Top 15 Douchiest Things The Rock Has Ever Done

What is it about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that makes him the most douchiest, egotistical man in the history of the WWE one minute and then one of the most loved, highest paid, actors and a possible f

What is it about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that makes him the most douchiest, egotistical man in the history of the WWE one minute and then one of the most loved, highest paid, actors and a possible future presidential candidate the next? When you search The Rock or Dwayne Johnson now, you get loads of inspiring stories about how he is a huge animal lover, wonderful family man, exceptional business man, one of the highest paid actors in the world, and, of course, how he is the most motivational, inspirational person in the universe. He even has his own motivational alarm clock out on the market to prove it! This may seem egotistical and maybe even a tad-bit douchey, yet it is nothing compared to the somewhat arrogant person that Dwayne Johnson has often become when he throws on his persona of The Rock.

The third generation wrestler was not always so electrifying. As a matter of fact, when he first stepped into the spotlight in 1995, he was known as Rocky Maivia and things weren't great. His character was so hated at the time that he was always booed and people would even chant “die rocky die” as he made his his way down to the ring. After having one of the roughest starts in the history of the WWE, Dwayne Johnson turned into a heel and was given the mic on his own terms for the first time. He began talking about himself in the third person and The Great One took overm making history with his charismatic words and astonishing record breaking numbers.

Not only was he the holder of a combination of 17 championship titles, eight of which were WWE Championships, but he has also brought the majority of the highest ratings and attendance records with him to WWE events. Now that he has made his way in Hollywood, it may seem as though he truly is indeed The Most Electrifying Man in entertainment, but it all started with the WWE, a mic, and an undeniably douchey attitude. So here we will visit the top 15 douchiest things the Rock has ever done.

15 Hump Day Promo vs Rock The Promo

Despite Dwayne Johnson’s personality being so completely different from his alter ego, The Rock still seems to slip occasionally. He recently debuted a weekly contest on YouTube called Rock The Promo where contestants can submit promos for the chance to win a Rock The Promo Championship belt. Sounds fun right? The only problem being that former WWE wrestler Taz had already been hosting a similar weekly contest called Hump Day Promo.

This quickly led to Taz confronting The Rock about the similarities repeatedly on Twitter before finally getting a response from The Rock. In the tweets, Taz mentioned that his 'Hump Day Promo' had already been out for about a year. They have since worked out their issues after The Rock finally responded, although Taz still maintains that The Rock should have done his homework. The whole incident looks as though it was all a huge misunderstanding, but The Rock could have done a little more research and at least gave Taz a heads up beforehand.

14 The Rock's Sexist Onscreen Treatment of Lana

While it looks as though Dwayne Johnson may be the perfect gentleman to the ladies off-screen, his WWE personality comes across as moderately sexist. In a backstage scene on Raw that included Lana falling pray to The Rock's outlandish, yet mildly amusing rant about various “exercises,” the two had supposedly done in his hotel room, he mentioned that Lana had showed him “the one legged Russian vacuum” and that he had taught her “the Wisconsin wheelbarrow.”

Rusev walked up behind The Rock towards the end of the segment and after his initial reaction of shock, The Rock went on to tell Rusev how lucky he was to have such a flexible fiancée. The rant is said to have been unscripted and even though his use of words was comical, most fans believed that Lana looked truly uncomfortable and somewhat shocked by the whole thing. The entire scene was both unnecessary and somewhat sexist.

13 Guinness World Record For Selfies?

The Rock just had to go and add a Guinness World Record to his staggering list of accomplishments by setting the Guinness World Record for the most selfies taken in three minutes while he was on the red carpet of the premiere for San Andreas. In order to accomplish this feat, he had to take 105 selfies in the allotted three minute period. Why anyone would want to be the world record holder for something as ridiculous as the most selfies taken is beyond me.

I am not sure who the previous record holder was, but he was later beaten by Nick Knowles on the set of DIY SOS: Children in Need on July 5th, 2016. The only thing about The Rock setting this record that makes it a little less douchey is that at least the selfies were taken with fans and not just of himself.

12 The Rock's Replay of The Montreal Screwjob


Just a year after the original Montreal Screwjob was done on Bret Hart by Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels, Vince and Shane set up a repeat of the job with Mankind set to win at Survivor Series in 1998. Dwayne Johnson had recently shed his Rocky Maivia persona and had traded it in for the loud mouthed, third person gimmick of The Rock and was working his way up to being a fan favorite at a lightening fast speed and had come so far from being the hated image he had been a few short months before.

The finale of the match was almost a complete repeat from the incident in Montreal the previous year. Just as The Rock locked in the Sharpshooter, Vince appeared at ringside and called for the bell to be rung. This was a douchey way to go about it and this was how The Rock gained his first WWE Championship. It was so bad, on so many levels. He might not have come up with this idea, but it doesn't mean he wasn't involved with it.

11 Overdoing The Job With Mick Foley


At times, The Rock has been known to go too far in the ring, upsetting some of his fellow wrestlers. This was the case when Mankind went up against The Rock in an “I Quit” match during the Royal Rumble in 1999 where Foley suffered a broken jaw.

Since retiringm Foley has mentioned this devastating match in both his book and interviews. He has said the initial deal was for him to get hit with the chair five times, but the match escalated and got out of control, with The Rock preceding to hit him over a dozen times with the chair instead. Most people, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, felt that the match was painful to watch and Foley's wife and kids were present at the time. Foley has been reported as saying that The Rock was inexperienced at the time, but it was still a douchey move on his part.

10 Referred To Himself As Looking Like A Buff Lesbian

The Rock recently shared an old memory with us at the MTV Music Awards. It was a picture of him from back in the 90s when he had his hair in a high-top with a tight black turtleneck on and a chain around his neck. In the picture, the once babyfaced Rock is also sporting a lovely leather fanny pack. The Rock made a reference of the pic being from his “buff lesbian” days.

Fans took to Twitter saying that he does indeed look like a “buff lesbian,” yet others felt that the joke was tasteless.

9 The Rock Says


The fact that The Rock wrote a New York Times Bestseller is not douchey at all, but the fact that in his autobiography he talks about himself in the third person for the portion after he became his alter ego in WWE is in fact very douchey.

We all know who The Rock is onscreen, but in an autobiography you are supposed to be writing about yourself as your persona, not the other way around. Not only that, but most of the reviews are saying that it was written more like a commercial or promo (for wrestling fans). Fans wanted to know about Dwayne Johnson. They were looking for his deepest, darkest secrets, yet felt like they got something similar to the bio that you would find on Wikipedia or WWE's fan page. Some reviews even mentioned that his life just wasn't really that interesting and felt that he left the charisma that all people love about him back at the ring.

8 The Rock vs The San Diego Aztec Mascot


Apparently The Rock's antics date all the way back to his college years. Back before The Rock was known in the early 90s, Johnson was known as “Dewey” by his old teammates on the Miami Hurricanes. He did not play for very long, as he sadly got hurt, and went on to go into the family business of wrestling, but not before engaging in a huge brawl that happened between the Miami Hurricanes and San Diego Aztecs.

Actually, towards the end of the fightm the Aztec mascot was off to the side amping things up a bit, so The Rock chased him, but fortunately he never caught him or else he might have got Rock Bottomed! The whole incident was a mess and he even admitted to being embarrassed because his mom was there to see the events unfold.

7 His WrestleMania 32 Entrance


At WrestleMania 32, not only did The Rock go through with his usual third person dialogue, but he also seemed to feel it was necessary for us to see ROCK in flames, so that we would all know that he had indeed returned to WrestleMania in Arlington, Texas.

He came down the ramp armed with a huge flamethrower and surrounded by the Dallas Cheerleaders. He then went on to use the flamethrower to set his name on fire, just before informing fans that WWE had broken a WrestleMania attendance record of a whopping 101,763 people. While The Rock is considered by fans to be The Great One and this was possibly an attempt at making it the best and most interesting entrance ever in the history of WWE, it failed and had a douchey feel to it. We already know The Rock is on fire, but did we really have to see it wrote in flames?

6 No-show On Raw After WrestleMania 29


There was a lot of rumors circulating around prior to WrestleMania 29. The Rock and John Cena were due to have their match and there was talk of some real-life beef going on between The Rock and Cena that later turned out to be true.

Apparently, The Rock was not happy with some of Cena's promos and they almost came to blows a couple of times. It was even rumored after WrestleMania that The Rock was not happy about dropping the title, but Johnson has claimed this was not the case in interviews. Who knows what really went down around that time, but we do know that people bought tickets early on due to advertising stating that The Rock would be present on the episode of Raw following WrestleMania 29 and that he was a no-show. That, and the fact that fans were not particularly happy with the events of an unimpressive WrestleMania, led the good people of New Jersey to hijack Raw. The rumor was that The Rock never even gave notice of his injury until later in the evening, leaving the show in a state of chaos and fans felt duped.

5 The Rock Singles Out Stone Cold

The Rock and Stone Cold had one of the best rivalries onscreen in WWE history while off-screen they were actually pretty close. In interviews, The Rock has even thanked Stone Cold for putting his name on the line for him back in 1999 when just about everyone on the roster was against Vince putting The Rock in the main event against Stone Cold. He has called Stone Cold a “good man” and mentioned how the event created a “bond of trust” between the two men, but where was the trust in 2002 when Vince was changing things up for Stone Cold, who at the time was still the WWE's top guy.

The whole entire year, Stone Cold had been shoved on the back burner and when asked to drop the belt to an up and coming Brock Lesner without a buildup, things came to a head and he hopped on a plane. The next night, The Rock flew in to point the finger at him for leaving. In his promo he mentioned that Stone Cold had taken his ball and went home and that if there was anybody who didn't want to work for the company, they could get the "F" out.

4 The Rock Serenades Vicki Guerrero

I'm not a big fan of Vicki Guerrero myself, but, fan or not, it was amusing, yet painful to watch The Rock call her out under the assumption that he was going to sing her a special song. I'm sure most women have visited uncomfortable moments such as this (especially in those awkward cootie years) where boys often resort to such childhood pranks such as offering gifts, only for the girl to find that it was really worms.

Well this was similar to that, because as Vicki began to let her guard down, The Rock went into the chorus of “No biatch, you look horrible tonight” and from then on, the song continued with a string of insults directed at Vicki. While the segment was in fact hilarious, it was still a douchey thing to do and it's the kind of segment that would no longer be allowed in today's WWE, where they're trying to empower their female talent.

3 The Rock Brings It Via Satellite


“Finally, The Rock has come back...” via satellite. This was the biggest insult that Cena had against The Rock in their rivalry from 2012-2013. The Superstars of the WWE have been known to appear occasionally via satellite, but none so much as The Rock over such a short period of time. Although, his appearances via satellite were always amusing, the biggest problem with the angle was that it made him appear too busy to show-up.

Back in 2011, The Rock came back after seven years with a speech about never leaving, but since that time, with the exception of his appearances between 2011-2013, he has mostly become a mainstay at WrestleMania. From 2011-2012 alone, he only showed up 11 times and three of those 11 times were via satellite. It has been said that a big part of the reasoning behind the true off-screen rivalry between the two was due to Cena's distaste for The Rock's visits, or lack there of, while The Rock was not happy about Cena calling him on just how douchey the Hollywood star had become.

2 The Rock's WWE Hall of Fame Roast

In 2008, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson left many of his old wrestling buddies displeased with his speech that was meant to honor his father and late grandfather, as they were being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Many, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, thought that the Hollywood star's speech came off as more of a roast, rather than the tribute it was meant to be.

He spent most of the speech cracking jokes and barely left an impression of the two men that he was there to honor. Aside from that, friends said he arrived just in time for the speech and left right after. At the time, Johnson was filming Race To Witch Mountain and fellow wrestlers felt that The Rock came off as “too Hollywood.” Some made comments to this effect in later speeches, including Triple H who made the comment: “Rock Fans or should we call them “Dwayne” fans now.” All in all, The Rock's appearance came across as being one of his douchiest moments.

1 CM Punk's Stolen Moment


In early 2013, CM Punk had just come back from surgery and was pushed by Vince into a TLC match against Ryback in order to get the storyline over because The Rock was suddenly making himself available and Vince preferred to go with that angle.

Punk, who had held the title for 434 days, had planned to keep it until the upcoming WrestleMania, where Punk had still not got his main event card despite his accomplishments. Instead, The Rock came back after years of random appearances and Punk was told to drop him the title at the Royal Rumble match.

This left room for Cena and The Rock to main event WrestleMania while Punk went on to add another tombstone to The Undertaker's streak. This led to CM Punk leaving shortly after and ranks as a major dark cloud from The Rock's WWE career, although he'll never admit he did anything wrong.

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Top 15 Douchiest Things The Rock Has Ever Done