15Johnny B. Badd

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Johnny B. Badd is the first persona given to who most wrestling fans know as Marc Mero.  Mero pursued a boxing career growing but due to injuries decided to go with a career in wrestling.  In 1990 he began to train under the Malenkos and in 1991 he joined the Floridian

Sun Coast Professional Wrestling promotion.  Not soon after he was given a chance in the WCW and when eventually signed to a contract he was given the persona Johnny B. Badd, a flamboyant Little Richard lookalike. He sported out pink scarfs, bright trunks and what seems like a lot of makeup to bring the character to life.  Upon leaving WCW Mero was eventually repackaged into something more his personality. A boxer that was accompanied to the ring by one of the greatest WWE Divas in history, Sable. Mero even managed a Intercontinental Championship.

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