15Shane McMahon

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One of the humorous things about what the company is referring to as the “New Era” that was introduced in 2016 is that Shane McMahon is once again a babyface among audiences as he was roughly 15 years ago. “Shane-O-Mac,” as he is affectionately known among WWE audiences, is currently

serving as a babyface authority figure for the SmackDown brand. McMahon also worked as an underdog versus the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.

While McMahon is currently not scheduled to work a match underneath the WWE umbrella as of August 2016, things often change in the blink of an eye in the promotion. The company continues to present McMahon in a way that makes it nearly impossible for fans to boo him, and that could lead one to believe that we have not yet seen the last of Vince McMahon’s son as an active wrestler. You can practically imagine that future match featuring Shane McMahon versus Triple H.

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