Top 13 Things Stephanie McMahon Would Love Fans To Forget

Stephanie McMahon is a former Women’s Champion and the only daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon; she is also a principle owner of the company herself. Stephanie has been an on-screen presence with

Stephanie McMahon is a former Women’s Champion and the only daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon; she is also a principle owner of the company herself. Stephanie has been an on-screen presence with WWE for more than a decade and is considered to be one of the most attractive and powerful female figures to grace WWE TV.

Steph has been a part of many scandals during her time with WWE, but is mostly remembered for her story ines that led to the real life marriage between her and Triple H, who is now the COO of WWE. Triple H and Stephanie have been married for almost thirteen years and have since had three daughters. Somehow Stephanie has managed to juggle her time with her family with her responsibilities with her father’s company. as well as her on-screen character, over the past decade.

Stephanie and Triple H have been more involved in WWE over the past few years than ever before, since they were unveiled as The Authority and have played a main role in WWE’s title picture since the 2014 Royal Rumble. As expected, over the past few years, there have been stories about Stephanie that have surfaced that fans would rather forget about. Stephanie has a huge fan base and a lot of these rumours would be preferred to be forgotten about, but the following is a list of 13 things Steph wishes fans could forget about.

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13 Payback 2014


Following WrestleMania XXX, it was revealed that Daniel Bryan was injured and Stephanie and Triple H were then brought back into the main event picture to strip Daniel Bryan of his Championship. Stephanie gave Daniel Bryan the option of either surrendering his Championship or forcing his wife to be fired at Payback 2014.

Brie didn’t take this lying down and instead of waiting to be fired, Brie quit and then slapped the taste out of Stephanie’s mouth. Steoh then ran to the back but the images showed that Stephanie looked like she had urinated herself. Although this has never been discussed or verified by anyone inside WWE, it's still absolutely hilarious.

12 That Incest Angle


Who can forget the story of Vince McMahon nearly going too far with one of his storylines. Vince approached Stephanie while she was pregnant, with the idea that he could tell the WWE Universe that he was the father of her baby and create a strange incest storyline.

Stephanie flat out refused and who can blame her? Some fans still can’t comprehend storylines and would actually have believed it, plus it might have hindered Linda’s political run even further. Vince then pitched the idea that the baby could instead be Shane’s, but luckily once again she refused. However, it's impossible for us to forget that this was an a possibility for Steph.

11 Stephanie and HLA


Now that Stephanie is in a position of power in WWE, the company is realizing that some of the storylines she was a part of back in the early 2000s were not exactly family friendly.

One such story line happened at Unforgiven in 2002 when Stephanie’s team lost and she was forced to endure some HLA (Hot Lesbian Action). Eric Bischoff forced her in between two stunning women, but all they did was rub her sensually and make it look erotic. There was no actual kissing or anything that would offend children, but it still doesn't seem like something she'd want her fans to remember.

10 Triple H Storyline


If Steph’s daughters ever want to look back at how their parents met and what they used to get up to, then they perhaps shouldn’t show them the video where Triple H drugged and kidnapped Stephanie before forcing her to marry him in Vegas. Of course, this was part of a storyline and their marriage wasn’t actually official until 2003.

9 She Compared 9/11 to her Father’s Trial

WWE Superstars often say some controversial things in the heat of the moment, but oftentimes things are scripted and so are the reactions. The problem is that life isn’t scripted and sometimes you can’t take back controversial comments. Back in 2001, days after 9/11, Stephanie likened her father’s steroid trial and the ways she felt about it to the way America was feeling following the terrorist attacks. The comments were met with absolute disgust by most fans, while others couldn’t understand why WWE would allow her to say something like this. Either way, it’s probably best to forget this one all together.

8 When She Was Kissed By Randy Orton


WWE has often recognized that Stephanie is Triple H’s weakness and this was made apparent when Legacy attacked Triple H back in 2009. Triple H was handcuffed to the ring ropes as the attack ensued and Stephanie ran down to beg for the trio to back off.

Instead of helping the situation, Steph’s presence made it worse and she received a second rope DDT from Randy Orton before he then rolled her over and made sure Triple H was watching when he kissed her. Triple H was visibly unhappy about it and it solidified Orton as a heel, but it wasn’t a great showing for either of them.

7 When John Cena Slapped her Behind

It's pretty obvious that WWE didn’t think about the fact that Stephanie would be a mother when coming up with some of the situations she's been placed in and her children would be able to search YouTube for some of the most embarrassing storylines that their mother was a part of. One such occasion was when Stephanie was in the ring talking about her upcoming match with Sable before John Cena came out to rap about her and make several sexual references before he asked if he could slap her ass. Stephanie then dared him to do it and much to everyone’s shock, he actually did and she allowed it.

6 When She Almost Married The Undertaker


The Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie at Backlash 1999 as a way to get back at Vince McMahon. Not a lot was known about Stephanie at this point, as all that was known was that she was Vince’s daughter and The Undertaker was intent on using her as a tool for revenge. Paul Bearer announced the duo as husband and wife, although this was never actually made official. Luckily, it was Steve Austin who stepped up to save Stephanie from becoming a servant to The Deadman on an episode of Raw, which was slightly odd since he was never Vince’s biggest fan. He was apparently just happy to do the right thing.

5 That Kiss with Eric Bischoff

In one of the weirdest WWE storylines, back in 2002, Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon actually locked lips. It was back when Stephanie was the face general manager of SmackDown and Bischoff was ruling Raw with an iron fist. So, on Halloween, Bischoff decided to head over to SmackDown. He was wearing an outfit complete with a Vince McMahon mask, before he took it off. Steph then tried to slap him, but he blocked it and then forced a kiss on her. At first she tried to fight him off but then it seemed that she began to enjoy it. The worst part is that it was never mentioned again and never led to anything on-screen after.

4 Vince Vs Stephanie


Vince seems to have a problem with both of his children (on-screen), as shown by the recent debacle involving Shane and The Undertaker. Vince vs Shane was a worthy feud and it was something that fans could get behind, but when Vince turned this onto Stephanie, it came off as more of a story about child abuse. Many fans felt bad for Stephanie and, years later, it still doesn't exactly reflect well on them.

3 When Stephanie accidentally flashed on Raw


Like many WWE Divas from the late 1990s and early 2000s, Stephanie felt the need to have breast enhancement surgery early in her career and then returned to action as soon as she was cleared to compete.

Stephanie was a part of a storyline with Triple H at the time and he tried to pedigree Stephanie through the announce table. The problem was that Stephanie was wearing one of her older tighter outfits and wasn’t prepared for the fact that she was bent over and Triple H had hold of her hands. She then popped out of her top and there was nothing WWE or Stephanie could do about it.

2 How Stephanie took Triple H from Chyna

Stephanie and Triple H are perhaps the best known couple in WWE and are widely considered to be WWE’s power couple, but when the duo began dating in 2000, Triple H was already with Chyna. Chyna and Triple H were in a long term relationship but when Stephanie decided that she was interested in Hunter, he broke up with Chyna and chose Steph. The problem was that Triple H had already been cheating on Chyna and when she found out, she wasn’t quiet about it and was released by the WWE soon after.

1 Stephanie and Randy Savage Rumors


It is one of WWE’s oldest and perhaps strangest urban legends, but it is also one story about Stephanie that Steph will want to forget. It states that Stephanie and Randy Savage were in some kind of relationship when she was younger and her father Vince then found out about it. This was said to have been the main reason why there was such a huge rift between The Macho Man and Vince McMahon for so long and also could have been why it took so long for Savage to be put into WWE’s Hall of Fame.

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Top 13 Things Stephanie McMahon Would Love Fans To Forget