Top 15 Embarrassing Superstar Photos The WWE Doesn't Want You To See

Wrestlers are some of the toughest people in the world, with some of them towering over normal sized people like giants. While in most cases these gods among men and women are intimidating, there are times that they are caught off guard. This list will evaluate some of those times, and the pictures that make some of your favorite wrestlers look stupid, and funny.

Many wrestlers have pictures taken of them that they wish were never captured. Though the pictures featured here today are all embarrassing of the respective person featured, it is also embarrassing as a fan to justify why some of these images even exist. There is nothing worse than having to defend wrestling to a non-wrestling person, so imagine defending it all while knowing these photos exist.

Some of the photographs featured in this article were captured in the ring, and some outside of the ring during photo shoots. The ones out of the ring could probably have been avoided, if the person knew how the final product would turn out. The pictures taken out of the ring, well that is a different story; it's kind of hard to justify some the images featured here today in any situation.

So the question becomes, why do wrestlers let embarrassing photos of themselves surface? Do they deep down want these pictures to emerge, in hopes that people will talk about them, spreading publicity about themselves? Both of these questions are very valid in terms of understanding this article. Which goes without saying, that if these people really didn't want these pictures taken, they should have acted normal. Not weird, intense, or eccentric.

As always, feel free to let us know if we forgot any pictures that make you embarrassed to be a wrestling fan in the comments below. Hey maybe since you've seen these photos, you will be able to defend your wrestling fandom knowing what the other person might throw at you.

Here are 15 Embarrassing Superstar Pictures The WWE Doesn't Want You To See.

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15 Trish Stratus Objectified

via whatculture.com

Though Trish Status had a long career as a women's wrestler, this picture was in fact very embarrassing for us all. On an episode of Raw in the early 2000s, Vince McMahon made Stratus strip down to basically no clothing, and lay on the ground like a dog; she also had to bark like one. For every person who has ever claimed that Trish Stratus was a "real" women's wrestler, this picture speaks volumes about how the ladies of wrestling were often objectified.

While Trish eventually got her revenge on Vince McMahon by slapping the taste out of his mouth at WrestleMania X-Seven, it doesn't erase the image we saw on RAW a few weeks earlier. Stratus has talked about the incident and while she felt it was tough to do at the time, it ultimately helped her character grow: for that moment, it was like, yes, he degraded me. Then there was that moment where my character was like, ‘I’m not taking this anymore.’ She stood up to Vince, slapped him at WrestleMania X-Seven - the biggest stage of all - and moved on to become a full-time wrestler on her own. That’s what Trish Stratus did.

It's amazing Trish rose above this to become the best ever.

14 Bo Dallas Glamour Shots

via uproxx.com

I Bo-lieve that Bo Dallas wishes this picture didn't exist. Back in the day when Bo Dallas was back in NXT, he was forced to take promotional shots just like all the other NXT wrestlers. This picture however, features Dallas wearing only jeans and boots, while posed on top of a motorcycle. With his long flowing hair, it looks like Dallas is posing for a romance novel's cover. Hey, maybe Bo Dallas can be given a biker gimmick!

Could you imagine if the WWE tried to have Bo Dallas join the Wyatt Family after a portrait like this? Bray Wyatt, his real-life brother would probably laugh in his face, and not the typical maniacal laugh that Bray usually does on television. It'd be more like genuine children's laughter. After all, who wouldn't want to laugh at their sibling over an embarrassing photo? Bray probably pulls this out whenever Bo tries to crack a joke about him.

13 Seth Rollins

via tumblr.com

This particular picture, taken at WWE Elimination Chamber 2015, features Seth Rollins looking quite awkward in front of the camera. Why the weird pose? Rollins thought Dean Ambrose would win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but he didn't. It appeared that Ambrose had beaten Rollins, but another referee soon changed the decision and disqualified Rollins for abusing the official. Rollins lost the match but retained his title due to the decision. Either way, it doesn't erase the image we saw of him.

Seth really embarrassed himself in this one, as the image went viral. It can be seen as a meme all over the internet. I'm sure Seth is a little upset after seeing all the memes all about, and centered around his crazed and bewildered face. Rollins is back now and hopefully he doesn't pull a face like this the next time he loses a big match.

12 John Cena's Slobber

via whatculture.com

While announcing The Rock's name during a promo, Cena started drooling on camera, meaning literal saliva was literally coming out of his mouth. WWE immediately changed the camera to somewhere else, but regardless this picture was all over the internet the next day.

John Cena was announcing that he was choosing his WrestleMania XXVIII opponent to team with him against the duo of The Miz and R-Truth. While that would ordinarily sound intimidating to a pair of wrestlers, Miz and Truth probably weren't so much scared of The Rock as they were of Cena being unable to control his saliva. Let this be a lesson of you kids who look up to John Cena. Whenever you're about to speak, be sure that you're not going to slobber all over your face or catch anyone else with a hint of your DNA.

Even a guy like John Cena, an absolute beast, could be picked apart and trolled on the internet. Have you ever heard of brain dead drooling fans? Well this picture of the top guy drooling, doesn't help the cause. Fortunately Cena has no trouble making fun of himself, so he probably took this embarrassing moment in stride.

11 Barnyard Mickie James

via wrestlegasm.com

Unlike the previous entry, this wasn't just an embarrassing image that happened by accident. The WWE planned this out and it was shameful to do to a performer as talented as Mickie James.

During a feud with Michelle McCool, Mickie James was being chastised for being overweight, and was actually told to lose weight on multiple occasions. The famous "Piggy James" picture surfaced, which had to be humiliating for the very fit James. WWE was basically bullying her out of the business, which is another example of a great female wrestler being objectified. I mean if they are going to make fun of the girl, they should have at least have better Photoshop skills than that.

Mickie James would ultimately defeat Michelle for the Women's Championship at the Royal Rumble but it doesn't excuse what WWE did, especially as they like to pride themselves on working with the BA STAR campaign. I bet they didn't like what they saw here.

10 Dean Ambrose

via tumblr.com

When non-wrestling fans make fun of wrestlers, they go to a costume store and may wear the exact thing that Dean Ambrose is in this picture. He wore this in 2006 during a squash match against MNM. Ambrose showed up with bright pink hair, and a gaudy chain around his neck. The worst part is his face, which in the picture he looks like he is smelling something that doesn't agree with his senses.

Now granted Ambrose was a jobber here and many wrestlers have to pay their dues in the business by either wearing ridiculous outfits, doing jobs for veterans and trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Either way, Ambrose definitely doesn't want us to remember this photo. While he still looks like a lunatic here as he does today, he definitely doesn't have the cool factor that he carries today.

He's sure come a long way in 10 years. Hopefully he can stick to his natural hair color.

9 Hulk Hogan's First Gawker?

via cagepotato.com

This picture from one of Hulk Hogan's matches with Ultimate Warrior became nationally known, and used for memes because... well come on, look at it. We all know what this picture looks like, and what it appears is transpiring. Here is the thing, from any other angle, this is an iconic picture of one of the biggest stars in wrestling history, being overpowered by a emerging star. Sadly the angle is what it is, and this is one of the most memed pictures on the internet. That's just the nature of social media. They can take an image that many felt would be iconic in earlier years, but our innocence has been lost. Many of you were kids when watching this match, but now you can't deny how awkward this looks.

Wrestling fans need no introduction on the context of this picture. This was arguably the best match of The Ultimate Warrior's career, as he and Hogan had a match that far exceeded the expectations of wrestling pundits in terms of match quality. Whoever took this picture now has to hope Hogan won't sue them over it.

8 Lilian Garcia Takes A Spill

via tumblr.com

So this one may be cheating, as Lilian Garcia has never really wrestled a match; but seeing as how there is never going to be a list of embarrassing pictures of ring announcers, we decided to throw her in. Garcia has had her share of gaffs over the years in WWE, but they usually include announcing fails. This however was a trip that everyone got to see before a SmackDown taping in 2012. The veteran announcer handled the fall with grace, but a fall is a fall, and this one is immortalized through a photo.

Lilian Garcia is now a seasoned veteran in WWE, as she's been in the WWE since 1999 with a brief absence she took a few years ago. When you're on live television, mistakes are bound to happen and this just happened to be one of those times. Garcia has messed up at certain times when pronouncing names, but none of them leave as lasting an impression as a photo like this. This picture may be in her photo album, but it's definitely one to look at and have a few laughs.

7 Roman Reigns Mugshot

via youtube.com

We had a long list of mugshots that we could have put into this slot. The list ranges from WWE legends, to independent circuit newbies, but it seemed the most appropriate to feature a mugshot from the current golden boy of the WWE. Roman Reigns was once a simple man who liked to drink; that drinking got him into a bit of trouble.

Reigns was arrested right before signing his contract for WWE, for being intoxicated in public, and also for fighting. While the mugshot itself isn't the most embarrassing, it's the idea of the current "guy" having a criminal record for something so immature that is.

Reigns is a different guy now than he was back then. He is now a father and has a big responsibility as WWE's torch bearer. If he did something like this today it would undoubtedly result in his top spot being lost to someone else. While WWE would want you to forget about this image, it could be seen as commendable of how far Reigns as come as an individual. Now, if he could only improve as a wrestler, we'd be in business.

6 WWE's Next Powerhouse?

via imgur.com

While we are not in the era of kayfabe anymore, it's unlikely that if you're pegged as the next dominant big man in WWE that you would want a photo like this leaking out. Braun Strowman looks like the kind of guy you'd want to avoid at the beach here, as he scarfs down a bag of Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar, while wearing a non-threatening pink tank top and blue short-shorts. Strowman is toeing the Bastion Booger line here and he may want to make sure cameras aren't around when he's snacking. I really hope Strowman doesn't dress like that in public every day. He'd look more like the village idiot than the powerhouse of the Wyatt Family.

Strowman is rumored to be a future opponent of Brock Lesnar and if The Beast were to see this image (I don't picture Lesnar as a guy who scours the web in his spare time) he'd give himself a good laugh. He'd be relishing in the possibility of taking Strowman to suplex city. Judging by the picture, Strowman would prefer to have a spot in sodium city.

5 The Deadman?

via pwmania.com

The Undertaker is a living legend in WWE and has the greatest gimmick in the history of wrestling. You rarely see The Undertaker in a capacity other than in character, but this picture of him at the airport doesn't exactly strike fear in someone. His hair is dyed and he's well tanned when he does wrestle, but in this picture, he just looks like a tall, lanky old man you may spot at an airport in your every day life. The WWE might want their phenom looking a little more intimidating than this.

Sadly, we are close to the end of The Undertaker's career and the reality is, we're probably going to be seeing more images of him in the coming years looking more like this than The Phenom we saw on our television screens for 25 years. It's the sad reality of life that even legends like The Undertaker are getting older and we as fans will have to accept that. At most, The Undertaker seems to have one match left in him, as reports have surfaced that it's even doubtful he'll compete at WrestleMania 33.

4 Triple H

via wrestlingnews.net

On an episode of Raw, Brock Lesnar lifted up Triple H, exposing a stain on his rear end. It appears as if Triple H either peed his pants, or was sweating a whole lot in a weird area. Triple H for sure is embarrassed by this one, and has been badgered enough for this image. For fans, it's hard to defend the fact that one of the top stars of the business has appeared to have urinated on himself in the middle of the match.

This image was captured back in 2013, when Triple H returned from an extended absence to confront Lesnar, who had previously defeated The Game at SummerSlam 2012. Triple H would gain redemption at WrestleMania XXIX, but then lost the rubber match to Lesnar at Extreme Rules the following month. Nobody was really interested in their feud, but they sure had themselves a nice laugh when they saw this unflattering angle of the WWE's C.O.O.

3 Orton's Private Photos

via pinterest.com

These pictures of Randy Orton have been floating around for quite some time, as you can see him pre-sleeves in them. Yes I said them -  there are multiple pictures of Orton posing in towels all over the internet. So why are they embarrassing? Well, I guess for the same reason that Shawn Michaels is embarrassed for posing for Playgirl magazine; it puts a top WWE star in an exposed situation. Orton was just starting out in the business and perhaps he didn't know exactly what kind of wrestler he wanted to be yet. I'm sure when Cowboy Bob Orton found out his son wanted to be a wrestler that he didn't expect something as embarrassing as this to pop up.

Orton has since become one of WWE's cooler on-screen characters, as he really took the Viper gimmick and ran with it, but Orton was very close to showing us one viper we didn't want to see. Thankfully for Orton he's had a long career and has accomplished plenty that we probably won't remember this image when his career is over. While it's in our minds though, we might as well have a nice laugh.

2 Seth Rollins' Leaked Pictures

via eonline.com

Seth is lucky WWE stood by him for this; other employees might have heard the dreaded "YOU'RE FIRED!" from Vinnie Mac. When his fiancee realized he was having an affair, she posted these pictures on Twitter. Obviously, Seth was very embarrassed by these. She put him in a vulnerable spot, and Rollins could say or do nothing to make himself look better in the media. I'm sure Seth's dad saw this one, and was shaking his head like his millions of fans were.

Rollins was in line for a title run and WWE probably felt this image leak wasn't so embarrassing that they had to cancel his push. You have to believe though that if this had happened to someone like say, Titus O'Neil, who got suspended for 60 days simply for putting his hands on Vince in a playful manner, that he would have had the book thrown at him if a photo of his member had leaked. Sometimes professional wrestling can be a very funny business.

1 Batista

via pinterest.com

Haha. Yep, the old Batista trying to pull off a speedo at the beach. The guy is jacked but really Batista? Even regular people don't wear European mankinis to the beach big guy. He took a lot of heat for this picture, but many laughs for it as well. I mean it's tough, because Batista wears this kind of thing to the ring, but usually with the addition of boots and knee pads; without them he just looks odd. So Batista is number one, because he chose to wear that speedo and take a stroll on the beach. It seems innocent enough in theory, but then you look at this image and just tell yourself: "no Dave, just no.".

Batista looks great for his age and he definitely puts most of us to shame, but come on. Wearing a speedo it just something that requires us to have a good laugh. Imagine if Batista's kids had to spend a day with their dad on the beach and see him in a bathing suit like that? They would probably run for cover and pretend they didn't know him. Could you blame them?

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