Top 15 WWE Divas With The All-Time Best Physiques

The WWE is a bit unusual in terms of its athletes. In many sports, athletes will largely morph into the same body type based on the position they’re playing or the sport they’re training for, due to the fact that they’re doing the same kinds of exercises to achieve the same kind of results. Whether their objective is to crush their opponent or be nimble on their feet, they adapt their physique to best serve that purpose.

In the WWE, you just need to be physically fit enough to do what you need in your act. Height, weight, and physique varies quite widely amongst wrestlers. This is particularly the case with WWE Divas – while the men of the WWE still remain fairly uniformly muscular, a lot of the Divas in the WWE aren’t as noticeably built. Many Divas have traded rippling abs for perfect make-up and don’t quite look like what you think an athlete who maintains a rigorous training regime looks like. They’re undoubtedly very fit, but they don’t exactly have the physique of someone who lifts heavy and lifts hard.

However, there are many Divas, both past and present, who are noticeably muscular. They look like lean, mean machines – with a hint of glamour. These Divas have varying body types – some of tall and slim, some are shorter and stockier, but all are in incredibly shape. While it may not be as popular for women to be impossibly muscular like their male counterparts, these women show that they train hard so that they can bring their all in the ring. The physiques of many WWE Divas is also a positive force for women – regardless of whether you’re naturally tall and willowy like Stacy Keibler or shorter and curvy like Natalya, there’s likely going to be a Diva that’s close enough to your own body type that you can take her photo to your personal trainer and say ‘that’s what I want to look like!’

Here are 15 Divas with the best physiques of all time.

15 Michelle McCool

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McCool has an illustrious record as a Diva, with two WWE Diva Championships, two WWE Women’s Championships and a Diva of the Year under her belt. She’s retired now and spends her days with her husband, fellow wrestler The Undertaker. Back in her prime, McCool’s physique was basically the definition of a blonde bombshell – tall, lean, and incredibly toned. While her physique varies slightly based on how cut she was at different times in her career, it’s easy to see how she won so many championships. McCool proves that you don’t need to have biceps the size of tree trunks to be in amazing shape.

14 Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix was in a slightly earlier generation of Divas, taking the torch from Diva icons like Trish Stratus. She’s remarkable not just for her success and her nickname as the Glamazon, but because of how different her physique was from many of the Divas. While many Divas are lean and toned but not particularly jacked, Phoenix was, quite simply, a hugely intimidating physical threat. She had guns that would make even her male counterparts nervous, and she definitely didn’t believe that women got too bulky from lifting weights. Phoenix didn’t worry about remaining a delicate female flower – she lifted heavy, trained hard, and bulked up into an incredible physique.

13 Stacy Keibler

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While many know Stacy Keibler merely as the girl who used to date George Clooney, wrestling fans know her better for her time in the ring. Keibler moved up in the ranks of the wrestling world, starting as a Nitro Girl dancer in the WCW (World Championship Wrestling company, which no longer exists) before moving on to be Vince McMahon’s valet, and finally moving into the ring herself. Let’s face it – anyone who’s known for having the best legs in the business deserves a spot on a list of best physiques. Keibler’s legs go on for days… and days and days. She’s naturally fairly lean, and her physique is slim and toned.

12 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie is a fairly new face in the world of wrestling, having come into popularity as one of the stars of the Diva-centric reality show Total Divas. One of her most recognizable features is her flaming red hair, but her physique definitely demands attention. It varies a bit depending on how lean she is in any given photoshoot or performance, but when she cuts down a bit she gets quite the set of washboard abs. This red-headed star has been on the cover of countless magazines, often for her physique – for example, she graced the cover of Glam Fit Magazine and was part of a campaign for Marino Fitness. She’s also been on countless ‘sexiest’ lists, because let’s face it – she’s red hot.

11 Torrie Wilson

When professional athletes retire, a lot of them will go one way or the other – they’ll either remain in great shape and remain dedicated to a fitness routine, or they’ll let themselves go after years of rigorous training and a strict diet. Torrie Wilson definitely falls into the first camp. At her prime in the WWE, she was taut and toned with a great physique. Now, though you might not be able to catch a glimpse of her in the ring anymore, peeking through her photos on social media might cause your jaw to drop. If anything, Wilson has just gotten better with age – her physique is absolutely mind blowing now. She should be training Divas!

10 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee retired very recently, just this year, leaving behind an illustrious career – she’s won three WWE Divas Championship titles, two Diva of the Year Slammy Awards, and snagged the Woman of the Year title from Pro Wrestling Illustrated for three consecutive years. It’s not hard to see why she’s done so well in the WWE – her physique is truly amazing. Lee is an inspiration for shorter girls in particular (she’s only 5’2 herself) as she proves that you don’t need to reach model heights to look incredible. Her body type is slightly thicker, as she’s put on pounds of muscle to create a sculpted, sexy physique.

9 Chyna

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Okay, this pick might be a bit more controversial. Many WWE Divas are incredibly toned and nowhere near bulking up to extra-muscular proportions. Chyna isn’t one of them. She packed on pounds and pounds of muscle to craft a physique that even men would be intimidated to fight. Chyna’s physique might not be what every woman strives for, or what every man desires, but one thing is for sure – it’s the product of hours and hours of hard work. Women don’t naturally bulk up quite as easily as men tend to, so her physique is truly a commendable achievement.

8 Eve Torres

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Torres got into the wrestling world by entering the notorious WWE Diva Search. Many women fail to impress, but Torres made an impact and won, going on to development and eventually into the ring. Torres is known for her uniquely gorgeous face, but her body is definitely nothing to be overlooked. Her physique looks great both in her WWE costumes and in her countless bikini photoshoots. She proves that curvy is definitely sexy.

7 Lita

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Everyone who knows wrestling knows who Lita is – she’s an absolute icon in the world of female wrestlers, and countless current generation Divas count her as an inspiration (just ask AJ Lee, who absolutely adores her and viewed her as a huge inspiration when she was younger). Her physique definitely wasn’t the ‘cookie cutter toned and trim with implants’ body that many female celebrities with supposedly amazing physiques have. She was fairly built with a fearless attitude. Lita was an absolute powerhouse who made WWE history – she definitely deserves a spot on any list of best physiques.

6 The Bella Twins

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Yes, the Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie Bella) are separate people with vastly different personalities, as you’ll see if you watch them on reality show Total Divas! However, when it comes to their physique, their identical status means that they’re built in fairly similar ways and their bodies respond similarly to hours in the gym – and they definitely put in hours and hours. Both their Instagram accounts are filled with countless selfies, and they’re by no means willowy, slim girls. Their physique is packed with pure muscle, and they definitely don’t shy away from showing off their incredibly well developed glutes and abs in tight outfits and crop tops. Would you if you looked like that?

5 Maryse

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Maryse was one of the many Divas to earn her spot by first entering the WWE’s Diva Search competition and then moving up the ranks in development, but French-Canadian wrestler Maryse was particularly determined – she obtained her first title, the WWE Divas Championship, within six months of her debut. One look at her body might explain a bit about why she became so successful in the WWE so quickly. She’s an absolute knockout with a physique that many would love. She definitely wanted to make sure she got out of the ring when she was still in her prime, and despite rising to success quickly, she decided to retire about five years into her wrestling career despite still being in fantastic shape. She now works as a realtor down in sunny California. The question is, does she ever use any of her wrestling moves if a sale isn’t going her way? It might convince buyers pretty quickly!

4 Kaitlyn


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While many WWE Divas also work as models, former WWE Divas Kaitlyn has another side occupation that helps explain her incredibly physique – bodybuilder. Kaitlyn is drop dead gorgeous with curves in all the right places, yes – but they’re curves that she built and sculpted through countless squats and deadlifts in the gym. She also has an impressive set of biceps – see ladies, you definitely don’t need to skip arm day. Ladies can look sexy flexing too.

3 Natalya

Natalya is a great inspiration for women with a more athletic or stocky body type. Slim definitely isn’t the word you’d use to describe this Diva, but it’s not because she’s large – her body is tight and toned all over. She just has a physique that’s a bit bulkier, as many of the muscular Divas under 5’6 often tend to. However, she’s one of the most popular Divas of all time for a reason. Her personality is infectious, she’s a great performer, and her physique is spot on.

2 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is best known for her repetitive double name in the ring, but she also went by the name ‘Barbie’ in the ring for awhile – and one look at her will tell you exactly why. With her blonde hair and signature tan, she’s a dead ringer for the impossibly perfect doll. Her physique might not be what a hard-core female bodybuilder is going after, but any woman or bodybuilder competing in the bikini category would love to look like this blonde bombshell.

1 Trish Stratus

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Stratus is, quite simply, in a league of her own. She got her start in the WWE as a manager, but her athletic ability and hours spent in the gym soon propelled her into the ring as a performer herself. She’s one of the most beloved Divas of all time, and the WWE has even referred to Stratus as “the greatest Diva of all time.” She won the Women’s Championship seven times and won the distinction of “Diva of the Decade” in 2003. Her physique is absolutely world class – tight and toned abdominals, reasonably defined arms, great glutes… the list is endless. All hail the queen.

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