Top 15 Bloodiest Matches in WWE History

People can say whatever they want about professional wrestling, but getting manhandled in the ring by big burly men has always had its risks. Professional wrestling has routinely resulted in aches, pains and bruises. There isn't a night that these guys aren't icing their wounds. But sometimes a line is crossed and tables go flying or chairs are smashed over someones head, which can result in some very real damage. Often blood has  found its way into many wrestling matches, intentionally or not.

When wrestlers deliberately cut during the match, it is referred to as a "bladejob". Some wrestlers have been known to cut themselves late in the match, usually on the forehead, where the blood will mix with their sweat, causing it to look worse then it really is. Vince McMahon has since banned any intentional bleeding, but nothing can be certain considering what stunts pro wrestlers have pulled off throughout the years. We don't get the pleasure of seeing any blood spilled very often anymore, but blood still seems to make an appearance in the ring now and then. Often jumping from more then 10 feet to the ground, getting hit with barbed wire bats, and going through announce tables, wrestlers are definitely more than just costume wearing athletes. Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding endeavors, and can take a heavy toll on the body after just one match. Professional wrestlers aren't just actors as some people may think, they love what they do and are willing to do almost anything to put on a show for their fans. Some of the most memorable matches in wrestling history involved blood, lots of it. Whether it was planned or not, real or fake, bloody matches in wrestling are some of the most memorable we have ever seen.

Here are the top 15 bloodiest matches in WWE history.

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15 Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold - WrestleMania 13

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While not considered to be extremely gruesome by some, this bloody match helped propel Stone Cold Steve Austin to a megastar level. The early 90s were full of cheesy matches with very little blood at all, so this match helped pave the road to the Attitude Era. During WrestleMania 13, Stone Cold was severely busted open and the blood was very noticeable as it left patches all around the ring. One of the most iconic images ever taken in WWE history was when Steve Austin refused to tap out even with his face covered in blood. Although he lost the match Stone Cold grew to be enormously respected after this brutal brawl.

14 Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels - Last Man Standing

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After Shawn Michaels accidentally jumped through the announcers table, the first blood was spilled during this 2004's Royal Rumble. Not soon after Triple H was nailed with a chair, and both wrestlers were covered in blood. Most of the match consisted of both men bloody and battered lying on the mat in a sea of red as they struggled to get up to beat the 10 count. Ending in a draw, it was hard to even distinguish the two men, because they were both unrecognizable. This was one of the bloodiest battles of all time.

13 Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels - Great American Bash 2008

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During this notorious match between Jericho and Michaels at the Great American Bash in 2008, Shawn Michaels bled so much from a blade job above his eye that Vince McMahon banned intentional cutting. The match was ended after Jericho repeatedly beat Michaels bloody face until his knuckles shared the same crimson color. The ref put a stop to what would turn out to be a historic match in WWE history.

12 Triple H vs. Batista - HIAC, Vengeance 2005

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With things like sledgehammers to the mouth and barbed wire to the back, there's a good chance some blood will be shed. In this Hell in a Cell bout for the World Heavyweight Championship, Triple H and Batista had a epic battle. Weapons were used, and they were used a lot. With both men soon having serious wounds, a mixture of each other's blood covered both wrestlers. Even at a very high cost, his own blood, Batista was able to retain the heavyweight title by performing the deadly Batista Bomb on Triple H.

11 Triple H vs. Ric Flair - Steel Cage, Taboo Tuesday

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At Taboo Tuesday 2005, Triple H and Ric Flair battled it out during a steel cage match. It only took Flair about 3 minutes before he was gashed open and bleeding heavily. Triple H was bleeding as well, but Ric Flair was really getting the worst of it. After being nailed with a chair, Ric's blond hair was completely stained red and it was just a very ugly scene. Ric somehow managed to get the win, showing that really nothing could stop him that night.

10 The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar - HIAC, No Mercy 2002

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During this Hell in a Cell match in 2002 at No Mercy, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker had a brutal brawl. Lesnar started off the blood match with some of his own, but it really started when he hit The Undertaker with the steel steps. The Undertaker's head was busted open and the blood just wouldn't stop. Staggering around the mat, it really looked like The Undertaker was about to pass out. Lesnar capitalized on this and was able to win the match.

9 John Cena vs. JBL - I Quit Match, Judgment Day 2005

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During an "I Quit" Match in 2005, John Cena and JBL had one of the bloodiest matches in WWE history. Cena was split open after he was whacked by a chair in the head. Cena soon had blood covering his face, arms, and chests. The fighting continued out of the ring and into some equipment in the entrance way, JBL was bleeding just as much as Cena. Before taking a shot from an exhaust pipe off of a truck, JBL quit, ending this bloody match. That didn't stop Cena from hitting him with the pipe anyway.

8 Eddie Guerrero vs. John 'Bradshaw' Layfield - Judgment Day, 2004

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This match was so bloody, that the Pay-Per-View had to be rated TV-MA. Guerrero was bleeding badly after JBL hit him in the head with a chair so hard that it cut open an artery. Spilling out everywhere, the blood covered the mat and every part of Guerrero. Guerrero was so gashed up that he went into shock backstage after the match. This one was just simply hard to watch. Guerrero would keep the title, losing the match via disqualification.

7 Triple H vs. Cactus Jack - HIAC, No Way Out 2000

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One of the more crazier wrestling events ever, this battle was definitely bloody. The match rules were that if Jack lost, he would retire from professional wrestling after this 2000 No Way Out Hell in a Cell match. This match included some deadly weapons such as a 2x4, lit on fire. The fighting spread to the announcers table and then moved on top of the cage, which subsequently collapsed sending the both combatants smashing to the mat. Both wrestlers badly hurt and bleeding, this match was vicious. Triple H ended up getting the win forcing Jack to retire.

6 Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - HIAC, Badd Blood 1997

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I feel like Shawn Michaels had been on this list a lot hasn't he. In 1997, during the first Hell in a Cell match, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels competed fiercely. Blood was seen first when The Undertaker smashed HBK's face into the steel cage. The Undertaker was having his way as he continuously bloodied him more and more. Luckily for Michaels, Kane ripped open the door and knocked out The Undertaker. This allowed Michaels to somehow get his bloody body over his opponent to get the win.

5 MNM vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor

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Man did this look like it hurt. At Armageddon 2006 during an eight man ladder match, something was bound to happen that wasn't planned. Jeff Hardy attempted to jump on a ladder which pushed the other end up off the ground, right into Joey's face. Joey Mercury was immediately scrambling around on the ground and the blood was very noticeable. Definitely unplanned, this was one of the worst injuries in wrestling history. Pictures of Mercury days later really showed the damage done, as you couldn't even see his left eye which had swelled up like a baseball.

4 Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon - WrestleMania XIX

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At WrestleMania XIX, Vince McMahon wrestled Hulk Hogan in a street fight. Say whatever you want about Vince McMahon, but he proved that night that he will bleed for his company, literally. Using every weapon at their disposal, the two men destroyed each other resulting in a good amount of blood. Hogan got the win, but this match took a toll on both wrestlers in a very serious way. The crazy thing is, Hogan was 49 at the time of this match, while Vince was 57.

3 DX vs. The McMahons and Big Show - HIAC, Unforgiven 2006

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At Unforgiven 2006, DX went up against The McMahons and Big Show. DX got the momentum early when Triple H wrapped a steel chair around Shane's neck which led to to Michaels performing an elbow drop, smashing Shane resulting in a lot of bloodshed. Michaels then performed his finisher, Sweet Chin Music on Big Show, which Triple H followed by hitting McMahon in the back of the head with a sledgehammer, adding to the vicious match. The McMahons and Big Show were broken and bloody, giving DX the win. Even in victory, HBK and HHH were also wearing crimson masks.

2 John Cena vs. Edge vs. Triple H - Backlash 2006

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The main event of the 2006 Backlash was a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship between champion John Cena, Edge, and Triple H. The first blood came resulting from Edge catapulting Triple H into the steel ring post, resulting in some heavy blood. Edge then drove Triple H through a table adding to the brutality of the match. Cena retained the championship, but Triple H afterwards took a sledgehammer to Cena, Edge, and even the referee. This match had it all.

1 The Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon - Buried Alive, Survivor Series 2003

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The Undertaker and Vince McMahon went toe to toe in this Buried Alive match in 2003. The Undertaker quickly started off the match with a deadly punch on Vince, busting him open and the blood was visible right from the very start. McMahon donned the crimson mask and the blood was all over the mat. The Undertaker also hit Vince with a shovel resulting in more blood loss for the WWE chairman. Amazingly, Vince was able to bury The Undertaker thanks to Kane, winning the match, even though he was covered in blood.

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