Top 15 Current Superstars Who Would Absolutely Suck as WWE Champion

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship title is the only major belt that a wrestler can win ever since they decided to combine the two previous major titles into one.

Because it's the one title that has a major name to it, the storylines and scripts have to be very delicate and careful as to which wrestlers they want to feud over the championship, and which ones to leave out.

So far, the Roman Reigns as WWE's new face concept has been a major disaster, with fans turning on him at the Royal Rumble. Even though he's been catapulted into the main event card, he's sucked as a World Heavyweight Champion/person chasing the title (now that Triple H regained it).

WWE has to learn from their mistake and make sure they don't book the wrong person to win it though. With ratings and fan interest in a shaky direction, any wrong booking will damage the revenue for the company.

Which is why we don't want any more Roman Reigns storylines (well I don't, anyway) as we prefer wrestlers like Triple H, Sheamus, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and others to fight for it.

So please, Vince McMahon, Authority, storyline writers, whoever is in charge of running the upcoming WrestleMania feuds and beyond, please just make sure your choice for World Champion makes sense and isn't a disappointment for fans.

Vince, if you're out there and reading this, take my advise and don't let any of these Superstars become World Champion. Trust me on this one.

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15 Sting

via ap.ign.com

Well, it would be nice and all if the Icon won his first championship in WWE, but that would have been a better idea 10 or 15 years ago.

Sting is now 56 years old and is very well on his last legs. With his recent neck injury, he may have one more match in him at best, but that's about it. Though it would have been nice for him to steal the gold from Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, it simply wouldn't have made sense.

The World Champion needs to be the headline of each show, and Sting isn't at that point anymore.

14 Kofi Kingston

via wrestlingphoto.tumblr.com

Kofi Kingston is one of three members of The New Day, and he's excelling there as is, no need to change him whatsoever.

He's been one of the best mid-card wrestlers for almost a decade now, and he and WWE seem to be getting along just fine with that arrangement. Kingston is hilarious and a great heel figure where he is.

I just don't see how he could fit as the World Heavyweight Champion when he's consistently fought for lower-ranking championships.

13 AJ Styles

via wrestlingnews.co

The two-time TNA World Champion recently made his WWE debut and is in an intriguing feud with Chris Jericho.

Just because he was a main-event wrestler in TNA, doesn't mean he's ready to become the holder of WWE's most prestigious championship.

Styles, like Sting, joined when his TNA run ended. It's not exactly fair for other wrestlers who've been loyal to WWE to be put underneath Styles. Plus, his style is no different than other main event guys currently employed by WWE, who will appear on this list.

12 The Dudley Boyz

via youtube.com

It's impossible to imagine that at this point in their careers, one of these guys may turn on each other and fight for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Maybe because it would never work. These two have a relationship like Batman and the Joker: They need each other. Without one another, the other person is literally nothing at all.

They're elite tag-team wrestlers who have been together their entire careers. Making any of these guys World Champion would be disaster because, quite frankly, as not one fan would be able to take it seriously.

Sorry, Dudleyville. No World title for you.

11 Stardust

via wrestlingnewsco.tumblr.com

WWE missed out on a prime opportunity to make Rhodes a face when he was aligned with The Legacy. That was probably his best chance to win a World title, but at this point, he's going to remain a mid-card wrestler for the rest of his career.

It is too bad, because the son of Dusty Rhodes has had a solid career, but McMahon and co. don't seem to have any interest in promoting him to the big card.

As such, fans have become accustomed to watching Rhodes perform at the mid-card, where he's best suited for. There's no reason for him to get a dramatic change in his career as a guy who suddenly vies for the World title.

10 Rusev

via todaysknockout.com

I'm just not seeing how Rusev would fit in as a World Champion. He's always bouncing around in new feuds and is part of the League of Nations, which seems set on helping Sheamus recapture his title.

Rusev reminds me of The Great Khali: He's a fun wrestler with his anger, size, and stature. He seems more of a comedian-type wrestler than a guy who would be able to be a consistent main event player.

Keep him where he is, WWE. He's perfectly fine there.

9 R-Truth

via wrestlingmedia.org

R-Truth is one of my favorite wrestlers I've had the luxury of seeing, but the idea of him and a World Heavyweight Championship just doesn't seem to work.

He's not even on most shows these days, and his character is more designed to reach out to the younger kids (His What's Up?! entrances were incredibly cool.) He's been a career mid-card wrestler and doesn't seem to have any backing by WWE to push him forward.

I don't see a fit here.

8 Kalisto

via cagesideseats.com

This Rey Mysterio knock-off is a long time away from being ready to become one of the top faces of the company.

His high-flying style makes him an ideal United States Champion, and his feud with Albertio Del Rio is strongly entertaining right now. I'm not saying Kalisto shouldn't ever be World Champion, but he needs to work his way up more.

And fighting with heels like Del Rio is a great start.

7 Braun Strowman

via cagesideseats.com

Strowman, a proud member of The Wyatt Family, is basically acting as a second-hand man to Bray Wyatt.

He, along with the other two members of the alliance, are essentially servants to Bray Wyatt. Even then, Wyatt doesn't seem exactly set on winning a championship right now as he is striking fear in every other wrestler.

Strowman also hasn't displayed his microphone skills and is being carried by Wyatt himself. If he can show his independence, maybe he will work out as a World Champion some day.

But that's not today.

6 Goldust

via prowrestlingstories.com

Goldust is simply here for the nostalgic element, bringing back the magic of fans who grew up watching him in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, but even then, he should retire now.

He's not the same in the ring as he was over a decade ago. He's not appealing to most of his fans anymore and should learn to retire while he's on somewhat on top.

If he's barely providing any more entertainment, there's no way he'd work as a World Champion.

5 The Usos

via justyouraveragefan.sportsblog.com

The Usos are entering a feud with the Dudley Boyz, meaning that's going to be a great rivalry that shouldn't be touched right now.

Jimmy and Jey provide that high-flying tag team style of wrestling that's meant to be secondary entertainment to the fans, besides what the main events guys like Reigns and Triple H are doing.

The Usos are real-life twins and form an excellent tag team. It's impossible to imagine one of them feuding against the other for a World Championship. They need to stick like glue for the long-term.

4 Luke Harper

via hdwallpaperbackgrounds.net

Harper, like Strowman, is acting as a right-hand man to Bray Wyatt. Their entire alliance is them trying to look incredibly tough by assaulting every other big-named Superstar, four-on-one.

Right now, WWE doesn't seem intent on breaking up this alliance or pushing one of them towards a main event run. Harper, like Strowman, hasn't displayed his ability to work in singles matches.

So, until he does that, there's no reason to throw him into main event status.

3 Ryback

via business2communty.com

Ryback seems to be another Goldberg: Nothing but pure muscle, anger, and toughness.

In some ways, those type of characters become boring because the point of every WWE Superstar is to look muscular and frightening. Ryback does display those looks better than most, but he still isn't cut out to fight for the World Championship.

He's more like a modern Big Show; whenever that man retires, Ryback will become the next major machine. Ryback is simply a wrestler being used for his size, nothing more.

Can't see how he'd work out as a World Champion in any way.

2 Erick Rowan

via voxcatch.fr

We now round up the final member of the Wyatt Family who acts as a servant to Bray Wyatt.

Rowan plays the role of Batista in Evolution: He was their henchman who was capable of destroying anybody by himself. Rowan is a secondary heel to their alliance, and like the other two guys, hasn't built up his microphone or independent skills yet.

Rowan will probably stay in a villainous alliance for the long-run, and hasn't shown what it takes yet to be a character who can go vying for the World Championship.

1 Tyler Breeze

via wawnation.com

Breeze is barely worth watching as a low-card wrestler, so why in the world would he be fitting as WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Granted, the man is only 28 years old, which is young for a wrestler, and he does have time to develop his character more. But with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose being chosen by WWE to be their next big faces, Breeze probably won't get that push anytime soon.

But for now, there's no reason to think he'd be suited for main event status, which means challenging for the World Title.

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