Top 15 Bombshell Wrestling Women Who Are Not In WWE

For most of us wrestling fans, WWE and NXT are all we need. There is plenty of talent, tons of eye candy among the divas, decent story-lines, plenty of action and of course, plenty of televised opportunities to view said action. Realistically though, it's true, following WWE religiously can be a time-consuming venture, much like any league, like the NFL, NHL, and so on. Adding in the developmental promotion can actually make it difficult to keep up with altogether.

The WWE is the biggest and most widely consumed by far, and NXT keeps a constant flow of new talent, but as plenty of dedicated wrestling fans know, if you're only watching these two, you're missing out. No other promotions have the names that WWE does, and few can even hope to compete with the production values and pageantry of a WWE show, but there is always plenty of unique charm to other promotions.

Plenty of wrestling operations outside the WWE have solid writing, legitimate (but often raw talent) and tons of dedicated, passionate wrestlers. Whether they are growing in popularity, such as Lucha Underground, already have a massive fan base, like TNA, or even small regional indie promotions, there are good shows out there. Of course, there are also women's divisions with incredible hotties. Some are hotter than the Divas, while others are more talented wrestlers. We'll count down fifteen of these gorgeous ladies of the ring, with a healthy mix of gals from large promotions who already have named for themselves, and of course, some hidden gems who few fans know of yet.

16 Madison Rayne

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One of the sexiest ladies ever to enter the ring, Madison Rayne has been one of the hottest women in TNA since around 2009. She's also worked for Wrestlicious, Shimmer and Ohio Valley like ten years ago. And whether you know her as Amber Lively, Ashley Lane, Lexi Lane of Madison, she's got one of the hottest bodies in the business. She's certainly been "enhanced" by plastic surgery (chest and face for sure, and it's obvious) but that's common among knockouts and we aren't prejudiced against women who achieve sexiness naturally or with the aid of medical science. Either way, whether we're talking about beauty or skills in the ring, Madison Rayne is one of the all time greats among TNA's Knockouts.

15 Jessicka Havok

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If you're into the taller, more built women (some of us wouldn't mind the idea of getting tossed around the bedroom, you know, "death by snoo-snoo" for the Futurama fans out there), Jessicka Havok is a six-foot amazon-type with over ten years in the ring. She's participated in Shine, Shimmer, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), Combat Zone, TNA and most recently Ring of Honor.

She's a great performer but her road to WWE stardom got interrupted because of some racist and homophobic language she had used on Twitter years prior. Of course, with the rebranding and WWE's new agenda, the excuse of "banter with friends" was not acceptable and her chances of ever joining the promotion remain at the level of slim to none.

14 Veda Scott

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When her professional wrestling career was just taking off, Veda Scott (Lindsey Kerecz, outside of the ring) was a law school student, and this has inspired her look throughout her six years in the business (as you can probably tell already). It is also the name of one of her choice moves the "Law School" (variation on Old School). She's one of those female wrestlers with a sexy professional look, often rocking glasses and an outfit that would be appropriate for an office setting (albeit shorter skirts and more revealing tops). Recently she has only been performing with small regional promotions, but wrestled in ROH and TNA throughout 2016. Whether or not WWE expresses interest in her remains to be seen as she continues along in the Indies.

13 Jennifer Blake

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As of now, Jennifer Blake hasn't wrestled yet in 2017, so we don't want to jump the gun here and say she's done with the sport, but that very well may be the case. Her career started out in 2004 as a ring announcer and later as a valet, but in 2008 she stepped into the ring to compete. Her first promotion was Shimmer, and she started working for Wrestlicious in 2009 as Autumn Frost, before heading to Mexico and joining Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. She stayed there until early 2013.

Since then, the vast majority of her work has been in Ontario, Canada, in small promotions, with the odd Shimmer or AAA event here and there. Perhaps Blake will lace up her boots soon enough and compete at some point this year.

12 Xia Brookside

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If you are a fan of European (mainly British) promotions you will likely recognize the name Robbie Brookside. He wrestled in many organizations across the pond, but also WCW and WWE in the late 90's and 2000's respectively, and has been working as a trainer with NXT for a few years now since his retirement from actual wrestling.

This is his daughter, who has been in the business since 2014. She was a valet at first, but started wrestling in 2015. In late June, 2016, she won her first title, defeating Toni Storm for the Pro Wrestling Ulster (PWU) women's title in Belfast. She lost it four months later in a four-way match, but has continued to work with multiple British promotions since. She is someone to watch for on the English scene.


10 Annie Social

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Now 35 years old, Annie Social has been in the business for over fifteen years and has lost no sex appeal during that time. Her early jobs included Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and the Naked Women's Wrestling League. From there she moved on to Women Superstars Uncensored, where she and Roxie Cotton became four-time Tag Team Champion.

She worked as a manager in Shimmer for a few different wrestlers, and later went back to smaller promotions. Social hasn't worked for any particularly impressive organizations in many years, but is still active in several indie ones, and still works about a match or two per month. While we don't want to say the door is closed in terms of her getting back with a significant promotion, such an event looks highly unlikely at this point.

9 Shazza McKenzie

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Australian Chantelle Allison, who goes by Shazza McKenzie in the ring, grew up idolizing Trish Stratus for her sexy, tough persona. She started training in wrestling while still in high school but got her in-ring debut in 2008 at age 20. Over the next few years she worked in numerous Australian promotions and finally got started in the United States with Shimmer and SHINE before finally earning a tryout match with NXT. This was in 2015, and she hasn't been seen near WWE since. She's still been active in both the U.S. and Australia.

Outside of the ring she manages a gym and works as a trainer. There are few women even in this line of business that are as fit as she is. We love Australian girls and this one is a perfect example of why.

8 Cheerleader Melissa

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Melissa Anderson has been wrestling since the 1990s and while she did have one unsuccessful tryout match in WWE over ten years ago, she was never picked up for a contract. These days she's probably too old to work for WWE. We all know Vince just wants sexy, young tail in the Women's Division, and cares less for ring skills, and more for looks and great presence on the mic.

With that said, she's had a great career in other promotions, and is widely considered one of the greatest female wrestlers to never work for WWE. She's worked for more promotions than we care to name (and under many different names), including Shimmer, TNA, and of course most recently Lucha Underground, in which she is known as Marty Martinez' sister Mariposa. She is one of those rare and elusive gems that may get older but still looks sexy no matter what.

7 Sexy Star

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Gorgeous Mexican Dulce Maria Garcia Rivas, who many of us know as Lucha Underground's Sexy Star announced that she would be switching sports and would take up boxing after ten years in the world of wrestling. Who knows if this will ever materialize into an actual career change or if it will be remembered as a publicity stunt. Only the future will tell. Of course, she more than lives up to her ring name Sexy Star and she was definitely that for Lucha Underground, in which she competed from 2014 until 2016, winning two championships, adding to those she won with Mexican promotions during her career. Perhaps if Sexy Star was offered a spot in WWE, then she would have never lost interest in wrestling.

6 Candice LeRae

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A seasoned veteran of the squared circle, Candice LeRae has been wrestling since 2002, when she was just 17. A decade and a half later, she's still in the business. While she's worked in plenty of indie promotions in multiple countries, Candice has yet to work for WWE. Her husband is a familiar face to NXT fans however, as he is one time NXT Tag Team Championship winner Johnny Gargano. They got married at DisneyLand last year.

While she is likely most memorable and known for being one half of The World's Cutest Tag Team with Joey Ryan, with whom she has competed in many promotions, we're just astounded she looks as good as she does after spending as much time in the business as she has.

5 Christina Von Eerie

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We'll admit that Christina Von Eerie has what critics and fans alike may call a "unique" or "niche" look. Well, we have to show some love for the "alt model" look. The tattoos, piercings and dark makeup are sexy, but what really adds to her look is that mohawk. Not many women can pull it off (most guys look like damned fools with them too) but in her case, knowing her attitude, the fact that she's been in punk bands before, and of course how she wrestles, it really works.

She started wrestling at 17 and has worked for tons of promotions big and small. Among the most noteworthy are TNA (in which she went by the name "Toxxin"), Global Force and AAA, in which she has won the World Mixed Tag Team Championship and Women's Championship respectively.

4 Mandy Leon

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25 years old and from Brooklyn, Mandy Leon is one of the many stunning women Ring of Honor is lucky enough to have in their promotion right now. Like a couple of other ladies who made our list, she has been involved with WWE but never a regular on the roster. She worked briefly as one of Adam Rose's Rosebuds back in 2014, but that did not turn into more regular work.

In the past she's worked as a model and actress, but was a wrestling fan for much of her life and trained atthe Ring of Honor Dojo in her early 20's. She made her debut in 2014, and has been with the promotion since. Recently she has also been competing in Northeast Wrestling along with ROH.

3 Allie

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Canada's Laura Dennis, who is now Allie and formerly Cherry Bomb, started training shortly after her 18th birthday, making her debut in the ring in that same year, and spending several years in small Canadian promotions. In 2010 she appeared in WWE only briefly and tried out unsuccessful for Florida Championship Wrestling the year after. Since then, this gorgeous babe has been working for Shine, Combat Zone and most notably TNA, where she has been a mainstay since early 2016. In late summer of 2016, she won the Knockouts Championship via a complete fluke during a five-way match, but lost the title shortly thereafter. She's a valet for Braxton Sutter (real name Jesse Guilmette), also of TNA fame, who is her husband in real life.

2 Taeler Hendrix

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She may be one of the best known names on this list, but there is no way we could even think about leaving her off of it. She's likely most famous for her time with Ring of Honor, but outside of that promotion, she has been involved with TNA, Queens of Combat, and most recently, Shimmer. She was involved with WWE a few years ago, working as a "Rosebud" for Adam Rose; a gig that lasted just two shows.

Her skills speak for themselves, and she clearly loves doing what she does, but she's becoming a fan favorite as a heel; and plays a character somewhere between Jessica Rabbit and Poison Ivy. She's been criticized by some haters for lacking technical talent but relying solely on her looks, but we disagree. The talent is there and the looks compliment it quite well.

1 Brandi Lauren

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We had some difficulty deciding on a number one, but we wanted it to be someone relatively unknown. If you've encountered this girl before, then good on you, you're a darn dedicated fan of the sport as a whole. Brandi Lauren, otherwise known as KC Quinn or Kayci Quinn in the ring, is our undisputed, unquestionable number one. She's a relative newcomer to the indie scene and just 20 years old. She works as a model when she isn't in the ring (no kidding, right?). From Buffalo but billed from and living in Florida, she spent much of 2016 in independent promotions, but has been wrestling for Impact in the past couple of months. Needless to say, we hope to be seeing more of her and in larger promotions in the next few years. Eye candy like this is something special, and the girl can actually wrestle.

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