Top 15 Current Superstars Who Have NO Future In WWE

WWE is like a conveyor belt. Sadly that means that some stars quickly come to the end of their careers. And instead of being released from the company they are just left hanging around backstage and brought in every now and again as jobbers or talent enhancers.

With all the stars that WWE is creating in NXT and bringing up to the main roster, there have never been so many Superstars contracted to WWE at one time, which also includes the stars from 205 Live and the UK Tournament.

This means that for every NXT star that is called up to the main roster, there are stars who have been on the roster for a while that won't be used as much, which is slightly unfair, but it's a fact of life. Everyone is replaceable.

With the Brand Split, it has become more obvious who the people are that WWE doesn't want to use and the following list looks at just 15 of the current crop of stars that WWE obviously have no plans for moving forward. This may seem harsh, but as already mentioned WWE is a business and they will always do what's best for business when it comes down to it.

15 Summer Rae

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Summer Rae hasn't been seen on WWE TV now for more than a year. She was removed from Total Divas and was last actually mentioned when messages from former Raw General Manager Mick Foley and a fan were leaked. Mick talked about how Summer Rae wouldn't be able to be put in the position her fellow Women's wrestlers were in at that point with Hell in a Cell on the horizon.

It is thought that Summer has been cleared to return to WWE for a while now but the company has nothing for her. What makes matters even worse right now is that the Women's Tournament is happening in a month's time which means that there will be a lot more women in WWE taking up the spots soon.

14 Curt Hawkins

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Shelton Benjamin was the big signing for SmackDown Live following the Brand Split back in the summer of 2016. But when he suffered an injury that required surgery and plenty of time on the shelf, WWE called in former Tag Team Champion Curt Hawkins.

Hawkins agreed to return to the company and has somehow returned to the position where he is once again being used as a jobber. Hawkins hasn't won a match since he returned to WWE and was most recently defeated by Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw. He doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast. So, it begs the question: why did he decide to return and be humiliated in this way in the first place? Maybe the only one here who needs to "face the facts" is Curt Hawkins himself.

13 The Ascension

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It's hard to remember the time when The Ascension were the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions in history. Ever since they were promoted to the main roster they have been used as jobbers for every other tag team and their career reached an all-time low at Money in the Bank when they became the jobbers to a team of jobbers as they lost to Tyler Breeze and Fandango.

Ever since they were defeated by the legends on Monday Night Raw a few years ago, they have found it hard to climb their way back. The New Day and The Usos have the Tag Team Championship picture crowded so there is no way that the group are getting near that anytime soon, maybe a move over to Raw could help?

12 Darren Young

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"Make Darren Young Great Again." This was the tag line that Bob Backlund uttered when he and Darren Young were being used as part of the new initiative to push Young to the top where he feels he belongs, but where have they gone?

Darren Young hasn't been seen in a number of months and even when he was on WWE TV he wasn't getting the reaction that WWE wanted him to, which may be why they've decided to take him off. No one gets over with the WWE Universe by not being on TV. It was reported that he suffered an arm injury in January that has forced him out of action over the past few months but even before that he wasn't being used properly. Fingers crossed WWE has big plans for his return.

11 Aiden English

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Even when The Vaudevillians were still together it felt as though Simon Gotch and Aiden English were not going anywhere in WWE. They were drafted to SmackDown Live and didn't seem to make an impact at all so WWE moved on and left them behind. Since Simon Gotch has been released Aiden has gone back to his old opera gimmick from NXT which just doesn't seem right anymore.

Aiden has nothing left that the WWE Universe cares about. And moving forward there could be a fantastic NXT star that could take the spot that he currently has. Aiden could go back down to NXT and look at gimmicks on his own, but with the one he has now, he isn't going anywhere but down, further and further down the card. Until he's forgotten all over again.

10 Heath Slater

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When Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were released from WWE a few years ago, Heath Slater was the only member of 3MB left on WWE TV. It was thought that this was because he was the most promising star in the group. Now Jinder has returned and become WWE Champion and Drew is one of the biggest stars in NXT.

Heath has had a SmackDown Tag Team Championship run with Rhyno this past year, but other than that it seems as though Heath is now the only member of the group that hasn't progressed ever since they were a trio. Slater will never be thought of anything but a talent enhancer, which is sad because he is talented, but once WWE has labelled someone it's hard for them to get away from that.

9 Kane

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Kane wants to go into a career as a politician. Even he has decided that there is more to life that wrestling after his two-decade long career. It feels as though the bigger guys in WWE have been pushed to the side over the past few years and Kane has not been seen as a monster for a long time.

Kane is now just used for cheap pops and to put other stars over. Being part of The Authority completely ruined the monster that Daniel Bryan had helped create and now Kane has no way to bring that back. It could be time to call it a day. If The Undertaker is truly done now in WWE then maybe it could be a beautiful thing that the two men decide to bow out together.

8 Big Show

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Big Show has now been lowered to being accused of attacking Big Cass backstage when he actually attacked himself. There is room for Big Show and Big Cass to open up a feud since Enzo would be less than useless in a feud against his former friend. But where would that lead for Big Show? The next feud for Cass will be his first singles rivalry and Big Show will have to put him over.

It feels like the former World Champion has outstayed his welcome now and it's time to leave. It wasn't long ago that the WWE Universe were chanting "Please Retire" at the seven-foot giant. And while it's fantastic that he was able to get into such good shape recently, WWE ruined it with bad booking and now there's nothing left for him.

7 Erick Rowan

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The former member of The Wyatt Family was always the least relevant if you take the time to look back at the feuds between The Wyatt's and any of their most fierce rivals. Luke Harper was always going to use The Wyatt Family to prove that he could fight like a star who was much smaller than him while Bray Wyatt is now a former WWE World Champion and Braun Strowman is riding his new monster character to the main event picture.

Erick Rowan has nothing going forward and is now labelled as injury prone after being out of action a number of times. He couldn't even get the better of Luke Harper in their feud which made no sense but was entertaining none the less. It is hard to see Rowan being given anything decent moving forward on WWE TV.

6 Mark Henry

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Mark Henry is in the same class as Big Show and Kane when it comes to retiring. Some of these stars are considered legends in WWE and retirement does seem harsh but at some point, it's time for everyone to be replaced, that's the way wrestling works.

Mark Henry hasn't been relevant for a long time. He just pops up when he's needed to be an added partner or just to job out to someone. He isn't the feared World Strongest Man that he was when he was feuding with Batista all those years ago. His time has passed and the longer he stays in WWE the more he tarnishes the legacy that he is trying to leave behind. He is a sure-fire Hall of Famer someday, which is enough for most stars in WWE.

5 Emma

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The former NXT star had been out of action for a long time following a back injury that required surgery. She then returned as Emmalina, a character that didn't seem to work for her despite months of build up to her debut.

Emma was then forced to turn back into Emma and has since been used as a jobber on WWE TV. She was easily pinned by Nia Jax on Raw this past week and it seems as though Dana Brooke is in a better spot than Emma right now. It is going to be taught for her to come back from the issues she had in recent years but with the Raw Women's Division currently the way it is, Emma doesn't stand a chance of ever being pushed towards a championship.

4 The Undertaker

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The Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 and left the Camping World Stadium without his famous entrance attire since he left it in the middle of the ring. This was thought to have signified that The Undertaker had retired as he left to have hip surgery but now there are rumours that The Undertaker could be returning for another match.

In honesty, The Undertaker should never have returned after his loss to Brock Lesnar. Every match he has had since then has been pointless. Shane McMahon kept his job despite losing to The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell and Roman Reigns didn't deserve to retire The Deadman. Not to mention the fact that Bray Wyatt really needed that win at WrestleMania 31. It's time for Taker to hang up his boots and officially announce his retirement so the rumours will stop.

3 Rhyno

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It feels as though the former ECW star was only brought back to WWE to help Heath Slater to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The duo won them and Heath won a contract but it seems that ever since then, they have just been floating around the tag team division with no future goals in mind.

Rhyno just eats cheese and rarely gets a chance on the mic. If WWE decided to have another clear out like they usually do in the next few months then Rhyno would be top of that list. What really is he without Heath? Where would he fit in if WWE decided to allow Heath to go solo again? It just feels like he's been and done his job and now it's time for him to leave.

2 Enzo Amore

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Enzo and Cass themselves already admitted on the Stone Cold Podcast that Enzo was only signed to WWE because of his promo ability. Big Cass was always the better wrestler in their team and now that Enzo and Cass have split up, it's hard to see where Enzo will fit in on the Raw roster on his own.

Maybe he could slot into the Cruiserweight Division? WWE have rushed their break up and it seems that there are no options for Enzo moving forward because the creative team are only looking at Cass as the next big star. Enzo will become the next Bo Dallas or Curtis Axel by the time this feud is over while Cass will come out of it looking stronger than ever, because Enzo is no match for the seven-foot star.

1 Eva Marie

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There have been rumours lately that the self-proclaimed Red Queen could be set to return to WWE after almost a year out of action ever since she was suspended for 30 days for her first Wellness Policy Violation.

Eva came to WWE through the 2013 Diva Search. But the WWE Universe has failed to take to her as WWE exhausted all their options when it comes to her character and in-ring work. Eva has since begun a career in acting instead and currently has the same agent as The Rock. She is making a name for herself and looking at a different career path and the WWE Universe is absolutely fine with her disappearing from WWE TV and never coming back. So stop hinting at a return Eva and just announce your retirement from wrestling.

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