Top 15 Creepiest WWE Moments of All Time

The WWE has provided its fans with many things over the years; some good and others bad but nevertheless, they always managed to deliver.

From pulling at heartstrings to igniting rage. From causing laughter to causing outright confusion. There is no doubt that the WWE knows how to reach its audience on an emotional level – a connection is made between fans and performers alike – something in which an unspoken, distant bond is formed. The fans do not know these entertainers on a personal level but each any every week for a few short hours, they feel as though they do – that they are somehow akin.

However, every now and then fans are provided with the pleasure of being completely creeped out by WWE programming – in a good way. Then, of course, there are times when fans are completely creeped out in a bad way. This list will examine some of the creepiest moments the WWE has ever produced – for better or worse.

Keep in mind as we go along that the number of creepy moments ever witnessed on WWE television far exceeds our number of fifteen but to attempt to list everything creepy that has ever come from the product could drive a man mad. This list is a valiant attempt at listing off some of those moments without being too tight about the topic (In reality, we can fill this list with Undertaker moments alone, but we are not here to do that today)

Today, we will showcase some moments that have gone down in WWE infamy and some that fans may tend to repress. This article will include everything from a grotesque birth to the death of a mop. The ridicule of J.R and some strange happenings with a mannequin.

These are the top 15 creepiest WWE moments:

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15 CM Punk Sings "Happy Birthday"

I know that someone singing “Happy Birthday” may not seem all that creepy, but when you watch CM Punk sing the song to the daughter of Rey Mysterio, you will understand.

The build-up for WrestleMania XXVI was underway and CM Punk was trying to get Rey Mysterio to agree to a match at the big event. On an episode of SmackDown, Mysterio and his family were all out in the ring to celebrate his daughter Aaliyah's ninth birthday. Which is when Punk and his Straight Edge Society made their way down to the ring, crashing the celebration. Punk's taunting of Mysterio was great (as his mic work always was) but his rendition of “Happy Birthday” as the family exited up the ramp was definitely creepy – especially since Mysterio's daughter looked genuinely frightened.

14 John Cena Meets The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman made his WWE debut in 2005 and was a completely creeped-out character from the start – often found in unsuspected places backstage and reciting nursery rhymes before smashing a clock over his head.

The worm-eating, superstar-terrorizing, nightmare-inducing Boogeyman perhaps had his most famous creep-out with John Cena on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Cena, who had been feuding with Kurt Angle, was backstage finding out what people thought of the Olympic Gold Medalist when he opened a random door and met The Boogeyman in the most peculiar of ways.

13 Raven Kills Moppy

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It's hard to think about Perry Saturn and not think about that damn mop. Saturn's infatuation with “Moppy,” should qualify as creepy enough for this list on its own but it was the death of Saturn's beloved mop that was even more weird.

Raven, a superstar who was never quite given his rightful dues in WWE, was the man who had the pleasure of putting an end to the young life of Saturn's young mop-wife when he decided to destroy the mop – and that's what made the death of Moppy more creepy than her life … a man murdered a mop … a mop!

12 Kane Sets J.R. on Fire

In 2003, “The Big Red Machine,” Kane was afforded an opportunity to become World Heavyweight Champion when he faced-off against Triple H in a championship match on Monday Night Raw. The stipulation being, if Kane lost he would be forced to unmask – which is exactly what happened.

The unmaking of Kane made him more deranged and psychotic tham he had previously been perceived. In an interview with Jim Ross, shortly after the revealing of his face, Kane became agitated with Ross and eventually attacked him and set him on fire in a horrendous and creepy segment.

11 Big Show Goes Coffin-Surfing

This was unsettling to watch as a young high school student. The Big Show/Big Boss Man feud that incorporated the death of Show's father was one of those boundary-pushing storylines from the Attitude Era. 

When Boss Man interrupted a ten-bell salute with an offensive poem about Show and his father, the heat was on for this feud. However, that disrespectful interruption would be nothing compared to the Boss Man showing up at the funeral and essentially stealing the coffin which was supposed to be holding the body of Show's late father. The end result; Big Show body-surfing the coffin as Boss Man tolled it away.

10 Al Snow Eats his Dog

You may remember ECW alumni Al Snow best for Head – his artificial head that served as some sort of confidant. In 1999, when Head was impaled by a spike and taken out of his life, Snow found a new confidant in a Chihuahua named Pepper.

In another twisted storyline involving Big Boss Man (he was messed up during his second stint in WWE), Pepper was kidnapped by the former prison guard. When Boss Man refused to return the dog, he invited Snow to his hotel room on an episode of SmackDown to discuss the situation. Boss Man then served Snow a meal which Snow began to enjoy until Boss Man revealed that Snow was in fact eating his little dog Pepper.

9 Mankind Vignettes

Mick Foley has become one of the most lovable men in all of professional wrestling. His warm spirit is contagious and its hard to dislike Mick. However, Foley has managed to make a career out of the creepy and unstable having introduced the WWE audience to one of its most eccentric characters ever in Mankind.

Mankind eventually became a huge success with the fans and the initial fear that came along with him tended to fade, but it was early on in his WWE run when Mankind was as creepy as anybody that had ever come along. The original vignettes that played on television featured a tortured man with a broken soul, almost in tears, and squealing over his pet rat.

8 Dr. Heiney

The legendary Jim Ross, viewed by many as the greatest announcer of all time, has experienced a great deal of ridicule over the years. From mockery on WCW television to being degraded by his own employer, Vince McMahon.

When it was discovered that Ross had a serious issue with his colon and required surgery, McMahon saw this as an opportunity to once again get a cheap laugh at Ross' expense. Thus, viewers were introduced to “Dr. Heiney.” This skit in which the doctor proceeded to extract at least a dozen items from the supposed colon of Jim Ross was neither funny nor amusing. The only thing it managed to prove was that Vince McMahon has some creepy thought processes.

7 Wedding Gift Snake

Damien the python was often a central figure in storylines and matches involving Jake “The Snake” Roberts, but Damien once served as a wedding gift to “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

Roberts who had been involved in a feud with Macho Man had decided to bestow upon the newlywed couple a most unusual gift. When Miss Elizabeth opened a package and a live snake emerged the terror ensued – add in The Undertaker attacking Macho Man and then Roberts handling the live snake and pointing it towards Miss Elizabeth and there you have one very creepy moment.

6 Papa Shango Places a Curse on Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior was always great for unusual and unexpected segments. Who can forget his “crash the plane” promo on Hulk Hogan in the lead to their famous championship match? Probably one of the strangest promos of all time but we're here to talk about creepy…

Papa Shango, the witch doctor of the WWE, was clearly one creepy individual. When Shango placed a “curse” on The Ultimate Warrior, it lead to Warrior falling off the ring apron, riving in pain, and clutching at his abdomen while Shango performed an awkward dance/ritual. Backstage, and doing some overtly dramatic acting, Warrior was seen regurgitating on a member of the WWE medical staff.

5 Castration of Val Venis

Once again, the Attitude Era provides us with another entry on our list, with the attempted castration of Val Venis back in 1998 at the hands of Kaientai.

The angle was weird from the get go, as Venis was portrayed to be having an affair with the wife of Yamaguchi-San, the manager of Kaientai. Thus leading the enraged man to seek his revenge on Venis. This resulted in the chopping of a salami and the infamous line: “I choppy choppy your pee pee.” Creepy! Anyhow, Val Venis survived the ordeal unscathed and fully in tact.

4 Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand

The late Mae Young, a pioneer of women's wrestling, was once involved in an on-screen relationship with “Sexual Chocolate,” Mark Henry. Yes, that relationship was creepy enough but it progressed into Young and Henry expecting a child.

What happened next was shocking and surreal. Mae Young went into labor on an episode of Raw and the world awaited the arrival of this new bundle-of-joy. Well, when the “baby' was delivered, it turned out be nothing more than a bloodied hand – disgusting and creepy.

3 Bray Wyatt and the Children's Choir

This next entry came from earlier this year. That's right, creepy things are still happening in WWE. Although, this was not just creepy, it was also downright awesome.

Bray Wyatt and John Cena were involved in a heated feud and while Cena attempted to ignore and shake-off the mind games of Wyatt, one Monday night on Raw, Wyatt brought mind games to a whole new level, as he led a choir of children to the ring singing “He's Got The Whole World in His Hands,” to John Cena who, as we all know, is a hero among children. The scene became even more eerie when the lights went out, only to flick back on and reveal the children dawning sheep masks and surrounding the ring.

2 The Unholy Wedding

As I mentioned in the intro, this list could have contained moments exclusive to the career of The Undertaker. So, trying to narrow it down and choose his creepiest moment was rather difficult but we have decided to go with “The Unholy Wedding.”

In 1999, The Undertaker had kidnapped Stephanie McMahon in an attempt to make her his bride (this was another creepy but awesome segment). Stephanie was tied down to a cross while Paul Bearer had the honors of officiating for the unholy couple. Meanwhile, Ken Shamrock and Big Show both tried their best to save the boss' daughter but were unsuccessful. Enter “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who cleaned house and managed to rescue a frightened Stephanie.

1 Triple H and Katie Vick

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The year was 2002 in WWE. The Monday Night War was over. The Attitude Era had come and gone and WWE was now in a state of transition.

Triple H was World Heavyweight Champion and in the midst of a feud involving Kane. During this encounter, The Game would dig up a dark secret from Kane's past involving a woman named Katie Vick, accusing Kane of having a 'relationship' with her corpse following her sudden and tragic death.

Where did this all lead? To a video of Triple H dressed as Kane simulating the act of necrophilia with a mannequin in a casket presumed to be the woman in question. This moment was beyond creepy.

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