Top 15 Catchphrases in Wrestling Today

A professional wrestler working in any top-flight organization is only going to get so far in his career if he is unable to grab the attention of fans in attendance and of those watching on television

A professional wrestler working in any top-flight organization is only going to get so far in his career if he is unable to grab the attention of fans in attendance and of those watching on television through his words. Take Dean Malenko as just one example. Malenko was arguably the best worker in both WCW And WWE during the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s and yet “The Iceman” never got past Cruiserweight and midcard status due in part to being undersized and because he was not one of the best promo guys you'll ever see perform in the business.

The biggest draws to ever perform in North American pro wrestling all had memorable catchphrases associated with their acts. “To be the man, you've got to beat the man.” “Whatcha gonna do, brother?” “Ohhh yeeeeahhh!” “That's the bottom line 'cause 'Stone Cold' said so!” “Who's next?!?” “We've got two words for ya!” “Just too sweeeeet!” “The champ is here!” You get the gist. Catchphrases do not just stick in the minds of fans after wrestling events. They also help to sell merchandise, and they result in customers who spend money to attend shows popping whenever they hear the familiar words spoken by the wrestlers.

Some, upon remembering what they would consider to be brighter days for the industry, may feel that the majority of World Wrestling Entertainment performers are somewhat cookie-cutter characters that are largely not all that different from each other. That is not always the case for what is currently the No. 1 promotion in the wrestling industry. One performer in particular, a wrestler who was the most over babyface in the company not all that long ago, became as popular as he is today among casual wrestling fans all because of one word. Is that really possible?


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15 Let's Go!

The WWE could have a true future superstar on the company's hands in Sami Zayn. Formerly known as El Generico while working in the independent scene, Zayn routinely has the best match on NXT shows, and he is arguably the most over babyface featured on that brand. His upbeat theme music could not be more perfect for the underdog character that Zayn plays, and the “Let's Go!' portion draws reactions from fans every time that it plays. It was cool to hear the reaction he received when Zayn made his Raw debut in front of a hometown crowd on May 4th, and it is too bad that he injured his shoulder on that night.

14 Gore! Gore! Gore!

Rhyno first made his name in the North American pro wrestling industry when he was the top heel in Extreme Championship Wrestling, the final true star that the promotion created before it went under. The “Gore” chants have been mainstays of whatever organization Rhyno has been in over the past decade, and the word is belted out by fans whenever he prepares to hit his spear during what is usually the end of a match. Rhyno is now back in the WWE as part of the NXT brand, and he still gets positive reactions from crowds even though he is likely in the twilight of his career.

13 Follow the Buzzards

This catchphrase could be so much higher on the list had the WWE not gone and messed with what was a good thing. The Wyatt Family was doing just fine, even if it was not one of the top groups in the company, when those running the WWE chose to break the trio up for, in storyline, no real reason. Unlike the former three members of the Shield, none of the three former Wyatt Family members have truly gotten over, even though fans are family with Bray's “Follow the Buzzards” phrase. There are indications that the trio could be brought back together even before summer officially begins, which would be best for all involved.

12 BO-Lieve

Not everybody can be a main event performer or a superstar who holds multiple championships and participates in the final match of a WrestleMania. Pro wrestling needs comedy figures from time and time, and Bo Dallas has done well to fill what has been a noticeable gap on Raw and SmackDown shows. This version of the character will never be more than a midcard guy at its absolute best, but his “Bo-Lieve!” catchphrase is one that is still over with fans. In fact, it is more over than the actual wrestler. The WWE could always put Bo Dallas in the Wyatt Family to give the character a needed makeover.


It is sometimes best to keep things simple in all walks of life, pro wrestling included. That has been the case with the Uso (Fatu) brothers for years. The two walk out onto the stage before a tag team showdown, and they belt out “When we say 'OOOS,' you say 'OHH!!” Guess what? It works every time, regardless of where they are working or if they are getting to compete in front of a Raw, SmackDown or pay-per-view crowd. Jey Uso is currently recovering from a shoulder injury, but here is hoping that the duo enjoys a successful return once Jey is fully healed.

10 "And You Can't Teach That"

The New Age Outlaws could have been remembered as nothing more than just one part of the D-Generation-X group that helped push the WWE into the Attitude Era. It was those unique and seemingly ad-libbed speeches that “Road Dog” Jesse James would belt out as he and Billy Gunn walked down the ramp and toward the ring that got the act over with crowds and that made the duo the top tag team in the company. Lightning could potentially strike twice for the WWE in Enzo Amore and Big Cass thanks to the words that Amore belts out before the two take on opponents: And you can't teach that.

9 $9.99

It is easy to forget about the days of the old WWE being known only for wrestling. The WWE has emerged as a legitimate media superpower, one that dabbles in movies, music, television programs and one that took a historic leap with the launch of the streaming WWE Network. That company also has quite the marketing team, one that turned the price of the WWE Network into a catchphrase that has routinely been repeated by fans inside of arenas. There have even been instances of fans bringing signs that post the price of the network to episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

8 Best For Business

You have to give credit to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They both are very aware of how certain portions of the supposed “Internet Wrestling Community” view how the two operate behind the scenes and what they supposedly think of certain performers. The “best for business” line is a direct jab to those who would claim that Triple H and/or Stephanie have held talents down over the years, and it is one that has allowed both to get themselves over as the top heels in the company as the key figures of “The Authority” faction that mimics the old “Corporation” stable.

7 Feed Me More

There are times when the WWE seems to fall backward into a gimmick that gets over, and that was the case with Ryback. A largely forgettable part of the original NXT class that went on to form the Nexus faction broke out on his own after returning from a real-life injury, and the repackaged Ryback drew comparisons to former WCW star Goldberg due to his undefeated streak and his clunky style inside of the ring. It was those three famous words – “Feed me more!” – that helped propel Ryback to the top of WWE cards, and fans continue to chant it even though he has, for the most part, been turned into a midcard gimmick.

6 I'm Afraid I've Got Some...Bad News

The idea is, on paper, utterly ridiculous. A wrestler comes out and announces that he has some “bad news” for fans or for an opponent, and then makes a bad joke that leaves most of those watching in silence as they wonder how they were supposed to react. Bad News Barrett has taken the ball and run with it, however, and he now gets solid reactions whenever he emerges from behind the curtain during Raw and SmackDown events. The WWE recently rewarded Barrett for his work, booking the former leader of the Nexus to win the 2015 King of the Ring tournament.

5 New...Day Sucks

OK, this may not have been the original intention for the New Day faction when the trio of wrestlers began what has become a recognizable clap. Then again, maybe fans and supposed wrestling insiders have misjudged those running the company all along, and the WWE writers have known what they were doing with the New Day since day one. The stable was an afterthought and even a punchline among certain portions of the audiences until it was booked to go all-in as a heel group, and it now elicits chants of “New Day Sucks!” every time that the trio appears in front of fans.


The first Brock Lesnar WWE run during which Paul Heyman was his manager made for many entertaining television segments, but Lesnar's first stint with the company was nothing compared with what he and Heyman have achieved since both returned as on-air characters. Lesnar, who has never been a five-star performer on the microphone, no longer has to worry about that problem with Heyman once again serving as his mouthpiece, and Heyman simply saying the first and last name of “The Beast” has became a gimmick all on its own. Heyman has helped Lesnar become the biggest draw in the WWE today.

3 You Can't See Me

Say whatever you will about John Cena and how he is perceived by certain members of WWE audiences. His signature chants are undeniably over with the majority of wrestling fans who know what Cena is going to say and when he is going to say it. There will never again be a Cena match that will not see fans belt out “You can't see me!” when he bounces off the ropes, brushes off his shoulder and then delivers a single punch to an opponent who is down on the mat. Cena has learned how to keep fans in his matches throughout those encounters, and he truly is now an underrated worker.

2 The Champ is Here

It is the chant that makes half of a WWE crowd boo as loudly as they can and that has the other half repeating along with John Cena as he prepared to begin a promo inside of a ring. The truth of the matter is that you could flip No. 3 and No. 2 in this list and be spot-on. Regardless of your personal views on the Cena character and how it has been portrayed during segments and matches, it would be dishonest to undersell how important he has been to the WWE in the decade following the Attitude Era.

1 YES!

Daniel Bryan was largely spoiling away as a midcard competitor and as a weak World Heavyweight Champion when he began using the “Yes” chant that he would perform as he made his way to and from the ring and that he would yell out during matches. The chant, which Bryan has attributed to mixed martial arts fighter Diego Sanchez, has become part of the mainstream sports world. Fans of teams such as the New York Red Bulls, New York Islanders and Michigan State Spartans are but a few examples of supporters stealing the chant and making it their own over the past several years.

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Top 15 Catchphrases in Wrestling Today