Top 15 Brutal Brock Lesnar Moments in WWE

Two Words: Suplex City.

Five more words: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. The. Streak.

WWE Superstar and former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar is by far the most polarizing man on the roster, and perhaps the biggest money-maker the company has seen in a long time.

Wrestling fans were thrilled when Lesnar said he was stepping away from the Octagon and sticking with the WWE. Lesnar's household name has given fans one of the most talented in-ring Superstars ever.

Lesnar has brought Suplex City to new heights, and there's no doubt in my mind he's the most gifted talent the WWE has seen in ages. WWE is doing an awesome gig by portraying him as this unstoppable machine who can beat everyone, and I mean everyone (Big Show, Undertaker, John Cena, and it goes on).

However, Lesnar has also had more dark moments in his wrestling career than most people that you can say were on his level. John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton, and others have been able to avoid Lesnar-like controversy and potentially career-disastrous moments.

But that's a reason Lesnar is so great, he's been able to move on from those bad moments, and it's safe to say he's going through the finest stage of his career. Part of that is due to injuries of main stars, but Lesnar has capitalized on every opportunity Vince McMahon and The Authority have provided.

Though we'll always remember Lesnar for his best moments, we'll take a look at some of the worst moments of his career.

15 Against Rob Van Dam at King of the Ring

Lesnar and Rob Van Dam were supposed to give WWE fans their money's worth at the 2002 King of the Ring Pay-Per-View event.

Instead, fans were given a rather disappointing match that lasted just over six minutes; a #1 Contender's match for the Undisputed Championship at SummerSlam. On top of that, this was the final match of the King of the Ring Tournament.

14 Brutalizing Spike Dudley

Lesnar stands in at 6 foot 3, 286 pounds. His physique is one of the most intimidating in pro sports.

Meanwhile, former WWE star Spike Dudley is 5 foot 7  and 145. During his 2002 debut, Lesnar came out and destroyed Maven and Al Snow, but took it upon himself (in storyline,) to destroy Spike Dudley.

13 Giving The Undertaker a Concussion at WrestleMania

Though breaking The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania XXX may be the greatest moment of any Superstar's career, and without a doubt the best of Lesnar's, he managed to give his rival a concussion.

Obviously, this wasn't intentional, but it didn't help his image nor the WWE's. Undertaker had to go to the hospital, and it's perhaps a huge reason he shows up very sporadically these days, as his body continues to wear down in the ring.

12 Paul Heyman's Betrayal at Survivor Series


Paul Heyman remains as Lesnar's manager, which is great in storyline. He also was Lesnar's manager early on in The Beast's career.

11 Early Exit at the 2016 Royal Rumble


This is rather debatable, but I do wish the WWE had a better exit planned for Lesnar at this year's Royal Rumble.

Lesnar came out firing, eliminating top Superstars, until eliminated members from The Wyatt Family came back into the ring to help Bray Wyatt, and eliminate the competition's biggest threat in Lesnar.

Fans barely get to see him on television. And they missed out on a shot to have him storyline WrestleMania.

10 Insulting Hulk Hogan

Back in August 2014, in a universe far, far away (not actually, it happened right here on Earth,) the WWE had a birthday celebration for legend Hulk Hogan on the August 11, edition of Raw.

Lesnar came out and crashed it, called Hogan Grandpa and walked out of the ring, refusing to fight Cena. It's safe to say, if there was a reason for fans to hate Lesnar in storyline, this was it.

9 Hell in a Cell vs Undertaker

I have to say, this may have been the number one match I was most hyped about in my years of following WWE. It wasn't a horrible match, but given the expectations, I did expect something better.

Lesnar and Undertaker put on the final chapter of the rivalry, but it wasn't a long match and absolutely failed to have a strong finish, the most important part of any epic match that happens.

8 Breaking Jamie Noble's Ribs

I'm not sure why WWE loves to make Jamie Noble the whipping boy for multiple wrestlers (see Sheamus in 2009).

But Lesnar joined Sheamus in that company, assaulting him viciously in the June 22, 2015 episode of Raw. Seth Rollins, Kane, and Noble (part of Authority's security team) attacked Lesnar.

The Beast retaliated by hitting Noble into a barricade, and in real life, Noble did suffer three broken ribs. Obviously an accident, but Lesnar couldn't have felt good about it.

7 Assault on the Big Show


Once again, WWE could have given us a better match between Lesnar and the Big Show, one of the greatest rivalries and storyline during the early 2000s. I mean, who can forget that ring collapsing?

However, their match at the 2014 Royal Rumble was a major disappointment: It featured Lesnar hitting Big Show over and over and over again with a steal chair before beating him.

6 Legitimate Head Injury

Lesnar and Triple H gave fans one of the most iconic and greatest rivalries during 2013, but there was a serious incident that Lesnar and his friends would love to forget.

During the February 25th episode of Raw, Triple H attacked Lesnar for trying to assault Vince McMahon. (Good on Triple H for saving his father-in-law, in storyline.) However, all didn't go as planned.

Lesnar had his head split open, and he needed a ridiculous amount of 18 stitches to heal the injury.

5 SummerSlam 2015 vs. The Undertaker


This was one of the most controversial finishes in the WWE. Was it a great booking, or an epic failure?

Well, Lesnar and Undertaker's Summerslam 2015 battle was much better than their final chapter at the aforementioned Hell in a Cell. However, the finish didn't help Lesnar in any way.

Undertaker tapped out to Lesnar's submission hold, the Kimura, but the referee did not see it. Undertaker got away with a low blow and locked in the Hell's Gate hold to force Lesnar to pass out.

4 Botched Shooting Star Press on Kurt Angle

Lesnar has been part of so many awesome storylines, but his lengthy feud with Kurt Angle was high up there.

During their match at WrestleMania XIX for the WWE Championship, Lesnar attempted a finisher, the shooting star press. Lesnar had tried it many times successfully, but this time didn't go well.

3 Breaking Hardcore Holly's Neck

Hardcore Holly was one of the greater mid-card wrestlers during the 2000s, and his comeback story was amazing after he and Lesnar were part of one of the most horrific moments in WWE history.

During a 2002 match against Lesnar, the Beast botched a Powerbomb on Holly, and he landed head-first into the mat.

2 Against Goldberg, Wrestlemania XX

Goldberg and Lesnar gave fans what was supposed to be one of the more entertaining matches in recent memory, but it turned out to be anything but, thanks to behind the scenes drama.

Lesnar was on his way out of WWE to pursue an NFL career, while it was Goldberg's last match before his contract expired. The match itself wasn't anything special, but the crowd reaction made it all but something we'd love to forget.

1 Lesnar Flips Off the Crowd

Right after his match against Goldberg, the fans directed the infamous "na-na-na-nah hey-hey-hey, good-bye!" chants at Lesnar. Obviously, it was no way to bid farewell to a Superstar (who no one thought would return in epic fashion more than a half decade later).

But Lesnar was visibly agitated by the reactions from the crowd, and proceeded to turn to them, and flip them off. And yeah, the cameras captured it.

This is a moment Lesnar and the fans would like to forget: He made a return eight years later and has become one of the most beloved Superstars since. But at the time, this wasn't cool on any levels.

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Top 15 Brutal Brock Lesnar Moments in WWE