Top 15 Divas Who Overstayed Their Welcome

Female wrestlers are undoubtedly one of the finest athletes in professional wrestling as we’ve seen so many talented ladies who could kick any man’s butt and lay him down. But unfortunately because of the stereotypes in the world, most wrestling promotions advertise these ‘Divas’ as eye-candy rather than powerful wrestlers and many a time these divas tend to take advantage of their sexy outlook to woo management and keep a place in the company for a long time. Some women who have zero wrestling capability but with a sizzling bod have been pushed just because they are favored by the frustrated members of the wrestling community as we’ve seen so many of WWE’s divas lacking in talent yet maintain a place in the roster for a long time.

Some of these divas are extremely disappointing in the ring and keep the other talented women wrestlers away from gaining the spotlight, as women’s wrestling only recently took off with the WWE NXT divas’ uprise and surprisingly talented ones coming out of TNA. Also the wrestling promotions tend to push more attractive divas who can gather a lot of attention towards themselves and tend to care less about their actual wrestling talent and more into their personality. The Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era are prime examples of where there was little wrestling between women and more of a sensual display of their body in Evening Gown matches and Bra and Panties matches.

Because of having some backstage hold and attractiveness, many of these Divas leeched onto the company and overstayed in the wrestling business for a long time and wooed management and fans alike to strengthen their hold in the business. Despite having low or no wrestling talent in an actual wrestling promotion, these Divas were extremely difficult to get rid off as they hung on till they became irrelevant.

15 Melina

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An aspiring model before trying out in the WWE ring, Melina rose up through OVW to debut in the main roster as the valet of MNM with Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro. Her sexy entry to the ring made her quite popular as she went her own way after MNM disbanded. Her job was saved by Mick Foley in a story-line angle where she betrayed and became a heel, deriving a ‘primal scream’ where she would scream when managing or in tag team action. She won her first ever Women’s championship and had an inferiority complex on-screen, challenging ‘weaker opponents’. She would lose her title in an ‘I Quit Match’ to Beth Phoenix and be out because of injury for some time. She would win the Divas Championship in 2009 but would soon fall down the pecking order after some nagging injuries and be released in 2011. The fact that she managed to stay in the WWE for almost 7 years despite having a terrible reputation backstage and being extremely arrogant is surprising and it’s not like she had an incredible wrestling skill either.

14 Aksana

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Aksana showed much promise in her Florida Championship Wrestling career as she was deemed as the ‘Queen of FCW’ winning the women’s championship as well. With prior experience in body-building which is a fetish for both Vince McMahon and Triple H, she was moved to NXT where she would be paired up with Goldust. A bizarre storyline followed where she was having problems with her Visa and had to marry Goldust in order to stay, and this was quite the trainwreck in the end. She moved to the main roster where she’d lose much of the matches before being Cesaro’s love interest and then a disappointing pairing with Alicia Fox named ‘Foxsana’ which literally no one wanted. She became cocky because of her FCW success and it backfired as she was released in 2014 and retired from wrestling soon after her release.

13 Ashley Massaro

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Massaro arrived into the scene by winning WWE’s ‘Diva Search’ and landing a one year contract on the main roster. She instantly feuded with ‘Vince’s Devils’ which lead to a Bra and Panties match against them which she and Trish Stratus won. She competed in another Bra and Panties gauntlet match soon and won that also. At this point everyone figured out her inability to wrestle, as her body was the only thing keeping her relevant. She moved to SmackDown and got on the cover of Playboy magazine during her time there and competed in an awful LumberJill match at WrestleMania against Melina. She remained as a valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick before moving back to RAW to more kinky matches. She had to leave the WWE because of her daughter’s illness.

12 Rosa Mendes

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It's rather shocking and shameful to know that Rosa Mendes has been in the company for almost 10 years now. The model-turned wrestler (is she even a wrestler?) was snapped up by the WWE in their Divas’ Search program and then moved to OVW and then to FCW before moving to the main roster as Beth Phoenix’s intern. She was constantly disappointing with her wrestling and was moved to the ECW brand where she didn’t improve either. With no hopes at her wrestling potential, she was made the manager of tag teams of Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox and then Primo and Epico. Mendes then became a prominent part of the WWE’s ‘Total Divas’ show and then Fandango’s dancer, but has stayed connected to the WWE because of the show. She recently gave birth to her baby and doesn’t look like she's going away any time soon which is absolutely disgusting, considering how many good female wrestlers’ position she’s taken up.

11 Debra

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Debra is one of those managers who remained in the wrestling business only because of her ability to get snide remarks and attention from the crowd with her acts. She was the manager of Jeff Jarrett in WWE and eventually got more over with the fans than Jarrett because of her sexual antics and remained in the company which continued to push her. She won the Women’s title in an Evening Gown Match where a diva has to strip the others to win the match. She wrestled in other idiotic matches after Jarrett left and married "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in 2000 and therefore having a strong influence backstage. She managed The Rock in 2001 and threatened to leave with Austin in 2002 and thankfully didn’t come back, as her lack of a personality or wrestling skills made her a complete bore who succeeded only because of her sexy figure and backstage influence.

10 Vickie Guerrero

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Vickie Guerrero rose among the ranks in the WWE after the death of her husband Eddie Guerrero, as she remained on WWE TV to become this annoying villainous character who had the worst wrestling skills ever. She would become the General Manager of both SmackDown and RAW during her time in the company, as well as managing so many superstars and becoming a thorn in other’s sides. Her ‘Excuse Me!’ phrase became very popular among the crowd, but she wasn’t really needed because she couldn’t contribute to the wrestling part of the company and became extremely forced after a point of time. She was written off television soon and let go finally in 2014, after almost 9 years in the company of doing nothing but annoying us.

9 Candice Michelle

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A model and bodybuilder before coming to the WWE, Candice Michelle was the complete package in Vince McMahon’s eyes because she had everything he wanted. She was introduced as a part of ‘Vince’s Devil’s’ along with Torrie Wilson, as they would go on to wrestle many erotic matches against Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro. She would face Wilson in a Playboy Pillow Fight match and a ‘Wet and Wild Match’ after breaking up. Deemed as a ‘sex slave’ of Vince McMahon in some backstage segments, she would also become a dance partner of Kelly Kelly in Kelly’s Expose. Surprisingly all this had made her a fan favorite, as she won the Women’s Championship after some ridiculous matches to deserve a shot at the title. She would suffer a horrible injury in 2008 and fade out of the WWE Universe’s mind and then be released the next year.

8 Christy Hemme

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Another one to rise through WWE’s ‘Divas Search’ program, Christy Hemme was introduced like many of her untalented compatriots in a Lingerie Pillow Fight match. The sizzling body of the redhead caught many eyes as WWE attempted to push her but couldn’t because of her complete lack of wrestling ability and was released soon enough. She joined TNA where she tried to get up the pecking order but the impressive talent of women in the roster made it difficult for her to survive as a wrestler. Because it was TNA, she was transitioned into an announcer and interviewer and her dazzling appearance is quite fitting for that and she had found some success in it, but recently left TNA, maybe to focus on modeling where she will fit on nicely.

7 Alicia Fox

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After spending almost 3 years in the developmental territory of WWE, Alicia Fox finally managed to get called up in 2008 but not as relevant as one would want a debut to be. She was apparently kissed by Edge and became the problematic one in his and Vickie Guerrero’s onscreen romance. She teamed up with Justin Gabriel to feud with Tyson Kidd and Natalya, and was defeated by Natalya in her first prominent match. She was then juggled around brands and tried to challenge for the Divas Championship but was unable to win it. In 2010, she finally won the Divas Championship, becoming the first African-American woman to win it. But her glory would last for 2 months after which she went down the pecking order. Recently she got prominence as being the cheerleader of Team Bella and rarely wrestles these days, as her poor wrestling skills along with poor personality could land her out of a job in WWE with so many talented women rising.

6 Sunny

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Sunny is regarded as one of the best managers in WWE history, as she managed many prominent tag teams of the Attitude Era. Her years in WWE would be her best as it went downhill from there, as she joined ECW and WCW for some years but had to leave the latter because of rumors of drug abuse. She remained active in the Independent scene where she would be a special referee for some matches, and even won a championship. She would return to the WWE at WrestleMania XXV as a part of the Miss WrestleMania battle royal and then get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. But her desperation to cling onto lost glory in the wrestling circuit has taken all the charm off her, and a recent adult film only degraded her reputation even more.

5 Layla

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Layla was a professional dancer before being signed by the WWE where she would be snapped through the ‘Divas Search’ program. She started her WWE career as a dancer; after a short stint as The Miz’s manager, she formed ‘Extreme Expose’ with Kelly Kelly and Brooke. But after Brooke was released, Layla had to go her own way as she participated in some tag team matches. Layla would then go onto manage William Regal for a while after being drafted to RAW and then form LayCool with Michelle McCool. Layla became the first British Diva’s champion as Team LayCool called themselves ‘co-champions’ and ruled the roost for a while. Surprisingly she won another title in 2013 after LayCool had disbanded, but soon fell below the others in the pecking order. The next 3 years she rarely made appearances but was under contract and was finally released in 2015 after which she decided to retire from professional wrestling.

4 Cameron

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A participant in WWE’s Tough Enough in 2011, it came as no surprise when Cameron was eliminated very early into the show. But surprisingly she got a WWE contract and was in FCW before moving to the main roster. She debuted as one of Brodus Clay’s Funkadactyls with Naomi and even after disbanding with Clay, they became a tag team which feuded with some of the other top divas in the company. She went solo and would get a shot at the Divas Championship but failed to win. She would continue her singles career, but some awful matches on her part with one being infamous for her sitting on top of Naomi (her opponent) and botching the pin. She was made fun of after that and soon fell down the pecking order, and was soon turned into a jobber who was to put others over. She got released in May 6th, 2016 which was a long time coming for this useless wrestler.

3 Sable

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Sable was the sexual predator of the Attitude Era and attracted everyone through her seductive acts in and outside the ring. She burst onto the scene as the manager of then real-life husband Marc Mero and her revealing dresses and seductive nature caught the attention of many. She shot up to fame when she stripped in the 1998 Fully Loaded PPV, only to reveal two hand prints on her breasts. She was then pushed heavily by the WWE as she won the Women’s Championship by powerbombing both Jacqueline and Mero, and held it for quite some time. She was also on the cover of Playboy magazine at this time, with it being one of the highest selling issues of the magazine. She rarely defended her title because of her lack of wrestling skills, and lost the title controversially to Debra. Then she left the WWE after dispute with management and sued the company for $110 million citing sexual harassment. She was brought back some years later, as she was made Vince McMahon’s mistress. Basically more of a model than a wrestler, Sable should have chosen a career in modeling and should attribute wrestling for gaining fame because of her figure than her wrestling ability.

2 Kelly Kelly

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Right from when she was introduced to the WWE universe doing strip-teases for the crowd, Kelly Kelly established herself as someone to woo the crowds and have them going crazy about her erotic behavior. A gymnastic specialist during her college days, Kelly got her wrestling training for WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW), but couldn’t really transition herself from a gymnast to a professional wrestler. Her wrestling was frail and no-one took her wrestling part seriously, but her good looks and charming personality kept her ticking in the WWE. At her time spanning 6 years in the WWE, Kelly won the Divas Championship once and appeared in many music videos reality shows advertizing the WWE, because her good-looks was the reason why she found a place in the company in the first place.

1 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson started out her career in WCW, being a heel manager before flocking into the WWE along with many other WCW personal in 2011. She was introduced as Vince McMahon’s latest affair and soon was part of many erotic matches. She then had a feud with Dawn Marie, a storyline in which Al Snow got married to Marie and ‘died’ due to having sex too many times. She would move on to be featured in PlayBoy magazine and then went onto have a lesbian angle with Sable which caught the attention of many and catapulted her into stardom. She was part of Vince’s Devils later who were in part of some more revealing matches. Wilson would then become Carlito’s onscreen girlfriend when drafted to Smackdown, but was soon dumped when he became a heel. She then wrestled in some matches as the newer talent took over and had to take some time off WWE while recovering from injury, but was released because of never returning. Inspite of not putting in a single proper match at her long time at WWE, Wilson managed to establish her place in wrestling because of her modeling career on the side and will always be remembered as more of a sexual eye-candy than a wrestler.

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