Top 15 Current Couples WWE Wants You To Ignore

WWE couples have become quite popular all over the company with many even becoming couples after their stints in WWE.

Since 2013 Total Divas and then the spin-off Total Bella concentrated on couples in WWE including Nikki Bella and John Cena, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, John Laurinaitis and Kathy Colace, Natalya and Tyson Kidd, The Miz and Maryse, Naomi and Jimmy Uso, Renne Young and Dean Ambrose, Rusev and Lana, and Eva Marie and Jonathan.

The sheer number of couples in WWE right now is incredible. It could be argued that there is definitely something in the water, but for every couple that WWE promotes, there are many couples who are together that don't get enough of a spotlight as other pairs do.

Some of these couples are together over different promotions, so some are now TNA or independent wrestlers while their spouse remains with WWE. And in some cases both have actually left the company. Either way, here are 15 couples that WWE rarely promotes that deserve some time in the spotlight themselves.

15 Aiden English And Shaul Guererro

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The oldest daughter of former WWE Champion Eddie Guererro and former Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero was once signed to WWE and was performing on its NXT brand. It was during this time back in 2012, that Shaul met one-half of The Vaudevillians Aiden English. Shaul didn't stay in WWE for very long and after a long absence while she was attending school, WWE officially released her from the company in April 2014.

Despite leaving the company Shaul and Aiden became engaged in December 2014. Aiden continues to perform for the company as part of The Vaudevillians and the couple decided to officially marry in January 2016. Given that Shaul is from a wrestling family, she will fully understand Aiden's current schedule whilst she continues to perform on the independent circuit.

14 Wesley Blake And Sara Lee

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Wesley Blake was one a part of NXT Tag Team Championship winning duo Blake and Murphy whie Sara Lee was the female winner of WWE's Tough Enough revamp back in 2015.

Sara was awarded a one-year contract with WWE and began to train to be a wrestler at the Performance Centre. It was here that Sara met Wesley Blake and the couple first began dating. The couple were very private about their relationship while they were dating, but the exact same day that Sara was released after her year-long contract in October last year, she announced that she was expecting her first child and that Wesley was the father. Blake has remained signed to NXT since Sara's departure and the couple remains together awaiting the arrival of their first child.

13 Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore is currently performing on Monday Night Raw along with Big Cass. Meanwhile, Liv Morgan is down in NXT making a name for herself in the Women's Division. It was reported, though, that it was Enzo who actually got Liv her WWE try-out and the couple have been dating since she joined WWE.

Enzo has often talked about how he was never in an actual relationship until he was 28-years-old and that his current girlfriend changed his whole philosophy. He has never named Liv as his girlfriend because he prefers it to remain private, but there are many photos of the couple online that show that there is obviously a lot of chemistry between them. Morgan and Amore continue to perform on separate brands but still manage to find time to spend together.

12 Bayley And Aaron Solow

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Bayley is the current Raw Women's Champion and a former NXT Women's Champion. But for the entire time she has been wrestling for WWE, she has been in a relationship with Independent Wrestler and referee Aaron Solow. Aaron has tried out for WWE many times and even auditioned for Tough Enough back in 2015, but he wasn't chosen as a finalist.

Aaron was even named as an alternative for the Cruiserweight Classic a few years ago, but he was never needed to be part of the event. So he has never been seen on WWE TV. Instead, Bayley attends Independent events to support Aaron whilst he works on being signed by WWE. The couple announced in November last year that they had taken their relationship to the next level and decided to become engaged.

11 Sasha Banks And Sarath Ton

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Sasha Banks is one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE right now. She is a former Raw Women's Champion and a former NXT Women's Champion, and in August last year, she broke a lot of male hearts when it was announced that she had married her long-time boyfriend Sarath Ton.

Sasha and Sarath have been dating for many years and Sarath is a former NXT Superstar himself. After suffering an injury at an NXT Live Event a few years ago Sarath decided to take a back seat to wrestling and instead was hired as WWE's seamstress when Sandra decided to retire back in 2015. Sarath has been making Sasha's ring attire throughout her career and even made Paige's first WWE ring attire, so it was an easy change for him.

10 Cody And Brandi Rhodes 

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Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi had a stint in WWE together while Brandi worked as a ring announcer and Cody was one of WWE's Superstars. Brandi did have a short career as a wrestler before the company decided that she was better off with a microphone.

The couple married back in 2013 but they were never seen together in WWE. It was only when Cody announced the winner of the first Dusty Rhodes Classic that his wife was allowed to stand by his side. Since Cody and Brandi left WWE they have begun conquering the Independent Circuit as a duo and even had a short stint in TNA. It seems as though they are having a much better time performing together than they ever did apart in WWE.

9 Tyler Breeze And Ashley Miller

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Tyler Breeze currently performs on the SmackDown brand as part of BreezAngo along with Fandango. And it was thought that Prince Pretty was overlooked a lot during his time in NXT, but it seems that what he lacked in career pushes, he made up for by meeting his future wife.

Tyler and Ashley met when they were both working in NXT and is a former FCW Women's Champion. She wrestled the likes of Bayley and Sasha Banks during her time in NXT but was released back in 2013. Since then Ashley has made a name for herself on the Independent scene and married Tyler Breeze back in September last year. Tyler continues to perform for WWE while his wife continues to work for promotions outside of the company after her stint didn't go according to plan.

8 Mickie James And Magnus

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Mickie James has recently made her return to WWE to help to revamp their current SmackDown Women's Division. Mickie had been away from WWE for more than five years and a lot of things have changed for the Virginia native. Mickie was once in a relationship with Kenny Dykstra, but when that ended and she left WWE, she moved to TNA where she met Magnus.

The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Donovan Patrick back in September 2014, before they then became engaged in December the same year and married on New Year's Eve in 2015. Magnus and Mickie have since left TNA and Magnus now continues to work on the Independent circuit completing and continuing many dates that Mickie had once agreed to before she re-signed with WWE.

7 Edge And Beth Phoenix

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Former WWE Women's Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix and Edge didn't look like the likeliest couple during their time together in WWE. But it seems that all this changed after the duo were no longer contracted to the company.

Beth left WWE back in September 2012 and announced the arrival of her first child, Lyric Rose in December 2013. Their second daughter Ruby Ever was born a few years later in May 2016 before the couple finally decided it was time to tie the knot on October 30th, 2016, the same day that Edge turned 43. Beth Phoenix is rumored to be the female entrant in this year's Hall of Fame class, so this could become a couple of Hall of Famers in the very near future.

6 Tommaso Ciampa And Jessie Ward

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Tommaso Ciampa is a former NXT Tag Team Champion and a well-known Independent wrestler. He has been successful during his time with WWE and even had a standout match with his current NXT Tag Team partner as part of the Cruiserweight Classic.

Tommaso is married to former WWE employee and Tough Enough contestant Jessie Ward. Jessie took part in the second season of Tough Enough but opted to leave the competition after she was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope, which caused numbness in her hands and legs when taking bumps. She was hired by WWE in 2002 and worked as a stage manager before leaving to finish her degree. She has since moved into working on television shows and briefly worked for TNA back in 2005. She married Ciampa back in September 2013 after a few years of dating.

5 John Matthews And Madison Rayne

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Madison Rayne is a former TNA Knockout's Champion. whilst Josh Mathews was once part of WWE's backstage broadcast team. Mathews left WWE in 2014 and then became a commentator for TNA, which is where he first met Madison.

Madison was married when first met Josh and gave birth to her first child back in 2013. Rayne later divorced her first husband and began dating Josh, the couple married in August 2015 when he daughter was just two years old. Josh became her stepfather following the marriage. Madison was recently unveiled as the newest member of TNA's creative team after she replaced Christy Hemme when she left last year whilst Josh continues to commentate for TNA at all of their live events along with fellow former WWE star Elijah Burke.

4 Emma And Zack Ryder

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Emma has just debuted her new character Emmalina on WWE TV, before insisting that he will be Emma once again. Meanwhile, Zack has just undergone shoulder surgery, after finally reaching the point in WWE where the fans were taking him seriously.

Even though Emma currently performs on the Raw brand and Zack is over on SmackDown the couple has been together officially now since January 2016 and they aren't allowing the time apart to effect them. Emma has just returned from back surgery herself so while Zack is recovering, she has also been away from WWE TV which means that they have been able to spend a lot of time together lately. With another WWE Draft happening next year, the couple will be hoping that they are drafted together this time.

3 Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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The former SmackDown Women's Champion and the former NXT Tag Team Champion don't look like they would make a functional couple off screen, but it seems that Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy have managed to make their relationship work.

The couple was put together in NXT when Alexa managed Blake and Murphy to Tag Team gold, she was then promoted to the main roster without them and the team is now no longer together. Even though these two no longer work together, it seems that they still find the time to travel and hang out, because it was announced in January earlier this year that Buddy and Alexa are now engaged. It will be interesting to see if Buddy will be one of the chosen members of NXT to be promoted to the main roster later this year.

2 Maria Kanellis And Mike Bennett

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Maria was part of the 2006 Diva Search and then signed to WWE as a backstage interviewer. She was never given a lot of wrestling training and wasn't pushed hard as a wrestler during her time in WWE, but she did date the likes of CM Punk and John Cena while she was part of the company.

Since her release, she has become the First Lady of Ring of Honor, which is where she met Mike Bennett before the couple joined TNA together and Maria is now considered to be the First Lady of TNA. Maria has come a long way since her days in WWE and she married Mike in October 2014. There have been rumors that Maria could be set to rejoin WWE, but only time will tell.

1 Johnny Gargano And Candice LeRae

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Johnny Gargano is a former NXT Tag Team Champion and often known as 'Johnny Wrestling' by the WWE Universe. Candice Le Rae is one of the hottest female wrestling talents on the Independent Circuit and has actually wrestled her husband on many different occasions. Candice has become well known as a female who fights men on regular occasions and most of the time it gets quite violent.

Candice and Johnny had been dating for many years and performing at all different levels before they finally tied the knot at Disneyland in September 2016. Johnny later shared a video of all the male attendants at his wedding performing a slightly embarrassing mash-up dance. It is thought that Candice will someday make it to WWE, then both she and her husband will be performing for the same company.

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