Top 15 Biggest WWE Divas Botches And Fails

Ever since the WWE started to gain mainstream attention, the female wrestlers who were popularly known as Divas have played a big part in their programming as they get a lot of eyes to the product through their looks and charisma. The company mostly used the Divas as eye candy during the Attitude Era, where risque stuff was often shown in order to please fans with the divas’ stunning figures being exposed as much as it was possible to show on television.

While there were some women who excelled when it came to wrestling, there have been many amateurs who have been recruited by the company over the years solely because of their looks. Because of their lack of wrestling skills, many Divas have hilariously botched moves in the WWE which were mocked by fans because of how terrible the fails really were.

Women’s Wrestling may be very big and highly competitive nowadays, but the WWE Divas have been part of hilarious botches and failed attempts at moves which deserve a place in Botchamania, as we take a look at the Top 15 Biggest WWE Divas Botches and Fails.

15 Kelly Kelly Gets Caught Up In The Ropes

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Kelly Kelly was brought into the WWE because of her beautiful looks which were pretty evident considering the WWE started her off in ECW during “Kelly’s Extreme Expose”. This got her over with the crowd in a major way, as she’d later go onto join the main roster where she even won the Divas Championship. But Kelly had to really work on her wrestling skills before she was given any push and made hilarious botches at first, including this one right here. Kelly was facing Alicia Fox in a match when Fox tried to fling her to the outside, but things went quite wrong as Kelly hilariously got caught in the ropes and failed to get into the ring. In the end, she got a kick in the head by Fox which helped her sling back into the ring after much embarrassment.

14 Melina Botches Her Entrance

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Melina was quite over in the WWE during her stint in the company and was also pushed quite hard by the company because of her looks and unique skills, which included her dazzling entrance. Her entrance as part of MNM was especially amazing because of how well she did the split on the corner of the ring, but even Melina wasn’t proof of botches. She did botch her entrance once in hilarious fashion, as it can be seen here. Melina tries to make a long jump and split onto the ring, but she slips and almost falls spectacularly. Even though she did recover well from it, this botch goes onto show how even the most memorized sequences can be messed up by wrestlers as the former Divas Champion was unfortunate to be part of this terrible failure.

13 AJ Lee Tapping Out To... Nothing

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AJ Lee wasn’t really pushed as a full-time singles wrestler in the WWE right from her debut, but she slowly earned a reputation as a solid worker who made the division relevant again with her reign as Divas Champion. But even AJ had a lot to learn before she was ready for her big push and didn’t make things easy for herself with a botch in a mixed tag match on RAW. AJ and Big E were facing Natalya and The Great Khali and at one point, Natalya had AJ in the Sharpshooter. AJ kept her resilience up which forced Natalya to let her go, but weirdly after she let go of the hold, AJ started to tap out. This somehow wasn’t recorded and the match continued, but this terrible botch by AJ showed how she still had some things to learn.

12 Naomi Botches A Head-Scissors

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Naomi has definitely improved as a wrestler over the years, because of which she’s been pushed higher up in the past year or so and even won the Smackdown Women’s Championship. She’s been quite athletic and pulls off some exciting moves, but she’s also quite prone to botches. Naomi has botched some moves really badly over the years, but arguably the worst one was in her match against Natalya and Becky Lynch last year. Naomi was flung into the ropes by Natalya and was meant to do a head-scissors, but she messed it up badly. She was slow to go over the ropes and actually needed help from Nattie to position her in a head-scissor which looked awful because of their awkward position. This hilarious botch proved that Naomi was still green in the ring and needed to focus on her wrestling rather than making everyone “feel the glow”.

11 Lillian Garcia Falls Down The Ramp

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Lillian Garcia was the voice of the WWE for a long time, as her announcing was something everyone fell in love with. She was amazing on the mic with her singing and announcing the entrances, but she was also a tad bit clumsy in real life. Garcia was part of some really silly but hilarious botches in the WWE. In 2012, the botch in question took place on an episode of Smackdown, as Garcia was coming down to the ring but somehow slipped and fell on the entrance romp, much to the amusement of everyone. Garcia’s botch on the entrance ramp proved that while she’s amazing on the mic, she needs to watch her footing when coming down the ramp herself.

10 Lita Nearly Breaks Her Neck During Suicide Dive

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Lita was a real daredevil in the ring as she executed moves which not many divas could even attempt and was known for her amazing in-ring work which helped “Women’s Wrestling” be noticed by the fans. Her legendary feud with Trish Stratus created many amazing matches but in one of those matches, Lita nearly broke her neck in a terrible botch. So Lita attempted to hit Trish with a suicide dive through the middle rope, but she botched the execution and landed directly on her neck without any protection from Trish. The botch looked awful at first, but thankfully it didn’t hurt Lita that much and she could continue the match, but this horrifying botch shows just how scary it can get if these high-flying moves aren’t executed perfectly and with proper protection.

9 Jillian And Kelly Kelly Don't Know How Ropes Work

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Now this one might be one on the bizarre side. So most wrestling fans should know about Jillian who was the lady who was with JBL when The Boogeyman ate the mole in her face. She later went onto become a singles wrestler, even winning the Divas Champion despite being a very poor wrestler. Jillian botched quite a lot of moves in the WWE, but nothing was just as ridiculous as her botch in this fatal 4-way match. So Jillian is trying to pull some punches on Kelly Kelly in this match, but Kelly goes to the ropes and pulls down the middle rope for some reason(not the top rope). Going with the flow, Jillian actually even goes through the middle rope to keep the move “alive”, but in turn also creates a hilarious botch which showed how poor Jillian really was in the ring at times.

8 Rosa Mendes' Hair Issue

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It was pretty evident that Rosa Mendes wasn't hired by the WWE for her wrestling skills and solely based on her looks, as the sexy diva rose in the company because of that. But the WWE tried to make a wrestler out of her, giving her some training and then introducing her to the main roster. As it turns out, that didn't really help that much as Mendes was full of botches and fails when in the ring, but the most humiliating fail came when she was wrestling Layla on RAW. Layla tried to throw her outside pulling her hair, but a portion of Mendes' hair actually fell off onto the ring as the commentators tried to cover it up by saying it's a "Hair Malfunction". This humiliating yet hilarious botch proves why WWE didn't trust Mendes to wrestle after that.

7 Brie Bella Fails The Poetry In Motion

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The Hardy Boyz have been one of wrestling best tag teams because of how they revolutionized it with their amazing move-sets and creative moves. One of those iconic moves includes the Poetry in Motion, where Jeff jumps off Matt to hit a stunning kick to the opponent. So the Bellas attempted to recreate this epic move on an episode of RAW during a tag team match, as Nikki flings Aksana to the corner. She goes down on her back as Brie Bella comes running and tries to jump off Nikki, but fails spectacularly as she lands with her face hitting Aksana's stomach. Thankfully she didn't get hurt, but Brie's spectacular botch goes onto show how the move isn't really easy and should The Bellas shown refrain from trying to recreate moves like these.

6 Botchfest Between Gail Kim & Mickie James

At times, the wrestling in the Divas Division is pretty hilarious because of the comedy of errors in some matches and while fans mostly expect botches from "amateur" wrestlers, there have been many botches which have taken place amongst veterans in the WWE as well. So when Mickie James and Gail Kim squared off in a WWE ring, nobody expected them to be part of one of the most hilarious botches of all time. It was towards the end of their match when Mickie went for a DDT but failed to connect it due to Kim not going down. She later went for the Mick Kick, but that didn't even connect and she had to punch Kim down to the mat. This series of errors showed even how experienced divas are prone to errors in the ring as these botches were quite terrible to watch from these two.

5 Eva Marie Forgets To Kick Out Of A Pin Attempt

Eva Marie was like the botch-machine of the WWE and was mocked by the fans because of the sheer number of times she botched her moves in the company. Even after getting training from Brian Kendrick and returning in a repackaged sense to WWE NXT, Eva continued making mistakes and made the most amateur one against Billie Kay on an episode of NXT. So after giving a suplex to Marie, Kay tried to pin Eva who actually forgot to kick out at 2 and the referee had counted but stopped mid way while he was going to count three. This didn't go well with the NXT fans who instantly saw through the botch and Marie would enrage them even more by winning the match and proving that having a hot figure can get you a long way in WWE, even if you don't know how to wrestle.

4 Jackie Gayda Doesn't Know How To Take Trish's Finisher

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Jackie Gayda was highly criticized by the fans when she started to compete in the WWE because of her lack of wrestling skills and how badly she botched even the simplest of moves in her matches. Her worst nightmare came true in a mixed tag match with her and Christopher Nowinski taking on Trish Stratus and Bradshaw. She made multiple botches throughout the match but the most horrible botch came at the end when Trish was supposed to land a Bulldog from the top of the corner and finish the match. But when Trish jumped and tried to pull her down, Jackie just couldn't help her connect it and the move completely botched as Jackie fell to the mat after Trish had landed! This end saw a loud array of boos from the audience who hated how badly botched this simple move was and it affected Gayda's career pretty badly.

3 Jacqueline Has A Wardrobe Malfunction

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Jacqueline was the first African-American woman to really gain attention in the WWE as she had an amazing figure and also had the wrestling skills, which kept her as a top star of the Women's division for many years. But she had to go through much humiliation during an episode of RAW when she was facing Sable in a mixed tag team match. After the match had finished, Jacqueline attacked the referee by getting on top of him as he struggled to get her down. In this moment, Sable tried to pull her down but by mistake actually pulled off her t-shirt, revealing her "assets". This was a terrible wardrobe malfunction for Jacqueline as this unscripted botch made the day of many fans at the time but also brought a lot of humiliation to the diva.

2 Alicia Fox Tries To Break Up Her Own Team's Pin?

Alicia Fox has been in the WWE for over 10 years now (to the surprise of many) as she has somehow managed to impress the WWE officials enough to be wrestling in it throughout all these years. This is especially confusing considering how many botches we've seen Alicia be apart of, and while she may have improved herself in recent times, she was quite awful in the past. This botch shows how terrible she was in the ring, as Alicia can be seen trying to break her OWN team's pin in an attempt to stop her opponent from breaking the pin-fall. The pin somehow still goes through and Fox and Kelly Kelly get the win, but this hilarious botch shows Fox's lack of knowledge when it comes to knowing what not to do in the ring.

1 Cameron Doesn't Know How To Pin

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The most basic thing a professional wrestler should know about is how to pin you're the opponent and know when the shoulders are down in order to do so. Even the fans know how a pin is made, but apparently, WWE Diva Cameron forgot all about it in her infamous match against Naomi a few years ago. Cameron had already made some mistakes as she was more of an amateur in the ring, but people were shocked to see that she didn't even know how to pin during a segment of the match. Cameron hit kind of a split drop on Naomi and went onto sitting on her back and then shouted "Count It Ref!" despite Naomi's shoulders not being down and her being in the wrong position. This hilarious botch showed how Cameron didn't have it in her to be a professional wrestler and her career only went down after that horrible botch.

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