Top 15 Dark Secrets Revealed In Shoot Interviews

The world of professional wrestling -- while heavily scripted -- is still very much real for all those involved behind the scenes. After all, they're just human beings just like you and me. Through th

The world of professional wrestling -- while heavily scripted -- is still very much real for all those involved behind the scenes. After all, they're just human beings just like you and me. Through the various shoot interviews you can find online, a lot of stories can be heard being told by many different wrestlers and what they have to say can be some of the most intriguing entertainment that you can find on the internet. Some of the stories are lighthearted in nature, but many get delve deep into darkness that would otherwise be unbeknownst to the common fan.

We're going to feature some secrets on this list that some people have probably already heard before, but the underworld of shoot interviews is a vast landscape that is constantly being updated with each passing day, so we've done our best at choosing fifteen of the most intriguing stories that were revealed through various interviews. Are all of the stories on the same level? Not necessarily, but many of these moments are from the heart and show the human aspect of the colorful characters that we see on our television screens.

We hope you enjoy our list of secrets that were revealed through various shoot interviews!

15 Sabu Turned Down WWE's Offer


Sabu was being scouted by WWE management in 1994 and they had ideas for him to become "The Sultan," which was a gimmick that was eventually given to Rikishi. Sabu said that he appreciated the $250,000 a year contract offer but he was already employed with ECW at the time and that he was loyal to Paul Heyman, not to mention the fact that the gimmick was nearly identical to the one that he was already doing with Bill Alfonso.

During the shoot interview, he stated that Vince was baffled as to why Sabu would turn down a tremendous offer just to stay with a company that might not be there tomorrow, and he said that Heyman promised him a lot more money (millions of dollars in the future) if he simply stayed the course with ECW, a decision that Sabu regrets to this day. Looking back on the situation, Sabu states that he never would have trusted Paul Heyman as much as he did in 1994 and that if he could do it all over again, he would have definitely taken the lucrative offer from WWE, especially knowing now how Paul Heyman operates like a snake in the grass.

14 Bam Bam Tells a Couple of André Stories


André the Giant answered to no one and absolutely everyone else in the locker room had to answer to him. A lot of the boys in the back say that André had two lists: people he liked and people he didn't, and god help you if you made the latter list.

Bam Bam Bigelow was one of the boys that André felt was getting a little too egotistical after his immediate push to the top of the card in 1987, so André made an example of him.

According to Bam Bam, André "tried to kill him" by deciding to throw some potatoes during their match together, sending a message to Bam Bam that maybe he shouldn't run his mouth about being a main-eventer so early on in his tenure with WWE. He also mentioned a particular occasion when André had some stomach issues during a match and had himself an accident all over the ring, which is something that you never want to see from a giant...

13 Jericho Opens Up About Almost Getting Fired


Chris Jericho spent the better part of a decade honing his craft and becoming one of the best wrestlers across the entire world before he ever stepped foot inside of a WWE ring. Throughout his time spent in Germany, Mexico, and Japan, Jericho absorbed all sorts of different styles to make him the top-tier performer that WWE fans know today, but Vince McMahon almost showed him the door after only three months with the company.

According to Jericho, he was thrown into a feud with Chyna for his first run with the company and they had asked him if he had any problems working with a woman. He didn't and he was also told to not go easy on her just because she's a woman, which Jericho said makes perfect sense because they both really needed to go all out in order for the entire angle to work. That was his understanding, but after he hit her with a snug punch during a match that caused a minor black eye, he said that he was chewed out by Vince, Triple H, and Chyna.

Vince yelled that his "contract wasn't worth the paper it's printed on" and that he had one last chance to stay with the company by having a quality match with X-Pac, because if he couldn't work with X-Pac, he wouldn't be able to work with anyone in the ring. Luckily he passed the test and Vince acted as if nothing had even happened.

12 CM Punk Talks About His Real Heat With Triple H


CM Punk has always been known as a guy who is never afraid to speak his mind, and when he retired from wrestling it goes without saying that he had a lot to say about his time spent with the WWE. One of the biggest gripes he had with the business was centered around his real-life heat that he had with a rather important part of the company: Triple H.

According to Punk, Triple H never liked him and was always looking for a way to bury him in the company, despite him being totally over with the crowd (sound familiar with Daniel Bryan?). Punk shot about a time where he was the clear favorite to headline WrestleMania, but Triple H put his foot down by wanting to come out of retirement just to bury him at the show and then going straight back into retirement after that one match. Punk said that he didn't need to wrestle Triple H, Triple H needed to wrestle Punk in order to inflate his own ego, to which Hunter had no reply.

11 Mr. Fuji Fed Someone Their Own Dog


This one is absolutely disgusting and is hard to fathom how the people involved reacted when this bombshell was dropped by the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in ribs that cross the line: Mr. Fuji.

Several former wrestlers familiar with Mr. Fuji confirm this stomach-churning story. Legend has it that Mr. Fuji was upset that a colleague of his was going up to management behind his back trying to strong-arm himself as the top Japanese talent in the promotion, so in order to get his revenge Mr. Fuji invited him over to his house for a spaghetti dinner. What the other wrestler didn't know was that Fuji had an ulterior motive, and that the whole dinner was just a clever ruse designed to get the wrestler to eat his own dog.

Fuji cleverly said that he wasn't feeling well and decided not to eat his portion of the dinner, and waited until everyone was finished with their plates before revealing that he had done something truly horrific...

10 Sunny Reveals Why She Hates Sable


Sunny has had her fair share of problems since the early days of Monday Night Raw when she was the main attraction for many teenage boys around the world. She was practically the only woman in the company until Sable came around and the two of them never liked each other from the very start.

Sunny revealed that her hatred for Sable stems from the moment when Sable said that the death of her first husband was "the best thing that ever happened to her" because she was able to meet her husband at the time -- Marc Mero -- shortly afterward. Sunny thought that this was a horrible thing to say about her daughter's father, so she never had any respect for Sable after hearing that information.

Sunny wasn't the only person that Sable rubbed the wrong way and several shoot interviews can be heard about other people in the industry not liking Sable's attitude while in the WWE.

9 The Undertaker Was Hospitalized From Alcohol Poisoning


We all know that The Undertaker made his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series, but it's his choice of road partner that year that causes him to make this list: Jake the Snake Roberts.

The Undertaker has an affinity for two things in his life, whiskey and strip clubs, and Jake has been known to dabble with booze from time to time, so when he approached Jake and said, "I hear you know where all the good strip clubs are," Jake instantly agreed and said, "Yes, I do; worldwide." The Undertaker then replied "Okay, I'm traveling with you." Jake warned Undertaker that he would never be able to keep up with his drinking, but Rhe Undertaker laughed it off and thought that Jake was full of it, not knowing that Jake was "cheating" by using other various drugs at the time.

They did so much drinking that after three weeks of traveling together, Undertaker showed up to an event looking so pale that Vince remarked, "I don't think you're going to need the makeup today because you look like hell." Jake stated that three days later he was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning and had to have his stomach pumped, but The Undertaker -- the consummate professional that he is -- still wrestled his match the same night.

8 Bret Hart Trashes Martha Hart


Bret Hart has been very busy lately, speaking his mind about many, many people in the wrestling industry that he crossed paths with throughout his illustrious career. He's shot hard on his feelings toward Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, but it was his decision to shoot on his late brother's widow, Martha Hart, that really turned our heads.

He feels as if Martha Hart is intentionally erasing Owen's career by her unwillingness to allow WWE to use various footage of Owen's best matches and also handcuffing interviewers by not allowing them to ask certain questions about Owen's life. Bret said he knows that Martha probably has good intentions, but what she's actually doing is not allowing people to celebrate the good times that Owen had in the ring and she is continually causing more harm than good. Owen should be celebrated by all wrestling fans, but unfortunately one person stands in the way...

7 Bob Holly Feels Guilty About The Benoit Situation


In an interesting shoot interview with Bob Holly, he revealed something that he says haunts him to this very day. Holly believes that he was the last person to talk to Chris Benoit before he committed the most horrific crime in the history of wrestling and he feels that had he simply gone to visit Chris during his week off, that maybe the events that occurred may have never happened in the first place.

Nobody knows for sure exactly what happened leading up to the crime, but Holly knows that Chris was very upset with him on the phone when they last talked with each other (according to Holly, it was the day of the crime), and Holly revealed that he still feels guilty about choosing to stay home instead of flying out to Atlanta to be with him and Nancy. Unfortunately the world will never know what may have changed had Holly chosen differently...

6 Chyna Found a Love Letter From Stephanie to Triple H


Chyna ran into some hard times toward the end of her career with the WWE, and most of it was completely out of her control. As you may remember, Triple H and Chyna were an item off-screen and when the angle between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H began, Chyna thought nothing of the whole situation. What Chyna revealed in a shoot interview with Opie and Anthony was that she found out about a year long affair that Triple H and Stephanie were having in real life by finding a love letter penned from Stephanie in Triple H's briefcase.

She said that apparently she was the only one in the company who wasn't aware of the relationship and when she asked about whether or not it would affect her career with WWE, Vince wasn't exactly optimistic. She would be released from the company shortly afterward, with WWE citing that they were allowing her to pursue an acting career, but Chyna stated that she was actually left completely devastated by the news of her release.

5 The New Age Outlaws Hate Triple H


The Attitude Era had major superstars, but one tag team stands out as the best of the best: The New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn sat down and shot about their time spent in D-Generation X, and they both said that Shawn and Triple H wanted nothing to do with them until they both saw just how over they had gotten with the Monday Night Raw crowd.

They also revealed that Triple H was always a jerk to them and that Jesse almost broke his nose on one occasion. Billy Gunn said that he knew that "whipping his ass would have gotten me fired, and I wasn't about to sacrifice my career and providing for my kids and my family at the time just for whipping his ass, so I always let it blow off. But I promise you that if he ever comes up to me and says something, I'd beat his [expletive deleted] brains in." In the end, they ended up reconciling and returning to the WWE, where they rekindled their friendship.

4 X-Pac Suffered Years of Sexual Abuse


Professional wrestling glorifies reality and the athletes who perform in the ring are superstars in the highest spotlight, but sometimes we need to remember that they're still human beings and they still contain real emotions. Through his personal website, Sean Waltman (X-Pac, Syxx, 1-2-3 Kid, etc...) opened up about his troubled past: not ever getting past the eighth grade, drug and alochol addiction, and years of repeated sexual abuse between the ages five and twelve years old.

He stated that it took him well into his late 20s before he ever opened up about it enough to tell the authorities due to the guilt and shame that he felt, which he says is all too common for victims of sexual abuse. It was only after he moved his family to Florida and he recognized a family friend of his that he became overwhelmed with a flood of buried memories, and that's when he finally had enough courage to come forward and speak out about his repressed memories as a child. He didn't want his own children to experience the same fate that he had to endure, so he decided to finally come forward and address his dark past.

3 The Sandman Was Legally Dead From an Overdose


Okay, here's one of the craziest stories you'll ever hear (not a clickbait exaggeration, by the way). Tommy Dreamer was on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast when he told a shoot story about a time where Sandman literally died from an overdose before an ECW show.

According to Dreamer, Rhino barged into his office with tears in his eyes and said that he had to talk to him immediately. He apologized for being late to the show and that he couldn't ride with the boys anymore because it was just too much for him, what with Sandman dying from an overdose and all. Dreamer, not knowing that his longtime friend had just died, asked him to elaborate, more or less.

"Sandman shot up in the car and then died right there. We eventually revived him for a little bit, but we had to drop him off at the hospital after we got all of the drugs out of the car." Sandman made it to the show and told Dreamer, "They shot me in the heart with adrenaline, just like in Pulp Fiction, man!"

And just like The Undertaker, Sandman didn't miss his scheduled match that same night.

2 X-Pac in Mexico


Sean Waltman makes the list again because he has had one of the hardest lives not just for professional wrestlers, but for anyone in general. From his sexual abuse as a child to his hard drug habits, Waltman told a story of a time where he legitimately tried to hang himself while he was living in Mexico with his girlfriend at the time, Alicia Webb.

Apparently things got heated between the two of them and, X-Pac, a man who said that he would rather die before he ever hit a woman, ended up throwing a straight right that threw Alicia across the room. Ashamed of what he had done, on top of all the other things have happened throughout his life, Waltman decided to end his own life by downing 40 pills of valium, washed it down with a bottle of Bacardi, wrote his barely legible suicide note and attempted to hang himself with a garden hose.

He says he remembers nothing else besides waking up in a hospital room the next day. On a much more positive note, Waltman has completely turned his life around and is not afraid to speak openly about all that has happened throughout his life.

1 Jake the Snake Speaks Openly About His Hard Life


Where to start with Jake the Snake Roberts? How about his addiction to drugs? What about his alcohol problems? How about his mother only being 13 years older than him?

Not enough? How about his sister being abducted and murdered by her husband's ex-wife? Jake's life has been such a roller-coaster that you wouldn't believe just how much he has gone through, and his father is the root of it all.

Grizzly Smith was also a professional wrestler, but Jake sat down with Roddy Piper and opened up about his father being a sexual predator that molested Jake, his sisters, and many other underage people throughout his wretched life.

In one of the most heart-wrenching shoot interviews, Jake laid it all on the table and described the emotional stress that he has endured for his entire life, and that he would often see other friends of his dying at an early age and wondering why he was the one that was still alive after going through all the trauma that he had gone through.

Thankfully, when Jake was at his lowest point, Diamond Dallas Page contacted him and completely turned his life around. Who knows what would have happened to him had Dallas not offered a never-ending helping hand...

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Top 15 Dark Secrets Revealed In Shoot Interviews