Top 14 Hottest WAGs In TNA

TNA might have fallen in terms of ratings and popularity over the past few years, but it sure has created some great wrestlers who are among the best in the world. Things look to be on the rise for TNA lately, as they’ve also managed to sign some prominent talent and look to be in much better shape than a year before when the company was close to being bankrupt, and the superstars who have continued to stick with the promotion are now reaping their own rewards, while many have flocked to other promotions looking for lucrative opportunities.

TNA might not have a huge roster right now, but it has a robust, proper bunch of wrestlers who are focused on making the product better and elevating the status of the promotion. TNA right now has the most fascinating/hilarious storylines because of the Hardys, and have also acquired some great ex-WWE talents in the likes of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. With the inclusion of new owner Billy Corgan, TNA looks to be back in a steady position and is on the up at least for the foreseeable future. Some of their wrestlers are enjoying their position in the company and absolutely killing it in their personal lives, as some wrestlers have amazing WAGs to go home to at the end of the day.

Though much of the talent in TNA are single, some of them have stunning wives or girlfriends. Let's take a look at the top 14 WAGs in TNA right now.

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14 Kristal Marshall

Kristal Marshall will probably be known for her time as Teddy Long’s romantic partner on Smackdown, but she was actually dating current TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley at the time. The couple didn’t tie the knot, but did have a child in 2008 as the divine beauty in Kristal was quite loyal to her partner at the time. Lashley obviously didn’t find the success he’d hope for at WWE, so he shifted to TNA in 2009 and Kristal would manage him at the time as his kayfabe wife, and the two seemed to be bonding really well as the stunning Kristal helped Lashley get over in TNA. But the two suddenly split in 2010 when Kristal confirmed on twitter about it, but share a child so they probably meet every now and then, but Lashley probably regrets letting go of such a beautiful partner in Kristal, who’s now living her own life as a beauty queen.

13 Alisha Inacio

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Eddie Edwards has found much popularity over the few years, as one half of The Wolves has been on a roll lately with Davey Richards as well on his singles quest. The former Ring of Honor World Champion has been on a roll ever since being rejected by WWE a few years back, as he hopped into TNA along with Davey Richards and became the hottest tag team in the promotion. The Wolves soon won the TNA Tag Team Championship, as Eddie also kept on wrestling singles matches. He won the TNA X-Division Championship this year as well, and is now looking to capture the top gold in TNA with the World Championship. He’s married to another wrestler in Alisha Inacio, who is quite the catch for him as the stunning Inacio has been wrestling for Women Superstars Uncensored for some years now, as they got married last year. The two seem to be happy wrestlers together, and Inacio is definitely one of the better looking women in her promotion as the sexy woman has been strong with Eddie for the past years now.

12 Angelina Love

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Angelina Love is still one of the hottest women wrestlers on the planet and is currently married to TNA wrestler Davey Richards. Love is also known for her time as part of the Beautiful People and like Rayne, has won it all in the promotion as she’s a 6 time TNA Knockout’s Champion and even won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship once with Winter. Love might not be in the company herself, but it was in TNA where she met Davey Richards, who’s known for his time as part of The Wolves with Eddie Edwards as they won the TNA Tag Team Titles 5 times when they were together, as Love and Richards got married in June 2015. They even had their first child this year, but inspite of her age and pregnancy, Love has still managed to keep an exquisite figure as she’s definitely one of the hottest Divas around right now and even at the age of 35 looks so good, that others would want to be her.

11 Jessica Gousha

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Al Snow will mostly be remembered by wrestling fans for his time in the WWE during the Attitude Era, where he’d roam around with a plastic head and be a pillar of their hardcore division. The 6 time Hardcore Champion would lose his place in the WWE with the turn of the century, and soon moved to TNA where he worked with other legends and is currently working as the manager of The Tribunal stable. It turns out that Snow is also quite the man in his personal life, as he got divorced from his first wife Pam Sarven in 2004 after almost 18 years of marriage, and is currently engaged to Jessica Gousha, who’s a therapist and personal trainer by profession. The muscular Gousha is quite the pick for Snow, who himself is looking pumped nowadays and is definitely being taken care of by his fabulous wife, who has muscles and curves other women can only dream of and the couple seems to be very happy together since getting engaged sometime back.

10 Beth Britt

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The gorgeous wife of Jeff Hardy met the wrestler way back in 1999, as they continued to stay together and bond as a couple. Hardy saw much rise after meeting Britt, as he became a star in the WWE who soon got singles fame and even won the WWE Championship before moving to TNA where he was a main-event attraction. Inspite of all the drug addiction problems of Jeff, Beth continued to stay by him as he became one of the top stars in TNA and was always in the main-event scene, as they had their first child in 2010. They finally tied the knot in 2011, and have been happy ever since and had another child last year, as the exquisite Britt seems to be getting sexier as she ages and has been a solid rock by Jeff’s side as he should be thankful for getting a strong, beautiful woman like Beth in his life and be proud of calling her his wife.

9 Kaitlyn Galloway

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Drew McIntyre makes for a pretty sad story as he was once on top of the world as he was the “chosen one” of Mr. McMahon with the boss saying so on WWE TV, but some backstage politics saw him get degraded to a jobber within a few years. It wasn’t only his wrestling journey which was dwindling, but his personal life was also in shambles after he divorced his ex-wife Taryn Terrell after only a year into their marriage. He was released by WWE in 2014 and transformed himself into Drew Galloway, who soon went onto become one of TNA’s biggest stars and Galloway also repaired his personal sorrows by engaging a stunning woman in Kaitlyn, who has helped him with his personal sorrows for sometime now. The couple got engaged earlier this year as the gorgeous brunette has been a guardian angel for Galloway and has helped him get back on top of his game, as the Scot is now again a happy man because of his beautiful wife.

8 Reby Hardy

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The whole Hardy family is being heavily featured nowadays with the success of the Broken Matt character, as Matt’s lovely wife Reby and son Maxwell are often featured in the segments featuring him. Reby Sky married Matt Hardy in 2013, and the two have been sharing quite the lovely relationship since then even though acting crazy on-screen, and are a happy family with their son Maxwell. Reby was herself a wrestler who worked mainly in the independent circuit and arrived at TNA in 2014 with Hardy’s persistence, and has since featured quite a lot in it as she turned heel with Hardy recently, only to turn face again during the Hardy’s feud with Decay. Reby might have given birth a little over a year ago, but still looks absolutely stunning in the segments she’s featured in, and is quite the sexy lady in real life too as Matt should be proud of getting such a family which aides him in his bizarre segments in TNA (which incidentally might have saved it from doom) and having a beautiful lady like Reby by his side is why he’s so strong on-screen as well.

7 Karen Blalock

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Karen Blalock has been with Gregory Helms for some good years now, as the two have been together inspite of going through a horrific motorcycle accident in 2011 as their relationship seems strong as ever. Gregory Helms is mostly renowned for his time at WCW and then in WWE as The Hurricane and later as Gregory Helms, as he was quite a successful Cruiserweight in the WWE. After being released from the WWE and separating from his ex-girlfriend Velvet Sky, Helms found his own guardian angel in Karen Blalock who has been strongly beside him ever since the incident in 2011. The highly attractive Blalock is quite a beaut and they got engaged in 2013, as they seem to be very happy together. Helms, who is now a manager of the Helms Dynasty in TNA, should be blessed to have such a beautiful wife beside him supporting him in all his decisions, as the TNA superstar looks to rule over TNA now as well.

6 Dani McEntee

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“The Cowboy” James Storm might be having an unstable relation with TNA in the past few years, but his personal relationship with wife Dani McEntee is solid for the past 5 years as the married couple are very happy together. James Storm’s name is almost synonymous with TNA, as he has been there since 2002 and rose from a tag team specialist to a singles main-eventer as Storm has been a pillar for TNA for over a decade now and inspite of having problems with management in the past few years which made him go to NXT for a while, he always comes back home. Storm’s persona life is fantastic as well, as he’s married to an absolute stunner in Dani McEntee who is extremely gorgeous and is quite the spectacular coup for Storm who has been sharing a strong bond with her since getting married 5 years ago. McEntee has been supporting Storm in all his decisions, as the happy couple are quite the one to look at as McEntee compliments Storm perfectly and the Cowboy has managed to get in love with quite the sexy woman who’s also a strong pillar in his personal life.

5 Allie

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The former TNA Knockouts Champion is quite the knockout in the eyes of many herself, as the beautiful Allie is married to TNA wrestler Braxton Sutter, who after many years on the Indy circuit finally made it in TNA recently. Allie was the TNA Knockouts Champion before having to lay down to Maria Kanellis to drop her championship, as the stunning Knockout has quite the history of wrestling herself, wrestling in the likes of Combat Zone Wrestling(CZW) where she met her husband Sutter, as the two got married in 2013. Now both of them wrestle at TNA, as Allie is probably more successful considering her role in the Knockouts Division in TNA but both are enjoying solid runs in TNA and are quite the happy couple, as the sexy Allie shares quite the love story with Sutter who must be thanking his stars for marrying someone as dazzling as Allie, as the two wrestlers travel around together and are now living a happy married life wrestling in TNA.

4 Tara Sue

Robbie E might be one of the cool dudes in TNA right now, but his personal life has been quite the roller-coaster ride so far. So the TNA superstar married fitness pro Tara Sue in 2011, only to break it up when he started to date TNA Knockout Brooke Tessmacher, and they broke it off afterwards. But somehow Robbie still had feelings for Tara, forcing him to put an end to his relationship with Brooke and he again started dating Tara. Last year, Robbie re-proposed to her and they are again happily married and honestly one can’t really blame Robbie for choosing Tara to be his girl for the rest of his life. Tara is absolutely gorgeous and has a figure most girls would die for, as the bombshell is definitely one of the better decisions of Robbie’s life as the TNA superstar couldn’t help but contain his love for the stunner in Tara, as he remarried her last year and the two’s love story seems to be on a happy track right now.

3 Madison Rayne

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A part of “The Beautiful People” stable in TNA, Madison Rayne was quite the literal “knockout” in the division during her time at the top of TNA, as she was one of the reasons why the division was praised so much. Rayne ruled the division with The Beautiful People and also had an impressive singles career, as she has won the TNA Knockouts Championship 5 times and TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship twice as well, and is definitely one of the pioneers of the rise of the Knockouts Division in TNA. Rayne is currently married to TNA commentator Josh Matthews, as the two tied the knot in August of last year after Rayne’s first marriage broke off. Matthews is a lucky man to get a hold of someone as elegant and sexy as Rayne, as Madison is definitely one of the more “beautiful people" in TNA right now and holds a creative position to herself, as the two work together and seem to be a happy couple with Matthews counting his stars on getting a stunning knockout like Rayne.

2 Brandi Rhodes

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The gorgeous wife of Cody Rhodes has been a solid pillar for him over the past few years, as Cody has to incur the torture from WWE, who made him into a joke by giving him the gimmick of Stardust (which he portrayed brilliantly) and taking away every bit of relevance from his character. Known as “Eden” at WWE, Brandi became one their prime ring announcers before she left the company with Cody earlier this year, and has been accompanying him all the way through. Brandi and Cody are the latest members of the TNA roster, as they’ll look to be a power couple in the promotion and take it by storm. The couple who have been married since 2013 showcase how strong they are with their decisions, as Brandi has the divine beauty to herself which will make her successful anywhere she goes and Cody should be thankful of having a stunning wife like her who is as beautiful on the outside as she’s strong on the inside.

1 Maria Kanellis

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett are probably THE power couple in TNA right now, as the couple have taken TNA by storm ever since arriving and have enjoyed their own success in the promotion. Kanellis is undoubtedly one of the hottest female wrestlers in the world right now, as the current TNA Knockout’s Champion is the absolute definition of a “knockout” and has maintained her stunning looks for almost a decade now. Maria seems to be getting sexier with each passing year, as the magnificent redhead shares a very intimate relationship with Mike Bennett and the two seem to be extremely close ever since they started dating way back in 2011, and are currently enjoying a lot of success as a couple in TNA. Bennett is called as “The Miracle” in TNA, but he’ll definitely be thanking his stars for getting a bombshell like Maria in his life, as having an exquisite woman like her can brighten up anyone’s day.

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