Top 15 Embarrassing Pictures Of The Rock You Cannot Unsee

Dwayne Johnson is a wrestler turned actor, who was formally known (and still is) as "The Rock". The Rock is a true renaissance man, as he has been a professional athlete, actor, host, among a slew of

Dwayne Johnson is a wrestler turned actor, who was formally known (and still is) as "The Rock". The Rock is a true renaissance man, as he has been a professional athlete, actor, host, among a slew of other things.

Johnson is widely known as one of the best wrestlers to step foot in the ring. He also made boatloads of money for WWE, and himself during the Attitude Era. The former WWE Champion set himself apart from the crowd, by using his unmatched charisma to thrill and entertain crowds for over half a decade as a full time wrestler. He is often ranked as one of the best wrestlers on the mic, and even WWE said he is one of the funniest wrestlers ever.  Though he is generally a goofball and can take a joke, there have been some unflattering moments in his life, that The Great One may not want out in mainstream.

This article outlines embarrassing photos of Dwayne, and things he may have wish were never documented. I'm sure after looking at this list, The Rock will regret these photos immediately. So what qualifies pictures as embarrassing? It's simple. Photographs captured of Dwayne Johnson that depict him in a vulnerable state, or looking eccentric. By "eccentric", I mean weird, outgoing, or different. Now there is nothing wrong with being eccentric, just the fact of the matter is, that these pictures are not normal photographs. They are out there.  Would The Rock himself be embarrassed by these pictures? We sure hope he would, if he isn't then there's something odd about him. I think anyone looking at these photos would be embarrassed for him, which says enough.

This list will detail both pictures that are intentional, as well as some that may not have been. If you can think of anymore embarrassing pictures of  Johnson, be sure to tell us in the comments below. Here are 15 embarrassing pictures of The Rock.

15 Yearbook Photo


In this picture, Dwayne probably looks back on this with chills. No, he doesn't look stupid or anything, he just has changed so much from is wrestling days. Like most of us who look back at our high school photos, this picture may bring back good feelings, but not the best reaction. With a pencil thin mustache, and what looks to be a mullet on top of his head, it's safe to say that Johnson won't be trading in his current stylist for his old one any time soon.

14 Plastic Surgery


What, you thought those pecs were real? Well, back in 2005 when he was beginning the transition into Hollywood, The Rock had a procedure done to remove excess fat that was building up in his pecs. He has been open about his surgery, as he said there is no point in celebrities trying to hide their surgeries. Those that do, he said, are “raising the bar for unattainable perfection.” Many men might be embarrassed to admit to a male breast reduction surgery, but The Rock is not like most guys.

13 Tooth Fairy


This movie starred Dwayne as a tooth fairy. In this movie, he has blue wings on and looks like he is regretting the role in the movie. I remember watching this movie a while back, and it's not bad for a children's movie, but The Rock takes a role that makes him not look as masculine as he clearly is. Johnson has to be a little embarrassed when he sees this photo hanging around on the internet. Hell, I would. Thankfully, he transitioned into kick-ass action movies, where someone of his build belongs.

12 The Memes


Oh the internet is great, and one person who appreciates that is Dwayne Jonson. With his very active social media accounts, the former Miami Hurricane often posts tons of pictures that can be meme worthy. The internet has taken to these like hawks and created some of the funniest things online. Of course there is his witch mountain meme, which was pretty big for a few months in 2013, and countless others to laugh at.

11 Geek Dwayne


This picture is pretty funny, as Johnson looks like a geek. Though it is pretty hilarious, someday he will look back on this photo and cringe. Hell, I'm sure his daughter makes fun of him everyday for taking this photo. His second daughter will undoubtedly laugh at him when she's old enough. Though he probably thought it was funny, and we do too, business people might embarrass The Rock someday when they show him this photo, and ask "why"?

10 Lying About His Height


Dwayne Jonson is listed at 6-foot-5, and Charles Barkley is listed at 6-foot-6... hmm. Now I'm no mathematician, but The Rock certainly looks more than one inch shorter than Barkley. And if that isn't enough evidence, he is undoubtedly more than seven inches shorter than the seven foot Shaquille O'Neal. We all know that athletes lie about their height, but there are some huge lies happening here, that Hollywood can't fix in this picture.

9 Rock In Dress


We all know that Johnson is secure in his masculinity, being one of the manliest men in Hollywood. That doesn't change the fact that he is rocking a sun dress on an awards show stage in this picture. Sure it's hilarious, and I'm sure it got a good reception, but many of his fans are probably shaking their heads at this picture. At the least it's embarrassing that he isn't wearing it better than Miley Cyrus.

8 What Is That?


Okay, what is going on here? Is Dwayne making a fashion statement, or just messing around? The Rock catches everyone off guard with these odd photos, and he's not smiling or anything, he's looking serious as ever. The Rock sure worked hard for this part, as he underwent an insane diet of over 10 meals a day to bulk up. Was this costume really necessary for the movie? In any event, anyone but The Rock would have been mocked for it.

7 Bambi


This screen grab of Johnson from his appearance on Saturday Night Live, has to make this list of embarrassing pictures. Obviously, the former WWE Champion looks ridiculous playing the real life version of Bambi, but it works on a meta level as well. The show was making fun of the fact that Johnson appears in over produced reboots and sequels, making this photo even more embarrassing and clever. Once again, The Rock has absolutely no shame in dressing up in the most ridiculous outfits.

6 Turtleneck. Chain. Fanny Pack.


Could this photo be any more 90s? The Rock's gold chain, and primped up hair is purely hilarious. What's even funnier, is that this picture was sent out to the internet, who ran with the picture. This outfit has actually become a Halloween costume, with its wearers striking the same pose that is in this photo.

The Rock looks like a mix of himself, and Jennifer Lopez. His turtle neck is in style at the time, but would be made fun of in today's fashion era.

5 Lobster


Dwayne looks like he got bit bad by a lobster in this photo. WWE for sure wants people to forget about this photo, as it makes the legend look weak. When I look at this photo I doubt that Johnson is a manly man, but we all know he would crush anything that walks right? He looks flustered in this photo, and vulnerable. Dwayne has to be embarrassed at the site of this photo.

4 Enhancement?


We do not want to say Dwayne Johnson uses steroids, we will just look at this picture above. The guy looks so roided up in this photo, standing next to a jacked Mark Wahlberg. Maybe he does lift and drink a lot of protein powder, but he doesn't even look human in this photo.

Whether this is makeup from the movie, or not, there's something odd about this photo. The guy looks too jacked, like cartoon jacked.

3 King Of Terrible CGI


Probably the worst movie of his career, The Scorpion King certainly had its share of bad moments. The worst of those moments, was the inclusion of the title character in The Mummy Returns, where Johnson was featured as some sort of CGI abomination. The special effects department must have run out of money on this one, as WWE has made Johnson look better in video games... like PlayStation 2 video games.

2 The Rock... Holding A Rock


I get it, it's The Rock and he's holding the rock in his arms; a bit too on the nose for my taste. This photo is sort of creepy when you figure that Dwayne Johnson was told to take his shirt off and cradle a piece of the Earth, all while looking lovingly into the camera. The worst part is that this photo wasn't taken ironically, it was given the serious treatment from whoever decided this was a good idea.

1 Dwayne And Fallon


This photo must be the most embarrassing photo ever captured of The Rock. It is staged, but still hilariously bad. The Rock and Jimmy Fallon are laying down with wigs on. It's a funny picture, but the beast must take crazy amounts of roasting for this photo.

The Rock is a hilarious guy, and amazing wrestler, but I'm sure this photo wasn't in mind when he was destroying in WWE.

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Top 15 Embarrassing Pictures Of The Rock You Cannot Unsee