Top 15 Douchiest Things John Cena Has Done

For more than 10 years now, John Cena has been the main babyface in World Wrestling Entertainment. Regardless of calls for him to turn heel from people of all areas, he has worn the greatest of white caps for a whole decade and this won't change at any point in the near future. Without a doubt, the customary face/heel roles aren't as clear nowadays, however there's no denying that on paper Cena is the top Superstar in WWE. He ascends against the obnoxious heels, beats the odds, and saves the day. Whether it is against the insidious outsider, the rampaging posse assaults, the obsessive hillbillies or even R-Truth, if there's a malicious fiendishness in the air, odds are Cena will transcend the hate to annihilate it.

In the meantime, John Cena (the character) is inclined to acts that one would generally connect with the pits of humankind. No one is immaculate, obviously, however Cena is an anecdotal character that is solidly in favour of good, and consequently his character stooping to the lows recorded here are particularly difficult to accept. He lectures of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, however regularly misses the mark regarding his own doctrine. What great a pioneer who doesn't regard his own mantra? From ruining careers to insulting people..he has proved that he is one of the biggest jerks in the history of WWE...Here are my top 15 reasons where he has proved this to be true.

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14 Cheating on His Wife

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Who knows and comprehends a wrestler's timetable more than another wrestler? Take a gander at Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, The Miz and Maryse. Every one of them began dating their collaborators. All things considered, regardless of how harsh a wrestler's timetable is (and it is unpleasant), cheating is no bueno. It's particularly not great when you're the inhabitant WWE superman like John Cena.

As we'll dive into underneath, Cena had hitched his high school school sweetheart. Aw, isn't that so? Until he undermined her. (Not all that aw.) He and previous WWE star Mickie James were taking part in an extramarital entanglement, yet as far as anyone knows she's not by any means the only one he laid down with. Despite the fact that Cena never talked about the swindling assertions himself, there's sufficient evidence out there that you essentially need to see to accept.

13 John Cena Calling John Laurinaitus a LOSER!! 

It's not just the loooooser promo alone what makes it pitiful.

This was the first Raw after the news that Cena and his significant other were in the midst of a separation so clearly the WWE needed to utilize this section to permit John Cena the chance to unleash some frustration caused from his serious, real life difficulties (poor John Cena, right?) At last we have a segment between Cena and John Laurinaitus and an awful Ace Ventura impression. WWE felt it clever to allow Cena this opportunity to play a fool on television. This segment was developed just to make a person who was undermining his significant other feel better? Sickening.

12 Drooling All Over Himself On Raw

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The cumbersome picture of Cena spitting over a microphone on Raw was completely humiliating. Cena was cutting a promo when he expressed The Rock's name with such eagerness it dispatched a wad of spit. The WWE knew how terrible it looked and rapidly remove the cameras, however it was past the point of no return, as bunch of wrestling images jabbing fun were everywhere throughout the web in minutes. It can't be denied, Cena appears as some kind of creature dribbling all over itself. The more awful jokes inferred something far cruder was dribbling from Cena's mouth...

The genius was clearly humiliated with his dribbling accident and attempted to play it cool, remaining in the ring with it simply hanging there once the cameras returned. It later looked as though the spit was just hanging there simply asking to be wiped away...Yucks you douche.

11 John Cena Angry With Mexican Fans

My final word, no I don't like Cena because I think it's cool, I don't like him because he's nothing more than a disgrace to wrestling. He doesn't care for his fans, he treats women like crap, he's made other talents' lives a living Hell, and he won't change his character. BTW, hate? On the off chance that you think John Cena isn't too terrible, remember the undermining of his significant other with an adult film star (allegedly), having an unsanctioned romance with Mickie James, then destroying Kenn Doane's wrestling career. What about on TV? How he stole Alberto Del Rio's car, dumped BBQ sauce on Michael, and dumped poo on Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee? John Cena is simply a homewrecking douche who abuses women. And now pushing your fans because you are having a bad day? As you can see in the video above, Cena become frustrated with a fan in Mexico and gets a little physical.

10 Spanking Stephanie McMahon

In the mid-2000s, right amidst Cena's rap contrivance, Stephanie McMahon was moving into that regarded executive she is today on and off-screen. She was still controversial while in charge but she was tasteful. That makes it all the additionally stunning that John Cena gave the the daughter of Vince a decent smack on the back.

This SmackDown segment starts with Stephanie arranging matches for a forthcoming Pay-Per-View event. Cena jars down to the ring, asserting he longed for Stephanie the prior night. He adroitly teases through a rap, which Stephanie finds interesting. At that point, unexpectedly, she twists around and gives him a chance to hit her. Huh. Possibly she's a fanatic of rap music...But Cena aren't you being a douchebag doing that?

9 Announcing Time Off, Then Not Taking It

Extreme Rules 2012. After a grisly and fierce match with Brock Lesnar during a time where nothing was truly ridiculous or severe, Cena began hamming it up for the cameras, asking his mother what he looks like and advising her he's fine. At that point he sat down on the ring, and ventured in the center for a "pipe bomb" about how he may need to take some time off. However, he instead demonstrated that he cherishes each and every one of us for the backing we've given him throughout the years. He expresses gratitude toward Chicago for "a serious last ride." It was a retirement promo. "In case I'm going out, I wouldn't want to do it any other way! Much thanks to you all so much, return home safe."


8 Kenny Dykstra and Mickie James

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At a certain point Kenn Doane (a.k.a Kenny Dykstra) was locked into Mickie James, however he found out that she had been undermining him. Cena's association with James brought about Doane being exchanged from Raw—where Cena and James dwelled—to SmackDown. The once-encouraging grappler mulled all through his span on the Blue Brand and was at last released in November 2008. Cena and James remained "companions" as late as May 2009, two months before Cena wedded his high school sweetheart, Liz Huberdeau. He likewise substantiated online reports that James was exchanged from Raw to SmackDown in November 2009 in light of the fact that she was not able adapt to Cena saying a final farewell to her, along these lines compelling association authorities to isolate the two from each other at work. The move prompted her being saddled with the unfavorable 'Piggy James' moniker and her contract terminated in April 2010. So much for ruining a relationship Cena

7 Poop for AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler

2012 was ending, and Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee chose to give a New Year's Toast. The toast is then hindered by Cena.

The main thing John does is head to what he knows best; misogyny. He reprimands AJ for having the nerve to be with various folks (counting himself), adding to his great resume offemale disgracing. With his schoolboy cleverness, Cena showed a bunch of photoshopped images on the TitanTron. Ziggler provides the main piece of turthin the segment by alluding to Cena as a 'man-child' (he is the heel all things considered). Cena then discusses how 2012 was the most exceedingly awful year of his profession, despite defeating Brock Lesnar, winning Superstar of the Year, and beating Ziggler. Obviously, he needs to slip in one more jab about AJ Lee before the big moment.

John Cena drops what should be, erm, crap, on Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Awesome you douche.

6 Lana, Rusev, and Hypocrisy

On an episode of RAW, following Rusev's refusal to face Cena at 'Mania, Cena would apply an STF to Rusev, refusing to let go until the match was made official. Eventually, Lana would accept the challenge on behalf of Rusev. John Cena and Rusev would then face-off for the United States Championship at WrestleMania 31. Rusev had recently gotten the better of Cena, so of course, Johnny Boy would go over at WrestleMania.

Along the way, to streamline this entire thing, John Cena got what he needed through tormenting. The very man who stands against bullying pretty much bullied his way into a United States Championship match at WrestleMania. Gret message to send to all the children out there who believe in Cena.

5 Burying Batista

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John Cena defended his WWE Championship against one of his most noteworthy challengers, Batista, in an "I Quit" match. On that night in 2010, Cena figured out how to get Batista to say these words by attempting to deliver the Attitude Adjustment off of a car onto the stage. Taking such a fall would have unquestionably done long haul harm to Batista, so Dave shrewdly escaped and evaded the misfortune. Cena won and despite the fact that he gain victory with danger, despite the fact that he already forced his adversary to surrender, he still proceeded to throw Batista off the car onto the steel below.

A demonstration of brutality out of unadulterated perniciousness. A yearning to bring about genuine mischief to another person. It is safe to say that these are not the actions of a man we should look up to. Such a douche.

4 Eve Torres, Zack Ryder, and the 'Hoeski' Debacle

'We Want Ryder' would ring out as Zack Ryder was quickly becoming one of the most popular Superstars in WWE. Inevitably this all went south, as nothing organic can last in the WWE. Ryder had a brief run with the United States Championship, but soon lost it and found himself embroiled in the John Cena/Kane story.

Kane was trying to get Cena to 'embrace the hate' as he put it, ahead of Cena's WrestleMania match against The Rock. He decided that the best way to do so would be to target Cena's new BFF, Zack Ryder. After trying to drag him into the depths of Hell (under the ring), he made do with pushing his wheelchair off the stage. Meanwhile, Ryder was getting close to a former Divas Champion by the name of Eve Torres. But, Torres and Cena shared a particularly steamy smooch directly in front of Ryder.

Eve certainly wasn't innocent, but Cena proceeds to shame her anyway in the following weeks, proving once and for all that if there's one thing John Cena despises, it's women who are comfortable with their sexuality.

3 Chants Towards Melina

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In 2006, John Cena was WWE Champion just before WWE rolled out the improvement of PG programming. Leaving Cena with enough time to shame another woman.  Melina was overseeing Johnny Nitro at the time, and Kevin Federline was going to go up against our dear John Cena in a match on New Years Day.

Cena didn't have an awesome record of treating the WWE Divas with the best regard, so obviously he stooped to the most reduced rung on the stepping stool and ran Melina down, alluding to her as a loose woman and causing the crowd to direct an unflattering chant towards Melina.

Sexual disgracing is naturally sexist. A man that is the face of an anti-bullying campaign is better than these remarks, surely? A douchebag.

2 Vickie Guerrero and Fat Jokes

John Cena is guilty of completely humiliating Vickie Guerrero. On an episode of RAW in 2010 Jerry Lawler was laying into Vickie Guerrero. So what does our "hostile to public tormenting" John Cena, do? He participates in a call dueling joke rivalry with Lawler as they alternate to making fat jokes about Vickie Guerrero.

As the greatest performer in modern WWE history, John Cena should be a paragon of excellence. His whole trick was basically him being a good example, so what does this say to young fans all over the world over? That ridiculing another's appearance is amusing and ought to be supported? Screw that. This was Frat Boy Cena, harassing a woman because of her physical appearance and driving thousands into mocking her. Terrible John, you are such a douchebag.

1 Burying The Nexus

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The Nexus losing wasn't the issue. The issue..the completion, which was one of the most exceedingly douchiest John Cena minutes ever. Left to fend for himself and confronting two-on-one Nexus advantage, Cena got pummelled, hurled to the outside, and DDT'd onto concrete. Not the cushioning, the concrete. Justin Gabriel pulled up the cushioning and Wade Barrett DDT'd Cena straight to the floor. This should end most people but not Cena. It was now time for Super Cena to arrive.

Cena would complete the comeback and eventually eliminate Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett, securing the victory. Many believe that Wade Barrett should have gone over of John Cena to help further his career, but Cena thought otherwise. Once again, fans witnessed Cena play the role of hero on a night where Barrett should have became a star.

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