Top 15 Biggest Crybabies in WWE History

It's no secret that professional wrestling thrives off the interactions between good guys and bad guys, or faces and heels to keep up with the lingo. A formula that continues to be tried and true is a face the crowd adores taking on the heel with a chip on their shoulder.

It's not uncommon to see a feud where the heel plays on how unfairly he is treated, ultimately receiving further criticism from the audience and boosting the heat against them. After all, nobody likes a whiner, right?

In the modern era where the majority of wrestling fans are more interested in the execution of entertainment rather than the 'fighting', as was the case through the 80s and 90s, the personal relationships between stars on and off screen are just as captivating as what goes on when programming hits the airwaves.

The WWE has a long history of incidents that have occurred outside the ring where employees become disgruntled with their position within the company. However, it's certain superstars’ willingness to race to various forms of media that makes them come off as a real-life crybaby rather than a whining character on television.

With wrestling becoming a major part of pop culture, it’s only natural that fans are interested in getting an insight into the business, and what better way than by reading disgruntled tweets and mainstream articles?

Whether it's portraying the ultimate complainer or throwing a tantrum behind the scenes, here are the top 15 biggest crybabies in WWE history.

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15 Christian

via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Rising to fame with his partner Edge, the two split for good in 2003. Christian adopted a cocky persona, labeling himself as "Captain Charisma." After quitting in 2005, Christian returned to the WWE in 2009 and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Randy Orton, developing a whinier approach in the process. Having suffered real damage to his shoulder on a European tour, Christian constantly faked injuries to develop the character further, as well as allow him time to heal. During that period, Christian became full of excuses, always having a reason for failing to win back the World Heavyweight Championship.

14 Vickie Guerrero

via bleacherreport.com

There are two words that will haunt WWE fans for many years to come - "Excuse me!" Vickie Guerrero began appearing more prominently on TV in 2006, six months after husband Eddie Guerrero's death, featuring in numerous controversial storylines. Taking advantage of her position as Smackdown general manager, Vickie assisted Edge, and later down the track Dolph Ziggler, as their on-screen romantic partner. Constantly campaigning for her men, Vickie's regular complaining in her whiny voice became a regular attraction on WWE programming, as well as a good reason to hit the mute button.

13 Kurt Angle

via wrestlingforum.com

Coming into the WWE as a celebrated Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle shot up the card thanks to his in-ring performance and interaction with fans. No matter the situation, whether Angle had won or lost, it was guaranteed that he would have something to complain about. Constantly referring back to his Olympic gold medals as validation for deserving better, Angle went on to become a WWE Champion, the first coming within his first year with the company.

12 Marc Mero

via villains.wikia.com

When Marc Mero returned to the WWE after an anterior cruciate ligament injury in late 1997, he was presented as "Marvelous" Marc Mero, a boxer-wrestler who grew increasingly jealous of the fan base his wife Sable had gathered. In their most infamous exchange, Mero presented Sable to the crowd in a potato sack. While Mero gave his regular spiel to the audience, Sable removed the sack to reveal an extremely revealing and equally uncomfortable-looking bikini.

11 The Miz

via fanpop.com

As the only previous reality TV star in the WWE, The Miz's rise is somewhat unexpected and certainly a great achievement. However, during his time in the WWE Championship picture, he would constantly use his past to remind the crowd of the difficulties he faced in the locker room. After his transition into acting, The Miz has used his Hollywood superstar persona to place himself above fellow superstars and the crowd, demanding the respect an A-list celebrity deserves from the WWE Universe to no avail.

10 Chris Jericho

via prowrestlingpowerhouse.com

Not that he was exactly gracious in defeat during his time with WWE, but Chris Jericho's WCW days were when his crybaby level shot through the roof. As WCW's Cruiserweight Champion, Jericho used mind games and cunning to overcome his opponents. After losing the title in 1998, Jericho claimed that there was a conspiracy within the WCW that would not allow him to succeed. A perennial loser before he arrived at WWE, Jericho's tantrums were a sight to behold.

9 1-2-3 Kid

There was no way this couldn't be included. As the loser of the only ever Crybaby Match against Razor Ramon, the 1-2-3 Kid, better known for his time in the WWE as D-Generation X member X-Pac, was forced to wear a diaper and made to drink from a baby bottle. Professional wrestling has served up some odd things, but seeing Razor Ramon throw baby powder in Ted DiBiase's face before putting a cloth nappy on an unconscious Kid is right up there. When he finally came around, the Kid threw a very fitting temper tantrum after tearing the nappy off.

8 Jim Cornette

via mandatory.com

You would be hard pressed to find a wrestling fan that doesn't have at least the slightest amount of dislike for Jim Cornette. As a manager, commentator, promoter and booker, Cornette has been fired from many wrestling companies for inappropriate actions, including being released from his WWE contract in 2005 after 13 years with the company. Whenever Cornette is featured in any kind of altercation, he wastes no time running to the media to take out his frustrations in a public forum to try an swing the fans in his favour, generally making a massive fool of himself in the process.

7 Raven

via deadspin.com

Nobody likes a privileged guy who makes out that he has drawn the short straw - that's exactly what Raven was. The character was picked up by ECW, as Raven's grunge-inspired appearance and depressed, sociopathic persona allowed him to excel on the microphone. Constantly complaining to all around him about his past, Raven also spent time in WCW and WWE, where the character continued to develop. It was revealed that Raven came from an upper-class upbringing, further adding to the crowd's dislike for him. Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'

6 Gail Kim

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

Talk about your all-time crybabies. After Gail Kim's return to the WWE in 2008, she grew increasingly frustrated with the female talent being held back and resorted to unprofessional tactics to get her point across. During a Diva's battle royal in 2011, Kim was instructed to get eliminated within the first minute; ever the professional, she decided to eliminate herself. Four days later, she announced that she was quitting WWE on Twitter and refused to show up to work. Eventually, the company allowed her release. In Kim's defence, Kelly Kelly was the Divas Champion at the time - can you blame her for walking out? Still, there's a right and wrong way to go about things, and Kim's approach was the sookiest possible.

5 WWE Universe

via dailyddt.com

It’s unfortunate, but it’s warranted. As professional wrestling has broken out of the mold from wrasslin’ to sports entertainment, just about every member of the WWE Universe over the age of 13 believes they know how to run the industry. Motivated by their love for particular superstars, the Universe is notorious for being impossible to please. The most recent example is that of Roman Reigns, who the fans felt was being held back after being the final participant in the 2014 Royal Rumble eliminated by eventual winner Batista. WWE listened and pushed Reigns as the company’s top face, only for the Universe to complain about the company supporting him. You could list limitless examples as to why the company’s massive fans make up the biggest crybabies in WWE.

4 Matt Hardy

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

The character on screen and in the ring wasn't necessarily the issue, but for a long while Matt Hardy seemed intent on ruining his career away from the ring. After long-time girlfriend Amy Dumas, or Lita, was discovered to be sleeping with Adam Copeland, Edge, Hardy was fired from WWE for his handling of the situation, speaking out in the media. After returning and completing a successful rivalry with Edge and Lita, Hardy has since allowed his career to go down the drain, constantly making poor excuses to rationalize his alcohol and drug-induced mishaps that haven't sat well with fans.

3 Bret Hart

via wwezone.org

As a Canadian using his poor microphone skills to proclaim his home country's dominance over America, Bret Hart became one of the most disliked guys in the WWE. If he wasn't already enough of a crybaby, the infamous Montreal Screwjob in 1997 didn't help. After refusing to give up the title in his last match before leaving for WCW, Vince McMahon took matters into his own hands. Hart spat in McMahon's face, destroyed TV equipment and later punched McMahon on his way out of the building. Over the next decade, Hart would constantly cry about what happened to him before eventually burying the hatchet with both McMahon and his Survivor Series opponent, Shawn Michaels, on the first Raw of 2010.

2 CM Punk

via theshootpromo.com

Most people probably aren't going to like this, but hey, you can't please everyone. CM Punk is one of the whiniest characters on and off screen in recent WWE times. Whether it be his run with the Straight Edge Society or as a disgruntled worker ready to walk out of the company, Punk won the fans over with his seemingly-rebellious approach, though really was taking advantage of the WWE's John Cena infatuation by complaining about how unfairly he was treated. After he walked out on the company, his appearance on long-time friend and fellow wrestled Colt Cabana's podcast allowed his crybaby-ness to peak. After a very sweary rant in which he outed his ex-workmates, Punk now refuses to address the company publicly.

1 Big Show

via reddit.com

Without a doubt, no wrestler has cried more times on live television than the Big Show. His teary appearances began in 1999 when Show was delivered news that his father had kayfabe died, reducing him to a giant blubbering mess. The follow-up funeral scene was even worse. At WrestleMania 28, Big Show claimed his first and only Intercontinental Championship which again reduced the self-proclaimed giant to tears. Then he cried when John Laurinaitis fired him on TV. Then when Alberto Del Rio broke his tour bus. Then because he didn't want to punch Daniel Bryan. The record kinda speaks for itself, don't you think?

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