Top 13 Craziest WWE Superstar Urban Legends

Rumors circulate around WWE all the time, involving superstars, their storylines or anything relating to the creative team and what they should or could have done. WWE makes the news for all of th

Rumors circulate around WWE all the time, involving superstars, their storylines or anything relating to the creative team and what they should or could have done. WWE makes the news for all of the wrong reasons sometimes but in order to find the myths, you have to find the rumors that have managed to withstand the test of time.

This casts the net out quite a bit in WWE with the differences between reality and character blurring a lot of the lines within the company making it hard to tell the difference between what really happened and what is alleged to have happened.

Some WWE stories, whether they are proved to be true or not, are so good that they live for generations and ultimately become WWE urban legends. The stories you will continue to tell for the next few decades and the ones that will shape your views of the wrestlers in question.

Here are some of the best ones to come out of WWE over the past few years, including some of the strangest characters the company has ever seen.

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13 Randy Orton and Rochelle's Bag 


Randy Orton is a third generation superstar who has become one of the faces of the company in the current era.

That being said, when Orton first debuted in WWE he wasn’t the same kind of superstar he is now and it's no secret that he had a bit of a temper.

There's one story of Orton going "to the toilet" in former WWE Diva Rochelle Loewen's gym bag. However this was most probably exaggerated as Loewen herself has stated that all Orton did was ruin the bag - and her possessions - with some baby oil. Still pretty messed up regardless.

12 Sid Vicious’ Squirrel


Sid Vicious was the kind of guy that no one in WWE would want to mess with. His name really said it all but it seems he had a somewhat softer side, given the story that suggests he had a pet squirrel that he used to take with him everywhere he went.

A fellow superstar once bet Sid that he couldn’t leave the woodland creature in his pants for any more that 60 seconds and Sid, not being a guy who would back down from a bet, accepted. He obviously didn't last very long and probably had to make a trip to the emergency room because of it.

11 JBL’S Initiation


JBL has always had something of a bullying reputation off the cameras when it comes too backstage pranks with the other superstars.

This is something the current commentator has become known for, but this latest rumor is a little harder to ingest. It seems the story is that JBL used to love hazing the newest stars who had just joined the company, to the extent that he sometimes used to jump into the shower with them and help them to “wash up.”

This one makes the list of scariest rumors because thought of JBL naked in the shower hazing poor new recruits is bone chilling.

10. Randy Orton's WrestleMania Loss


It set up the biggest win in Rey Mysterio's career, but apparently it was never supposed to happen. Randy Orton, Kurt Angle and Mysterio clashed in the main event of WrestleMania 22 with Mysterio walking out with the World Heavyweight Championship after an incredible West Coast Pop.

But it is thought that Randy Orton was set to win the match and become World Champion once again, but his second strike against WWE's wellness policy instead meant that Mysterio was chosen as the winner.

So perhaps Rey was never supposed to be World Champion, he was just WWE's way of showing Orton the error of his ways.

10 The King’s Humbling


The Kliq are one of the most celebrated groups in WWE History, made up of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac. The group had a lot of success in their time in WWE and are subsequently either past or future Hall of Famers.

Talking of Hall of Famers, it seems that when Jerry “The King” Lawler came to WWE, there was a story about his arrogance and attitude and the group decided it was time to humble him the new recruit.

They did so in the most vile way, as they apparently desecrated The Kings crown.

9 Which Kane?


This legend is perhaps the most famous in WWE History, as every time Kane is given a push within the company, someone has to pipe up about how the “old” Kane was so much better than the new one.

Back when Kane used to wear a mask, there was a rumor that he was portrayed by more than one person. The other being much taller, having different eyes and longer hair.

During Kane’s unmasking a few years ago, many fans had an iissue with Glenn Jacobs, who now depicts the “Devil’s Favorite Demon,” and have stated that there is no way he has portrayed Kane for his entire career.

8 Psycho Sid Couldn’t Wait


There have been many incidents throughout WWE’s history where a superstar has been put in a compromising situation during their matches and been left with little other option than to let nature take it’s course.

John Cena admitted to have being in that position earlier in his career, while Natalya also took a shot to the stomach and couldn’t help the reaction that her body gave.

This urban legend takes us all the way back to WrestleMania 13 when it is thought that during the match between The Undertaker and Psycho Sid, Sid couldn’t contain himself during the match and reportedly ended up soiling himself in the middle of a match that ended with a Tombstone.

7 Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage


Another famous and well known urban legend is that Randy Savage had inappropriate relations with an 18-year-old Stephanie McMahon.

It is said that Vince McMahon found out and that it's the reason Savage was essentially blacklisted from WWE. This was said to have caused a rift between the two that has never been reconciled.

Savage is one of the most famous wrestlers of his time and was only inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame last year. after many fans had began to petition for his inclusion following his death.

6 More Than One Ultimate Warrior?


There have been many rumors of WWE switching superstars to cash in on popularity, Kane was already mentioned above and Sin Cara is a recent version of this, but it seems Ultimate Warrior could have been the first.

When Warrior returned to WWE at WrestleMania VIII, it was reported that he looked a lot different and there were some significant changes to his appearance. This led to rumors that the original Ultimate Warrior had in fact died and WWE hired a stunt double to continue to portray the superstar.

5 Were Mae Young and Moolah More That Friends?


WWE Hall of Famers the late great Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah were two of the greatest female wrestlers to ever set foot in a wrestling ring.

The two definitely made their mark on wrestling history, despite being stuck in a male dominated sport. It seems that the two women became a little closer than friends.

There were wild rumors that the two were actually lovers and they even lived together for a period of time. If it’s true, that is one of the greatest friendships/relationships of our time.

4 Another Side of Lita?


Lita is still recognized as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, but during her 2014 Hall of Fame induction speech she talked about the way she first entered the business and it seems to be a different story to the one that is told by others.

Lita did talk about the financial issues she had during that time and how she slept on other people’s sofas in order to get to work when needed. But the rumors suggest that Lita also offered some sexual favors in return for helping her train in the business.

3 Did Bret Hart have “Sunny Days?”

Sunny was widely considered to be the first ever WWE Diva and since her departure from WWE she has since gained a reputation that was very different to the one she had while in WWE. However, back in the 90s it was reported that she was “extra” close to Bret Hart.

This led to Shawn Michaels cutting an on-screen promo about Hart’s “Sunny Days.” At the time, Bret Hart was married and he was said to have not taken to kindly to the accusation as it led to a brawl backstage where Bret managed to take out a clump of Michaels' hair.

2 Christy and the COO? /

There have been many affair storylines to rock WWE and many of those seem to involve the McMahon family. One of the more famous rumors being Stephanie McMahon taking Triple H from Chyna before having her fired, which is still debated to this day.

One of the more modern stories is that Triple H was having an affair with the first ever Diva Search winner Christy Hemme. When this was found out, she was subsequently released.

While Christy herself stated that budget cuts were the reason for her release, she later tweeted a more cryptic reason that has led to further speculation.


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