix it up. That sounds ridiculous, right? There's

Sit back for just a minute and imagine that your grandfather was walking into a ring in front of a ton of screaming fans, ready to get physical and mix it up.

That sounds ridiculous, right? There's no way that could be a thing.

Believe it or not, though, there are some kids that can attest to this statement. The WWE can produce some ageless talents. Talents of which are grandparents. At times, those grandparents are even fathers of wrestlers.

And who knows, maybe one day the grandchildren watching them will be wrestlers and be wrestling grandpas too. But I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, aren't I?

What makes the WWE different from many other sports, is that they allow former wrestlers to make appearances. Even if they are extremely rare, it is allowed. That means that careers can be prolonged, and former pros can turn into semi-pros, which makes for some very long careers.

Anyways there may be wrestlers on this list that won't surprise too many fans, but others will come as a major shock. Especially numbers one and two! To be honest, I still can't believe number one is a grandfather, and the way he became one is just about as strange as it can get. To make matters even more interesting, he is a household name that will ring a bell to even the most casual fan. But a grandpa? No one would ever see that coming.

But don't worry, I double-checked my facts, and he is indeed a granddaddy.

Want to find out who it is? Of course you do! Scroll through these 12 wrestling grandpas to find out who it is!

11 Ric Flair


Ric Flair had a ton of success in the ring, enjoying a legendary 40 year career that has allowed him to  sign to the WWE under a Legends Contract. Flair is a 16-time World Champion, winning eight NWA World Heavyweight Titles, six WCW World Heavyweight Championships and two in WWE. There is no denying how much he thrived in the square, and wrestling has rewarded him for his lengthy and illustrious tenor.

Outside of the ring, however, things have not gone so well for Flair. Flair has married and divorced three times, with a fourth pending. He does have plenty of grandchildren from all those failed marriages, though.

10 Vince McMahon


Many wrestlers have the sport running in the family's bloodstream, and the McMahon's are certainly no exception to that.

Vince McMahon has been the face of the WWE (whether you like or not), for some time now. McMahon has been both a commentator and promoter. Following in his footsteps are his daughter Stephanie and son Shane. Both of which have given McMahon three grandchildren each.

9 Bob Orton


The Cowboy is right smack in the middle of a five-star wrestling family as the Orton clan have left their mark on the industry.

Bob Orton is the son former wrestler Bob Sr., and the father of the ever injury prone Randy Orton.

It was in 2008 that Randy made Bob a happy grandfather, when him and his now ex-wife Samantha had a daughter named Alanna.

8 Blackjack Mulligan


Blackjack Mulligan recently suffered a heart-attack and remains on the up-and-up in terms of recovery.

The former wrestler is fighting for his life and battling a lawsuit WWE at the same time, but he still has plenty to live for. His sons are wrestlers Barry and Kendall Windham, who have given him grandchilren Windham and Taylor.

Of course, you will know Windham and Taylor best as Bray Wyatt and Bo Dall, respectively.

7 Jim Ross


While he is mostly known for his commentating, Jim Ross has made occasional appearances in the ring. His most memorable appearances being a win over Triple H and a tag team match with his fellow broadcast partner Jerry, "The King" Lawler.

Some of you may not have known this, but Ross has two daughters from a prior marriage, and through them he has a pair of granddaughters.

6 The Iron Shiek


The Iron Shiek is famously known for defeating Bob Backlund for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and being the official transition into the Hulk Hogan Era as Sheik's short-lived title reign was ended by Hogan who in turn would capture his first title while marking the beginning of "Hulkamania."

Shiek's wrestling days may be behind him now, but the well-known heel from the 1980s is now enjoying the aftermath with his wife and five grandchildren.

5 Batista


Dave Bautista (Batista) married early (in his early 20s) and often with his most recent marriage coming in October of 2015 to competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade.

It was his first marriage, however, to a woman named Glenda in 1990, that ended up making him a grandfather.

Batista had two children with Glenda: Keilani and Athena. It was his first born Keilani that had two boys, Aiden and Jacob.

5. Bret Hart


When Bret Hart entered the ring, he had four hearts the right thigh of his tights to symbolize his four children.

Of those four children Alexandra, has blessed Hart with two grandchildren. One, a granddaughter named Kyra, who was born in June of 2010, and a granddson named Grayson who was just born in June of 2015. His other two children are named Dallas and Blade, aka "Beans."

4 Ken Shamrock


Ken Shamrock, nicknamed, "The World's Most Dangerous Man," has been married twice. In those two marriage he has a total of seven kids. Four with his first wife Tina Ramirez, and three step-children second wife Tonya.

Those seven children have blessed Shamrock with a grand total of 10 grandchildren. Needless to say, the former WWE Superstar must have his hands full when the grandkids take a visit over to Grandpa's house.

3 Rikishi


Rikishi, a twin himself, is the father The Usos, twin brothers Jonathan and Joshua who are two time Tag Team Champions.

Jonathan and Joshua, who are quickly becoming one of the best tag teams in WWE, have bother given provided Rikishi with grandchildren.

Some may be surprised that Rikishi is a grandpa, but the real shock here is that a twin had twins. Crazy enough, Rikishi's brother, Sam, also had twins. Mind=Blown.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin became a grandfather in an unconventional manner.

Austin had two daughters with his second wife Jeannie Clark, Stephanie and Cassidy, but he didn't get his first and only grandchild from either of them.

Austin adopted Clark's daughter Jade, and in 2010, she gave birth to a boy named Lachlan. She actually had the baby with pro wrestler Adam Windsor. Go figure.

1 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar is one of the most feared and intimidating looking wrestler to ever step foot in a ring. I mean, holy hell I would faint of terror if I had to mix it up with him. At 38 year's old, he looks like he's in his mid-20's.

But guess what? Thanks to his marriage to former WWE Diva Sabel, he is a step-grandfather. As weird as him being a Granddad sounds, being a step-grandfather sounds even stranger. But it is all very true, and strange.

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Top 12 Wrestlers You Didn't Realize Were Grandfathers