Top 15 Craziest Wrestlers of All Time

You have to be a certain type of person to want to get slammed on a wrestling mat every night of the week; it takes a special dedication to pain, that some may call a little crazy.

Crazy is pretty relative to the person that you are talking to, but in the world of professional wrestling, insanity is mostly defined as a deranged aggression in some area. As you will read on in this article, that area of derangement will vary from having too much fun, to popping eyeballs out of someone’s socket. These two examples sound like pretty good in-ring gimmicks, but we are actually referring to things that happened outside the ring.

It really should come as no surprise that there are so many real life nut jobs in wrestling, as most of these athletes are in between visits to concussion city. Now keep in mind that some of the people who have been entered onto this list aren’t bad guys, in fact some are considered generally good at heart, just unable to shake the crazy man persona, leading some to even adopt it into their wrestling gimmick.

Today however we will be staying away from gimmicks, and just focusing on the people behind the scenes and their notoriety in the wrestling community. Reputations covered today will generally include paranoia, tough guys, loud mouths, dangerous workers, bad decisions and lunatics.

As a reminder, this list will not include workers who did crazy things in the ring, so Foley, Funk, Sabu, and The Sheik will not be on here. These are all real life accounts that have been witnessed by at least one person according to sources.

As always feel free to comment below and let us know who exactly we may have forgotten on this list of the top 15 craziest wrestlers of all time.

16 15. Hulk Hogan


The Immortal Hulk Hogan should have gone down as the greatest wrestling star of all time, after his successful run through three decades in the wrestling industry. Instead of protecting a legacy that should have been solidified, Hogan made the crazy choices to keep exposing himself more and more over the years.

15 14. Scott Steiner


14 13. Harley Race


The first commandment of professional wrestling is “Thou shalt not mess with Harley Race”. Even at his older age Race is still considered one of the craziest professional wrestlers alive. Ric Flair tells a story about Race finding out that Vince McMahon was entering his NWA territory back in the 80s.

13 12. Scott Hall


We are going to see all kinds of crazy on this list today, Scott Hall is on here for being crazy enough to wrestle under the influence of multiple substances at once. Hall has made no attempt to hide his struggles with prescription drug and alcohol abuse over his career and has now fully admitted that he was toasted during most of his run at WCW.

12 11. Iron Sheik


Sometime life imitates art, with wrestlers especially falling victim to the difficult task of separating their in-ring persona from their real life personality. The Iron Sheik has walked this blurred line for quite some time, often living in an outrageous style that can’t be real...right?

To be fair, the former Iranian soldier is from the old school of kayfabe and he may be playing off the fact that people think he is actually nuts. Since starting a Twitter account, the Sheik has made some outrageous statements, that are so crazy a list could be made just highlighting his most outrageous tweets.

11 10. Andre the Giant


10 9. The Ultimate Warrior


We all know that The Ultimate Warrior had one of the most bizarrely captivating characters in all of wrestling, but the man who played him also had some pretty weird moments. First off after legally changing his name to Warrior, the former World Champion jumped ship to WCW and demanded creative control of his contract. With that control he created a storyline that was so ridiculous and cartoony, that the adult demographic wanted no parts of it.

In addition to his wrestling antics, Warrior was outspoken about his views on the universe and the world. He even claimed that losing New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina would help to get rid of a city that “was nothing more than a pornographic cesspool of decadence and depravity.”

9 8. Sycho Sid


It makes sense that a guy whose first name is Sycho, may not be the most balanced individual in the world. Whether you know him as Sid Justice, Sid Vicious, or Sycho Sid, it doesn’t change the fact that the man viciously delivered justice to Arn Anderson like a psycho (see what I did there), nearly beating him to death during the 90s.

8 7. Macho Man


Ohhh Yeah! The Macho Man Randy Savage rivaled Hulk Hogan’s iconic status for most of the 80s and 90s, with his athletic style and off the wall personality, he was the perfect counterbalance to Hogan. Savage however had some personal demons that plagued him until shortly before his death, and some of the stories that surround him are pretty nutty.

7 6. Vince McMahon


6 5. Ric Flair


Apparently Ric Flair liked to party...a lot. The Nature Boy is legendary when it comes to stories of partying all night, and then wrestling all day. By most accounts the 16 time World Champion didn’t sleep, despite being the first one in the building and the last one to leave it.

5 4. Jesse Ventura



Since leaving the world of professional wrestling, Jesse Ventura has done pretty well for himself. Besides serving as a Governor for the state of Minnesota, Ventura has also become one of the most respected figures in the conspiracy community.

3 3. Buzz Sawyer

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

There is only folklore that surrounds the life of Buzz Sawyer, with him being characterized as a crazy person inside and outside of the ring. The former Mid-South Heavyweight champion was into some wild things, like starting fights with police officers outside of bars while on drugs. Speaking of drugs, Sawyer was also allegedly involved with drug smuggling during the height of his career in the early 90s.

2 2. Haku


1 1. New Jack


As always, when New Jack is mentioned a disclaimer is needed: New Jack if you are reading this I am not disrespecting you, I am stating facts.

ECW Original New Jack has always been polarizing to say the least, as most opponents didn’t know what they were going to be getting when facing off against the controversial figure.

There are countless tales of New Jack starting real fights in the middle of matches, such as his shoot hardcore match with Gypsy Joe in 2003. The former ECW Tag Team Champion absolutely destroyed Joe, with multiple weapons and then his fists until the crowd had enough and broke up the match. This is just one of many stories involving New Jack taking liberties with other performers, and isn't as bad as him bringing a knife in the ring and stabbing his opponents... yeah that really happened.

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Top 15 Craziest Wrestlers of All Time