Top 13 Insane Real Life Stories Of John Cena

At a tender age of 28, John Cena won his first WWE Championship by defeating then-holder John Bradshaw Layfield. He has since proceeded to win 14 more world titles, besides lifting the United States Championship and tag team gold every now and then. Despite his success, he has seemingly made more haters than supporters although even his most religious detractors always admit that he makes the product instantly better with his charisma and insane microphone skills. As the World Wrestling Entertainment loves putting it, he remains the most polarizing figure in the history of sports entertainment.

Almost every adult fan of the WWE — especially those who claim to love Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and other independent promotions — loathes him for being atop the WWE ladder and for never attempting to reinvent his character that has been the same for over a decade now. Their hatred is partially thanks to their favorite superstars such as Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, and even Zack Ryder being held down in favor of saving The Champ's status. However, in real life, he is regarded as a role model and is widely acclaimed for being the first celebrity to grant 500 wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Although most stories have come directly from the mouths of his colleagues and friends, a few, especially the one you will be reading first, are speculative, and the writer insists on taking stories that might sound derogatory with a pinch of salt, accordingly. The writer respects the accomplishments of the 39-year-old sports entertainer and does not intend to inflict harm upon his reputation. As usual, if we had failed to mention any of his insane real life stories, feel free to mention those in the comments section. Without further ado, let the writer take you through the 12 most insane real life stories of the face of WWE.

13 13. Sleeping with Kendra Lust


Vince McMahon drools over mainstream media attention, but he would certainly have never preferred this one. Shortly after the news outlets started linking him with adult film star Kendra Lust, he filed for a divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau, thus adding more fuel to the speculation. She uploaded a series of raunchy pictures with a replica of the WWE Championship title to her Twitter account, fueling more speculation regarding their affair.

12 12. Impressing The Nature Boy


The launch of WWE 2K14 stole the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A drunken Ric Flair interrupted every single pre-planned segment by telling real life stories involving his former and current colleagues. Of the many stories he told, one revolved around The Champ and booze.

With the Champ lifting his first ever world title in 2005, The Nature Boy asked him if he fancied a drink with him. Much to the surprise of the Rolex wearing, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling and dealing son of a gun's surprise, he replied that he did not have the habit of drinking. However, years later, The Champ now drinks a 6-pack a night.

11 11. Tucking in Chris Jericho


As mentioned in the previous slide, Cena picked up the habit of partying like a champ. Even then, nobody could beat him, not even a seasoned veteran of Chris Jericho.

Jericho wrote in his third autobiography how Cena put him to shame and remained sober while Y2J passed out in their hotel room. Jericho woke up hours later to find himself under the sheets, not remembering how he got there. Across the room, he saw Cena listening to tunes on Jericho's iPod, wide awake and still drinking.

10 10. Sleeping with Victoria


Many insiders allege that the ability to outdrink the entire roster and being able to get it on with any Diva are the stuff of a champion in the WWE. Although The Champ started his WWE career as a non-drinker and a loyal partner to his high school sweetheart, the longer he stayed with the company, the more he changed as a person. He has slept with a many women, and one of his most controversial acquisitions was a married Victoria.

9 9. Inventing the YCSM taunt


As mentioned above, Vinnie Mac feels as happy as a cat in an aquarium whenever the company garners mainstream media attention. The Cenation leader has been able to manage just that since his rise to superstardom, especially with his 'You Can't See Me' taunt. Despite the taunt being an integral part of his character, he apparently did not invent that on his own. The Cenation leader wrote in his book Hustle, Loyalty & Respect: The World of John Cena how his folks' buffoonery helped him come up with the YCSM taunt.

8 8. Sleeping with Mickie James


As long as a woman chooses wrestling as the choice of career, it does not matter whether she is already in a relationship because most top dogs cherish hitting on taken women. Shawn Michaels fornicated with Chris Candido's girlfriend Sunny. Batista slept with John Morrison's lover Melina. The Champ is no saint as he has been rumored to have been in numerous short-term relationships and flings. His most reported controversial fling remains the one that revolved around Mickie James and her former boyfriend Kenny Dykstra.

7 7. Burying the Nexus


Wrestlers boasting booking power has been mooted as one of the major reasons for the demise of World Championship Wrestling. Although Vinnie Mac has everything in check, the WWE is not immune to top dogs making poor decisions and not complying with other veterans. Nothing proves that more than the burial of The Nexus.

6 6. Saving a fan's marriage


Chris Jericho has already penned three autobiographies, and by the looks of things, even if he doubles the count, the WWE Universe will still be pumped to read those as his books give interesting insights into the world of wrestling. In his latest book The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea, he wrote about how good a counselor The Cenation leader is.

5 5. Literally fighting to push Carlito


In another drinking session, The Champ told Carlito that he should be "at a higher level" and that she should be applying himself. Drunk as Carlito was, he misunderstood it and reckoned that he was bullying him. Shortly afterward, they got into a fight, which The Champ greatly dominated. Carlito could only defend himself as The Champ was too strong for him to handle. They had to be separated not once, but thrice.

4 4. Intimidating the NXT Rookies


Most veterans have a tendency to look down upon rookies; even Christian slightly belittled then-rookie Daivari for trying to rib him. The Champ is no exception, but the number of wrestlers who have voiced their frustration over his tyrannical attitude is quite high. Many have come forward to shed light on the Champ's dark side though a few like Trent Baretta and Derrick Bateman have spoken highly of him.

3 3. Rapping in front of WWE Creative


2 2. Turning down Nikki's request


Since his divorce, The Champ has been maintaining that he might not make a good father and that he might not be able to take care of their child thanks to his demanding schedule. He and Nikki Bella recently celebrated their three-year relationship anniversary at a fancy romantic restaurant, and the former Divas Champion asked him if he was still against marriage and children. Much to her dismay, he reiterated his decision not to have kids although he stated that they would love to be hitched to her. Despite his claims, he has not proposed her yet.

1 1. Sleeping with fans


The Champ appeared on Howard Stern Show in a bid to promote his movie The Marine, but the host of the show chose to ask him sex-related questions. Much to the surprise of the audience, The Champ gave surprisingly honest replies and even admitted to having had intercourse with a 280-pound woman just because the roster challenged him to do so. However, that was not the most bizarre revelation he made during the show.

The host enquired the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Championship holder whether he had had intercourse with more than one woman at a time. He replied that he had slept with six of his fans on a single night and added that his best sexual experience involved two Louisville strippers.

Considering Nikki's history, one can only shed crocodile tears for the former Divas Champion.

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Top 13 Insane Real Life Stories Of John Cena