Top 15 Divas Who Gave The Audience EXACTLY What They Wanted

Thanks in no small part to perennial Ladies Man and many a male idol, Hugh Hefner, along with the WWE Diva Search contest of the early aughts, fans' dreams became a reality and many Divas were seen exactly as the audience hoped, in their birthday suits But not all pictorials were as tasteful as the Bunny mag’s pictures. Oddly enough, some Divas went a little more risqué.

Since the dawn of time, men have longed to see smoking hot women showcase the very reasons they are smoking hot. Grab a fan to cool down and check out the fifteen hottest Divas who gave the audience exactly what they want.

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14 Carmella DeCesare

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While Mrs. DeCesare's time in the WWE was brief, it was memorable. The Italian-Puerto Rican beauty Carmela DeCesare was part of, and hated by the other Divas in, the first ever Divas search contest back in 2004. Her opponents believed she was not in the contest for the right reasons and considering how little she learned how to do it in they ring, and during thr time she spent in the company as a whole, they were probably right. We did get to see her have a lingerie pillow-fight with winner Christy Hemme at 2004 Taboo Tuesday, so there's that benefit for the 18-24 crowd. Prior to joining the WWE, she thought about baring all for the Bunny and when Playboy's "Who Wants to be a Centerfold?" came to her hometown of Cleveland in 2002, she lept at the chance to be in the pages of the adult magazine. She decided not to and withdrew from the event. Obviously the buxom brunette decided against her decision not to show all and would eventually rock the pages of Playboy as Miss April 2003, on her way to becoming Playmate of the Year 2004.

13 Kimberly Page

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When you're done reading this article, if you were to Google Kimberly Page, the first images you’ll see of her will be her brief, but memorable cameo in the 40 Year–Old–Virgin, where we’d see how great her left breast is, as she tried to seduce Steve Carell's Andy during the film's speed-dating scene. Her early appearances in WCW made her out to be a very wholesome lady and she probably is in real life. But, make no mistake about it, she was also one of the hottest women to ever grace the squared circle. During her early years, she was one of the only gals running around, making her even more in high demand because she was a rarity. But you’ll also find pictures of the Diamond Doll in her prime, as the former Mrs. Diamond Dallas Page was one of the first wrestling goddesses to show off the goods. The brunette beauty appeared in various Playboy editions both before and during her run in WCW. Thankfully for us fans, in shoots that involved her husband, DDP was wise enough to not show off what his mamma gave him and just keep the spotlight on his hot now ex–wife.

12 Maria Kanellis

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Another runner–up in the WWE's inaugural 2004 Diva Search, we have Maria Kanellis. The future Mrs. Mike Bennett began her career as a doe–eyed, ditzy character, proving that not just blondes could be air heads, as red heads can play dimwitted and hot characters too. So when former Playboy cover girl and fellow Diva, Ashley Massaro (more on her own exploits later), convinced the fiery redhead that she too had it what it took to adorn the cover of Playboy and tried to get her to show off what made her special, fans were excited. Back in April of 2008, Maria would decide to go for it.

Her kayfabe boyfriend, Santino Marella, however, would try to stop the issue from ever hitting newsstands. Luckily, that was just a storyline and fans got to see every bit of Maria in April of 2008. Kanellis also had another comical way to show her goods in 2014’s The Opposite Sex, where she played “Hot Mess,” asking a guy to choose between her and video games. The moron guy tossed her a towel to cover up before going back to his game, clearly not understanding that video games can be paused.

11 Beulah McGillicutty

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Of course the most extreme photos on this list would belong to one of the Queens of Extreme, Mrs. Innovator of Violence herself, Beulah McGillicutty. While she now might be living the suburban housewife life in Yonkers, New York, being married to Tommy Dreamer, the mother of twin girls, and an author of a children’s book. But as we all know, in her past life, Beulah was one of the hottest ECW valets ever and game for anything, including having a bloody match with Bill Alfonso, getting put through tables by the Dudleys and kissing Kimona Wannaleia, after she was revealed to be having an affair with her. But she also appeared in, and was even billed from, the pages of Penthouse under her real name Trisa Haynes, which makes Playboy girls seem clothed. Beulah showed all and it is more than clear why Raven and Tommy fought all of those years over the Extreme Sweetheart. The pictures, along with Beulah's dedication to the sport while she was in ECW, keeps fans clamoring for her at her hubby's House of Hardcore shows. While being a family woman now precludes her from taking it all off again, we'll always have her scintillating pictorial to remember her by.

10 Christy Hemme

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If you consider that the buxom beauties who were featured and/or won the WWE Diva Search contests were just avenues to find Playmate material, you'd be right. Christy Hemme fit that bill and became the winner of the first one in 2004, landing her on the cover of the April 2005 issue of Playboy. The cover said it all - from Raw to ravishing as the avid motorcyclist showed the audience exactly what they wanted to see. Her pictorial was one of the hottest ever and it showed that long before Eva Marie, the WWE already had its Red Queen.

9 Ashley Massaro

via thedailyknockout.blogspot.com

Considering several of the buxom beauties who were featured and/or won the WWE Diva Search contests would wind up posing for Hugh Hefner, you might think that the contest was just an avenue to find some more Playboy Playmate material. You'd be right, since that was the edict from Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace would rummage through countless lingerie catalogues, hooters calendars, and any other publication where hot women teased and tantalized. What a thankless job he had and Christy Hemme fit that bill, becoming the winner of the first Diva Search in 2004, landing her on the cover of the April 2005 issue. The cover said it all - from Raw to ravishing, as the avid motorcyclist showed the world everything she had. The shot was fairly classy, featuring Christy, leered at by photographers, while wearing a red evening gown dressed to the nines, evoking the original Playmate, Marilyn, all while adorned with diamonds and pearls. And what pictorial wouldn't be complete without the playful Diva posing with soap and bubbles? Her pictorial was one of the hottest ever and it showed long before Eva Marie, the WWE had a different Red Queen.

8 Gail Kim

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In her podcast appearance with Jim Ross, the former head of talent for WWE explained to the Korean-Canadian wrestling goddess that he had to explain to the boss that there are a lot of men who have a thing for Asian women, but apparently the chairman isn't turned on by women from the Pacific Islands. Perhaps that's why she never really fared well in the WWE, or the fact she worked during a time where models meant more to Vince than workers. But Mr. McMahon might have changed his tune had he seen the TNA Knockout's photo shoot for a South Korean cell phone company. The future Mrs. Robert Irvine decided to show off every inch of her body and a whole lot more in a series of pictures, all tastefully done. She remains one of the only women workers to pose, which is perhaps is a good thing to avoid American fans from focusing on anything but the work rate. All of the pictures seem to be missing an actual cell phone, which, like most ad campaigns, doesn't usually matter.

7 Lana

via wwe.com

Several months ago, the fans loved to chant “We want Lana, we want Lana!” Sure her heat has died down considerably from when she and Rusev were a hot act, but that doesn’t change how desirable Lana is and how fans would climb over each other just to be with her. Since the company is seemingly high again on the pair, we'll be seeing a lot more of the young star on Total Divas as she plans her wedding with Rusev. However, prior to joining the WWE, she was featured on the crazy Cinemax series, Banshee, where some powerful fat cat was using Lana’s body to aid his drug consumption (watch the show to understand). Watching the Pitch Perfect star get used as a sniff board, not enough for you? The Ravishing Russian also appeared in a steamy photo spread that showcased the Goddess that she is, posing with money, poker chips, and silk covering and not covering the former Florida State Seminole. No matter how high he is on the card, since The Super Athlete gets to come home to Lana every night, The Bulgarian Brute probably doesn't care one bit.

7. Mickie James

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Toni Basil songs about thinking she's so fine aside, those who love psychos and hotties should be thankful that Mickie James exposed a lot of herself before she joined the wrestling world. The former Women’s Champion revealed all and then some in several ridiculously hot photo spreads that make just about every other girl on this list look like they’re wearing clothes. She's been involved in some photos shoots where the future Diva showcased more than the usual WWE Diva showcases. Some of these shots aren't just not safe for work, they're not safe for anywhere. What do you expect, after all this is the women who once t'ouched' Trish live at WrestleMania, just to counter a move. In these photos, she's dominating some guy with moves she definitely did not learn at the Funkin' Conservatory dojo, putting him in compromising positions.

Similar to Gail Kim, we're happy she decided to bring her attention to wrestling in the end, as Mickie James is one of the better female workers of all-time.

6 Taryn Terrell

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An athlete and bodybuilder before she joined the WWE, Taryn Terrell was one of the many Diva Search contestants prancing around backstage and on stage during the mid–aughts. She was christened Tiffany and most notably worked as the on-screen GM for ECW. Despite having the potential to do more, a hotel scuffle between she and her now ex–husband, Drew McIntyre (Galloway), would spell the end of her WWE career. Up until recently, the Kaley Cuoco lookalike was part of TNA as a referee and other duties. For fans that want to see more of the blond bombshell, you can find a whole lot more within the pages of Playboy, as she adorned the 2007 College Girls special, representing her alma matter, the University of New Orleans and the Privateers. Even though the WWE now has a strict no–nudity clause, Terrell appeared again in the pages of 'Heff's gift to men, in the 2010 compilation. If stills of the Knockout aren't enough for you, there videos of her shoot lurking around adult websites as well, which, for obvious reasons, we can't share with you here.

5 Maryse

via ambwallpapers.com

When they’re booked properly, a smoking hot valet can make anyone they’re placed with look like ten times better in the ring and during promos. But when you're as hot as Maryse is, her charges become a whole lot more than just ten times better. The amazing French–Canadian looks far more exotic than her nationality and thanks to the 2007 Playboy Girls of Canada Calendar, we all got to see Maryse in all of her glamorous, gorgeous glory, long before we all were jealous of The Miz for getting to come home to Ms. Ouellet every night. Jim Ross has constantly said tongue-in-cheekily that he overachieved in marriage and anyone would be inclined to agree. Any man would be jackpot lucky to marry this dime piece. The woman makes weight lifting look hotter and sweatier than it usually is. If dumbbells are not your thing, there's always the proverbial bra and panty shots of the blond beauty in pearls and black and beige unmentionables. Being a Canadian Calendar girl isn't sexy enough for you? Maryse was also the cover girl of the Summer 2006 Vixens issue.

4 Brooke Tessmacher

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

If you haven't noticed yet, after being released from WWE, Brooke Tessmacher worked her ass off to become a solid worker in the TNA Knockouts division. She might be, as far as the women go, the single greatest folly on Vince McMahon's part. After getting released, she went on to become the ultimate Knockout. She's got everything you could want in a Diva, as she's hot as hell, willing to work and learn how to work, and she has crossover appeal, as she competed in the CBS reality/competition show, The Amazing Race. Her perfect derrière is actually a topic of conversation in a two minute video Miss Tessmacher shot, which can be found on most NSFW websites. The clip was part of a show called Bikini Destinations and was basically an excuse for Brooke to be wet, wild, and roll around in sand, all while discussing how amazing her backside is and has been since middle school. It may be the steamiest two minutes you'll see today. It might the steamiest two minutes in wrestling history. In case you didn't know it Miss Tessmacher, not a single excuse was needed to see you bare all.

3 Candice Michelle

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If two minutes of Brooke on the beach isn't enough for you, how about a bevy of saucy videos of a pre-WWE Candice Michelle under the name Mackenzie Montgomery? They're easy to find too if you're so inclined. Candice Michelle was an 'adult' model long before becoming the Go Daddy Girl and a WWE Diva. Luckily she joined the roster before the WWE went fully PG, otherwise we might have missed out on the wand carrying Diva's run. If Candice starring in movies like these are too much for your heart to bare, then you can still see Candice bare it all in a much more tastefully done Playboy shoot from April 2006, which also involved the requisite Lingerie Pillow Fight at WrestleMania 22 with fellow wrestling playmate, Torrie Wilson. Michelle was also a Cyber Girl of the week back during her adult film days in 2002. While Michelle wasn't the most talented wrestler of all-time, she did work on her craft and did manage to improve during run in the WWE.

2 Sable

via theworldaccordingtozah.com

Flip a coin when it comes to our top two. If fans actually had to choose between them, you'll likely see about a half and half ratio of fans who think Sable should be number one and half who think she's right where she should be. Our number two is certainly number one in amount of Playboy shoots she did compared to the rest of the list. While other Divas before her posed in magazines like Penthouse before she came along, Sable was the originator, as far as posing in tastefully done pictorials go. Sable, along with Sunny, was one of the original Divas, but she stands alone as the innovator of wrestling women and Heff'. Rumor has it, according to Sunny, the Bunny came calling for her first and she declined. As hot as that could have been, Sunny's refusal was the world's gain. At one point, Mrs. Lesnar was so white-hot that she appeared on two covers in less than six months in April and again in September 1999, becoming the first woman to grace the cover twice in the same year. Five years later and no less on fire, Sable did it again, this time squaring off with our number one pick in a match to see who the hottest Diva ever is.

1 Torrie Wilson

via fanpop.com

She's the All-American Diva and a former Miss Galaxy winner. Torrie Wilson believes whole heartedly in staying physically fit and healthy, as she even has gotten better looking with age believe it or not. Unfortunately, Playboy is not doing nude spreads anymore, so we probably won't get to see her anymore in her seemingly ageless glory. But she did get the chance to show off all of the hard work she puts into herself to look phenomenal back in 2004, just in time for WrestleMania XX. The goddess posed in March 2004, along with Sable. The bodacious duo would pose together for (what else) Playboy in a big blonde fantasy dream match. There aren't too much hotter pictures you'll see than two of the hottest Divas ever squaring off in a variety of sexy poses.

One year earlier, in May, Torrie was featured in the magazine and had drooling males all to herself in her own steamy photo spread, wearing not much else other than stunning red lingerie, and the ever popular shower shots, because a wet and wild Torrie is far, far better than a dry one.

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