Top 15 Divas We Wish Posed for Playboy

Professional athletes are in incredible shape – after all, it’s their job! They spend countless hours in the gym working on their physique so that they can perform at their full potential whenever they step onto the court or into the ring. WWE Divas are no different. They all spend countless hours in the gym working on their abs, glutes and more. Their physiques are phenomenal.

WWE Divas also have a certain distinction that separates them from other female professional athletes. While most other athletes have to show up with their team uniform, regardless of how flattering it is, and their hair out of their face so that they can focus at the game at hand, Divas have a bit more leeway. After all, having some sex appeal is part of the job description. When they take the stage, Divas usually have absolutely flawless make-up, their hair is often loose and sexy, and their outfits are skimpy and completely flattering to the specific Diva who has selected it.

Since they’re in incredible shape and are constantly strutting around looking super sexy, it’s absolutely no surprise that several WWE Divas have gotten the call from Hef and decided to take it all off in order to be featured in Playboy. For current Divas, just take a look at the French Canadian bombshell Maryse’s spread. If you’re more of a classic Divas kind of person, check Torrie Wilson, Maria, or any of Sable’s spreads.

Yes, there are countless Divas who have said yes to the Playboy call – but what about the ones who haven’t? Now, unless they’re very outspoken about it, we often don’t know who has been asked to do a pictorial and who hasn’t. Some Divas on this list may very well have turned the opportunity down, meaning you might not ever see all their goods in a Playboy pictorial. Other Divas may just never have been asked yet, which means that if you’re hoping to see all aspects of their physique, you might still get that chance.

Here are 15 Divas that we wish had graced the pages of Hugh Hefner’s infamous magazine.

15 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox’s pictorial headline practically writes itself – The Foxy One, as she calls herself on her Instagram account. Fox is a newer Diva who had the distinction of being the first African-American WWE Divas Champion and is also one of the Divas featured on the popular E! series Total Divas. Fox has posed in a variety of super sexy (and skimpy) bikinis and outfits, but has yet to grace Playboy’s pages. Who knows – it could be one of the next steps in her red hot career.

14 Rosa Mendes

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This Costa Rican cutie lit the wrestling world on fire when she stepped into the ring, and goodness knows she worked damn hard to get in there. She began her WWE career waving signs ring-side as a supposed "super fan." She was devoted to Beth Phoenix in particular and was so enthusiastic that she’d often dodge security and get involved in Phoenix’s ring time. She then earned an internship position and before becoming a star in the ring on her own.

13 Summer Rae

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This blonde bombshell hails from Raleigh, North Carolina, making her one of the sexiest Southern belles in the WWE circuit – possibly ever! Rae got her start, as many Divas did, by helping out another wrestler. A sexy Summer, clad in a blue dress, helped out Fandango in the ring – and she definitely played dirty. She eventually managed to step into the ring as the star herself. Her skill and good looks mean she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

12 Cameron

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Determination is sexy and Diva Cameron has that in spades. She definitely didn’t step right into the ring – first, she participated in WWE reality series Tough Enough, where she was promptly the first eliminated. Not discouraged, she later (along with hottie Naomi) formed The Funkadactyls. Finally, she snagged a spot on Total Divas and has since become a popular name in wrestling. Something you might not know – in addition to her rocking physique, Cameron also had degrees in psychology and business marketing. Come on – a hot librarian photoshoot would be perfect for this brainy beauty!

11 Kaitlyn

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Former Diva Kaitlyn is one of the more unique amongst the Diva alumni. While many Divas turn up to training camp looking slim and end up putting on some muscle with guidance, Kaitlyn was in the competitive bodybuilding world for years before stepping in the ring. No surprise, she had a more muscular physique than many of the other Divas, but she was equally smoking hot. She only retired from wrestling recently, so who knows – perhaps a last hurrah pictorial? It could happen.

10 Gail Kim

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Amongst a sea of blonde bombshell Divas, Gail Kim definitely sticks out – and she only seems to be getting better with age. She made her debut as La Felina in 2000 and wrestled for over a decade with various organizations. She may not have been on a reality show like many of the current Divas, but she’s won enough top female wrestler distinctions from a variety of publications that she’s definitely one you should remember – and one we wish we could see more of. Kim did a topless pictorial for a mobile phone company at one point in her career, so who knows, maybe as this Canadian cutie grows even more comfortable with her body when she hits her 40s in a few years, she’ll consider giving Hef a call.

9 Kelly Kelly

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If you were asked whether Kelly Kelly were a Playboy playmate or a seasoned WWE veteran, you’d probably assume the former – she’s a blonde bombshell with a toned physique, but not one that makes it seem as if she could body slam her opponent. However, she’s continued to impress every year she’s in the ring. As for hoping for a Playboy pictorial, let’s just consider one thing – she holds the distinction of being the first Diva to appear on the cover of Maxim. She’s gained a lot of mainstream fans outside of the wrestling world, so if anyone would get the call, it would probably be her – and who knows, she might even accept!

8 JoJo

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JoJo is a fairly new face in the WWE world, having made her first appearance a mere two years ago in June 2013. She scored a spot on Total Divas and consequently made herself known to many WWE fans (and reality television fans) everywhere. She’s eager to make her mark and has been mentored by superstar Natalya, a former Divas Champion. This girl’s going to do alright for herself. She also had quite the set of pipes, so who knows – if the whole wrestling thing doesn’t work out, she might get asked to do a pictorial after becoming a pop superstar.

7 Paige

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Playboy often claims to be looking for the clean-cut, simply sexy girl next door – something that English vixen Paige definitely isn’t. However, that doesn’t make us want to see a Paige pictorial any less. She comes from a family of wrestlers, so it’s no surprise that she made an almost immediate impact, becoming the youngest woman to be named Divas Champion. She has a unique look that sets her apart from the other Divas and is definitely one to keep your eye on.

6 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is proof that good things come in small packages. Despite standing only 5’2, far more petite than the majority of Divas, she’s racked up countless accolades over the course of her career including a Divas Championship and two Diva of the Year titles. She’s become such a big name in the Divas world that it seems she’s been around forever – and surprisingly, though she was sent to development camp in 2009, she didn’t really start making big storylines until a few years ago. She’s a smart cookie though, and knew to quit when she was ahead, retiring in 2015. A super sexy pictorial would be the perfect retirement gift to herself, and her fans, no?

5 Trish Stratus

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If you’re reading anything about the sexiest Divas of all time, you know Trish Stratus will definitely be on the list, and usually in the top five. She also makes nearly ever list of the most accomplished Divas and many believe this Canadian spitfire to be the greatest WWE Diva ever. She has the track record to prove it – she won seven Women’s Championships before retiring in 2006. She’s made guest appearances a few times since then – with her popularity, who wouldn’t? – and even trained upcoming Divas on Tough Enough in 2011. Her many career accomplishments landed her a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

4 Eve Torres

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Before the sexy redheaded Eva Marie stepped into the ring, there was another Eve in town – and she was quite the badass. Eve Torres had a diverse background that included a degree in industrial and systems engineering and time training at a jiu jitsu academy. Let’s just say she had a lot of tricks in her back pockets and she quickly made a name for herself in the ring after entering the world of WWE by winning the Diva Search in 2007. She proved that the Diva Search wasn’t just a glorified beauty pageant, by becoming the first winner of the Diva Search to capture a Divas Championship title. She retired from the ring in 2013, but remains one of the sexiest Divas ever.

3 Eva Marie

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If you’re not a WWE fan, you likely still know who Eva Marie is – the one with the vibrant red hair. She was thrust into the limelight on Total Divas, where she was a newbie amongst a group of seasoned pros. Sure, this red hot Diva still has a lot to prove in the ring, and will need to earn herself a few Championships to gain the respect of the wrestling world and her fellow Divas. However, this isn’t a list about the Divas with the most titles – it’s a list of the ones we’d like to see in as little as possible. That list, she definitely has no problem making. Like Kelly Kelly, Eva Marie has also appeared in the pages of Maxim, so who knows – maybe Playboy is next on her list. Goodness knows she definitely doesn’t seem to be the shy type.

2 Stacy Keibler

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Keibler is perhaps best known to the public as the former girlfriend of A-List star George Clooney. Before strutting down the red carpet with George, however, she was making a name for herself in the ring with her ten mile long legs. Sure, she’s not the most decorated Diva of all time. But she definitely has some of the best legs of the Divas, both current and alumni. She continued expanding her name outside the wrestling world with a season on Dancing With The Stars and brief roles on television shows. Come on – you know you’d want to see every inch of those legs in a sexy pictorial.

1 The Bella Twins

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Okay, if you’re even contemplating Divas that should have a shot to grace the pages of Playboy, the Bella Twins are obviously at the top of the list. First of all, they have incredible physiques and spend hours in the gym sculpting and perfecting every inch of their bodies. Second, they’re both fairly sassy and outspoken, and would likely bring some amazing Diva attitude to a shoot. Finally… there’s two of them. When it comes to most things, less can definitely be more, but when it comes to sexy brunette Divas – two is definitely better than one.

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