Top 15 Awesome Wrestling Factions You Had No Idea About

Think of the greatest alliances in professional wrestling, ever. Chances are, a large portion of fans will think of the Four Horsemen, the nWo and D-Generation X. Then come other major alliances, The

Think of the greatest alliances in professional wrestling, ever. Chances are, a large portion of fans will think of the Four Horsemen, the nWo and D-Generation X. Then come other major alliances, The Hart Foundation, The Nation of Domination, Evolution, among others.

Unfortunately, so many great wrestling alliances have been forgotten, due to being completely overshadowed by some of the greatest alliances that have existed.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if many people who read this don't realize that some of these very alliances existed. That's not a problem, though. Sometimes, legacies are created by flying under the radar for some of these Superstars.

Plus, the greatest alliances are remembered because of the Hall of Fame-calibre wrestlers involved. The nWo had Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. DX had Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X-Pac.

There's no shame for these wrestlers who participated in such factions that you may have forgotten about. But it would have possibly propelled their careers if we were all able to recall these groups they fought in.

We don't want to ever forget some of these great alliances that worked together that changed the companies they fought for. They worked hard enough for success and earned it in factions, no matter how much you forgot about them.

It's more than time to give these great wrestling groups (at least) one more piece of recognition for the incredible work they put in.

Here are the greatest but forgotten wrestling factions that we should remember.

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15 Raven's Nest 


You know you had a great alliance when you were used in three different promotions. Raven's Nest was featured in ECW, WCW and TNA.

Raven headlined the group, with noble followers being Stevie Richards, Johnny Hotbody, The Pitbulls, The Blue Meanie, among others. Even The Dudley Brothers (not Bubba Ray and D-Von) were part of the faction.

This group dominated anywhere they went.

14 The Prophecy


This group was in the Ring of Honor promotion and Christopher Daniels led the alliance.

In storyline, they had the same ambitions as the nWo; who wanted to destroy and take over WCW. Only The Prophecy had ambitions of destroying Ring of Honor in order to build their own powerful empire.

Samoa Joe was part of this group, as were the likes of Xavier, Donovan Morgan, and Mark Briscoe. Daniels, in storyline, broke the honors of wrestling (such as sportsmanship) which began an epic heel turn that led to this alliance.

Sound familiar to Hulk Hogan joining the nWo, anyone?

13 Special K


Anyone who watched this group in ROH found it easy to despise them, because they played those kids you couldn't stand in high school.

Special K based their characters off of rich snobs whose well-to-do families gave them everything they wanted. They were spoiled brats, just like those arch enemies you had to deal with in school.

This group had a unique storyline where they threw raves in the arena as well while portraying their characters to have thrown money and education away.

12 The Rottweilers


Similar to The Prophecy, The Rottweilers were demonstrated as jerks who had no class or sportsmanship in losses. If they didn't get their way, they had to be huge whiners all about it.

Former TNA Superstar Homicide was the leader of the ROH-based faction, and they ran from 2003-2007. Julius Smokes and Slugger were two of Homicide's most infamous henchmen in this group.

Hey, and Daniel Bryan had a feud with them!

11 The Kings of Wrestling


The Kings of Wrestling were among the kings of professional wrestling. And yes, I did have to do that.

You may not have known this alliance, because they did not appear in major promotions, but that doesn't mean they weren't a success by any means. Arik Cannon, Chris Hero and Chuck Taylor were part of the group.

Chris Hero would also use the Kings of Wrestling moniker while teaming with Claudio Castangoli (Cesaro) in various independent promotions.

10 The Age of the Fall


This group appeared in multiple promotions, but most notably in Ring of Honor, as it featured member of The Wyatt Family, Luke Harper, who went by Brodie Lee in this alliance.

Jimmy Jacobs, MsChif, Rain and Mr. Milo Beasley were the other key members of the group, as well as Joey Matthews (Mercury).

However, the groups biggest breakout would be a young man named Tyler Black, who you will know as Seth Rollins.

9 The Second City Saints


This group will be best remembered for one thing, and one thing only.

CM Punk was the main guy in charge of this group and we'll always remember him for being one of the top Superstars in modern WWE, before he turned to UFC.

While in Ring of Honor, CM Punk was joined by Colt Cabana and Ace Steel while Lucy and Traci Brooks served as managers to the faction.

CM Punk is a former ROH World Champion as well as two-time ROH World Tag Team Champion along side real life friend and faction member, Colt Cabana.

8 Blue World Order


Thankfully, the alliance wasn't as cheesy as the name, a clear parody of the nWo.

The Blue World Order (bWo) worked in ECW and were a clear knock-ofs of the alliance that put WCW ahead in the ratings for the Monday Night War during the 1990s decade.

Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, and Nova formed the alliance, which actually got good reactions from the ECW crowd. From 2008-2015, there were multiple reunions, but unsurprisingly, they came nowhere close to being as enticing as the nWo.

7 The Dudley Brothers/Family 


The aforementioned Dudley Brothers used to be home to more than just Buh Buh Ray and D-Von.

Oh, Spike Dudley was also part of this group, as well as Sign Guy Dudley. They became huge household names in ECW, lasting from 1995 to 1999, but it helped shape the legacies of Buh Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley.

There were a handful of other members in the group, but those four rounded it out. They came a long during the rise of ECW and from this faction emerged one of the most dominant tag teams of all time.

6 The J.O.B. Squad


By far the most underrated group in WWE's history, The J.O.B Squad stood for "Just Over Broke" and parodied the nWo (part of Vince McMahon's ways of taking shots at his WCW rivals).

Al Snow, The Blue Meanie, Gillberg, Bob Holly and Scorpio were the members of the group whose shelf life in WWE was only a few months.

However, in their short time on television, while not competing at any major level, The J.O.B. Squad sure made their point.

5 The Jung Dragons


These folks may not have bene the biggest or the baddest faction around, but they were exciting, and a product of WCW.

Yang, Kaz Hayashi, Jamie Noble (Jamie-San in the alliance,) and Leia Meow were the group. What was very notable was how they were all practically identical in overall size and height.

Jimmy Hart put together the group and they competed in many tag team matches, lasting until the final days of WCW.

4 The Network


This group started in ECW in 1999 when Cyrus, Rhino, Tajiri, Steve Corino and a few others aligned themselves to form The Network.

The Network came about when ECW was aired on TNN. The Network were more-or-less a parody of the actual network who wanted ECW to blow up their ratings while not actually lending much support to the brand in ways of finance and promotion.

Cyrus would eventually manage Rhino to the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

3 The Revolution


It's funny because the wrestlers who formed this group were part of a revolution that jumped WCW's ship to join and elevate the Cruiserweights division in the WWE.

Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas and Perry Saturn formed The Revolution, and fought as heels.

All members except Douglas (who was previously employed by the company) would join the WWE, along with Eddie Guerrero in 2000 when they formed The Radicalz.

2 S.C.U.M. 


Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness, and Mayhem.

While in Ring of Honor, current WWE Superstar Kevin Owens (going by his real name of Kevin Steen) was in this group and accompanied by multiple wrestlers, most notably Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs.

The group lasted a little over a year but would find success as Corino and Jacobs would win the ROH World Tag Team Championship while Steen would capture the ROH World Championship.

1 Bullet Club


The greatest lesser-known wrestling faction will be that no longer, taking the top spot on this list.

This group took off in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but also had success in Global Force Wrestling and ROH.

Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) backstabbed his partner, Ryusuke Taguchi to join forces with Karl Anderson, Tongan, Tam Tonga, and Bad Luck Fale to form the Bullet Club. Even A.J. Styles had a brief tenure with the club when Devitt left.

With Devitt leading the charge, the Bullet Club became an iconic stable and they're still going strong with Kenny Omega leading the group.

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