Top 15 Promo Cutters in the WWE Right Now

Pro wrestling today isn’t about just guys or girls going in the ring and putting on a good wrestling match. There’s so much more to a character, and a lot of that has to do with what that wrestler or diva can do on the microphone.

Good promos can turn a mid-level wrestler into a star. From ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper back in the 1980s to more recent guys like CM Punk, being able to go out and cut a good promo about your match or feud is what becoming a complete star in the business is all about.

Cutting promos doesn’t come naturally to most wrestlers, and most have to go to an independent promotion or work at the craft of it before becoming good at it.

One case like that was that of Steve Austin, who was fired by WCW, and then went to Paul Heyman’s promotion, ECW, and learned to build his character, bringing it to a whole other level.

There are some wrestlers that never learn to cut a good promo (let's hope this isn't the case for Roman Reigns), like with the case of Sid Vicious. A lot of his promos turned into comedy acts, as he would keep rambling on and messing up even the easiest of thoughts.

There’s only so many great ones, and today we look at the current day roster, giving you the 15 Best Promo Cutters in the WWE Right Now.

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15 Paige

via sportskeeda.com

We start the list with one of the best Divas in the WWE, Paige. Being born into wrestling with her Mom and Dad both being wrestlers, it’s not a surprise that Paige was able to learn quickly how to be a star in the squared circle. Her character has developed in her time with the company, first being a face, then turning heel and now going back to face, all in the course of a year. Part of her appeal is her ability to take a mic and say what she means, adding depth to a character that clearly is liked by the fans for her strong in-ring ability.

14 Randy Orton

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Orton’s appeal on the mic is never to raise his voice above a certain level. He purposely talks slow and uses that to strike fear into his opponents, which is part of the reason he gets over, regardless of whether he's a face or heel. Orton has spent most of the time in the last year and a half as a heel, but his comeback will see him be a face, feuding with Seth Rollins. Orton on the mic is never a bad thing, and his cold and sinister character should have plenty of mic time leading up to WrestleMania and his eventual battle with Rollins.

13 Bad News Barrett

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It was while injured that Barrett was able to round out his character, using the famous line ‘I’ve got some bad news’ to cement his promos and get over with his mic skills.  As the IC title holder,  he's been getting more and more time on the mic, and it is starting to pay off with the way he presents himself and his character. It looked like he was going to go face when he was doing promos while injured, but now that he’s back as an in-ring competitor, he’s gone back to his heel ways, but still has been entertaining on the mic and in the ring.

12 The Miz

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Fans love to hate The Miz, and part of that is due to his arrogance while doing his “Miz TV” segments. Miz has always been decent in ring, but he gets more over with the mic than wuth what he does in the squared circle. He’s been at his best when he plays the crowd as a heel, and his character has always been stronger as a bad guy than a good guy. When feuding with John Cena before WrestleMania XXVII, his mic work was at its best, getting fans flat out irate during his time as WWE Champion.

11 Lana

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This ‘Russian’ beauty has quickly risen up as one of the best mic workers, and it’s all because fans are buying into her character as manager of the hated US Champion, Rusev, who she is actually dating in real life. Lana simply needs to come out and say ‘shut up’ and fans go insane, showing just how much she’s over with those couple of words. She’s never been in the ring, so getting over as a pure manager has shown just how good she is and how she’s quickly grown as a talent in the WWE.

10 Daniel Bryan

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The leader of the famous ‘Yes’ movement, Bryan has been able to develop his already strong in-ring character with some great mic work since his rise to the top of the roster. Bryan was faced with being the underdog through most of the storyline last year, that saw him eventually win the WWE Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania XXX, and that seemed to make his character stronger. A big part of that was his promos leading up to Mania. He also has shown he can do the opposite as a heel, but his best stuff right now is getting the crowd to buy into his ‘Yes’ chants.

9 Seth Rollins

via rantsports.com

Since his breakup over the summer with The Shield, Rollins has been able to go out on his own as his own character, and has gotten a significant amount of mic time. As the future of WWE, according to The Authority, Rollins seems to be on the fast track for the WWE Heavyweight Title, and a lot of time cutting promos comes with that. He’s the best pure wrestling heel on the roster right now, and his cheating ways have come through not only in the ring but on the mic as well. The scary part? He’s only getting better.

8 Stephanie McMahon

via wrestlingforum.com

The best heel in the WWE, as the daughter of Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon is one that fans love to despise. She has come a long way from the shy, diminutive girl she started out as to now being a powerhouse in the company, and she seems to have inherited her dad’s mic skills. She can incite a crowd as well as any other in-ring heel on the roster, and her best mic work may have come in last year’s feud with Brie Bella. Don’t underestimate Stephanie, she’s one of the best mic workers the company has.

7 Dean Ambrose

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The ‘Lunatic Fringe’ has taken off as one of the more popular superstars on the WWE roster since ‘The Shield’ broke up last summer. He has been developing his mic skills since his days of being a heel back in FCW, and now that he’s got a much bigger platform, he’s showing why many compare him to ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper. At some point, Ambrose is going to be a better heel than face, but for now he’s using his mic skills to fight fellow strong talker Bad News Barrett over the IC belt. Don’t be surprised if he continues to move up this list and eventually is the WWE’s best talker once he goes heel.

6 Chris Jericho

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He isn’t on TV right now, but has been strong doing his ‘Highlight Reel’ shows for house shows around the country. Jericho was at his best when his character developed as an arrogant heel, using big words and trying to sound smarter than everyone else. With that though, even as a face he’s a great talker, and his highlight segments have always been very entertaining both on TV and for those that get the treat of seeing him at house shows.

5 John Cena

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Love him or hate him, there’s one thing that John Cena does and has done well the past 13 years in WWE, and that’s draw a reaction. The man behind the spinner belt never seems to be at a loss for words, and always seems to draw a huge reaction from fans week after week. From being the bad boy rapper early in his career to now drawing on the ‘Hustle, Loyalty and Respect’ motto, Cena has been better at promos than most in the company, and that’s worth being high on the list. Look for a lot more from Cena in his promos as WrestleMania closes in.

4 Triple H

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The ‘Cerebral Assassin’ has become one of the best heels in the company as CEO, pretty much being the new Vince McMahon. He’s always got the crowd’s attention and always seems to love sticking it to the faces of the company, making it easier for his pals like Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show. From his comedy promos as a member of ‘Degeneration X’ back in the 1990s to his new serious heel promos of today, there’s no question that Triple H knows what it takes to have a good promo, which is why he’s a big part of the success behind WWE NXT down in Florida.

3 The Rock

via dailyddt.com

Before you ask why would a superstar that is barely around is on the list, just remember who we are talking about here. The Rock is still a top WWE star and anytime he shows up, it’s a huge deal. His summer promo with Rusev was great, and while he didn’t talk at the Royal Rumble, his backstage promo after the show was classic Rock. More WWE stars would be smart to learn from ‘The Great One,’ watching his timing as well as his ability to wait for crowd reactions. He’s not done yet, as you should expect him to be around for the huge WrestleMania show in Dallas next year.

2 Bray Wyatt

via auburnpub.com

It says something that a wrestler that is just 27 years old and been around for just three years in his current character is second on this list. Wyatt is a special talent, one that has worked hard in prior characters to develop and make this current character into a star that will one day be WWE Champion. His delivery is excellent and his promos are somewhere along the lines of WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts and psycho Max Cady (Robert De Niro) from the movie ‘Cape Fear.’ Wyatt can go toe-to-toe in promos with any talent in the company, and the best part is he’s got a long way to go.

1 Paul Heyman

via thecheapheat.wordpress.com

The ‘advisor’ for current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is by far and away the best talker in the company, and his being the top spot on this list is a no-brainer. Heyman has gone from carrying a large cell phone in AWA as ‘Paul E. Dangerously’ to being the best talker in the game today. He works at his craft, studies wrestlers, and has a game plan each and every time he gets into the ring to talk to the audience. Heyman is a confident heel manager that harkens back to the days of Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. He can hold an audience in his clutches for 10-15 minutes without fail, and he makes it a point each and every time out not only to get himself and his client over, but the wrestler that Lesnar may be going up against. He cuts the best promos in the business, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

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