Top 15 Divas Bombshells: Then and Now

Whether they were skilled in the ring or were greener than grass, women have always had a place in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans. Considering professional wrestling is a fairly male fan–oriented form of entertainment, it’s not rocket science as to how and why that is. After the hard–hitting Lipstick and Dynamite ladies retired and as the rise of Attitude began, more and more gorgeous women felt they could make a few dollars by stepping in the ring.

The wrestling industry has no shortage of females since the early nineties. From the first Diva, Sunny to Ivory to Trish and now to the likes of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks, the evolution of women in the business has now combined the dynamite looks of divas like Miss Elizabeth along with the skills of Mildred Burke to create complete and total packages in the ring. Unfortunately for fans, the longevity of ladies in the ring seems to not be nearly as long as that of the men. A lot of the girls enter the ring in their early twenties and decide to choose family or fitness or some other career before the even hit thirty and then they’re gone, ushering in a new crop of beauties on their way out.

Where are these women now? Whether they wound up train wrecks like a certain Ninth Wonder of the World or have they gone on to have fairly modest civilian lives, or even are enjoying a little bit of a second celebrity life, here are 15 of the best bombshells in wrestling and what they’re doing now.

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16 Honorable Mention - Beth Phoenix

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Sure, wrestling fans love to see pretty girls in spandex running around the ring, but seeing as how wrestling is what we’re watching, plenty of fans would rather see the pretty girls wrestle and put on a spectacular match. That’s why Divas like Beth Phoenix are truly special. The Glamazon had a classic bombshell look that harkened back to the days of Hollywood legends like Jayne Mansfield, but her skills in the ring were on par with any legendary Diva like Moolah, or even the men that she shared the roster with. After leaving the ring, she became the Momazon, mother to she and Edge’s daughter Lyric in December 2013.

15 Maria Kanellis

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As part of the Diva Search, the red–headed cutie Maria was one of the many ladies prancing around backstage and in the ring. She placed fifth in the search but skyrocketed to fame as a ditzy backstage interviewer who won the heart of Santino. Despite having an overprotective boyfriend, Maria would also get the chance to adorn the pages of Playboy. Never a great hand in the ring, Kanellis was eventually released in 2010. Using her girl–next–door looks to her advantage, Maria managed to stay in the business and has been ushering her husband Mike Bennett to the Ring of Honor ring since 2011, as the First Lady of ROH.

14 Christy Hemme

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As the first official Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme had everything a fanboy would want out of a wrestling diva–sassy attitude, dynamite looks, come–hither stare, and fairly decent skills that would hopefully get better. But despite being placed into high–profiles feuds with Victoria and Trish (who she challenged at WrestleMania 21), Hemme wound up being nothing more than just a pretty face. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t make for staying power in the WWE, and she wound up on the other side of “Creative Has Nothing For You.” She would wind up in TNA and continue to hone her skill before becoming an interviewer, ring announcer, and even booker for the company.

13 Ashley Massaro

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The final Diva Search winner on this list is also the most intriguing. Looks wise, New York native, Ashley Massaro had the best of both sides of the Diva coin. The blond bombshell looks of Trish with the punk attitudes of Lita made for one heck of a good looking diva. For a while, she made several mid–carders look even better by seconding the likes of Paul London and Brian Kendrick to the ring. She also recreated the famous “Sable’s Handprints” at No Way Out 2007 with Playboy Bunnies replacing handprints. Massaro was also part of the cast of Survivor China before being released in 2008 to tend for her sick daughter. She didn’t stay long or go elsewhere, but Massaro’s brief time in the industry melted the hearts of many fans.

12 Tylene Buck

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Tylene Buck is a quintessential case of what might have been, WCW released her shortly before the WWF bought the company. She first debuted in late ’99 along with several other fit buxom beauties known as the nWo Girls. But her biggest fame in WCW was part of the MIA stable as Major Gunns. Never signed by Vince, Buck would eventually find her way to XPW before heading into a career as an adult film star, most notably in a film called the Witches of Breastwick 2. Buck goes down in history as one of the most beautiful girls to have not been part of the WWE.

11 Kimberly Page

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If Miss Elizabeth was the First Lady of the WWF, Kimberly Page has got to be in consideration for being one of the first ladies of WCW. One of her first programs even mimicked the classic Macho Man–Animal–Elizabeth angle, where dimwitted Dave “Evad” Sullivan took umbrage with how Kimberly was being treated by DDP. She would eventually second the Booty Man to the ring and eventually once again with her husband against the Macho Man. Page is also credited with being the leader of the Nitro Girls. Post WCW, and post–DDP, Page has a decent film resume, having cameos in Curb Your Enthusiasm and the 40–Year–Old Virgin, and played Catwoman in the DC Fan film, Grayson.

10 Kelly Kelly

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With a background in gymnastics, cheerleading, and broadcast journalism, Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly was all that you could want in a babyface diva. After shedding her comical Extreme Expose angles in WWECW, Kelly would turn up on the main roster and captured the Divas championship. She would eventually lose the belt to Beth Phoenix, but she did claim several “W's” over the Glamazon. She also had the chance to team with celebrity fan, Maria Menounos at WrestleMania XXVIII. Luckily for her fans, the girl–next–door can still see her pretty face on TV, she is part of the cast of WAGS, on E! chronicling her relationship with Sheldon Souray.

9 Kaitlyn

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Even forgotten bombshells like Kaitlyn have moved on from their in-ring career to careers better suited to their skills. Kaitlyn was part of the NXT all–diva season that also birthed A.J. Lee and she rose to the top of the division, claiming the Divas title. But a forgettable run with the belt and becoming a footnote in crazy A.J.'s career as her former best friend didn't do much to make the former diva terribly memorable. Post WWE–career, the former fitness model went on to form her own clothing line, Celestial Bodiez and also now owns her own smoothie shop in Boca Raton, Florida inside the Busy Body Fitness Center.

8 Torrie Wilson

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Famous ex–girlfriend number one on our list is the WCW / WWE's version of America's sweetheart, Torrie Wilson. Her time in WCW led to marrying Billy Kidman, which officially made him one of the luckiest men alive during the Attitude Era, but clearly like any other WCW products, Wilson became even bigger in the WWE, including posing for Playboy and feuding with Vince McMahon. Most famously, Wilson would watch her father Al marry Dawn Marie. Up to several years ago, fans would be able to fulfill at please part of their dreams and meet Wilson at Yankee games, cheering on her boyfriend, A–Rod.

7 Lita

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The alternative diva, long before A.J. Lee was Lita. Lita brought something very different to the table. Where most of the ladies were buxom bombshells who wore little to no clothing, Lita came out and tantalized wearing low–riding cargo pants, but Lita also was a marvel in the ring. Having been trained in Mexico, as well as spending some time in ECW gave Lita a skill set that no Diva of her day had ever had. Along with her real–life bestie, Trish they set the division on fire both as babyfaces and villainous vixens. Besides a few stints on the Indy scene, Lita has been focusing on her music career with the Luchagors, and of course as one of the trainers on this past season of Tough Enough.

6 Stacy Keibler

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Famous ex–girlfriend number two is the leggiest woman in the history of womankind, Stacy Kiebler. Rumor has it while in WCW, Ted Turner would have Ms. Hancock's legs insured for a ludicrous amount of money, but it wasn't until Stacy headed to the WWE that her legs were truly put to good use, choking out other divas in the corner and melting the King's heart and mind week after week. After leaving the company, she would eventually become the last wild oat George Clooney sewn before getting hitched to Amal Alamuddin. The Sunday dinners between beasties, Torrie and Stacy and their former flames must have had some interesting discussions. Currently, the Weapon of Mass Seduction is enjoying parenthood, her daughter, Ava was born in 2014.

5 Terri Runnels

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With history in wrestling dating back to the NWA as Alexandra York, the former Marlena was a master at melting and bending men's souls to her will. First, she was Goldust's director and then as a member of the Pretty Mean Sisters. During the Attitude Era, Terri was one of the hottest draws in the company thanks to her vixen-like looks. Divorced from Goldust since 1999, Terri also dated New Jack in what must have been a momentary lapse of reason. But more importantly, Runnels to this day continues to do a lot of philanthropic work with groups like Make-a-Wish, and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

4 Missy Hyatt

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If you grew up during the eighties, Missy Hyatt was your first wrestling girl crush, even if you didn't know what to do with her. After the briefest of tenures in the WWE, Hyatt was a very pretty staple during the early days of WCW. Hyatt worked with everyone from Sting to the Steiner Brothers to Paul Heyman. When WCW brought in Sensational Sherri, Hyatt left in a huff for ECW where she was part of the early days of the Raven / Sandman feud. She would create her own adult website and still occasionally appears at conventions. Earlier this year, Hyatt unfortunate got arrested for DUI.

3 Sable

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Our final three divas are the three most popular bombshells in wrestling history. First up, is the most smoldering woman of the Attitude Era, Sable. As she would state herself, she was the one the men came to see and women wanted to be. She would find every chance to get more and more risqué during the Attitude Era, landing on the covers of two of the hottest Playboy covers ever. Now, she's Mrs. Brock Lesnar to you; so be careful what you say to her face. She is mother to their three children and the hottest grandma ever, as her daughter from her first marriage gave birth to a boy in 2012.

2 Sunny

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If Sable was smoldering the mass of male fans, Sunny was reducing them to ash. She began her career as boyfriend Chris Candido's valet in Smokey Mountain. WWE would call her instead of No Gimmicks Needed. But Candido's would soon follow and we were introduced to the Body Donnas. Sunny herself would go on to manage three different sets of tag teams to championship gold. Recognized as the first Diva, Sunny was also the first of the divas to receive her Hall of Fame ring. Unfortunately, Sunny has not had a great post-ring career and has had all sorts of run–ins with the law, most recently having to be bonded out of jail for failing to meet court dates.

1 Trish Stratus

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All of the Divas on this list might have the ability to turn men to mush, but Trish Stratus was a very different type of diva. Besides being a beautiful buxom blond bombshell, Stratus learned how to get it done in the ring. She would go on to become one of the most decorated champions ever. Trish was also part of one of the greatest Hall of Fame classes ever (Mick Foley, Booker T, Bruno Sammartino, etc). She has also been enjoying parenthood, dabbled in acting (Bounty Hunters), and if you're ever in Toronto, you can find Stratusfaction at her Stratusphere yoga studio.

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