Top 15 Catchphrases in Wrestling Today

A professional wrestler working in any top-flight organization is only going to get so far in his career if he is unable to grab the attention of fans in attendance and of those watching on television through his words. Take Dean Malenko as just one example. Malenko was arguably the best worker in both WCW And WWE during the Monday Night Wars of the 1990s and yet “The Iceman” never got past Cruiserweight and midcard status due in part to being undersized and because he was not one of the best promo guys you'll ever see perform in the business.

The biggest draws to ever perform in North American pro wrestling all had memorable catchphrases associated with their acts. “To be the man, you've got to beat the man.” “Whatcha gonna do, brother?” “Ohhh yeeeeahhh!” “That's the bottom line 'cause 'Stone Cold' said so!” “Who's next?!?” “We've got two words for ya!” “Just too sweeeeet!” “The champ is here!” You get the gist. Catchphrases do not just stick in the minds of fans after wrestling events. They also help to sell merchandise, and they result in customers who spend money to attend shows popping whenever they hear the familiar words spoken by the wrestlers.

Some, upon remembering what they would consider to be brighter days for the industry, may feel that the majority of World Wrestling Entertainment performers are somewhat cookie-cutter characters that are largely not all that different from each other. That is not always the case for what is currently the No. 1 promotion in the wrestling industry. One performer in particular, a wrestler who was the most over babyface in the company not all that long ago, became as popular as he is today among casual wrestling fans all because of one word. Is that really possible?


15 Let's Go!

14 Gore! Gore! Gore!

13 Follow the Buzzards

12 BO-Lieve


10 "And You Can't Teach That"

9 $9.99

8 Best For Business

7 Feed Me More

6 I'm Afraid I've Got Some...Bad News

5 New...Day Sucks


3 You Can't See Me

2 The Champ is Here

1 YES!

Daniel Bryan was largely spoiling away as a midcard competitor and as a weak World Heavyweight Champion when he began using the “Yes” chant that he would perform as he made his way to and from the ring and that he would yell out during matches. The chant, which Bryan has attributed to mixed martial arts fighter Diego Sanchez, has become part of the mainstream sports world. Fans of teams such as the New York Red Bulls, New York Islanders and Michigan State Spartans are but a few examples of supporters stealing the chant and making it their own over the past several years.

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Top 15 Catchphrases in Wrestling Today