Top 13 Reasons WWE NEEDS To Push Dolph Ziggler

Being a wrestling fan has its perks. We get to watch hours and hours of wrestling each week, if we choose, all year long. There is no off season and there are no rain delays. We get a nice mix of dram

Being a wrestling fan has its perks. We get to watch hours and hours of wrestling each week, if we choose, all year long. There is no off season and there are no rain delays. We get a nice mix of drama, action and comedy in good wrestling shows. Well, at least that seems to be each wrestling company's aim each week.

However, apart of being a passionate wrestling, is that it's easy to get so frustrated with the show you are watching or a variety of reasons. Some storylines are bland, or “too fake.” The comedy can be cheesy and the matches can be boring here and there. However, one of the most common headaches of watching wrestling each week is seeing good talent that we are in favor of get misused, put out of the spotlight, and be booked to job to other superstars. It surely stirs up my stomach to see that happen to a variety of very talented superstars.

For years, many have felt frustration seeing guys like Tyson Kidd, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes be downgraded to jobber status when many see them to be too talented for that role.

However, one guy that has been dying for a push for years has been Dolph Ziggler. Sure he had a World Heavyweight Championship run for about a month or two before suffering a concussion back in 2013. It's time for him to get one more push. He doesn't necessarily have to be pushed to a WWE Champion, although that would be nice. However, he could definitely be pushed higher up the card. It would not only work in Dolph's favor, but it also works in WWE's favor and here is why.

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13 Dolph Ziggler has been in the WWE for 12 Years 


Dolph Ziggler has been signed with the WWE since 2004, where he then wrestled for two years in Ohio Valley Wrestling before debuting on WWE TV with the infamous Spirit Squad, as Nicky. There he worked with a group that was led by Kenny Dykstra, who manly believed would be the most successful superstar of the group.

It certainly didn't turn out that way, as after Dolph Ziggler returned to WWE developemental for about 2 more years before being  repacked and moving to becoming who he is today, Dolph Ziggler. That was 2008. It's been a while, Dolph Ziggler deserves more then what he's gotten in all this time that he's been with the company.

12 Mic Skills Have Shown Improvement 


One thing that many would get on Dolph Ziggler about earlier on in his career was that his promos were not great. That criticism was pretty justified, as admittedly his promo skills left a lot to be delivered. The promos would come off as forced and very amateur. However, he's recently shown lots of improvement with his mic skills. Now he speaks with passion and speaks seemingly from the heart. Dolph Ziggler has learned to be himself and not just a character in his promos.

11 Not As Injury-Prone As Believed To Be 


Now, the WWE did somewhat push Dolph Ziggler back when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Alberto Del Rio the night after Wrestlemania 29. Not too long after, Dolph Ziggler would suffer a concussion and the WWE pulled the plug at 69 days.Dolph Ziggler would then go to SummerSlam to participate in a mixed tag team match with Kaitlyn against AJ Lee and Big E Langston. So, it's been nearly four years since he's gotten a title shot and he's stayed healthy for the bigger part of those four years.Injuries also haven't stopped John Cena or Randy Orton from receiving titles, so this is something that can not be held against Ziggler.

10 He Is Over With The Crowd 


The WWE claims that the WWE Universe get what they want. Although, a lot of fans know that's hot garbage. Dolph Ziggler is someone that the WWE Universe has accepted. When Ziggler cashed in his Money in the Bank brief case, he received an astounding ovation. The crowd virtually forced the WWE to turn him face and he would turn face at Payback of 2013.We've heard plenty of “Let's Go Ziggler chants” since then fill arenas and we rarely hear any boos. So, Dolph also has that in his favor.

9 He May Still A Lot More Years Under His Belt  


Surprisingly, Dolph Ziggler doesn't quite have youth on his side. He is now 35 years of age, but he seems to have a couple more years under his belt. He is at the mid-way point of his career, why not build him up a little bit, so he is able to put other stars over. Him losing to Kevin Owens when he loses all the time anyway doesn't do much for Kevin Owens' career. Now, if Ziggler lost to Owens back in 2013, it would have felt more meaningful. That being said, WWE should use the time he has left in the ring to their advantage. Make him a credible opponent for other superstars you are trying to build up.

8 In Ring Ability   


Dolph Ziggler isn't a power guy. He's not going to lift the Big Show up for a suplex. Outside of that, is there anything Dolph Ziggler doesn't have in the ring? He's incredibly agile and wrestles with a good mix of technicality and athleticism. He's also terrific at selling other superstars moves. He's one of the better superstars in the ring and has the ability to wrestle a 5 star match at any given time.

7 He Has Passion And The Drive Of A Champion 


One thing that many WWE fans have noticed about Dolph Ziggler over the years is that whether he is going head to head with John Cena for the WWE Championship or facing Zack Ryder, he wrestles every match like it's his last. Dolph Ziggler can make any match look like a big deal to him. He is constantly working for the chance to be pushed. You can see it in his face, that he won't quit. It's easy to admire anyone who is as passionate in any profession, as Ziggler is in his.

6 Survivor Series 2014 


Does anyone not remember his performance at Survivor Series of 2014? Dolph Ziggler's performance at the PPV was one of the best moments of the year. Now, this event is most likely remembered for being the night of Sting's WWE debut. Which makes total sense, as it was an amazing moment. However, it kind of overshadowed how great Ziggler's performance was and how the WWE fans were marking out as he held on in the match.

5 Excels As A Heel Or Face 


Dolph Ziggler was a heel for five years and he has been a face for three years. In both roles, he has excelled. As a heel he knew how to get under the WWE crowd's skin. He knew how to come off as a complete douche. A casual WWE fan would not want to hear him brag about how great he is or showboat after he beat a crowd favorite.

Dolph Ziggler also has excelled as a face. He has a great mix of being an underdog and being a warrior. WWE fans love to see that Never Say Die attitude that Ziggler has shown as a face. Since he's become a face, he's kind of got the WWE universe to forget how much of a jerk he was as a heel.

So, whatever the WWE puts in front of Ziggler, he has the ability to excel.

4 He Could Make Another Show Better 


The WWE knows that one of the biggest mistakes they made with talent was AJ Styles. During his first stint in WWE, Styles was never quite given a chance. Styles went onto become the face TNA. He's become a household name and has spent over 12 years making other wrestling companies better. The WWE could have really used AJ Styles over the past decade. While, Dolph Ziggler is not as young as Styles was when he was let go from the WWE, he could still have that same impact elsewhere. He's already a pretty established name in the wrestling world and he has the ability to be the centerpiece of a show. His storytelling ability could even get fans to tune into Impact if he decided to go there.

3 WWE Pushed Sheamus Further Then Ziggler? 


So, if the WWE has had any excuse to be hesitant to push Ziggler, it would be that he suffered a concussion during his World Championship run. Well, if that is the case, how is it that Sheamus has been pushed further in his career then Dolph Ziggler has? Not to nit-pick, but Sheamus has been injured a lot more then Dolph Ziggler has. Yet, he's still fresh off a championship reign and Money in the Bank win. He's won a Royal Rumble and won the title at WrestleMania. This is not to say that Sheamus doesn't deserve what he's accomplished. He's a tough guy for sure and is pretty damn good in the ring. However, he's been around since 2010, while Ziggler has been with the company since 2004. So, he's been less injury-prone and has been around longer then Sheamus. He is also younger then Sheamus who is now 38 years of age.

2 Liked By Most Demographics 


One thing that works in Dolph Ziggler's favor, in terms of being liked, is that he has the support of the IWC, the hardcore wrestling fans, and the younger audience. Of course every WWE superstar has their non-fans, as Ziggler does as well. However, pushing Dolph Ziggler would be a much more popular decision then pushing most other WWE superstars. On top of that, Ziggler's also over with ladies, which most superstars can't really claim.

1 Will Put Other Superstars Over


Although Dolph Ziggler is named the show-off on TV, it does not mean he doesn't recognize other talent. He seems like the type of superstar Chris Jericho is, willing to help make other superstars better. This would be valuable to WWE, as Ziggler could help introduce new stars, by providing them a first fued and first big win.

As mentioned earlier, Dolph Ziggler needs to be built up again to effectively put someone over. Kevin Owens defeating Ziggler at Fastlane was somewhat of a big win, but incredibly predictable. Chris Jericho losing to AJ Styles was also predictable, but it felt bigger for AJ Styles, as Chris Jericho is recognized as one of the greatest WWE superstars in history.

Dolph Ziggler could provide the same effect for other superstars in the future, if he is a credible enough opponent and not just a jobber. Chris Jericho won't be around forever.

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Top 13 Reasons WWE NEEDS To Push Dolph Ziggler