Top 15 Cities Yet To Host WrestleMania

Every year, the biggest event in pro wrestling packs into a large stadium as WrestleMania is watched by millions across the globe. Although most of the people watching aren’t even in the stadium, it’s

Every year, the biggest event in pro wrestling packs into a large stadium as WrestleMania is watched by millions across the globe. Although most of the people watching aren’t even in the stadium, it’s always a big topic each year as to where WrestleMania will take place. The most recent WrestleMania took place at Levi’s Stadium in the Bay Area of California, and the next one is at the massive AT&T Stadium in the Dallas, Texas area.

There have been some places that have repeated as hosts for a WrestleMania, such as New York and Detroit, but there have been plenty of places that have never had the ability to host one. A lot of these locations are located in the midwest, with a focus on the two coasts, and WrestleMania has only gone international twice, but both were in Toronto, Canada.

Arguments have been made for and against taking WrestleMania outside of North America, with the pros being how awesome the atmosphere would be in a place like Wembley, but the the issue is the time difference for the American audience. Even before we get to Europe though, there are plenty of worthy candidates west of the Atlantic.

Which places would be best suited to host a WrestleMania that haven’t seen one yet? Here are 15 cities across the globe that really deserve to see their favorite wrestlers squaring off at the biggest event of the year. A quick spoiler: Minnesota is on this list, but is the rumored spot for the 33rd edition of WrestleMania. Since it has not been officially announced, it makes this list right now. Here are all 15 in order of how much they deserve the event:

15 Portland, Oregon


The WWE has already had one WrestleMania in the Pacific Northwest when Seattle hosted WrestleMania XIX. It’s a surprise the company hasn’t returned to the area, especially in a city like Portland that has been one of the youngest and most progressive in the nation. It would be a great way to connect with the young male demographic that WWE clearly wants to target, and Providence Park is a cool venue, but it might be a bit on the small side. Maybe Eugene, which is 110 miles up the road, could work.

14 Vancouver, Canada


Toronto is the only city in Canada to host a WrestleMania thus far, but a return to the Great White North could be a good one, and the third largest city in the country would be a good candidate. The city of Vancouver is easily accessible for Americans in the Pacific Northwest, and they have already shown they can host a big event, as the Winter Olympics were held there in 2010. While Vancouver might not have the biggest wrestling following, they do have B.C. Stadium, which can hold more than 50,000 fans, plus seating on the field.

13 Mexico City, Mexico


If the WWE really wants to expand their fanbase into Mexico, then having a WrestleMania at the largest stadium in the country, Estadio Azteca, would be the way to do it. The massive structure would be able to hold nearly 130,000 people for a wrestling event and the weather would likely be cooperative for an outdoor event. The only problem with this would be the logistics for American fans who might not want to flock to the city as much as other international locations. Still, it would be a sight to see a WrestleMania in Mexico’s capital.

12 Charlotte, North Carolina


Not only is Charlotte the hometown of wrestling legend Ric Flair, but it also has a lot to offer to the WWE. The East Coast has had the event up and down, but the mid-atlantic Carolinas have been skipped. Charlotte’s huge wrestling following and NFL stadium (Bank of America Stadium for the Panthers) make it an ideal spot. It’s a bit of a surprise that they have not had a WrestleMania there, especially with Vince McMahon being a 1968 graduate of East Carolina University.

11 San Antonio, Texas


Yes, Houston has already hosted two WrestleManias, and Dallas is the site for the next one, but San Antonio is a fine spot to host the event. San Antonio already has a big following (WWE has called it one of their ‘A’ cities) and the venue to host it, in the form of the Alamo Dome. The only real concern is giving Texas a WrestleMania so close to one that they’ve just had, but we can wait for a few years down the road before they return to the Lone Star State.

10 Baltimore, Maryland


Each presidential campaign has those certain cities that they stick to in hopes of gathering votes. Wrestling organizations did the same thing during the Monday Night Wars, and Baltimore was one of the favorite cities for the WCW. WWE has had a good working relationship with Baltimore since then, making it one of their ‘A’ cities. Baltimore has a large stadium to work with (M&T Bank Stadium), and gives WWE another mid-atlantic choice in case they don’t want to visit the Carolinas.

9 Denver, Colorado


Denver is considered by a lot of people as one of the coolest cities in the country, and it does have a large wrestling following. It would be an interesting spot for a WrestleMania since only Las Vegas and Phoenix have been the only non-coastal selections west of Chicago. One problem that WrestleMania might run into if hosting the event at Mile High Stadium is the air, as wrestlers aren’t really trained to go for 30 minutes outside in thin air. It might also be too cold during that time of year for the event.

8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Heinz Field is one of the smaller NFL venues with a capacity of 65,050, but that’s still plenty big enough for a WrestleMania. Pittsburgh is the home to wrestling superstars Bruno Sammartino and Kurt Angle, which might be a good time to elect the Olympic Hero into the WWE Hall of Fame. Having WrestleMania right next to the river would be an awesome sight, and since the stadium is newer and outdoors, it would really appeal to the WWE in terms of logistics.

7 Memphis, Tennessee


Memphis isn’t just a solid wrestling city, it’s one of the cities that is most synonymous with sports entertainment. Atlanta and Indianapolis have both gotten WrestleManias, but Tennessee has never had one, despite having the fanbase for it. Memphis might not have the ideal stadium as the Liberty Bowl is older and holds 61,000 people, but you can guarantee that it would be a sellout. If the Liberty Bowl isn’t up to WWE’s standards, then Nashville would be a great alternative, as it has Nissan Stadium, home of the Titansm, and it's three hours away from Memphis.

6 Washington, D.C.


It’s hard to believe that the nation’s capital has never been the host of wrestling’s biggest event. Perhaps the planning just never came through, but it has been one of the favorite spots for WWE over the years, with multiple Monday Night Raws and pay-per-views held there. The most ideal place would be FedEx Field, but it’s not actually in the District. If the Redskins were to build a new stadium in the city, like they're vying for now, then it would instantly become a top priority for a WrestleMania, and a Super Bowl to boot.

5 San Diego, California


The Los Angeles area has been home to multiple WrestleMania events, but San Diego still hasn’t seen one despite being “the greatest city in the history of mankind” according to Ron Burgundy. Holding the event outdoors would not be a problem, as you can pretty much guarantee that the weather would be perfect. The wrestlers certainly wouldn't have a problem with a WrestleMania here.

Perhaps what is holding WWE back is the fact that San Diego is in a lot of stadium talk, so it’s unclear if they would even be able to have a WrestleMania at Qualcomm Stadium. A new stadium would be perfect for WrestleMania, and the city has already hosted several Super Bowls and as the host of the annual Comic-Con, many wrestling fans already head there once a year.

4 Montreal, Quebec, Canada


If the WWE really wants to bring another WrestleMania to Canada, then Montreal might be the perfect place to do it, since it’s the second largest city in the country behind only Toronto. Montreal would be a great place for international fans to visit who have never been there before. Montreal is also one big party, so it would be a lot of fun for the fans and wrestlers alike. One thing that holds Montreal back from getting a WrestleMania is a lack of a worthy stadium. Olympic Stadium might be big enough, but it’s pretty dated at this point and nowhere near the standards WWE has set for WrestleMania venues.

3 St. Louis, Missouri


The Midwest has been severely neglected when it comes to WrestleMania, and St. Louis is one of the best options in the region to host it. It was believed that the city was being considered as a host for WrestleMania 31, but eventually lost out to San Francisco. There is a huge following in the city, and they have shown that hosting big events there has not been a problem. The Edward Jones Dome would be the spot to have WrestleMania, but there are questions as to how long it will be used, so maybe that’s the reason plans have been delayed. Fans from all over the midwest would flock to St. Louis for the weekend.

2 Minneapolis, Minnesota


We told you at the beginning of the list that Minneapolis would make an appearance, and here it is at number two. Minnesota has hosted a Super Bowl, but not a WrestleMania, which is a bit surprising. Minneapolis is crazy about wrestling as the former home of the AWA, especially with the emergence of Brock Lesnar. It’s definitely a city that most will have to fly to, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Minneapolis is also getting a new NFL stadium with a retractable roof, so it looks like the rumors will eventually be true about the Twin Cities landing a WrestleMania.

1 London, England


If London were to get a WrestleMania, the crowd would be absolutely insane. It would give wrestling fans in North America a reason to head over to England, making it a tourist’s dream. New Wembley Stadium is a perfect home for the event, with a capacity of over 90,000 and tickets would sell out almost instantly. It seems that the only reason that London hasn’t hosted WrestleMania is because nobody outside of North America has. The time difference between England and the East coast of America is five hours, meaning that WrestleMania would start at noon at the absolute latest for west coast fans in America, and that’s not ideal.

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Top 15 Cities Yet To Host WrestleMania