Top 14 Incredible Things We Love About Sting

Sting is still considered to have been the face of WCW. After leaving the company, Sting had a lengthy run with TNA and became one of the face's of their company, until it was announced that he had fi

Sting is still considered to have been the face of WCW. After leaving the company, Sting had a lengthy run with TNA and became one of the face's of their company, until it was announced that he had finally put pen to paper and signed with the WWE.

Survivor Series 2014 saw The Icon make his debut, being a focus of the main event and helping to put The Authority out of action which in-turn led to an incredible match at WrestleMania 31 that was thought to have been the end of the war between WWE and WCW. In that match, WWE brought back the main stables that both Sting and Triple H were a part of and they then played their part in the match.

Following this, Sting was made the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and he went on to main event Night of Champions in 2015. While Sting failed to capture the World Championship, he still put on an incredible match.

Sting announced his retirement in his Hall of Fame induction speech after months of rumors regarding his health, meaning fans will never get to see the iconic Undertaker vs Sting match. Despite that, we love The Stiner and here's 14 reasons why!

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14 His Attitude


Throughout his career Sting has always maintained himself in a dignified manner and is considered to be one of the most respectful members of the wrestling community. Sting has always been a wrestler that Superstars look up to, with the likes of AJ Styles and Seth Rollins both stating that they aspired to be like Sting when they were growing up and Rollins even admitted to dressing up as The Icon for Halloween. It is this amount of respect that Superstars have for Sting that has allowed him to become a worldwide star.

13 His WWE Debut


Sting was once considered to be the greatest wrestler to never be a part of WWE, but in 2014 this all changed when Sting finally put pen to paper and signed a WWE contract. Months later, Sting officially appeared on WWE TV at Survivor Series 2014 and he appeared in the greatest of ways, as he interrupted the traditional Survivor Series match that had The Authority’s job on the line and helped Team Cena to win. It was a great moment and, arguably, the greatest moment of Sting's short WWE career.

12 His Face Paint


Sting is officially the only ever WCW World Heavyweight Champion to have worn face paint, something that he has become known for. Throughout his time in WCW, TNA and his brief run in WWE, Sting has continued to wear the face paint that made him famous, however, younger fans might not be aware of the fact that The Icon wasn't always painted black and white. At the start of his WCW career, he had a surfer thing going and had coloured face paint!

11 His Attire


Sting has always worn the same kind of attire. He ensures that he stands out in a crowd with his all in one wrestling suit and since his debut in WWE he has been wearing some great jackets.

Sting made his debut wearing an incredible scorpion emblazoned outfit and matching black leather jacket, before he appeared in a red and black coat on an episode of Raw and an amazing red crystallized coat at WrestleMania 31. It seems Sting really is a fan of making a grand entrance and his outfits are his way of making his presence known.

10 Choosing TNA over WWE


As already stated, Sting was once the greatest wrestler to have not wrestled for WWE but this all changed in 2014. When WWE brought out WCW in the late 1990s, Sting had many discussions with WWE about joining the brand like many other WCW wrestlers, but he instead chose to join WWA and later TNA.

Sting toured with World Wrestling All Stars for a few months before joining TNA in 2003. He was thought to have been the star that was needed for TNA to progress in its early years and remained with the company for 11 years after his debut.

9 The Face of WCW


Sting’s 14 year tenure with WCW began in 1987 and saw him become the face of the company. Then, the much younger and blonder superstar known as Sting became known as “The Franchise of WCW” and managed to hold 15 Championships at the promotion, including six World Championship reigns before WWE took over WCW.

Sting made history with the promotion and went on to make more pay-per-view appearances for the company than any other wrestler. He went on to headline the highest grossing pay-per-view event in WCW history at Starrcade 1997 and was chosen, along with Ric Flair, to main event the final episode of Nitro.

8 Charity Work


Along with many superstars who have reached the heights of the wrestling industry, Sting has attempted to use his position within the wrestling community to help many worthy charitable causes. Sting has been a part of many charitable causes while being with WWE including their Make-A-Wish Foundation and Starlight Children’s Foundation which he regarded as his “most fulfilling activity.”

7 First Ever TNA Hall of Fame Inductee


Much like WWE, TNA decided to create their own Hall of Fame in 2012 and Sting became their inaugural inductee. It comes as no surprise since TNA President Dixie Carter stated that Sting was one of the reasons that the company became such a big deal. She said that Sting was The Icon that TNA needed when they were starting up and he was the star quality to make them credible.

6 Sharing a Record With John Cena


There is a debate about who has had the best career between The Undertaker and Sting. The debate still continues since both men have accomplished so much and have never had the chance to face off. That being said, Sting does share a record with John Cena from earlier in his career when he was voted the “Most Popular Wrestler Of The Year.” Sting won the award in the years 1991, 92, 94 and 97 when he was still a part of WCW.

5 His Final WWE Match


It was a match that was never supposed to be Sting’s last. Many of the WWE Universe were holding out for the dream WWE vs WCW match between The Undertaker and Sting in Texas, but instead Sting was forced onto the sidelines by a neck injury that could paralyze him if he stepped in the ring again. So, for his last match, Sting faced Seth Rollins in the main event of Night of Champions in 2015 with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line. He gave us an absolute classic in his last match and somehow even managed to finish the match despite his injuries.

4 His Debut WrestleMania Match


Sting has accomplished a lot during his lengthy career and many Superstars would give anything to have a career like his. But one thing Sting never accomplished was that illusive WrestleMania match... until 2015 when Sting faced Triple H on The Grandest Stage of them All. The match was thought to have been the greatest farewell to the WWE vs WCW saga, seeing as WWE allowed members of DX, The Kilq and nWo to play a part in the match that was eventually won by Triple H, with the two shaking hands afterwads.

3 His Part in The Authority's Demise


Sting played a huge role in the initial demise of The Authority. Sting debuted in WWE at Survivor Series in 2014 and it was thanks to him that The Authority were out of power for a few months. The Authority then gained power again after Seth Rollins’ forced John Cena to reinstate them. Sting returned to be a thorn in Triple H’s side and he then returned to face Seth Rollins for the World Title after Rollins had made many comments about Sting.

2 WWE Hall of Fame


Sting took his place amongst wrestling’s elite in 2016 when WWE decided it was his time following his retirement. WrestleMania was in Texas this year and since that's where Sting current lives, it made sense for him to be the headliner of this year’s class. It came as no surprise that Sting was put into WWE’s Hall of Fame given his track record in the wrestling business. Sting used his speech to announce his official retirement from WWE.

1 Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins had the honor of facing Sting in Sting's final ever WWE match. Many of the WWE Universe blamed Rollins for Sting’s injury, but The Icon himself didn’t see it the same way. Sting later told the WWE Universe about how much of an honor it was for him to face Seth Rollins and how much of a fan of him he was. He didn’t blame Rollins for the injury, even though Rollins found Sting backstage and attempted to apologize, Sting stated that he respected Rollins and thought the was the future of the business. That kind of grace and respect has always made Sting a huge fan favourite.

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Top 14 Incredible Things We Love About Sting