Top 15 Big Men in Wrestling Who Could Actually Wrestle

For a long period of time, pro wrestling was full of larger than life, over the top characters, and most of them were large in stature, and were impressive sights to see. Not all of wrestling big men

For a long period of time, pro wrestling was full of larger than life, over the top characters, and most of them were large in stature, and were impressive sights to see. Not all of wrestling big men have had the ability and skill that the 15 on this list possessed. They all had their own unique abilities, and all possessed agility that made the crowd take notice.

From Yokozuna, to Earthquake, and even The Big Show, these were the impressive and agile big men of pro wrestling, all their matches contained a great deal of technique and a unique move set. Most of them were able to capture championships in the course of their careers, and some were able to capture more than one, and on more than one occasion.

It's been long conceived that Vince McMahon is absolutely enamored with size and any wrestler with a big frame automatically has an advantage over smaller workers, even if they're more talented. These were wrestlers who were his dream talent, because they actually had skill to go with their size.

This list goes through 15 pro wrestling big men who had a mix of technical skill, power and agility and used it all together to create memorable matches and moments, and to solidify themselves among the greatest in wrestling.

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18 Mark Henry


Coming in at around 400 pounds, The Worlds Strongest man is no pushover, and the

nickname is real having been legitimately crowned the Worlds Strongest man. To put

Henry in perspective as a big man, here are his impressive stats in powerlifting;

the squat at 832 lb (377 kg), bench press at 525 lb (238 kg) and deadlift at 815 lb

(370 kg). Any man who can do that is a beast, and Henry has had a very impressive

and stellar career, a former World, Tag Team and European Champion. This not a man

you want to make angry.

17 Abdullah the Butcher

via Pro Wrestling Illustrated

The Butcher was billed at 360 pounds, and was a massive man, and a scary one as

well. He was largely known for his brutal and savage hardcore style, often his

matches saw a large amount of bloodshed, mostly from him. A WWE Hall of Famer, the

Butcher has spanned a long period in wrestling, and many diehard fans know his name

and are aware of what his matches entail.

16 Yokozuna


The term 'yokozuna' refers to the highest rank in sumo wrestling. It was a fitting name for the character. Although he is part of the Samoan wrestling family in real life, Yokozuna portrayed a sumo wrestler character on TV, billed from Japan. His speed was something to see, considering he weighed in at over 500 pounds. Yokozuna captured multiple world titles, and the tag team titles with Owen Hart. Truly a legend in wrestling, and a WWE Hall of Famer, this big man is easily one of the greatest to ever step foot in the squared circle. Yoko wasn't the same in his last few years in WWE as his weight got heavier and heavier. Had he been able to keep his weight down after the first couple of years, he would have been regarded a lot higher.

15 Rosey


The superhero in training, came in at 360 pounds, and much like Bam Bam, Rosey was

quite agile for his size. His career started in 3 Minute Warning, a short lived

tag team that were henchmen for Eric Bischoff. He then returned as a superhero,

along with Hurricane and Stacy and the trio captured Tag Team gold. He was trained

by his uncle Afa, who was a part of the Wild Samoans tag team. The unique

combination of samoan style, agility and impressive power makes Rosey a nessecary

addition to this list.

14 Umaga


The 350 pound Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. A former Intercontinental Champion, and

another member of the very large Samoan Wrestling Family, Umaga started his WWE

career alongside his cousin Rosey, as part of 3 Minute Warning, at that time he was

under the name Jamal. The two were an impressive duo, attacking D'Lo Brown in their

debut and once again showing the awesome agility and skill of the samoan wrestlers.

He returned as Umaga, a monster hell bent on destruction, using a heavily taped

finger and jamming it into the opponents trachea, an effective move. Umaga had a

unique and effective skillset and also had amazing speed for a man his size.

13 Rikishi


Another member of the Samoan wrestling family, Rikishi was an impressive mammoth of

a human being, coming into WWE at 425 pounds, he began his career as The Sultan,

and later became Fatu. His most successful character was no doubt as Rikishi, and with

this gimmick, he displayed his personality and also showed some impressive in ring

technique, capturing tag team and Intercontinental gold along the way.

12 Tensai


He has had a lot of characters in WWE, but the one common factor that makes Matt

Bloom stand out in wrestling, is his skill, his speed and his intimidating

presence. Whether he was Prince Albert or Tensai, you knew he had it all, he held

the Intercontinental title and tag titles. He really built his craft overseas though, spent a large part of his career in Japan, which added to his skills and abilities. While in

Japan he wrestled as Giant Bernard and captured the IWGP Tag titles with Karl


11 The Big Show


The world's largest athlete, 7-foot-2, 500 pounds. To say Big Show has had an

impressive career, is an understatement. He beat Hulk Hogan for the WCW Title in

his first match ... there is nobody else who can say that. He has held every major

title imaginable, and has dominated with his full force in ring style. One of few

men to hold the WWE Title, WCW Title and ECW Title.

Big Show is truly on of the best and most dominating forces in wrestling, but there was a time when he showed some great agility, when he began in WCW, he would often to elbow drops or splashes from the top rope ... pretty impressive for a 7-foot giant. If you don't think he's a great athlete, look at his early WCW matches.

10 Earthquake


He started as a sumo wrestler in Japan, where he met Yokozuna. He never made it far

with sumo wrestling and joined All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1987. Earthquake started

on November 11, 1989, on WWE Television. He is well known to anyone who watched

wrestling in that era, and was one of the more memorable and interesting characters. His in-ring ability was something to watch, as it including some technical skill and some agility. A man of this size, with the ability and skill he had made Earthquake a very formidable opponent.

9 Gorilla Monsoon


WWE fans of this generation may know Gorilla Monsoon as the voice of the golden generation, but before that, Monsoon was a monster heel through the 60s and 70s. Weighing in at 400 pounds, Monsoon was mostly a grappler and a powerhouse, which made life tough for the likes of Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham. Monsoon moved surprisingly well for his size. To this day, Vince McMahon holds him the highest regard.

8 Bam Bam Bigelow


Bam Bam came in at 390 pounds, the monster from Asbury Park, New Jersey. A monster

of a man, whose agility was unlike anything seen by a man his size. Bret Hart has

said Bam Bam was one of the best big men in wrestling, Taz echoed those statements.

He had success in WWE, ECW and WCW ...a claim not many have. He was covered in

tattoos and had a cool flame suit, and he was one of most intense, agile and

impressive big men in wrestling.

7 Kane


Kane took a while to get going in his WWE career. Being a victim of bad gimmicks did that to Glenn Jacobs, but since debuting as Undertaker's kid brother at Badd Blood '97, Kane blossomed as a performer. While many fans today are sick of him, for many years, Kane was extremely over on the roster and moved incredibly well for his size. Not many 300-pound guys would do missile dropkicks off the top like Kane. He was definitely a special talent in his prime.


5 Vader


One my personal favorites, and an all time great. Once again, the common theme in this list is all these guys, despite their mass, had great agility and speed. Vader is no exception, he had all the tools and was a very big star. A former WCW World Champion, The Man They Call Vader left a huge mark. His in-ring style was a mix of brawling and high speed, full force action. a man of his size and strength showed great agility everytime he went to the top.

He won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (the first non-Japanese holder) and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship three times each, the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship once, and won the battle royal main event of the 1993 Battlebowl pay-per-view. Although he never held a championship in the WWE, Vader challenged for all of the promotion's heavyweight titles, including multiple WWE World Heavyweight Championship matches on pay-per-view and cable television.


3 Andre the Giant


It would be hard to have a list about the big men in wrestling, and not have Andre on it. Let's be honest, he did not have great technical ability, but his ability to evoke emotions and tell a story were second to none. Andre was a one of a kind performer, and a giant who will never be matched in wrestling. Andre was a lot more athletic earier in his career, which warrants the no.1 spot here. Although most remember him being slammed by Hogan, he had a long career full of moments and matches that were classic, and was once part of The Million Dollar Corporation, and Ted DiBiase even tried to buy the World Title from Andre on Saturday Night's Main Event.


1 The Undertaker


The Undertaker's longevity in the business is remarkable. Some people say that anybody could have been given the gimmick and succeeded, but that's laughable. Mark Calaway has talent in the ring to go along with his skill. His over-the-top suicide dive to the outside is still a thing of beauty to watch. His best days are well behind him, but The Phenom was undoubtedly the most athletic big man in the company.

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Top 15 Big Men in Wrestling Who Could Actually Wrestle