Top 15 Coolest Pieces of Wrestling Swag

What is swag? According to Urban Dictionary: "swag is the way you represent yourself." Having swag makes you cool. It helps you impress your friends and your enemies. Swag, when used as a noun, means

What is swag? According to Urban Dictionary: "swag is the way you represent yourself." Having swag makes you cool. It helps you impress your friends and your enemies. Swag, when used as a noun, means something that makes you look good. It can be a chain, a bandana, shades or more. In basketball, everyone wanted to wear a headband and an arm sleeve because they wanted that same piece of swag that Allen Iverson wore.

When a professional wrestler makes his or her entrance that is their opportunity to make their first impression to the audience. For many people sitting in the arena it is their first time seeing that wrestler. Think of mom or dad who was dragged out of the house because they promised their child that they would take them to the show if they brought home a good report card.

When a wrestler has a piece of swag with them, it can instantly make that person become your favourite. Growing up watching WWE Superstars, it was every kids dream to be in the front row and hope they would be the one who received the pink shades from the Hitman. For some wrestlers, their swag makes their gimmick. Would you really believe Razor Ramon was "oozing in machismo" if he didn’t have the chains to go with his swagger? You may not realize how many different wrestlers had extra swag to edify their characters. Here are some of the top 15 coolest pieces of swag in professional wrestling history.

15 Junkyard Dog’s Collar and Chains

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Junkyard Dog was one of the most lovable characters in WWE during the '80s. Many would say he was more popular than the immortal Hulk Hogan himself. He began his career in the Mid-South territory. This is where he became known for the chain and collar. JYD’s swag compliments him very well because like a dog, it would take a lot to make him feel pain. Every dog needs a chain and a collar, it’s the law.

14 Hercules' Chain


Hercules began wearing a chain and that piece of swag allowed him to reprogram the fans. He floated around the mid-card when he arrived in the WWE. After his initial manager, Classy Freddie Blassie retired, Slick would take over the managerial services of Hercules, before his contract was sold to Bobby the Brain Heenan. After joining Heenan and adding the chain, Hercules found himself in the main event picture with Hogan.

13 Double J's Flashy Hats and Glasses


Jeff Jarrett made his WWE debut in 1993. His character then was a country music singer who was going to use the WWE in order to elevate his career. When Double J entered the ring, he had a country music theme along with a hat and flashy sun glasses. What is a country music singer without a hat. Jeff Jarrett eventually dropped the country music gimmick before heading but would continue to use a guitar as both an accessory and weapon throughout his career.

12 Jerry Lawler’s Crown


Jerry “The King” Lawler is one of the most decorated champions in history. But without his crown, to some fans he is just another wrestler turned broadcaster. He originally got the name because he is known as the King of Memphis wrestling. Every week at the broadcast booth and to this day, Jerry Lawler carries his crown. It must be good to be King. Lawler is no doubt on of the most respected wrestlers of all time and maintains a legacy like no other.

11  11. Alberto Del Rio's Towel


When Alberto Del Rio arrived to the WWE, he reminded a lot of people of a Mexican Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. He was an arrogant, aristocrat who bragged about his riches. He sported a different car every week and as he approached the ring, he was swagged out with a white towel. The towel may not seem like something that one would associate with swag, but wearing it the way a rich man can, elevates one to an entire different level of swag.

10  10. Bad News Brown's Glove


Before the glove "did not fit," there was a glove worn by one of the toughest men of the '80s. Bad News Brown. Who would really square up with a guy who looked angry all the time and only wore a black glove? If you do not think Bad News Brown was a legitimate tough guy, Dynamite Kid said he once demanded Andre the Giant to fight him one on one after Andre made a racial slur. Andre apologized. Bad News Brown not only had swag but also lived up to his name.

9 Chris Jericho’s Jacket


When Chris Jericho returned in 2012, he made a very unique entrance. For weeks, everyone was excited about the return of Y2J. As his music hit and he appeared through the curtain, the first thing fans saw was a light-up jacket. When he arrived to the ring, the only thing that spoke was the jacket as Jericho once again would reinvent himself and take his character in a new direction. The jacket remains part of Jericho's entrance and all around swagger.

8 Enzo Amore’s SAWFT Chain


He is a certified G and a Bona-fide Stud, and you can’t teach that. Enzo Amore is one of the most popular Superstars in NXT. Plain and simple if you want to be taken serious as a certified G, you have to have some sort of swag. For Amore, it is his SAWFT chain. His chain reminds his opponents that they are a not certified G's because they are simply, S-A-W-F-T. Along with Big Cass and Carmella, Amore is part of one of, if not the most popular tag teams not in WWE.

7 Sasha Banks' Rings


What lady does not appreciate a ring? With the way she walks, the way she talks, and the attention she commands when she is in the ring, Sasha Banks lets everyone know that she’s a Legit Boss, wearing one ring stating "LEGIT" and another stating "BOSS." Any fan of hers would instantly feel like they have her swag whenever they wear one of these. Sasha Banks owns this distinction as she has become one of the best Divas of the current generation. The former NXT Women's Champion is hopefully on her way to the top of the WWE Divas division.

6 Tyler Breeze Selfie Stick


Tyler Breeze is a new comer to the WWE main roster, but he has not failed to make an impression with the fans. He calls himself  the "King of Cuteville." Anyone who prides themselves on their looks constantly looks in the mirror. When Lex Luger was nicknamed the "Narcissist, he took mirror with him to ring and looked at his body to reassure himself that he was still looking good. With modern technology, Tyler Breeze uses a selfie stick to look at himself in a phone before wrestling. And when the match is over, his opponent may feel the pleasure of joining him in a selfie. Clearly there is nothing that can compliment Breeze better than a selfie stick.

5 Triple H's WrestleMania Swag


Every WrestleMania, Triple H gives fans a memorable entrance. Whether he is seated at his throne wearing a crown, or dressed as the terminator, you can always be sure that Triple H’s WrestleMania swag will be on point. He is "The Game" and "The Cerebral Assassin" and on WrestleMania Sunday, Triple H's swag is turned up 10 notches. While Triple H is not the only WWE Superstar to customize their entrance at WrestleMania, his are unforgettable.

4 John Cena's Chain


Before John Cena was known for having a t-shirt in every color, he was the "Doctor of Thuganomics." Cena would battle rap his opponents before entering the ring, and he possessed a chain to help solidify his Doctorate degree. He was also the leader of the Chain Gang as every fan who was a member had chain. Cena has since left behind this gimmick to become the biggest wrestling star in the world and while many member of the Chain Gang have turned on Cena, the chain itself remains a nice piece of swag.

3 Razor Ramon’s Gold Chains


When Scott Hall debuted in WWE, he portrayed a Cuban bully similar to characters Tony Montana and Manny Ribera from Scarface. He pitched these ideas to Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson and was called a genius. Truth be told, neither had seen the movie. He would go by the name of Razor Ramon. Ramon entered the ring wearing long gold chains. Each time he gave the chains to the timekeeper, he would say, “If something happens to this, something will happen to you.” Wearing his hair slicked back and always tossing his toothpick in his opponent’s face, it was very fitting that he wore gold chains to show everyone that he had swag.

2 Bret Hart’s Glasses


Bret "Hitman” Hart always prided himself on being "the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be" when it comes to wrestling. But he had a piece of swag that everyone wanted, his signature pink sunglasses. He wore them in all his interviews and as he entered the ring. Before every match, he would step out of the ring and hand his glasses to the lucky kids on the front row. If a fan was lucky enough to get tickets on the front row near the television camera, then they had a chance.

1 Ric Flair’s Robes


Ric Flair was a rolex wearin’, diamond ring wearin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, son of a gun. He may be considered the greatest wrestler of all-time. While that statement is not far fetched when it comes to his in-ring work, but his ability to entertain you before and after his match has a lot to do with it as well.

When Ric Flair entered the arena, he immediately got your attention with his gaudy robes. There is only one word that could describe that, SWAG! Whether you would wear them or not, when Flair’s music hit, you could not wait to see what color robe he would be sporting. And as he approached the ring, even if they were booing, the entire arena would be left in awe as his robes shined bright.

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Top 15 Coolest Pieces of Wrestling Swag