Top 15 Absolutely Terrible Big Show Moments

In the City of San Francisco, Giants are revered. The Giants of the Bay provide a sense of hope to the Fog City as they chase the Commissioner's Trophy each season. With great pride, the Frisco Fans dawn the Black and Orange and cheer for their uniformed heroes as they take to the field.

In the Fairy Tale World, Giants are often feared. When Jackass Jack buys some magic beans, he quickly discovers a land of unknown lunacy where a Giant slumbers. Jack proceeds to not only steal the Giant's possessions but eventually puts an end to the Giant's life in a tragic beanstalk tumble.

In the Real World and Fantasy World, Giants exist to triumph and terrify. In our modern world, hormones have begun to cause havoc on the human body and thus, we are left with the manic mutations of mankind.

In the make-believe world of professional wrestling, Giants are welcomed more so than anywhere else. The Giant has been a usual character in professional wrestling; one who has been seen in each generation. When a man looks like a living, breathing monster, he can find a home with the wrestling sideshow.

When thinking back on these Giants of the Ring, "The Eighth Wonder of the World," Andre the Giant will always come to mind as the most popular Mass of Man to ever step foot inside the wrestling ring. Andre was an attraction; a glorified freak out on display for the world to gawk with wonder and worry; but such if the life of a Giant.

In modern years, the most popular Giant has been a man who was once known simply as "The Giant" while working in WCW. However, fans will know him best by his WWE moniker: Big Show. This man of epic proportions who has been a loyal and often laughable employee of Vince McMahon.

For all of Big Show's success, there has been even more embarrassment.

These are the top 15 terrible Big Show moments:

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15 Floyd Mayweather Match

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Who hates Floyd Mayweather? Almost everybody. Which is why Mayweather coming into WWE for a one-off match drew plenty of attention and heat from the sports world. Mayweather would step into the ring at WrestleMania XXIV against Big Show.

The match was a bore and for the most part, Floyd Mayweather looked like a fool. However, it was Big Show who was forced to suffer the terrible fate of losing a match to the money-hungry boxer in an unrealistic decision.

Real Life: Big Show crushes Floyd Mayweather.

14 KO to Dusty Rhodes

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When The Dudley Boyz put Mae Young through a table, WWE was catering to a different type of fan. However, those days are gone and no longer is the abuse of a senior citizen an entertaining element of WWE programming.

Watching Big Show knock out "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes at the command of Stephanie McMahon was certainly a heat-grabbing moment but one that was uncomfortable to witness.

And of course, Big Show was crying.

13 WrestleMania X8

WrestleMania X8 was a significant Pay-Per-View as it would mark the first time the Undisputed WWE Championship was defended at the event, as well as the return of Hulk Hogan to the Grand Stage.

WrestleMania was presented live for the second time (VI) from the SkyDome in Toronto. However, somebody didn't quit make the trip to Canada. Big Show was sent to New York City and the WWE Restaurant to interact with fans and search for food.

The goofy quote from that night: "WrestleMania, baby. Wooo!"

12 The Mascot

Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw once meant something in WWE. When the brands would collide in a traditional five-on-five Survivor Series Elimination match, there was a sense of superiority and pride at stake between the shows.

In 2010, in preparation for the Bragging Rights Pay-Pay-View, Big Show was named captain of Team SmackDown. Fair enough, but all credibility was lost when Show, in an awkward segment, would name Hornswoggle as team mascot in failed WWE humour.

The size differential was obviously funny to somebody backstage.

11 AJ Lee Bump

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Male competitors becoming physical in any way with the female performers is a now rarity in WWE. Roman Reigns' Spear on Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania will in all likelihood be the last case for some time.

When Daniel Bryan was playing the role of obnoxious heel on SmackDown, he was paired with AJ Lee as his on-screen girlfriend. One night, while chasing Bryan, Big Show would accidentally trample AJ, knocking her unconscious.

What did we see following the incident? Big Show crying, once again.

10 Fired

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John Laurinaitis and the concept of "People Power" was certainly not the worst authoritative angle on Monday Night Raw (Reference Mike Adamle). However, "Big Johnny" and his reign could not compare to the tenure of Eric Bischoff.

Bring in Big Show for some on-screen humiliation. John Laurinaitis would demand an apology from Show for making fun of his voice. Show would oblige but the apology was not good enough for Laurinaitis who demanded Show beg on his knees.

Down went Big Show to his knees - crying as usual - but was fired anyway.

9 Shane McMahon's Disappointment

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WrestleMania 2000 would feature for the first time, a Fatal Four-Way match for the WWE Championship in a McMahon-laced environment. Vince with The Rock, Stephanie with Triple H, Linda with Mick Foley, and Shane with Big Show.

When Shane's man was eliminated early, the "Boy Wonder" did not take too kindly to Big Show's performance delivering a verbal lashing to Show and calling him an "unmotivated slob." Shane-O would hurt Show's feeling in the process.

What happened next? Yes. Big Show cried; an early version of his blubbering self.

8 Rap Battle

"The Doctor of Thuganomics" may be a thing of the past, but was definitely a new look and direction for WWE as the company moved past The Attitude Era and into its Ruthless Aggression phase.

On an episode of SmackDown, Big Show would call out this Hip Hop Doctor and challenge John Cena to a rap battle, which Cena accepted. Show put forth his best effort but was once again made to look like a buffoon.

The Doctor would soon leave town but Big Show remains as the local yokel.

7 Affair with Vickie Guerrero

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"The Rated-R Superstar" Edge will go down as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Edge's career was packed full of incredible moments and racy situations, including a Live Sex Celebration with Lita.

When Edge was placed into an on-air relationship with Vickie Guerrero to further advance his heel status and stranglehold of the World Heavyweight Championship, trouble came about by way of Big Show when backstage footage was revealed.

Big Show and Vickie Guerrero would caught lip-locked in awkwardness.

6 "No Toilet Paper"

"Eddie, there's no toilet paper in here!" Such a line can only be delivered on WWE programming. And who better to spew such a line than Big Show while jammed into a bathroom stall in which he could barely fit?

The angle would see Big Show steal and consume Eddie Guerrero's burrito. However, Guerrero had set up the situation and spiked the burrito with some "special sauce," causing Show to experience stomach pains while in the middle of a match.

Big Show would go running for the toilet as his bowels were ready to burst.

5 Septic Truck

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The Big Show and Eddie Guerrero feces-related storyline did not end with the burrito backlash. In fact, it escalated to a point of no return when a septic truck filled with bathroom waste was brought into the mix.

Eddie Guerrero would actually spray Big Show with the septic hose on an episode of SmackDown, dosing Show in perceived fecal matter and leaving the big man to walk away through a sludge of sickness.

Excrement and wrestling? No. However, once again, this is funny to somebody.

4 Casket Ride

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The storyline involved here would have Big Show's father terminally ill with cancer (in real life Show's father had already passed). The Big Bossman - now a much darker version of the character - would make light of this situation.

Then came the funeral segment, where Big Show and his family had gathered at a cemetery to lay his father to rest. Only to have Big Bossman arrive and steal the casket by chaining it to his vehicle and dragging it away.

This would lead to the infamous scene of Big Show body-surfing the casket.

3 Vince's Head

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In 2006, a reunited D-Generation X would cause plenty of trouble for Vince McMahon. Eventually, this feud would come to a head at the Unforgiven Pay-Per-View where Vince, his son Shane, and Big Show would form a team to challenge DX.

The match would be contested as a Handicap Hell in a Cell bout where the Degenerates would incapacitate Big Show, bend him over the top rope, and pull down his wrestling gear. And then came the horror.

DX would ram Vince McMahon's head deep into Big Show's rectal cavity.

2 Baby New Year

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What the hell is the purpose of a Baby New Year? The symbolization of "letting go" over everything bad that has happened over the previous twelve months is simply a way to hide behind failures.

Well, when WWE decides to put on a version of New Year's Raw, you better believe there is going to be something corny and all-out ridiculous. Once again, cue Big Show for a very specific segment and costume.

Big Show, dressed as Baby New Year and dancing around like a fool.

1 Sumo Match

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WrestleMania has been called "The Showcase of the Immortals." Over the years, many great wrestling matches have stole the show. Many great moments have stolen hearts. And many Superstars have pieced together impressive 'Mania highlight reels.

Big Show's WrestleMania career has been anything but highlight worthy with his worst moment coming at the event's twenty-first offering. Show would challenge Akebono in a Sumo match, in humiliating fashion.

With his Sumo gear riding high up his backside, Big Show would lose the quick match.

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