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While Mrs. DeCesare's time in the WWE was brief, it was memorable. The Italian-Puerto Rican beauty Carmela DeCesare was part of, and hated by the other Divas in, the first ever Divas search contest back in 2004. Her opponents believed she was not in the contest for the right reasons

and considering how little she learned how to do it in they ring, and during thr time she spent in the company as a whole, they were probably right. We did get to see her have a lingerie pillow-fight with winner Christy Hemme at 2004 Taboo Tuesday, so there's that benefit for the 18-24 crowd. Prior to joining the WWE, she thought about baring all for the Bunny and when Playboy's "Who Wants to be a Centerfold?" came to her hometown of Cleveland in 2002, she lept at the chance to be in the pages of the adult magazine. She decided not to and withdrew from the event. Obviously the buxom brunette decided against her decision not to show all and would eventually rock the pages of Playboy as Miss April 2003, on her way to becoming Playmate of the Year 2004.

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