Top 15 Biggest Backstage Bullies In Wrestling History

We select a few bad apples and weed out who was the worst of the litter when it came to bullies within the wrestling industry.

Bullying is becoming a major concern in WWE at the moment. As a result of certain wrestlers catching recent heat for being backstage bullies (*ahem* John Bradshaw Layfield *cough*), more eyes have been on WWE more than ever with concerns that bullying may be afoot between the company's wrestlers and employees behind closed doors. While this may be just a little bit disconcerting to even think that this could be going on in WWE currently, the fact of the matter is that bullying has been going on for decades across the entire wrestling industry.

No matter what wrestling company or organization springs to your mind right now, there is a good chance that a fair share of bullying went on in that company over a number of years. In the wrestling industry, bullying has traditionally been regarded as horseplaying or hazing; a means of testing out the newbies to make sure if their desire of being a pro wrestler would allow them to stick it out no matter how bad the bullying gets.

Nowadays, bullying is frowned upon no matter where it happens, hence why people are treating current bullying accusations in WWE as some sort of an epidemic despite them all being old stories. There are several stories in the wrestling industry regarding bullying, but no matter how many of those stories there are, we can still boil it all down to a select few bad apples to weed out who were the worst of the litter when it came to bullies within the industry. Without further ado, here are 15 of the absolute worst bullies to ever come out of the pro wrestling industry.


16 Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner is one of the more notorious bullies on this list. Whether he's intentionally dropping guys on their necks or smacking around a little person with his own hat (as Bret Hart noted in his book), Steiner has been at the center of some damning allegations over the years.

15 Fabulous Moolah


The Fabulous Moolah is highly regarded in wrestling circles due to the hard work she put in as the longest reigning Women's Champion in WWE history. However, if more fans knew about the work she did outside of the ring, her legacy would not be what it is today.

14 Shawn Michaels


We all know about the backstage politics that pre-religion Shawn Michaels got himself wrapped into as part of The Kliq, but the Heartbreak Kid couldn't help but be a bully on camera as well. And of all people, HBK bullied the mastodon that is Vader. It may hard to believe that such a small guy could bully a big man, but as Jim Cornette explained in a shoot interview, Vader may be a giant, but he's always been a big softie at heart.

13 Grizzly Smith


Grizzly Smith is one of the more obscure names that you'll find on this list, but he also happens to be one of the bigger bullies on the list. Smith was a wrestler who used to work the territories during the days of NWA and AWA before being a backstage official in WWE and road agent for WCW upon retiring.

12 Randy Orton


Randy Orton is pretty infamous for being a backstage bully whose so-called pranks border along the lines of sadistic frat boy antics. He's especially treated the Divas in WWE pretty questionably over the years.

Maria Kanellis once recalled in a shoot interview that Orton had shot fireworks at her while she sat in a car with Umaga and Carlito. Rochelle Loewen claimed in a radio interview that Orton had dumped baby oil, lotions, and his own excrement in her handbag. He even once publicly slandered Kelly Kelly in a radio interview, claiming that she had been passed around the locker room. There are a number of damning allegations against The Viper, but these are some key ones that made us all raise an eyebrow.

11 Michael Hayes


Despite his legendary status, Michael P.S. Hayes has often been accused of using his backstage position to showcase himself as both a racist and a bully. One of the more shocking incidents featuring Hayes happened during WrestleMania XXIV weekend. At the time, Hayes had gotten drunk with Mark Henry and managed to let the N word slip out. More specifically, Hayes told Henry that "I'm more of a n***er than you'll ever be."

Several people nearby saw the incident and Henry himself was so offended that he told Vince McMahon backstage "Either he goes, or I go." Michael P.S. Hayes was suspended, but after apologizing, Henry allowed Hayes to keep his job. Hayes would defend his actions by saying back in the day, he used to listen to Richard Pryor drop the N bomb and never understood just how wrong that word is to say.


9 Hornswoggle


Don't let the size deceive you. Hornswoggle has been considered a bully, believe it or not, by a few of his former co-workers. Particularly Brodus Clay who once claimed in a shoot interview that Hornswoggle was not just a bully, but an "evil little man."

8 Hardcore Holly


Hardcore Holly has often been hailed as a locker room leader, but has also been condemned for being a locker room bully. He allegedly tried to bully Brock Lesnar when he first arrived to WWE, which if true would explain why Brock dropped Holly on his head in that nasty spot from the infamous 2002 episode of SmackDown.

7 Bob Sweetan


Jim Ross once cited Bob Sweetan as the worst person that he ever met. Considering all of the men who Ross has encountered—including a Chairman who humiliated the commentator for most of his career—that says a lot about Sweetan.

6 Dynamite Kid


Thomas "Dynamite Kid" Billington has the prestige of being one of the most influential wrestling stars in the history of the sport. His in-ring style and moveset has been adopted by several major Superstars of this generation, including Daniel Bryan, Jay Lethal, Cesaro, and Chris Benoit.

Unfortunately, like Benoit, Dynamite Kid was a bit of a bully. This is a fact that doesn't get brought up a lot when mentioning The Kid's legacy, but he was notorious in his heyday for being particularly cruel to his locker roommates. One example is when he filled Davey Boy Smith's steroid syringe with milk as a joke.

5 Hardbody Harrison


His name may not ring any bells for a lot of you, but Hardbody Harrison was a member of the WCW roster nonetheless during the company's last few years on the air. Granted, he was a jobber, but wrestling companies need their jobbers in a weird way, Harrison's role was vital to the company.

4 Bill Demott


Bill Demott's role as a bully back when he was a head trainer in NXT has been well documented. In 2015, former NXT Superstar Judas Devlin came forward in a radio interview and outed Demott for his bullying ways. Devlin accused Demott as being negligent towards his workers, as well as verbally and mentally abusing his rookies with disparaging remarks with sexual connotations and undertones hinting at favoritism.

3 Chris Benoit


Prior to his heinous 2007 murder-suicide, Chris Benoit was an infamous backstage bully. The most infamous story being when he kicked The Miz out of the WWE locker room when "The Awesome One" accidentally spilled chicken crumbs on Benoit's gym bag. Some onlookers even accused Benoit of making the story up just so he could humiliate the Real World star.



Where to even start with this guy? More importantly, what is there to say that hasn't been said yet? Ever since the days of the Attitude Era, there have been stories regarding JBL being a backstage bully and in light of the recent Mauro Ranallo incident, all of those stories are coming to the forefront.

1 Vince McMahon


The top spot could only be reserved for Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and that's not just because CM Punk alluded to him being a bully before his infamous pipe bomb got cut off. Both in front of the camera and behind it, the boss can be accused of being a major bully. As Mr. McMahon, the character, we watched Vince antagonize a number of his employees.

Whether it was making his best employee, Stone Cold Steve Austin's life a living hell, or making Trish Stratus bark like a dog, Mr. McMahon was truly an evil boss. As Vince McMahon, the man, he has been at the center of some damning allegations of abuse against his employees. Not only that, but he has single-handedly strong-armed countless wrestling companies out of his way to make sure WWE is the only wrestling company in town.

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Top 15 Biggest Backstage Bullies In Wrestling History