Top 15 Brock Lesnar Memes That Are Savage AF

Brock Lesnar is known as one of the most dominant WWE superstars to ever grace the ring, with some labeling him with terms like “beast” and “savage.” There are fans that absolutely love the guy, and fans that hate him; and the WWE is keen on using the latter as a way to boost his value in the ring and also their pay per view numbers. A lot of fans hate Lesnar due to his part-timer status. A perfect example is him currently holding the Universal Championship despite not appearing on WWE television in two months. Some fans hate him due to the unceremonious way he left the WWE back in 2004 while some fans simply hate him because they feel he is one-dimensional in the ring. One thing you can't say is that nobody cares about Lesnar.

The world of memes is quickly becoming a regular part of internet culture today. No one is safe from these memes, including Lesnar. However, no matter how you feel about Lesnar, you are guaranteed to have fun with him when it comes to these memes. They’re brutally ironic and hold some truth.

Here are 15 Brock Lesnar memes that will leave you in awe, because they’re savage “AF.”

15 "Broke" Lesnar

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“The Next Big Thing” is known for handing out dozens of German suplexes per match—so many, that fans have given him the nickname “Suplex City.” This meme conceptualizes the idea of a “broke” Lesnar who would be willing to suplex someone for food. Makes sense.

The lore of Lesnar and his suplexes can even be traced in career endeavors that have nothing to do with wrestling, like that time he tried out for an NFL team and suplexed one of the players during training camp.

Former NFL wide receiver Nate Burleson revealed the story about what happened during that 2004 camp for the Minneapolis Vikings. “He came out and somebody cheap-shotted (quarterback) Daunte Culpepper late. And Brock was like, ‘Who did it?,’” Burleson said. “The next play, he went and suplexed the guy. Different type of nasty, but he picked up a grown man after the play.”

14 Not Disneyland, but “Suplex City”

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When you’re the mayor of “suplex city,” anyone living or visiting your town is subject to proper treatment. Like the example above, when you hand out so many suplexes, you’re subject to get memed a few times or many.

Even publications had fun with Lesnar’s “Suplex City” dig, with one outlet writing an April Fool’s post detailing Lesnar’s purchase of a small town and renaming it “Suplex City.” The publication wrote:

Lesnar acquired Maple Plain, Minnesota from local German-American businesswoman April Wurst for a sum reportedly in the region of $2.7 million. The town — which has a population of just 1,768, as of the most recent census — will now be known as Suplex City, Minnesota, a spokesperson for Lesnar has announced.”

Many believed the prank. It’s hard to wonder why.

13 WWE vs. Real Fighting Sports

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When Brock Lesnar decided to make a run at the UFC in 2008, many fans thought the supernatural freak would struggle when situated in real fights compared to his staged matches in the WWE. Although Lesnar lost his debut fight against Frank Mir, he went on a streak that eventually led to him being crowned UFC heavyweight champion.

Lesnar defended the belt twice but struggled heavily towards the end of his run, losing key bouts to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. Lesnar’s run could be considered a success, but it was not enough to stop memes about his run in a real fighting sport.

The above meme joked about what happened when he faced a fighter like Alistair Overeem, compared to someone like The Undertaker.

The result: Overeem via technical knockout.

12 Lesnar’s Limited Arsenal

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When Brock Lesnar first arrived on the WWE scene, he was quite versatile. He was capable of doing moves that heavyweights found impossible, including the shooting star press. His plethora of moves lends to his genetic makeup—the guy was simply a freak of nature. That's why he was pushed so fast and so hard.

However, when he returned to the WWE later on in his career, his move set had decreased to virtually two moves: The F-5 and the German suplex.

Nowadays, a match with Lesnar will involve countless of consecutive German suplexes (sometimes more than a dozen). For example, at SummerSlam 2014, Lesnar gave John Cena the “Suplex City” treatment, handing him 16 German suplexes. That said, Lesnar holds the record for the most suplexes used in a match.

11 “Your Opponent Has Left the Match”

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This one’s a funny one because it suggests that Lesnar quit his match with Goldberg to salvage his reputation. The meme refers to an act done in the online gaming world, when players involved in risky matches quit before losing to salvage their reputation and record. However, the act simply makes things worse. That was so for Lesnar when he fought and lost to Goldberg a second time.

Fans deemed his losing in 86 seconds as giving up early, and “The Beast” faced much scrutiny for months that followed.

It’s interesting to consider, however. What if Lesnar had the option to quit before the embarrassing match concluded? Would he have taken it?

Want to read more about embarrassing WWE moments? Check out this post that recaps the last five years.

10 He’s Back

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Remember how scared kids were in middle school whenever the school bully returned from suspension. If you look at the WWE constructively, Lesnar kind of brings the same situation every time he returns.

In the WWE, guys like Lesnar are a dying breed; no longer are superstars jacked to the level of guys like Lesnar and Goldberg. That said, aside from two of the names mentioned, everyone else in the roster is pretty much bait. So when Lesnar gets in the ring with light guys like Rollins and Cena, it’s truly “Suplex City” time.

That’s how the WWE wants it, anyway. The company has strived to emphasize Lesnar’s reputation as a bully, even allowing him to get away with acts that others would face penalization for. Remember that time he elbowed Randy Orton skull to oblivion? That scar is still there.

9 Brock Lesnar’s Contract

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This meme is a reference to Lesnar’s massive WWE contract that pays him more than most superstars on the roster and requires minimal appearances. The contract even allows him certain liberties, like fighting in the UFC and the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

For example, in 2016 after Lesnar was flagged by USADA for testing positive, the WWE decided not to penalize him because the company deemed him as part-time talent. He’s also allowed to say what he wants without the threat of discipline.

In an interview with Associated Press, Lesnar explained his contract; “The fighter in me wants to continue, but at this stage in my life, it ain’t just about me anymore,” Lesnar said. “You put your pride to the side. You hug your wife and your kids. I’m a 37-year-old man, and some days I feel like I’m 80, just with all the things I’ve experienced, all the things I’ve done. I feel fortunate about it. It’s like, what else can I do? Why go backward?”

Because his contract allows him to do what he wants, haters will need memes like this one to laugh at.

8 Brock “Beast Incarnate” Lesnar?

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Lesnar’s reputation in the WWE stands as one among the dominant ones; Next to names like The Undertaker, The Rock and Triple H. Yet, he will always have this one taint in his legacy; his duels with Bill Goldberg.

As of now, Brock's record sits at 1-2, with Goldberg holding the advantage. His two wins against Lesnar were both embarrassing (for Lesnar) and looked down upon by fans for how poorly the matches were presented. In his first match against Goldberg at WrestleMania XX, Lesnar was defeated after a short squabble that was heavily booed by fans. His second match was even worse; “The Beast Incarnate” was taken out in two minutes by Goldberg and fans started questioning Lesnar’s position on the roster—hence the meme.

Although Lesnar is slowly fixing his reputation with his latest win against Goldberg at WrestleMania 33, he will never stop being made fun of for the previous two bouts.

7 Another Shot at Lesnar’s Contract

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This one’s another shot at Lesnar’s contract, and it’s brutal. The meme digs at Lesnar’s look during his school days, noting that he looked so nerdy, he probably had fewer dates than his contract (a reference to the minimal amount of show appearances it requires of him).

Fans will laugh at this one, but the truth of the matter is that the WWE needs Lesnar for pay-per-view numbers, especially for the WrestleMania event. After all, fans are no longer tuning in to see The Undertaker, so the WWE is babying Lesnar’s character to maximize profit.

No matter how savage this meme is, Lesnar holds the last laugh because the WWE is under pressure to keep him happy. Still, one has to admit the meme is quite the clever one. 

6 When you ask a Nerdy Lesnar for IT support

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Like the previous meme, this cheeky little meme digs at Lesnar’s youthful days. Those days, Lesnar looked more like someone who could solve your IT issues rather than his own romantic ones. Yet, even as a youth, Lesnar was huge—too big to fit in an average-sized suit.

Nowadays, he’s seen less as this IT guy quietly drinking a protein shake in some corner, and more as a meathead. It’s probably because his persona, which is literally narrated by Paul Heyman himself, portrays as someone who solves all of his issues by simply referring to his F-5 or perhaps a dozen german suplexes.

Still, it’s pretty interesting imagining Lesnar during the days the photo was taken. He looked ways away from becoming the baddest man in the WWE.

5 “12 years in the making”

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After Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg I, fans imagined the day the two would fight again. After all, their duel had the potential of being one of the greatest matches of all time, and yet it was one of the worst. So of course, it had to be redeemed. During that 12-year wait, the possibility for their match seemed likely and unlikely at times, and finally, in 2016 the two met at Survivor Series.

The result; a one-minute and 26-second match that saw Lesnar get speared twice by the 49-year-old Goldberg. The match ended with a jackhammer, leaving many fans shocked at what occurred.

One can blame Lesnar for the failed repeat, but the real culprits for this fiasco are the WWE writers that so poorly wrote this fated rematch.

4 “The Streak”

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Many fans were unhappy with the WWE’s decision to have Lesnar break The Undertaker’s legendary 21-win streak at WrestleMania. They believed that someone more dedicated to the company was deserving of the feat. When Lesnar was defeated by Goldberg in nearly two minutes, many of these fans rejoiced with I-told-you-so looks on their faces.

“I thought it was a mistake. I really did,” Roberts said. “My stomach dropped when the referee counted to three. I really thought it was a mistake and the bell was rung and I looked over at the person ringing the bell and thought, were you supposed to ring that bell?”

When Goldberg essentially ended over two years of dominance by Brock with a quick win, many felt it was ridiculous for Brock's run to end to another part-timer.

3 When Lesnar Was Flagged By USADA…

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In 2016, Lesnar made his return to the UFC, winning a $3 million fight against hard-hitting veteran Mark Hunt. Many were surprised that Lesnar could win a fight after being gone for so long and his legacy as a supernatural freak was further emphasized.

After the match, Lesnar was flagged by USADA for using performance enhancing drugs in preparation for the fight. Although the event was embarrassing, it was also very predictable. Before the match, USADA opted not to test Lesnar, and many UFC fans were wondering skeptically why this was decided.

Lesnar was suspended by USADA for two years, and the event resulted in the birth of a new set of memes directed at Lesnar and his juicing-tendencies.

This meme refers to that, but also takes a shot at Roman Reigns, who was suspended for violating the WWE wellness policy just a month earlier.

2 Lesnar’s “cover up” tattoo

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After Lesnar was suspended by USADA for using steroids for his UFC 200 fight, a torrent of memes was released directed at Lesnar, and this may be one of the most savage ones. The meme suggests that Lesnar’s sternum tattoo was actually a cover up for a needle tattoo.

Aside from the cover up dig, the meme holds some truth. Lesnar failed two drug tests following UFC 200, with USADA noting that:

“Lesnar, 39, tested positive for clomiphene and its metabolite, 4-hydroxy clomiphene, following an out-of-competition urine test conducted on June 28, 2016, and an in-competition urine test conducted on July 9, 2016, at UFC 200 in Las Vegas, Nev.”

After the situation, Lesnar revealed the chances of him fighting in mixed martial arts after his completion of the ban was unlikely.

1 Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg Rated X Edition

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This is, perhaps, the most savage meme in this list. Not only does it suggest that Lesnar was brutally destroyed by Goldberg, but even the quick finish is emphasized. The meme suggests that the 49-year-old Goldberg brutalized the much younger Lesnar, who was written by the WWE as “The Beast Incarnate.”

The match was 12 years in the making and excited fans because finally, someone was going to put Lesnar in his place. Yet, as mentioned before, the 86-second bout was planned poorly by the WWE.

The match did set up for their WrestleMania 33 bout, which hardly made any sense except for the fact that the Universal championship was on the line. Fortunately, their second fight at WrestleMania was not as disappointing as their previous two matches.

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