Top 15 Divas WWE Should Bring Back for the Women's Revolution

Goodbye, Divas Revolution. The Women's Revolution has arrived.

Gone are the days of the purple butterfly belt resembling a Bratz Doll accessory. Charlotte is no longer our Divas Champion; she is officially our Women's Champion. Doesn't that have a much better ring to it?

I'll admit, it's going to take some adjusting not calling the women of WWE "Divas", but it's certainly the step in the right direction that WWE had to go in if they are legitimately serious about taking their women seriously again. With the television show Total Divas still doing well, WWE can't completely abandon the term just yet, and that's completely fine. With women such as Eva Marie, Lana, and Miz's wife Maryse back on the roster, the term should stick around because lets face it, Maryse would probably prefer you call her a Diva anyway. In truth, some of the original women of wrestling were just valets anyways, or the old school equivalent of a "Diva".

This got us thinking though. With the recent return of Maryse, it got us wondering if WWE is willing to bring back even more former Divas to help shake things up. Maryse most likely wasn't brought back to the division to wrestle; she seems perfect in her role as Miz's manager, and that's kind of where we want to see her remain for the foreseeable future. But what if some other women returned, determined to make a true name for themselves in this new era of women's wrestling. We see men return all the time to try and regain the WWE Championship, so now that we have a "Revolution" of sorts, can't even more women come back? Why not? Lets take a look at 15 former WWE Divas we'd like to see return to compete for the newly instated Women's title.

As always feel free to let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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15 Trish Stratus

via wrestlestars.com

We know Trish Stratus has been keeping herself busy up in Canada being a wonderful mother and all, but we know deep down the seven-time Women's Champion has it in her for one last run in the WWE. That is if she decided it was something worth pursuing, pushing her Yoga career to the side for a while. Stratus helped pave the way for women back in the "Golden Era" of women's wrestling, and if given a less hectic schedule, it would be great to see her lace up the boots once again and main event at least one more Raw before her career is legitimately finito. If The Rock can make one-off appearances to wrestle every now and again, why can't this Hall of Famer?

14 Gail Kim

via flexonline.com

This entry may be very unlikely compared to some other women on this list, as we know Gail Kim has publicly scrutinized Vince McMahon for being sexist, but hey, it's still kind of a possibility isn't it? Although her runs in WWE have been for the most part forgettable, Gail Kim has established herself as one of the best women to compete within a squared circle, and we all know how fantastic she'd be with the current crop of women in WWE.

13 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn quickly become a fan favorite after winning NXT Season 3, and it seemed like she had everything going for her. However, for some reason after her Divas Title reign just a few short years ago, Kailtyn was placed on the back burner and quietly left the company. Maybe she no longer had any passion left for the business, or maybe she was tired of WWE not giving their women equal opportunity. In either case if the current landscape of the division is any consolation, Kailtyn is that likable face the division sorely needs right now as the only true babyfaces we currently have are Becky Lynch and Natalya.

12 Molly Holly

via prowrestling.wikia.com

Molly Holly has to be one of the most underrated Divas in the history of WWE. Yes, she is a former two-time Champion and even a former Hardcore Champion, but seeing as how amazing Holly was in the ring, she doesn't get the credit she deserves. Molly still looks great, and hasn't aged a day since retiring from professional wrestling. Even if she were to be brought in as a mentor, it would bring even more credibility to the division. Also, who wouldn't want to see her challenge Charlotte for that brand spanking new belt?

11 LayCool

via fanpop.com

If WWE were to ever bring back one of these two Divas, it would have to be a package deal. For two Divas to come from the Diva Search, it's surprising how skilled both Michelle McCool and Layla ended up becoming in the ring. Their heel faction LayCool dominated the Divas division throughout 2009-2011, and you could argue most of their best work was when they were together. Both former Women's and Divas Champions, it would be cool (no pun intended) to bring their Mean Girls shtick back to the division for one final run. If people think Charlotte's mean, just imagine what these two could do again.

10 Jacqueline

via allwrestling.com

After finding out she was inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier this year, Jacqueline stated in an interview that she hasn't retired from wrestling and is still willing to kick some butt, if the opportunity were to come a-calling. How amazing would it be to showcase a woman of 52 competing again for the Women's Championship? If even for a one-off fight, it would make for a special moment and prove that even older women can still kick ass just like the boys. Keep in mind that Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair went well into their 60's.

9 Melina

via villains.wikia.com

Melina came into the WWE stronger than most women have in the past, managing MNM to Tag Team Championships, and eventually winning championships herself on five separate occasions. It has been highly rumored that Melina had attitude problems backstage which ultimately led to her release in 2011. It was unfortunate since she was one of the better competitors in the division throughout her career. Also, who wouldn't want to see her and Sasha Banks battle it out for the Women's Championship one day? Sasha gives me major Melina vibes.

8 Beth Phoenix

via business2community.com

Beth Phoenix decided to retire just a few short years ago, and it's a shame she went just before a "revolution" in the division. Beth Phoenix accomplished a lot throughout her career, but never got to showcase her talents as well as she could have, due to the division being treated as bathroom-break fodder throughout most of her career. It's a shame because we know she's just as good if not better than the current crop of women who have emerged from NXT.

We know she's married with Edge and has started a family, but it would be cool to see her come back for even just a short while to help put some other Divas over... and maybe give her a few more matches she can be proud of.

7 Victoria

via tumblr.com

One thing the Women's division is currently lacking is a crazy character such as Victoria. She was in the WWE for over six years, and from 2002-2004 she made all kinds of history, competing in Hardcore matches, Street Fights, and even the first and only Cage Match to involve women in the WWE. She was the definition of tough, and it's a shame she had to start jobbing to the likes of Kelly Kelly and Ashley towards the end of her run with WWE. She still wrestles from time to time, but seeing her come back for one last hoorah as the crazy psycho we loved to hate, would bring back all kinds of awesomeness.

6 Torrie Wilson

via youtube.com

I don't know how well Torrie Wilson would fit with the current product seeing as how steamy some of Wilson's segments have been in the past, but it could work. If you've seen her Instagram account, you know she's aged like a fine wine and if she were to return, she'd still arguably be the best looking woman on the roster. We might not see Torrie winning match of the year, but will we be seeing Maryse and Lana doing that? Probably not. Hence why Torrie could make a very welcome addition to the roster. Plus, for nostalgia reasons who wouldn't want to see a couple of hot blondes going at it again?

5 Mickie James

via wrestlezone.com

It was sad to see Mickie James be let go from the company after her feud with LayCool involving her being ridiculed for being "fat" in a tasteless storyline that lacked much merit. With backstage rumblings of Mickie being involved with a then-married John Cena, it's been rumored that this could have been a reason for her falling out of favor by WWE officials. However, seeing how Mickie James served as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center in 2013, I'm sure any hard feelings have come to pass. Mickie returning to the WWE would be sure to make headlines, as she is still one of the more well known names in woman's wrestling. Plus, she's pretty damn awesome.

4 Kharma

via pwmania.com

What should have been a resurgence to the Divas division when Kharma arrived in 2011, turned into nothing but a failed opportunity once she decided to leave. She departed the company after only a few months, due to some personal issues going on in her life at the time. Not sure as to why, but Kharma has yet to come back into the fold. With the division at an all-time high, she would be a welcomed member to the roster that if used right, could cement herself as one of the most dominating forces to ever step foot in the WWE, male or female.

3 Lita

via prowrestling.com

You have to admit, it's been great seeing a lot of Lita lately. With her serving as a coach on last season's Tough Enough and even guest serving as co-commentator with Booker T, Corey Graves and Renee Young on such pre-shows as NXT and Wrestlemania 32, Lita has become a fixture on WWE television once again and rightfully so. Our only question remains is, when will one of the current crop of women has to get in Lita's face, right? I mean if you want to make a name for yourself, take out a Hall of Famer. Sasha perhaps? Or if you want to make Naomi relevant again, have her step up to the plate. Lets make it happen, WWE.

2 Chyna

via bleacherreport.com

We know. This is a very unlikely scenario, but for Chyna's sake we're hoping WWE can let bygones be bygones and bring her back for one final run. If both parties could be professionals about the situation, how amazing of a feud would Chyna versus Stephanie McMahon be? That's guaranteed ratings. Plus, lets be real; Chyna deserves her rightful place in the Hall of Fame one day, and if WWE could welcome her back with open arms, I think the girl could finally be at peace. We're rooting for it to happen.

1 AJ Lee

via wwe.com

AJ Lee is our number one pick due to her still being so fresh in the minds of the WWE Universe. Sadly, AJ decided to leave just before the Divas Revolution was in full force. We all know AJ wanted nothing but equality for the women of wrestling, and now that it's finally happening, it's sad to see AJ not able to be part of it. Yes, CM Punk is most likely the reason for her departure but seeing how young she still is, we can still see AJ making a return one day. Hey, maybe CM Punk can tag along. We can hope, can't we?

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