Top 15 Celebrities Wrestling Fans Would Actually Like in WWE

Wrestling is known for its over the top personalities, but there is something else that has long been a part of wrestling in some form. That is having celebrities be part of events, and interact with superstars. It has been done since Wrestlemania began, and every year since then a celebrity has made a guest appearance.

WWE also had a celebrity guest host thing going for a while. This article is about some celebs who would be welcomed into the wrestling fold permanently, some of them have appeared for WWE or WCW in small spots, but what if wrestling welcomed these names on a full time basis, and put them into long term story lines? Wrestling would not be the same.

The 15 names on this list are 15 celebrities that have captured the public's attention in one form or another, whether it be television, movies, or sports . All of them have shown their ability to entertain and create unforgettable moments in time.

The reason why so many celebrities are boring in WWE is because the company has brought in people who clearly never watch the product and are just there to plug a movie or new show of theirs. They also carry no on-screen character with them. While it's good to be yourself in wrestling, you have to be yourself with the volume turned way up, something celebs aren't usually willing to do for WWE. Here are celebrities though, that would actually fit in the wacky world of professional wrestling.

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15 Jon Stewart

via variety.com

The 52-year-old former Today Show host, WWE might have stumbled onto something with Jon Stewart. John Cena appears to have gotten his revenge on Stewart for interfering and costing him his SummerSlam match with Seth Rollins. WWE could potentially get a match out of this, and it would certainly be an entertaining match to see. Stewart clearly is a wrestling fan and has been for a long time. Whether it be having him as a manager or on-screen authority figure, he may actually be able to succeed in wrestling.

14 Barack Obama

Andrew P. Scott-USA TODAY Network

Speaking of presidential. The President has actually appeared on Raw twice, once as part of WWE’s campaign to get people to vote, and another time in a match with Hilary Clinton. Okay, that second one was a stunt double, but it still counts, sort of. Anyway, they can drag out the line “Do you smell what Barack is cookin’." Obama in WWE would certainly evoke a strong emotional response fromt he audience, as Obama clearly has his share of followers and haters. Obama will be out of office by the end of the year and may need something to occupy his time. What about Obama in The New Day?

13 Donald Trump

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The Donald has already has his share of wrestling moments, ashe has been at two different WrestleManias, at one of them he shaved Vince's head, and he also purchased Monday Night Raw. The Donald is a fan of pro wrestling and has said he enjoys it. He and Vince are also good friends. Seeing Trump back on the WWE would be a unique thrill, and and it would be fun to see another rematch between The Billionaires. With the political stir Trump has caused in the past year, WWE would have a massive heel on their hands.

12 Stephen Amell

via gruemonkey.com

The man who plays Oliver Queen on Arrow is apparently a lifelong wrestling fan. And if any celebrity could convincingly step into the ring and be a pro wrestler, the guy who does his own stunts on one of CW’s hottest shows would probably be on the top of many lists. But why let the cross-promotion stop there? Comic book properties are hot, with Marvel leading at the theaters and DC setting the television world on fire.

11 Bob Barker

via wikimedia.org

The much-beloved and retired host of The Price is Right appeared on Raw during the guest host era and was instantly the best edition of the entire concept. He hosted a Raw version of his show, he talked about his charity, he made the legendary Chris Jericho back down in a promo war, and he showed off his karate skills against Chavo Guerrero. Bob Barker, despite his age, has certainly shown that he has the energy of a much younger man, and WWE fans would certainly get a decent thrill out of Barker on Raw.

10 Arnold Schwarzenagger

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He was recently put in the video game, as the T2 from the movies, so why not invite him to be part of the WWE roster? He has the crazy voice, he has the over the top personality. Arnold would be a perfect fit in WWE, millions already love him from the Terminator movies. Perhaps Arnold could act as a mouthpiece for Cesaro, as the Swiss Superman seems to be the strongest man on the WWE roster. That'd be a guy that would make sense to align with Arnold.

9 Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson was a celebrity who clearly was enjoying himself when the WWE brought him on to work the main event at WrestleMania XIV. He's one of the only celebrities that fans don't have a problem with being in the Hall of Fame. What he did for WWE actually played a part in them turning things around against WCW, so fans can appreciate him. Tyson could play a part-time role on television, coming out to foil plans of heels or be a guest enforcer for the occasional PPV main event.

8 Shaq

via wwe.com

Like many professional athletes, Shaquille O’Neal is an unabashed fan of pro wrestling. Like many others, he was part of the guest host era, and because he has a gigantic amount of charisma to go along with his massive frame, he fits right in with the big boys of WWE. During his stint as host, it was inevitable that he would get into a confrontation with the World’s Largest Athlete, the 7-foot, 500 pound Big Show, which would result in an inconclusive standoff. Shaq has admitted he would love to climb in the ring and show his skills, and it's pretty clear he could make a decent mark.

7 Chuck Norris

via twitter.com

Long before he became one of the first Internet memes,Chuck Norris was legitimately a bad ass. The guy fought Bruce Lee in a movie, after all! He lost, but still! The man has appeared for WWE in the past as a guest enforcer, and gave Double J a roundhouse kick, a pretty funny moment. It would be fun to see Norris deliver those lethal kicks to some other WWE stars. Norris made an appearance at Survivor Series 1994 as the special enforcer in the Undertaker/Yokozuna casket match. He's still believable as an enforcer.

6 Robocop

via imgur.com

Okay, he never actually appeared in WWE, but he did show up in WCW for the Capitol Combat PPV in 1990, where he saved Sting, who had been trapped in a cage by the legendary Four Horsemen. Yes, it was exactly as cheesy as it sounds, and the angle has been panned for years. WWE is not exactly known to stay within reality, so why not bring back RoboCop for one more go around, he could team with Arnold, Terminator and RoboCop as Tag Champions .... that would be bizarre.

5 Dennis Rodman

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We all remember the days of WCW, Rodman joined the nWo as Rodzilla. Him andHogan are pals, and it was an easy choice. Seems like WWE would have triedto recreate some of that magic, or create something new. Although Rodman isnot as public of a figure as he once was, I think a return to the squaredcircle would be a spectacle, he has that talent for making a scene in anything he does.

4 Vince Carter

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So, this one is kind of a easy and slightly cheap pick. He recently sat at ringside for WWE Smackdown, and then WWE published an interview with him. The idea is, teasing Vince Carter making an impact in the ring, since his court career is winding down. Having VC in WWE would be unique, he certainly has a personality and is a polarizing personality in sports and entertainment.

3 Ronda Rousey

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She has stated many times, she loves wrestling, and was a big Roddy Piper fan, she even uses the same nickname. She appeared a WrestleMania and took Triple H to the mat pretty easily. The WWE Universe has been hoping and waiting for Ronda to return and beat up Stephanie McMahon. A in-ring run would be the ideal scenario for Ronda in WWE, and fans are patiently waiting and hoping it will happen one day, when her UFC career ends.

2 Chael Sonnen

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

He is an admitted fanatic of wrestling, and often took from wrestling promos when he had post fight interviews. He has stated he would like to be working for WWE in some capacity, and he has the ability to entertain. Whether it be in the ring, or on the commentary team, Chael would be a very interesting addition to the WWE roster. Sonnen could easily become one of the top heels in the company or he could be a perfect foil for The Authority.

1 LeBron James

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This one might be a controversial one, but the man who is one of the best in the NBA often has Twitter interactions with John Cena, and even starred in a recent comedy film with Cena. Lebron would be perfect foil for The Miz, both are Cleveland natives, and Miz is good at being hated, a confrontation for the two, in Cleveland in the WWE, would make forentertaining television. Sometimes it's also as simple as just getting the best athlete to do something. LeBron has been one of the most dominant athletes in sports for over a decade and it makes sense for WWE to reach out to him.

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