Top 15 Current Divas We Wish Had Posed For Playboy

Notice the specificity of the title. "We Wish Would Pose" is necessary because in a few more short months, Playboy magazine will not longer feature fully nude women. Furthermore, WWE no long allows Divas to do such things after a slight re-branding back in the late 2000s. Other companies are switching gears to, trying to keep up with Playboy changing their own game. Starbucks is going to now sell vacuum cleaners and Chevrolet is no longer going to produce trucks, but will now be opening up a chain of grocery stores. Alright, those two are jokes, but Playboy not showing fully nude women is kind of ridiculous. I mean, after all, it became famous for satisfying that very niche.

But the change for Playboy makes sense. Men can now type a few words into a search engine and see infinitely dirtier things than the magazine can offer. The publication will still feature gorgeous women, but with slightly more clothing. In short, it sounds like Playboy will now be a high-brow Maxim. No offense to Maxim, but be real, we all read their publication in junior high.

With regard to the world of wrestling, there was a pseudo tradition between 1999 and about 2008 during which the beautiful women of wrestling posed for the magazine. Sable was the first, back in 1999 (twice), followed by Chyna (also twice for some reason, this is before her brief adult career), Torrie Wilson (again, twice), then Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro and finally Maria Kanellis in 2008. The main reason for the end of the Divas posing nude is the fact that the WWE has tried to enlarge their fanbase to a younger crowd, especially those too young to read such a publication. In short, it's a PG product now.

It's been years since a WWE diva has posed for the magazine, but we had fond memories and many fans held high hopes. Alas, unless another publication starts getting the lovely ladies of wrestling to disrobe and WWE backs off on the whole "PG thing," we may never again get to enjoy a golden age of Diva nudity like we did in the past. Here are fifteen current Divas we'd love to see pose nude. If we left anyone out or you don't like the ordering, you can let us know in the comments but we might not see it because we're too busy looking at hot divas. We'll include NXT divas because, why not?

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15 Eva Marie 

via diva-dirt.com

The stunning Californian redhead starts our list off and while she's appeared in Maxim, that is nowhere near enough. She's also done plenty of modeling and fitness-related shoots, and showed off plenty, but there is a big, devastating line between nudity and near-nudity. She's been with WWE since 2013, One of the most popular babes on Total Divas has been dropping jaws and making wrestling fans fall in love for two years now, and a playboy shoot would have them running to the stands.

14 Naomi 

via fanpop.com

Another featured member of Total Divas, Naomi has been with WWE for over five years and started with NXT back in 2010. Prior to her career in wrestling she was a dancer for the Orlando Magic and several high-profile rappers, among them Flo-Rida. The former Funkadactyl married Jonathan Fatu back in early 2014, but we still have hope that someway she'll pose nude. Who knows, crazier things have happened.

13 Asuka  

via WWE.com

The wrestler formerly known in Japan as Kana, started working with NXT just a couple of months ago, but for those who have seen her in action, she is some kind of magnificent. She defeated Dana Brooke in early October during her debut match. Between the gorgeous body, pink hair and the outlandish outfits, there are plenty of reasons this NXT newcomer (though she's been wrestling for well over ten years and is in her mid thirties) is an absolute beauty.

12 Sasha Banks 

via wrestlingforum.com

After making a name for herself in smaller promotions around the New England area, Sasha Banks was brought on board in 2012. Three years with NXT saw her in some memorable matches against some of the other amazing ladies on this list. Early in 2015, she won the NXT Women's Championship before being brought up to the main WWE roster and having her debut back in the summer.

The flashy hair combined with one of the best bodies in the business make her an obvious choice for this list.

11 Natalya

via sportskeeda.com

The WWE's first third generation female wrestler, Natalya is a Hart (real name Natalie Neidhart, her mother married to Jim Neidhart), and is a granddaughter of Stu, the man who started it all. She's been wrestling for fifteen years and has been with the WWE since 2007. The fact that she has never posed nude is an affront to everything just and true in the world. That may be an overstatement, but you get the idea. She's got an amazing smile and an incredible, toned body that we wish she'd share with the world already.

10 Dana Brooke  

via kultureshocked.com

Before she became a wrestler, Dana Brooke had a bodybuilding career, worked as a fitness model, and trained extensively in gymnastics. It is safe to say that she is as flexible as she is strong. We like this, as it's pretty hard not to. Of the women against whom she competes in NXT, she is arguably one of the most toned and shows it off on the way into the ring.

9 Emma 

via fanpop.com

The gorgeous Aussie Emma is our number nine and she's known as much for actually wrestling as she is for her "dance moves." She was with NXT from 2012 until 2014 and was a regular until earlier in 2015 when she announced her return to NXT. The dance may be awkward but looking the way she does, Emma could probably kick a wall, chew tobacco, light us on fire and we'd still be fans.

8 Becky Lynch 

via rantsports.com

What's not to love about Becky Lynch? Beautiful eyes, a fit body, red hair (whether real or fake, who cares?) and that awesome Irish accent. Now 28 and living in the United States, she got her start back in Ireland at the age of just fifteen. She's been with the promotion for two years and only recently got her start with the main roster in July. There seems to be a bright future for Lynch in the promotion and we certainly hope so, as we love seeing her.

7 Alicia Fox

via youtube.com

Alicia Fox started her time with the WWE as a wedding planner who got involved with Edge before his wedding. That was eight years ago back in 2008. After a couple of years in the WWE's developmental system, she returned and in 2010, became the first African-American woman to win the Divas title. The rest is history. It has been suggested that she posed topless in past, before her time with WWE, but pictures are scarce and can't be confirmed.

6 Peyton Royce 

via forum.wrestlingfigs.com

A newcomer to the NXT scene, Peyton Royce started with the promotion earlier this year. She looks like more of a professional dancer than a wrestler, because she has had tons of formal dance training and has brought that seductive grace into the ring. She isn't one of the tallest divas in the business, but she still has some of the nicest legs we've ever seen, with a smile and a set of eyes to match. What are they putting in the water in Australia?

5 Summer Rae 

via bollyhollycelebs.com

A born athlete, Summer Rae has not only competed in pro wrestling, but played in the Lingerie Football League (now the Legends Football League). She's tough as nails but is as beautiful as they come, standing about 5'10, with unbelievable legs. She's been with the WWE's main roster since 2013 and was Fandango's dance partner for a while and has the reputation as a cunning, sharp character. Like every other woman on this list, we know how unlikely a nude shoot is, but that won't stop us from hoping.

4 Charlotte 

via fanpop.com

Another tall, gorgeous, blonde stunner, Charlotte is of course the daughter of Ric Flair and the current WWE Divas Champion. What is particularly impressive about her career is that she managed to rise through NXT and win the WWE Divas Championship in just over two years after signing with the promotion. A member who recently left her "PCB" stable is our number three.

3 Paige 

via trendviral.in

Paige was almost nude as part of a storyline earlier this year on Raw when the Bella Twins (spoiler alert, more on them later) took her clothes as a prank. Her family owned and ran a wrestling promotion in England in which she started competing when she was just thirteen years old. She's been in the business for about ten years and is one of the WWE's most beloved stars. She was the NXT Women's Champ and during her Raw debut in April of last year, she won the Divas' Championship from AJ Lee, who would win it back just a couple of months later.

Paige is a stunning woman whose dark makeup and dark hair add to her natural beauty. It'll never happen, but as I've said before, we're allowed to dream.

2 The Bella Twins 

via fanpop.com

It might seem like The Bella Twins just emerged on the scene, but they've been with the WWE since 2007 and Nikki Bella just became the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History. On top of that, there is no denying that Nikki and Brie are among the hottest women in the sport of wrestling. While they are under contract with WWE, there is no way either of these two will do any nude shoots,so, like with many other entries, all we can do is dream.

1 Alexa Bliss 

via WWE.com

The smallest member of our list, NXT star Alexa Bliss stands at just 5'1 and is billed as weighing just over 100 lbs. That's right, our number one is from the developmental program and hopefully that means she'll be around for a while.

There is something undeniably alluring about an athletic beauty who packs power and capability into such a small package. She's been into athletics all her life, playing baseball, cheerleading and has been a bodybuilder. While just about anyone who has ever looked at her wants to see everything she has going on, the best we have so far are bikini pics from her modeling days. Earlier this year some doctored photos circulated online briefly that were modified to look like her. She was not pleased (nor should she have been).

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