Top 15 Coolest Entrances in Wrestling

In the world of professional wrestling, impression can be everything. Based on their impression of you, the fans will either love or hate you – it is as simple as that. Which is why the fine-tuning of a character is so important as the connection to the audience is really what matters most.

The art of the entrance has come a very long way since the humble beginnings of professional wrestling. The additions of music and pyrotechnics have turned the entrance of a wrestler into a show all its own. Gone are the days of literally walking out from the behind the curtain and down the aisle to the ring.

Entrances have become big and extravagant – laced with excitement and a sense of motivation – a precursor to the match which is used to help hype up the crowd. We know the words to the songs and when to expect the explosions but it never gets old.

The sights and sounds of the wrestling show are all part of the experience. The fans enjoy the brightest of lights or the darkest of characters. Which is why an entrance can some times make or break a wrestler (We will provide a prime example of this on our list).

Obviously, we want more than just those few minutes prior to the bell to be captivating and entertaining but today we will place matches and the quality of wrestling aside to focus on the entrances that have left us in awe over the years.

This article is a look at some of our favorite entrances. Those that intrigue us and live in our memories. Those that make us rise from our seats and suddenly snap back into full attention following a dull or flat segment. Those entrances that are just plain cool.

These are the top 15 coolest entrances in wrestling:

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15 John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL as a heel was great, always getting the fans to give him just as much hate as he desired. Having won the WWE Championship and having insulted everybody with whom he crossed paths. JBL would make his way out to the ring via limousine – equipped with bullhorns on the hood – not quite leaving Texas completely behind. He then had money fall from the sky (not real money, money with JBL's face on it). The entrance which was meant to display how JBL was better than the rest of us was still a cool way of entering an arena.

14 Jeff Hardy

When we think about past wrestlers who burned out too quickly, we can't help but think of Jeff Hardy – a superstar with a unique look and style who could have been, and should have been, so much more in the wrestling world.

Jeff Hardy was often thought of as a man who lived in his own world and if you took a minute to observe him, you wouldn't argue otherwise. Aside from his colorful look and high-strung in-ring style, Hardy had a different way of coming to the ring. The blazing lights and energetic music, accompanied by what we can only consider “dancing” was always fun to watch.

13 The Shield

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns were collectively known as The Shield until recently – a band of brothers whose sights were set on cleaning the WWE of all that they deemed unjust. The breakup of the faction was sudden and perhaps a little too soon.

When these three men would enter the arena, it would be through the crowd. In a way, their entrance could have been taken as an anti-authoritative measure. The coming through the people can be construed as a way of standing out – a way of saying that they were not going to be like the rest of the guys in the back. Currently, Roman Reigns remains as the only man to enter through the crowd.

12 Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero can often be found on our wrestling lists for a number of different reasons. Latino Heat was an infectious wave and Eddie Guerrero is hard to forget – not only an outstanding wrestling but a complete entertainer.

Whether he was working for ECW, WCW, or WWE, Eddie Guerrero was always cool – a man the people would mimic with great admiration. When Guerrero began coming to the ring in his a tricked-out lowrider, things became that much cooler. Eddie Guerrero looked and played the part the only way he knew how – like Eddie Guerrero.

11 The Brood

Edge and Christian were once part of a WWE faction known as The Brood, a group led by a vampire-like man named Gangrel who would spit blood with a lustful look on his face.

The Brood were around during the popular Attitude Era and like many other great factions that came from this time, two superstars would emerge from the stable. Edge would one day come to the ring on his own in a pretty cool fashion but his origins with The Brood and the way they entered the arena are memorable, rising through a ring of fire and looking like undead disciples.

10 Stone Cold Steve Austin

There was never anything flashy or flamboyant about Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Texas Rattlesnake was a simple looking wrestler – suiting a shaved head, black trunks, black boots, and a black vest. However, there was nothing simple about this complicated redneck.

Stone Cold did not have an entrance filled with explosions or gimmicks but what he did have was an attitude like no other. What made the entrance of Stone Cold so cool was the way he walked down to the ring – ready to raise hell and not giving a damn about anybody else. When the glass broke and his theme hit, it was incredibly exciting.

9 D-Generation X

D-Generation X were as controversial as they were coolm at least the Attitude Era version of the faction because honestly, the later versions of the group just came off as weird. Two aging men trying to recreate their younger years.

When DX was at the height of its popularity, they provided some of the most interesting storylines in WWE. The group were brash and cocky with no regard for authority and when that first line hit (“are you ready?”) the fans were stoked knowing that their favorite group was about to come out and cause a little trouble.

8 Chris Jericho

What can't Chris Jericho do in regards to entertainment? Y2J is a man who future generations of WWE superstars should look to for inspiration. The first ever Undisputed WWE Champion has the charm and charisma to steal any show.

The entrance of Chris Jericho has altered over the years, from countdown clocks, to tunnel walks, to decoding cryptic messages, but no matter which version was being used; it was always a cool way to head to the ring. The stretched out arms of Chris Jericho with the hair and the jackets and the energy is always an exciting sight.

7 Rey Mysterio

The excitement levels are immediately turned up whenever Rey Mysterio is booked for a match. The biggest little man in the industry has held his own with the giants of professional wrestling and the greatest to ever lace their boots.

Not only was the in-ring style of Rey Mysterio exciting, but his entrance was equally heart-pounding. Mysterio would enter from below the stage – being catapulted high above the ramp and landing on his feet in super hero form, ready to take on his adversary.

6 The Ultimate Warrior

One of the most eccentric WWE superstars of all time is without question The Ultimate Warrior. With his strange promos and high-energy in-ring style, Warrior was a character who was hard to ignore – loud and lawless in a world which he had created.

The Ultimate Warrior came to the ring like a lighting bolt, running down the aisle at top speed, with no breaks and no lack of determination. The heavy riff of his entrance music and the rocket-launch from behind the curtain, followed by the signature rope shake, will always be remembered as a cool wrestling entrance.

5 Triple H

Triple H has turned himself from a mid-card gimmick wrestler into one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. The Game would capture thirteen WWE Championships throughout his storied career, a true legend of the industry.

When coming to the ring, Triple H is a presence – a dominate-looking man who means nothing but business. The green lighting and the close-up camera angles all leading to the smoke-like misting of water from the ring apron are all part of this intimidating entrance.

4 The Sandman

The Sandman is an ECW icon, a hardcore hack who really couldn't wrestle a proper match if his life were on the line. The Sandman was one of the best characters to emerge from ECW but in other promotions where wrestling ability was a prerequisite, The Sandman did not qualify.

However, that doesn't take away form the fact that The Sandman had one of the absolute coolest entrances in all of wrestling. He'd come to the ring from the crowd while drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette, with the crowd singing along to Metallica and bonding with their barbaric anti-hero.

3 Bray Wyatt

The mystical Bray Wyatt is quickly becoming one of the best superstars in the WWE today. The aura that surrounds him is creepy and contagious, as it is difficult not to get behind The Eater of Worlds. Bray Wyatt draws people into his own twisted world.

When the lights go out and the cell phones light up throughout the arena (it is known as the fireflies of Bray Wyatt), you can't help but feel intrigued. The slow stalking walk to the ring with a cold stare and lantern in hand is spellbinding to witness.

2 Goldberg

Everything about Goldberg screams power. Inside of the ring, Goldberg was less of a man and more of a machine, destroying everybody that WCW placed in front of him on his way to becoming one of the best in the promotion.

When Goldberg made his way from his locker room to the ring, the whole process was awesome. The waiting outside the door from the security guards, who would then escort him to the ramp as if the man was a danger to society, followed by the pyro which went off on his bare skin, before he would take in and breathe out the smoke like a bull ready to charge his opponent.

1 The Undertaker

There is so much about The Undertaker character that will resonate throughout time. The Deadman is an iconic figure in the world of professional wrestling, a gimmick that survived decades in WWE by evolving and never growing stale.

The entrance of The Undertaker is unforgettable. When the lights go out and the gong sounds, there is no denying who is about to enter the arena. Perhaps the most terrifying walk in professional wrestling is the long walk down the aisle from The Undertaker, which is without a doubt the coolest entrance in wrestling.

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